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[IE] - University Hospital Limerick writes to 630 patients after alleged data breach Irish Times

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2020.10.06 05:54 sunsetbee Refined Ulysses Dies at Dawn DnD session

I updated my reference sheet for a dnd game I'm going to host based on Ulysses Dies at Dawn. I re-listened to the songs plus some extra ones from Tales to Be Told like Drop Dead, and I read the short stories on the Mechanism's website so I understand the world better. I figured I could put it here too in case someone else was interested in doing something similar and wanted some inspiration--or just wanted some conglomerated information on this universe.
City History
There was a research project long ago. The research heads were named Octavian and Aria. They planned to create a machine that could use digital graves and bioarchives to return people to their families, but Octavian decided to try and use the dead for free, unregulated labor. The research heads fought, and Aria killed Octavian and took the control device, the L.U.T.E., and hid it away in a literal lute, ending the project.
Long after, a traveler named Daedalus wandered upon the digital grave system. He found in the files that the project was called the Acheron. He saw this opportunity and began to create a new city, The Labyrinth. With use of the technology in the Acheron, he lived hundreds of years to see the entire planet get swallowed by the imperialist conquest of his creation, name now lost, now simply called: The City. He lets the power shift over the years, caring only for his creation. At one point, his son Icarus once tried to take over The City for himself, but the Olympians took him out, with Daedalus’s permission. Ambition bites harder than any drug.
There was a bloody history of conquest of the planet. The most noteworthy fight was about 20 years ago between The City and Ilium, the best defended district of The City. They managed to build a powerful firewall to separate themselves from the heart of the city’s network. Ilium’s culture was focused on the original history of the planet, especially the animal and ecological life. Long ago they used to be famous for their horses and were known equestrians. Ulysses was a professor at the University of Island forced into helping overtake Ilium, as he was not a supporter of the war, but he took the place of his son, Telemachos, who was drafted. He used a complicated plan to sneak a device into the city that made them violently tear each other apart, winning the empty city. Ulysses also hid a secret portion of Ilium, a small portion of grass and sky and a gorgeous tree. There he buried his wife, who he found had passed upon return to his home after the battle. He locked up the vault and hid from his grief of his wife and his actions, creating a high-minded key to give way to a future group of people better than him. A few years after, Ulysses also took revenge on Poseidon Industries, as they were a large funder of the war, and he stole the perfect diamond at the heart of the Cyclops: the industrial laser in Poseidon Industries’ flagship workshop, though no one would buy it, for they would incur Olympian wrath. Sometimes when Ulysses is drunk at Calypso’s, he talks to those around him about his secret weapon he hid in a vault that could “overthrow the Olympians.” Ulysses’s words, not mine.
Gossip to overhear
Various People of the City
Military Leaders
Little random facts that might be interesting that I also might forget
Basic Facts For PC Character Building
At lower levels, maybe roll luck and alertness to see if you get jumped or lost and add reputation modifier as you level up to see if people will leave you alone or not
Ulysses by the Mechanisms
We start in a bar, as these things so often do. Calypso’s – a run down old gin joint, pays its money to Dionysus – Ulysses, black, beautiful and with a pair of cold blue eyes that couldn't hide the things they'd seen, is slumped over a bottle of whiskey, trying to drown enough sorrows to choke a horse.
What you know:
Here you all have your choice on how to get Ulysses down to the vault.
[insert them getting him down to the vault, either discretely or bluntly, maybe even politely]
You’re in the Lightless depths of the City, some rusted-out under passage lit only by a neon sign, glowing over the door to a long-forgotten vault. A sign that reads “Penelope.”
She’s not living anywhere in the City, and you won't find any record of her in the Acheron. And everybody knows, if you’re not alive and you’re not in the Acheron, you don’t exist.
X trials: [list of trials (see options below)]. The suits picked to tackle each one. As for why Ulysses had designed such a high-minded security system, well, that was a long time ago. A young, idealistic Ulysses. Before ten years of war and twenty years of dulling the pain.
Now’s a good time to make introductions before you start your trials. Don’t feel pressured. Technically this isn’t all legal so I mean, do what you want..
Trial by Wits
Possible Riddles
You see but I see not; no sight have I;
I speak but have no voice; your voice is heard;
My lips can only open uselessly. (reflection)
-Maybe a yes/no riddle that i love so dearly which does encourage group interaction as they all discuss the possibilities together
Trial by Strength
The first layer of the vault opens with a hiss, revealing a large, looming minotaur with empty, glowing eyes, a scandal thought smoothed over years ago by Theseus, but it seems he never finished the job. It’s time for the trial by strength. Roll initiative.
The mechanical bull man lies sparking on the ground. And as the lights drain from inside its head, so too does the light on the vault door dim, as the second door opens.
Trial by Song
Trial by Charm
Trial by Luck
Trial by Secrets
Trial by speed
Trial by stealth
Trial by Love
And almost silently, the last door opens. Behind it, you see another door with a hole in the ground. “Sacrifice that which you love” it says. Quite blunt, all things considered. Something that matters to you, deeply.
[make sure to let it be known when/if you assign the character categories, to let them know they always have a choice and others can step long as they don’t try to go somewhere other than this vault] [also if they seem like they want to sacrifice their own life, let them and say the hole is big enough to fit a whole person i guess, and if you already said it wasn’t, say it stretches as they get close]
The door moves, and you see a peak Not neon green, not green paint...natural green. It’s...a tree. There’s flowers and grass. At least you can assume that’s what they are from the old pictures. And...there’s sunlight. It’s a gorgeous gold as it peeks across a hill past a small field, with a narrow into the sky letting in the dawn’s light. You’ve never seen anything like it. Even the tops of the penthouses don’t let you see grass
[If Ulysses was left with pistol and crystal]
[If Ulysses was left with the pistol but no crystal]
[if Ulysses is dead/unarmed]
Daedalus gets upset and offers more money if you come confront Hades with him.
Daedalus takes the team to confront Hades and ask them what’s up with that vault and they find them planning to burn down the Acheron, saying Ulysses was the only thing worth playing with here and they’re just gonna leave but they also really like fire. They can’t be killed but you can maybe make it too annoying so they leave or persuade them to leave. Ashes is only doing this out of boredom, so they can probably be persuaded pretty easily, especially if the PCs offer a good fight first (or some literal gold if they have it, for tax purposes)
If they ask how this tree and grave could overthrow the acheron, just read what the lyrics say and blame the mechanisms, “The naïve hope that it might become a symbol of finality and freedom from the Acheron’s grasp” which has always been a bit of a cop out to me tbh but I like the world
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2020.09.14 01:01 StevenStevens43 Battle of Magh Tuireadh

Battle of Magh Tuireadh
Irish divide:
Just like in my previous thread, when i showed how there truly is a natural divide between England and Scotland, and Wales and England, and Cornwall and England, when rivers and streams, regardless of how little the streams become, do in fact completely 100% seperate England from Scotland, between the Humber and Lake district, Irish sea and Bristol Channel, and Irish sea and English channel, respectively.
However there is actually also a "natural" Irish divide, which pre-dates any political divide.
Though, the natural divide is not actually a North South divide, like the political divide.
But instead, an East West divide.
You see, as you can find out for yourself "right now" simply by going to google maps, and playing a game of "Maze", and find the stream that divides Ireland, you will find that between Lough Gill (Sligo), and Limerick, there is a river, that goes deep inland, before becoming a stream.
But at no point does the stream become disconnected, meaning, that the land between Limerick and Sligo, which makes up for a huge part of West Ireland, is in fact a seperate Isle from East Ireland.
Google maps
Now, it may appear that the "troubles" in Ireland date back to 1921, when Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland became partitioned.
In December 1921, the Anglo-Irish Treaty was concluded between the British government and representatives of the Second Dáil. It gave Ireland complete independence in its home affairs and practical independence for foreign policy, but an opt-out clause allowed Northern Ireland to remain within the United Kingdom,
Link for photo

Anglo-Irish treaty
1st May 1169 AD:
Others however, may say, no way (or words to that effect), it all goes back to what led up to the partition in the first place, which was the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1st May 1169.
Norman and English invasions
On 1 May 1169, an expedition of Cambro-Norman knights, with an army of about 600 men, landed at Bannow Strand in present-day County Wexford. It was led by Richard de Clare, known as 'Strongbow' owing to his prowess as an archer.[51] The invasion, which coincided with a period of renewed Norman expansion, was at the invitation of Dermot Mac Murrough, King of Leinster.[52]
Link for photo
Norman castle
River Lee:
There is however a "third" seperation in Ireland.
Ireland, "is" indeed sperated from North and South.
But this seperation is not in Northern Ireland.
It is actually in Southern Ireland, between Whiddy Island in the North Atlantic, and Cork, flowing out in to the Irish sea.
It is actually only a small portion, but is indeed a 100% seperation, thus a seperate Isle.
Google maps
Fir Bolg:
This could explain why, in Irish legends, we have "three" seperate line-ages, with the first settlers in Ireland, before leaving Ireland again, and then re-returning.
Fir Bolg
In medieval Irish myth, the Fir Bolg (also spelt Firbolg and Fir Bholg) are the fourth group of people to settle in Ireland. They are descended from the Muintir Nemid, an earlier group who abandoned Ireland and went to different parts of Europe. Those who went to Greece became the Fir Bolg and eventually return to the now-uninhabited Ireland. After ruling it for some time, they are overthrown by the invading Tuatha Dé Danann.[1]
Link for photo_(14760453666).jpg)
Fir Bolg
Tuatha de Dannan:
The second are Tuatha de Dannan.
The Tuatha de Dannan are most likely the same people as the Fir-Bolg.
Quite simply, when they left Ireland they were the Fir-bolg.
Those that remained, continued to be the Fir-Bolg.
But when the Fir-Bolg returned, they were now known as the Tuatha de Dannan, giving the impression of a slightly seperate peoples.
Tuatha de Dannan
The Tuath(a) Dé Danann (Irish: [t̪ˠuəhə dʲeː d̪ˠan̪ˠən̪ˠ], meaning "the folk of the goddess Danu)"),
Link for photo
Tuatha de Dannan
Danish tribes:
And the Tuatha de Dannan are most likely Danish tribes that have invaded Ireland, as "Tuatha" actually means "tribe".
The Old Irish word tuath (plural tuatha) means "people, tribe, nation";
However, the Indigenous, are most likely the Fomorions.
They are most likely the same peoples as those that lived under Queen Gwendolans rule in Cornwall.
The Fomorians (Old Irish: Fomóire, Modern Irish: Fomhóraigh or Fomhóire)[1] are a supernatural race in Irish mythology. They are often portrayed as hostile and monstrous beings who come from under the sea or the earth. Later, they were portrayed as giants and sea raiders. They are enemies of Ireland's first settlers and opponents of the Tuatha Dé Danann,[2]
Link for photo
Now Ireland likely has a similar history to Britain.
With Britain being connected to European mainland until 6500 BC, it is likely that the many of the inhabitants of Britain were likely a bit more Eurasian, than Norse.
Doggerland was an area of land, now submerged beneath the southern North Sea, that connected Britain to continental Europe. It was flooded by rising sea levels around 6500–6200 BC.
Link for photo
10,500 BC:
This might suggest, that the earliest inhabitants to arrive in Ireland around 10,500 BC, after the melting of the Ice-caps, were more of an Ahrensburgian mixture of Eurasian Messe-Aryan, than pure Aryan.
And contemporary scholarship and archaeological understanding, does support this idea.
Contemporary historians do believe that it was not until the 3rd Millennia that the first Celts began arriving in Ireland.
Emergence of Celtic Ireland
The most recent genetic research strongly associates the spread of Indo-European languages (including Celtic) through Western Europe with a people bringing a composite Beaker culture, with its arrival in Britain and Ireland dated to around the middle of the third millennium BC.[21]
Link for photo
History of Hibernia
The battle of Magh Tuireadh:
Therefore, the troubles in Ireland, likely go all the way back to the battle of Magh Tuireadh in approximately 1477 BC, when the three factions of Fir-Bolg, Tuatha de Dannan, and Fomorions, all fought it out.
Cath Maige Tuired
Cath Maige Tuired (modern spelling: Cath Maighe Tuireadh; transl. "The Battle of Magh Tuireadh") is the name of two saga texts of the Mythological Cycle of Irish mythology. It refers to two separate battles in Connacht: the first in the territory of Conmhaícne Cúile Tuireadh near Cong, County Mayo,[1] the second near Lough Arrow in County Sligo. The two texts tell of battles fought by the Tuatha Dé Danann, the first against the Fir Bolg, and the second against the Fomorians.

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2020.08.12 16:56 ArchipelagoMind [OT] Wisdom Wednesday #8 - Poetry Special (w/ scottbeckman, curioustriangle & DoppelgangerDelux)

Back in April we had the first special Wisdom Wednesday when we asked three critiquing greats how best to review other people's writing.
Well, I felt it was time for another special edition. And this month we're going to turn our focus to
As we all know poetry was a curse created by witches to make most writers feel incompetent. Many of us may have reached relative comfort with our prose, and yet struggle to fathom what even is a poem, let alone how these geniuses write them.
So I sat down with three of my favorite WritingPrompts poets.
scottbeckman's rhyming, and rhythm is something to behold. If you ever get a chance to hear the fluid pace of one of his readings on the Discord campfires, it's a treasure. You can check out his personal subreddit here. curioustriangle is one of the most passionate poets I know, and has often been the first to offer insight and guidance to those new to the form. Finally, DoppelgangerDelux simply writes beautifully, with some of the most wonderful use of language and imagery I've seen in poetry. You can find many of their poems on their personal subreddit.
Anyway, three poets, five questions. We best get started.

What in your mind makes a good poem?

A good poem has a *point*, a *structure*, and a *style*. When they match together and are successful both individually and as a whole, that to me is a good poem. (On structure: you can't really have "no structure". Even freeform poetry still has structure, albeit not as restricted. You can still break down freeform poetry and show its structure.)
I think a good poem is one where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I particularly like poems with inventive language, and captivating openings and endings.
I think good poetry engages the reader. A good poem doesn’t feel like it was just tossed together, it reads like it was made for an audience. The language, narration, pacing, and structure aren’t just about the core content, but about how the reader will interact with said content. A poem that tells an epic story has to consider a big audience. It should be dynamic and compelling to connect with many people at once. Conversely, a love poem is written for just one person and is more tailored. It doesn’t matter if the poem is about plums, ravens, or nature. The writing isn’t just focused on the object of the poem, but also focuses on the reader. The writing has a voice - it talks to the audience. At the core, I think a good poem takes an idea like “I’m going to write a sad poem” and turns it into “My audience will be devastated by the ending of this poem.”

How does your poetry affect your prose?

Because I enjoy economy of words, my writing tends to be concise in all forms. I don't usually write in a descriptive style. Purely because of my busy schedule, I find it more convenient to write poetry than prose.
Poetry has greatly improved my literary devices. Similarly, prose has helped my poetry (e.g. story structure). I agree with CT on word economy—poetry has helped me tighten up my prose. Oh, and poetry lets me pack in all the purple prose and over-the-top metaphors I want to write so that most of it stays out of my prose :P
My prose has improved after working on my poetry. I’d say I’m getting better at describing scenes, emotions, using concise language. I also like a more flowery prose style, so getting a little more poetic in my descriptions works for me. Likewise, prose writing has improved the poetry. I find working on setting, emotion, and pacing in prose gets a lot more feedback that can help out with poetry.

What should people prioritize in their early poetry?

Quantity over quality. Write some bad poetry. Early on, you can improve by writing a bunch of mediocre poetry to see what you like and don’t like. It’s easier to focus on one area (like rhyme) and neglect another for a bit (like syllable count), get some good feedback, and keep improving as you tie things together. Reading other poetry also helps. Save the hefty edits for later, as you start to hone in on what’s working for you. Don’t be afraid to put not-great stuff out there for critiques. You can revise your older poetry after you’ve had time to get that feedback.
I agree with Doppel— just write! Focus on one or two things to improve at once. The more poems you write, the more data you'll have to reflect on; what do you dislike about your poems and how can you work on that? What do you like about your poems and how can you keep doing that? Try out many types of poetry. Adhere to their rules strictly a few times, then bend the rules. The best way to learn how to break the rules successfully is first learning how to follow them to a T.
A common early mistake when writing poetry is to tell rather than show. A quick way to check is to count the number of adjectives and adverbs in the poem. A good poem will have minimal descriptive words but will still convey mood and emotion effectively. Form poetry (sonnets, haiku, etc) is also more difficult to do well as a beginner. The form should serve the message of the poem, rather than vice versa.

What helped you grow as a poet?

Doing it. A lot. I made a goal to write one poem per day at the start of 2018. While I didn't hit 365 poems, I still hit around 250 which built that regular habit. Study others' poems and songs you enjoy and figure out why you like them. What makes them so good? Look at the poem/song's big picture (point and style): its messages/themes, its metaphors, the story it tells. Then break it down to the syllable using scansion (structure and style). Finally, emulate it. This sounds like tedious homework but it's actually really fun! If you're writing verse poetry, use scansion on your own poems to get the rhythm exactly how you want it syllable-by-syllable, and try to avoid rhyme dictionaries so that you naturally get more creative with your rhymes. Hell, some of my favorite poems were built entirely around a rhyme I thought was clever that popped into my head while driving or walking. Getting good at meter is like getting good at math; getting good at rhymes is like working out a muscle. In both cases, you'll naturally improve the more you do it—so do it a lot!
Rhymezone is awesome for finding the right rhymes. But for me the best resource is having a trusted few to read through your poems and give good feedback. I also strongly believe in constantly reading a wide range of poetry, especially when developing your own style.
I have someone else read my poems out loud and give me feedback. It’s jarring to hear how differently someone else can interpret your writing. On my own, I’ve found it especially helpful to study music and lyrics. Music has a very clear rhythm and pacing. Comparing lyrics on paper to how they flow in a song gives a lot of insight into how to structure a poem so that it will turn out the way I envision it. Sometimes both the written lyrics and song are fantastic. Other times a song is great, but on paper it doesn’t work because the artist can slant rhymes or stretch a syllable out – that just doesn’t happen when reading words on paper. Getting those multiple perspectives has been the most helpful in improving.

When do you know a poem is done?

I believe a poem is done when there are no more changes you can make that you think will improve it (or until its author is satisfied with its state and no longer wishes to make changes). This includes getting feedback from others, which is why sharing to subreddits such as this is very beneficial. Sometimes, a poem can be cranked out in a few minutes and only need a single pass of editing. Sometimes it takes hours and hours to get a first draft and goes through several iterations in the following days or weeks—just like with all forms of writing.
To me, a poem is done when it has completed its emotional/narrative arc. I usually finish a poem in one sitting, editing as I go along, and I rarely make big changes after it's done. It can take anywhere from 30 mins to a few hours. But usually if it takes more than 3 hours I will put it aside and look at it again another time, because I don't want it to end up sounding forced.
Sometimes I’ll toss a poem out there with barely any editing, because I think it will get a nice reaction even if it’s not my best work. It still achieves what I wanted it to. If I’m seriously editing, I’ll nitpick a poem to death. I’ll try to avoid repeat words, erase and rewrite lines, swap adjectives in and out, and I’ll condense a poem down to almost nothing over a few weeks. I’m done editing if I can put it away for a couple weeks (or months), come back to it, and I can’t nitpick it anymore without ruining it.
Thank you Scott, CT and Doppel for your poetic insights. (Forewarning that I may drag you back into the world of Wisdom Wednesday at some point, because poetry is complex!)
As per tradition, now they've given their advice, it's your turn in the comments. What's your comfort level with poetry? (personally, I still have to make sure every one of my poems rhyme, otherwise people may mistake it for bad prose). What do you struggle with when writing poetry? (I'm very verbose, I cannot do the conciseness of poetry).
So whether you barely ever write a poem, have written a single limerick, or write a sonnet a day, come join in the discussion below. If you're new to WritingPrompts and just want an excuse to say hi - do say hello in the comments, and we'll be sure to welcome you! Finally, if you have any questions for our writers next month leave them in the comments below (we should be back to normal prose-based service next month).
Hopefully, our poetry experts this month have inspired you to pick up your nearest pen and dive into some poetry. If they have, then good news. Our sister sub, WPCritique now accepts poetry submissions. WPCritique is a new(ish) sub especially designed for you to get feedback on your writing. To share a poem there, just include [poem] in the title of the post.
Anyway, that's all for now. Catch you all next month!
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2020.08.04 14:43 Fatal1ty_93_RUS Scholomance Academy Set Reviews by Various Pro Players and Streamers

Hello everyone!
And welcome back to yet another addition to the still ongoing Hearthstone Expasion Review Compilation thread series, where I look through the personal Twitch and YouTube channels of many different notable HS community members to find their opinions on the upcoming cards, and put all of them in one place for your convenience.
It's August 4th today, which means that we're only two days away from the launch of Scholomance Academy, Hearthstone's 16th expansion. The community spoilereveal season has concluded, and so did the pre-release theorycrafting streams that have now become a long-standing tradition. Now, it's time to hear what the players have to say, and maybe predict how the meta will turn out!
Also, unlike the previous thread for Ashes of Outland, however, this time no Standard rotation is taking place as we're right in the middle of an expansion cycle, meaning none of the previously released cards will be leaving into the Wild format just yet.
Oh, and don't forget to check out the Hearthstone community competition and raffle that's about to take place. You still have time to leave your entry for a chance of a free pre-order bundle. You can find the infomation about that in this thread (and it's also one of the stickied posts on the frontpage)
Anyways, without further ado - here are the reviews!
Player Format Source Featuring Additional Links
Ant Standard Twitch Danny -
BoarControl Standard Twitch Jambre & DeadDraw Spreadsheet
Boozor Arena Twitch / YouTube, Part 2 - -
Born to be Wild Wild Twitch, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 Nate Wolfe, DannyDonuts, Hydralisk, ESheepCity, & Mike Lowe Audio Podcast Version
Brian Kibler Standard Twitch / YouTube - -
Bunnyhoppor Standard Twitch Wirer Spreadsheet
Chump Standard YouTube Offmeta/Wacky Decks -
Dane Wild YouTube - -
Dekkster Standard YouTube - -
Dreads Arena Twitch / YouTube - -
Eggowaffle Standard Twitch, Part 2 Bloodyface & Eddie Spreadsheet
GetMeowth Wild YouTube - The State of Wild Podcast
Grinning Goat Arena Twitch ADWCTA & Merps Lightforge Arena Tier List
J_Alexander Standard Twitch NoHandsGamer Spreadsheet
J4CKIECHAN Standard Twitch - -
Languagehacker Standard Twitch Villain & Zlsjs Spreadsheet
Monsanto Standard Twitch - Spreadsheet
Paradox Standard Twitch Meati Spreadsheet
Pizza Standard Twitch / YouTube - -
RegisKillbin Standard YouTube - -
Tarrot469 Arena Google Docs / YouTube - -
ThatsAdmirable Standard Twitch Ike & Crane Spreadsheet
Tempo Storm Standard Top-5 Scholomance Cards - Final Ashes of Outland Meta Snapshot
Theo Standard Twitch - -
Thijs Standard Twitch - -
Trump Standard Twitch / YouTube - Theorycrafting, Trump Reviews Trump Reviews Outlands Prep
Vicious Syndicate Standard Article - Final Ashes of Outland Meta Snapshot
Viper Standard YouTube - -
Zeddy Standard + Wild YouTube - -
Zetalot Standard (Priest) YouTube - -
And that is all from me for now!
As usual, if I forgot to add anybody's review or there's something new/missing - please don't hesitate to let me know and I'll edit the post ASAP.


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2020.07.22 14:36 ni_ni Fast WiFi Limerick city instead of unlimited mobile data?

I'm paying €45 for mobile per month but contract ends in August. I want to get WiFi. Does anyone know if any provider gives WiFi and mobile but no tv, no landline, I've been researching for days but it's so hard on mobile.
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2020.07.09 08:04 Justwonderinif The Keepers Timeline IV

1992, continued
  • At some point in 1992, the Baltimore City Police Department takes up the investigation into Maskell rapping kids at Keough. It's unclear if Jean filed a police report, or if the report was filed by the Archdiocese. The Cesnik murder investigation has been inactive since the 1970s but is still the jurisdiction of the Baltimore County Police. So, the rape case is at the City, and the murder investigation is at the County.
  • December: The archdiocese wants Jean to make a formal statement so they can officially remove Maskell from Holy Cross. Jean says that whenever she went to a meeting at the archdiocese, she was terrified that Maskell was going to be in the room. Jean felt like this terror confirmed to her that her memories were true. She thinks she would not have been so afraid if her memories were not the truth of what happened. Jean wrote down seven memories and read them out loud to Woy and Hoskins and Tully. Woy and the attorneys told Jean that if she could find someone to corroborate her story, they could get Maskell out of the Church. Jean declined to "put someone else through hell." (The Church knew about Charles and other complaints when Woy told Jean that they were lacking corroboration.)
  • December 9: Jean meets with Rick Woy, Kathy Hoskins and Steve Tully. Jean tells them the name of other adults who participated in the abuse at Keogh and the three became very upset with her. Per Baltimore Magazine: When pressed for the names of witness­es or other victims, (Jean) chided her questioners to prove the case without her, and began naming at least a dozen other people who'd allegedly abused her sexually—including a former Baltimore city politician. In the church's eyes, her credibility diminished with each new allegation.
  • December 10: Steve Tully calls Jean and scolds her for giving names of adults. Mike fires Steve Tully. Jean asks Rick Woy to pray with her, and Woy declined and told her to get a lawyer. Jean was devastated.
  • January 10: Maskell's mother passes away.
  • Early 1993: Jean hires Towson lawyers Phil Dantes, Jim Maggio and Beverly Wallace, who enlisted a colleague familiar with Keough to see if there was enough support for Jean's claims to justify an investigation.
    • Rick Woy writes Jean again requesting corroboration.
    • Jean reached out to a classmate to help her identify who might be able to corroborate her story. The friend brought out a yearbook with a picture of Cathy, and Jean started remembering what happened to Cathy, and how she saw the body. At this point, Jean feels like she is the one who killed Cathy Cesnik. Jean invites her sister over and they sit with Jean’s husband while Jean remembers seeing Cathy’s body, and Maskell threatening her.
    • At a family meeting, Jean reveals that her uncle raped her, allowed others to rape her, and she experienced rapes at Keogh and she felt responsible for Cathy's death.
    • Jean sits with her sister and husband and remembers Maskell taking her to see Cathy's body. And Maskell saying, "You see what happens when you say bad things about people?" Jean tells them about the maggots on Cathy's face.
  • April 13: Maskell's 54th birthday.
    • April: Maskell released from psychiatric hospital, “Institute of Living." He returned to Baltimore after an evaluation found no psychological or sexual abnormalities according to a 1994 Sun article.
    • After hearing from canon lawyers that his clerical rights had been violated, says his sister Maureen, Maskell demanded a parish assignment. And with no legal grounds on which to refuse, the diocese gave him an administrative post at St. Augustine in Elkridge.
  • April 19: Newsweek cover story is about repressed memories
  • July: Dantes and Jim Maggio run an ad in The Sun seeking alumni who might have memories of Keough. Copies of the ad were mailed to Keough alums, and the letter was sent to the Baltimore Sun as well. The ad read: Anyone with info concerning improprieties of a sexual nature involving faculty or staff of the Archbishop Keough High School, during the years 1968-1975 please contact us at:___
    • Although the church claims it could not find any other victims to corroborate Wehner’s claims, her attorneys had no problem doing so. They circulated a letter to Keough alums in 1993 and placed an ad in the Baltimore Sun asking if anyone remembered abuse happening at the school in the 1960s and 70s. More than 30 women, including Lancaster, came forward with first- and second-hand stories of sexual abuse, according to media reports. Lancaster’s story was so compelling that Wehner’s attorneys invited her to be a co-plaintiff in the civil lawsuit against Maskell, Dr. Richter, the church and the order of nuns that ran Keough.
    • Jean's family was able to get alumni names and addresses and sent postcards asking if anyone remembered anything inappropriate at Keogh in the late 60s and early 70s.
    • Teresa Lancaster receives one of the letters. It said: Do you know of any sexual abuse that happened at Keough? Teresa was elated and called Wallace from a phone booth.
    • Although Lancaster had always remembered most of the abuse that occurred at Keough, she, too, had managed to repress some of the details until her mother died in 1993. She says she avoided thinking and talking about the abuse while her Catholic mother was alive, because she knew the information would devastate her. But around the time of her mother’s death, Lancaster started thinking about all of the horrific things she had experienced in high school. “She sat up in bed one night, screaming,” her husband, Randy, recalled in a recent interview.
  • August: Maskell named pastor of St. Augustine’s in Elkridge after an investigation by the archdiocese did not corroborate sexual abuse allegations, according to the church.
    • Some St. Augustine parishioners, tipped off about Maskell's circumstances, protested his arrival. One woman is even said to have handed out anti-Maskell fliers in the parking lot.
    • Diocesan representatives tried to smooth things over with the parish leadership. And Maskell himself addressed the issue from his new pulpit one Sunday morning, assuring the congregation that he would not run from these untrue allegations.
    • Maskell told his half-brother Tom: "If I lose this parish, I don't know if I'll be able to handle it." Tom relayed the quote to Baltimore Magazine.
    • Malooly statement: Maskell denied the allegation, and after months of evaluation and treatment, he was returned to ministry in 1993 after the Archdiocese was unable to corroborate the allegation following its extensive investigation.
    • Jean is terrified for her family that Maskell is back serving as a priest.
  • August: The response letters start coming in from former Keough students. About 40-50 people responded. Dante and Wallace spend the next year interviewing witnesses. The stories were consistent in descriptions of inappropriate conversations, rapes, and examinations. They heard from more than one that Maskell brought other people in to rape the girls.
  • August 18: Monsignor Malooly sends Jean a letter saying that if she receives any responses, to please let the Church know so they can protect people from further child abuse.
  • September 8: Malooly statement: In a September 8, 1993 letter to Deputy Attorney General Ralph S. Tyler III, I informed the criminal justice system about the allegations. According to media reports, the police investigated the charges and interviewed Maskell. There is no statute of limitations for criminal prosecution of these types of crimes in Maryland, so authorities could have prosecuted Maskell anytime from September 8, 1993 until his death in 2001. They for whatever reason, chose not to prosecute.
  • April 13: Maskell's 55th birthday.
  • Spring: Jean, now 41, tells Baltimore County police that Maskell sexually abused her and took her to see Cathy's body weeks before it was discovered on Jan. 3, 1970. Jean told police that another man she met in Maskell's office told her he had beaten Cathy to death because she knew about the rapes. Police note inconsistencies in Jean's account? Jean said Maskell and the other man – whom she did not identify – warned her that she would suffer the same fate if she told her story to anyone else. Police were unable to verify or disprove Jean's allegations. But in interviews with police and The Sun, Jean provided details about the body that were known only to investigators at the time.
    • [So, the City opened an investigation into the Maskell rapes in 1992, and the County, opened up the dormant Cesnik investigation in 1993?]
  • During this time, at least a dozen women alleged that Maskell abused them while they were students and he was a counselor at Archbishop Keough during the late 1960s and 1970s.
  • Baltimore County police said they must move cautiously with retrieved-memory information from Jean, but they reopened the investigation. They have been retracing their steps and talking to various people -- including Maskell. County Police say Maskell was not known to detectives at the time of the original investigation.
  • June 19: Baltimore Sun recaps the case. Erlandson said he had never heard of Cesnik until Jean's allegations. This was the first story about the re-opened case he covered for the Baltimore Sun.
    • The current police investigation arose after Jean told homicide detectives of her memories of seeing Cathy's body and of the warning not to tell anyone about it.
    • Police have resumed the investigation after Jean said Maskell raped her and took her to see Cathy's body weeks before the hunters discovered it on a local dumping ground off the 2100 block of Monumental Ave.
    • Meanwhile, several detectives involved in the investigation in 1970 told The Sun that their initial efforts were hampered by pressure and lack of cooperation from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore. City detectives said that after a visit to the police commissioner by archdiocesan representatives, they were forced to cut short the questioning of a priest about the nun’s death. A county officer said he was ordered to destroy investigative documents because of church sensitivity.
    • Jean is one of several who have told Towson lawyers Phillip G. Dantes, Beverly A. Wallace and James Maggio that they were sexually abused while they were students at Archbishop Keough in the late 1960s and early 1970s. William Blaul, spokesman for the Archdiocese, said officials there deny that such interference could have occurred.
    • Police have been unable to verify or disprove Jean's allegations. But in interviews with police and The Sun, she provided details about the body that were known only to investigators at the time, and detectives have not dismissed her claims.
    • “We are continuing our investigation into the Cesnik murder and are looking for additional information that someone might have out there to direct us to a suspect,” Maj. Allan J. Webster, commander of Baltimore County’s Criminal Investigation Services Division, said.
    • Investigators traveled recently to three states to interview witnesses. They are also applying techniques developed over the years since the slaying, including the creation of a psychological profile of a possible suspect -- a stranger to Cathy -- which they hope will elicit a response from the public.
    • “To a dedicated investigator, there’s no such thing as a closed case,” said Baltimore County Police Chief Michael D. Gambrill, who worked on the Cesnik case as a young detective and who has taken a personal interest in the renewed investigation.
    • Jean's allegations of abuse at Archbishop Keough, and similar allegations by several other former students, are the subject of research by Mr. Dantes, Ms. Wallace and Mr. Maggio, who are planning a lawsuit. City prosecutors are investigating the allegations independently.
    • Maskell denied Jean's allegations and told The Sun that detectives have told him he is not a suspect. But investigators said they are pursuing various theories and have excluded nothing.
    • Detectives are also using forensic techniques that weren’t available 25 years ago. One of their tools is the criminal profile, an analysis of the evidence that attempts to determine what kind of person determined a crime and under what circumstances.
    • Lt. Sam Bowerman, the department’s expert on criminal behavior, said he thinks Cathy's murder was a crime of opportunity committed by a stranger, but probably a man with whom “she may have crossed paths on a previous occasion within the community where she lived.” The killer probably did not know that the victim was a nun, and what began as a robbery “developed a sexual component,” he said. The killer was familiar with the area around the Carriage House Apartments where Cathy lived and the out-of-the-way Monumental Avenue site where the body was dumped, the lieutenant said.
    • Those who knew Cathy are still puzzled. Cathy's former roommate Russell said she has never formulated a theory or suspected any individual. “I just had no explanation,” she said. “I never had a theory or a suspect, because it was so purposeless. Why anyone would want to kill her I don’t know. She was a wonderful person, and everyone loved her.” Russell said questions did arise immediately when they found the car. “Why was the car put there? It was put so it was obviously to be found,” she said. But that, like her other questions, remains unanswered. It has become “the seemingly perfect crime,” the former nun said. “It’s gone unsolved, and I often wondered why.”
  • June 22: Bob Erlandson's second story about the case for the Baltimore Sun. Bob said he didn't get a lot of cooperation from the police and the police were not pleased. Bob said the archdiocese stone-walled the press at every turn.
    • Even though Bob said he didn't get cooperation from the police on the story, Anonymous Detective "Deep Throat" said that more than 100 women came forward and told the police they had been brutalized by Maskell. "Deep Throat" says they had to drop all the cases because State's Attorney Sharon May wouldn't indict Maskell.
  • July 31: Maskell left his parish at St. Augustine’s in Howard County to seek therapy in the face of mounting allegations of sexual abuse. Maskell's departure came after Archdiocese of Baltimore officials interviewed two more Keough students, who said Maskell sexually abused them.
    • Malooly statement: When additional allegations were made in 1994, Maskell was permanently removed from ministry on July 31, 1994.
    • Bob Erlandson and Beverly Wallace say they attended one of Maskell's services in August. Beverly Wallace said Maskell's voice was soothing and calming.
  • August 3: Baltimore Sun interview with Maskell.
  • August 3: Statement in Catholic Review
  • August 4: Baltimore Sun: The Archdiocese of Baltimore was notified yesterday to expect multimillion-dollar lawsuits on behalf of two women who allege that a priest at Archbishop Keough High School sexually abused them when they were students there more than 20 years ago.
    • Police began re-investigatin Maskell for rape and murder. The search for evidence came up empty until a Baltimore gravedigger named William Storey called police with a tip. Storey, the groundskeeper at Holy Cross Cemetery, said Maskell had ordered him to dig a 12-by-12-foot hole in the graveyard in 1991 so the priest could bury a truckload of confidential files in it. The gravedigger produced a hand-drawn map indicating the location of the documents.
  • August, 10: After being tipped off by Mr. Storey, Baltimore City investigators excavated a pit in Holy Cross Cemetery in Brooklyn Park, seeking records buried there in 1990 on Maskell’s orders while he was pastor at Holy Cross Church. Youtube video of pit, and remnants of documents and garbage bags. Mr. Storey also tips off Bob Erlandson at the Baltimore Sun. "Deep Throat" says he saw pictures of girl's naked, and profiles on the girls but could not go forward because Sharon May wouldn't let them. Sharon May says they couldn't go forward because there wasn't one case that could stand on its own. Sharon May remembers heading to Maskell's office with a subpoena for his records but that someone had tipped him off, and he was gone.
    • In August of 1994, the police exhumed the boxes, which were mostly filled with psychological evaluations of the Keough students Maskell had counseled. Deep Throat said at least one of the boxes also contained nude pictures of underage girls, which would have been enough evidence to arrest Maskell for possession of child pornography. “We found hard evidence — these girls had their tops open,” he said. “I saw them with my own damn eyes.”
    • But those pictures never made it to the evidence room. The detective said they inexplicably vanished after the graveyard dig, and the Baltimore Sun reported only that Maskell’s buried boxes contained “psychological test evaluations and canceled checks.” Judge Caplan, who presided over Wehner and Lancaster’s civil trial, says the photos were never submitted as evidence and that he had never heard of them.
    • Deep Throat said that as soon as he started looking into the Cesnik case, he received a phone call from one of his superiors in the police department. “He said, ‘Listen kid, this is a career buster. We knew who the hell killed her back when it happened, and you’ll find out, and you’re gonna find out things you shouldn’t find out. Let it go,’” the detective recalled.
  • August 24: Jean and Teresa file a $40 million dollar lawsuit against Maskell and a retired gynecologist, Dr. Christian Richter, 79, accusing them of sexual abuse at the school. WMAR interviews Dr. Richter
  • August 25: Baltimore Sun coverage of lawsuit
  • August: WJZ-TV showed a retrospective clip of newsman Jerry Turner. Edgar had called Jerry Turner in 1976 and disguised his voice. Edgar said he had information about Cathy's murder. Edgar said he knew who had Cathy's rosary. In the news clip, audio from the phone call was played. (Jerry Turner died in 1987). Edgar says he was the caller.
    • Margaret says that "one day in the 1990's" Detective Tincher and Detective Marll came to visit her. They brought a tape recorder and played a tape for her. It was the Jerry Turner call-in radio show from 1976. Margaret recognized the voice as Edgar.
  • Malooly statement: The Archdiocese of Baltimore publicly stated that it wanted to speak with individuals who had information regarding Maskell. A detective was hired to search for anyone who may have been abused by him. In 1994, a music director at a Catholic church told the Archdiocese that Dr. Charles Franz may have information regarding Maskell, and so we reached out to him and set up a meeting for October 20, 1994.
  • Charles says that "in the 90s" a patient told him that two ladies where suing the Catholic Church and officials at the church wanted to speak with him. A meeting was arranged.
  • October 20: Charles said the meeting happened in his office and those present included his wife, two Canon lawyers and Monsignor Malooly. Charles said they had a 2 and a half hour conversation about Maskell. At the end of the meeting Malooly offered Charles a boat and/or a lot of money and Charles said, "Just do what's right."
    • Malooly statement: The meeting occurred at the Catonsville dental office of Dr. Franz, with Dr. Charles and Mrs. Denise Franz, Fr. Richard Woy, Director of Clergy Personnel for the Archdiocese, and myself in attendance. There were no canon or civil lawyers present. I explained to Dr. Franz that Archbishop Keeler would have attended the meeting to express his apology and to reach-out personally, had he not been in Rome at the time. I explained the policy of the Archdiocese to offer counseling and spiritual assistance as needed. I also encouraged them to report the information to the State’s Attorney. At no time did I offer Dr. Franz a boat.
    • Charles Franz states that his mother made some kind of a report about Maskell to unidentified Archdiocesan authorities in 1967. I am not aware of any such report. I was a college student in 1967. As far as I know, there is no record of any report by Mrs. Franz in Archdiocesan files.
    • Malooly is saying the Church didn't know Charles had been molested until after the lawsuits were filed and their PI interviewed a Musical Director from St. Clement's who knew about the abuse. Charles and Gemma and Abbie say they have proof that the Church was notified in 1967, just as Charles says. And that several other families complained back then as well - and the church did nothing.
    • Regardless, despite Jean being told repeatedly that she needed to find someone to corroborate her story, she is never told about Charles - at the time.
  • Fall: Jean and Teresa are questioned for six days during invasive depositions. Jean's depositions took 21 hours.
  • Fall: Lee Richmond goes to see Maskell as a friend. Richmond was shocked by the allegations against Maskell. Richmond asked Maskell if he thought it was moral to stay silent, and deny the abuse. Maskell told her that it was moral to stay silent to protect the church. This was the turning point for Lee Richmond.
  • November 4: A $6,000 dollar reward is offered by the Archdiocese of Baltimore and Metro Crime stoppers for information leading to the conviction of the killer of Cathy Cesnik.
  • December 15: Maskell secretly moves into Dundalk's St. Rita's rectory, under the protection of his friend, Robert Hawkins, the pastor there. Hawkins is actively raising money for Maskell's defense (money for Michael Lehane). Reverend Robert Hawkins got a church scolding after he took Maskell in for several weeks.
  • December 16: Maskell officially resigned from St. Augustine's (he left in July 1994). According to police, Maskell is not considered a prime suspect in the Cesnik murder case at this time, but he is interviewed "at length." Baltimore Sun covers the resignation. Beverly Wallace wanted to depose Maskell but never saw him again after she attended church with Bob Erlandson in 1994.
    • Before police had a chance to question Maskell in 1994, he checked himself into a residential treatment facility, claiming he needed help coping with the stress and anxiety the case had caused him.
  • William Keeler was appointed a cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 1994.
  • January 10, Maskell leaves St. Rita's in Dundalk.
  • February 14: Cardinal William H. Keeler’s permanent revocation of Maskell’s priestly duties is made public.. It is revealed that Maskell stayed at the rectory at St. Rita's church in Dundalk from Dec. 15 to Jan. 10.
    • Robert Hawkins, St. Rita's pastor, acknowledged that Maskell stayed at St. Rita's. Hawkins attended St. Mary's Seminary with Maskell and remained a close friend for 40 years. Hawkins is helping to raise money for Maskell's legal defense fund. No action was taken against Father Hawkins. Church officials said they do not know Father Maskell's whereabouts.
  • April 11: Maskell employed as a psychologist in a “psycho-education initiative” by the South Eastern Health Board in Wexford from April 11th, 1995 to November 7th, 1995.
  • April 13: Maskell's 56th birthday. The diocese of Ferns kept files on Maskell in Ireland from April 1995 to September 1998.
  • April: Maskell came to the attention of the Diocese of the Ferns when he said Mass without permission in the parish of Screen and Curracloe while covering for a sick priest. “I wish only to offer Mass privately and carry out my spiritual activities in a like manner,” Maskell wrote to the diocese after it raised concerns. He said that he had been granted “temporary leave” and that he had no “plan or desire to engage in any public ministry while here,” according to details released by the diocese.
  • April 27: Baltimore County Police return the unsolved case of the slaying of Sister Cesnik to the “cold case” file (Sharon May won't file charges agains Maskell or any of the other priests.) Baltimore Sun
  • April 30: Bob Erlandson's Baltimore Sun piece about repressed memories
  • May 1: Pre-Trial hearing in Jean and Teresa's lawsuit. WMAR coverage. Baltimore Circuit Court to determine whether the two outstanding suits fall within the statute of limitations, which gives a person three years to file after discovering she has been harmed.
    • Maskell and Richter both vehemently denied the abuse, and in 1995, after a high-profile trial hearing, the case was thrown out of court on a technicality. According to Maryland law, victims of sex abuse have three years from the time the abuse ends or from when they discover it to file a civil lawsuit. The women’s attorneys had argued that because Wehner and Lancaster had only recently started remembering some of the abuse, they were still within the three-year period. “Memory impairment often follows trauma, and I’ve had many such cases,” said Dr. Neil Blumberg, Lancaster’s psychiatrist.
    • But the church brought in a “false memory” expert, Catholic psychiatrist Paul McHugh, who successfully argued in courtrooms throughout the 1990s that memories of child sexual abuse cannot be repressed and then recovered. At the time, there was a major backlash against the concept of repressed memory. The 1980s saw several high-profile prosecutions of daycare workers based on recovered memories that later proved false. Though Lancaster and Wehner’s case was different, since they had not been coaxed into recovering false memories by investigators or therapists, winning the case in the new climate proved impossible.
    • Judge Hilary Caplan told The Huffington Post that he found the women credible, but he decided after hearing McHugh’s testimony that recovered memories could not restart the statute of limitations. “The experts testified, and I found that the memory was not sufficient to justify the plaintiffs’ case,” he said in a recent interview.
  • May 5: Judge expected to rule today. Judge Caplan rules the the statute of limitations was not waived and each woman had until 3 years after her 18th birthday to bring charges.
  • May 6: Judge dismisses suits agains priest
  • November: After his employment with the health board ended, Maskell continued working as a psychologist in private practice in Wexford and nearby Castlebridge from 1995 to 1998.
  • December: Baltimore Magazine interviews Maskell and recaps the rape case
    • Still other Maskell critics have emerged, with more than a dozen of them telling Baltimore magazine in recent months that the public allegations of sexual misbehavior fit a pattern. Many of those interviewed remember Maskell for his imperious, manipulative or lewd behavior. A group of Towson lawyers claims that, in addition to their two plaintiffs, they've met with 15 people who say Maskell subjected them to one or more sexual violations. And a third alleged rape victim, the first willing to be publicly named, has stepped forward to share her story with Baltimore Magazine.
    • While declining to be interviewed for this story, Maskell has repeatedly maintained his complete innocence. And a large group of friends and former parishioners feels that—but for the tragic misaccusations that have ruined his life—Maskell would have continued to be an exemplary priest. His sister, Maureen Baldwin, puts it most emphatically: "My brother has done nothing—repeat, nothing—wrong."
  • More than 500 priests have been accused of sexual abuse since the '80s, prompting litigation that has cost the church $500 million.
  • October 8: Pope John Paul II visits Baltimore
  • 1994- 2000s: DNA profiles of about a half-dozen suspects are developed and compared to the known crime scene sample, with negative results, according to Baltimore County Police.
  • April 13: Maskell's 57th birthday. The diocese of Ferns kept files on Maskell in Ireland from April 1995 to September 1998. The diocese contacted the health board and the Baltimore archdiocese over its concerns about Maskell after he continued to appear in full clerical garb and presented himself as a priest in Wexford in 1996.
    • “The Archdiocese did not learn that Maskell was living in Ireland until a Bishop in Ireland contacted the Archdiocese in July 1996,” Caine told HuffPost. “Maskell had left the residential treatment facility two years earlier and refused to inform the Archdiocese where he was living.”
  • June: The Diocese of Ferns raises concerns about Maskell's work as a psychologist and his unsupervised status in light of the emerging allegations against him in Baltimore. Concerns were raised that Maskell was counselling young people in his private practice.
  • July 29: Doe and Roe appeal the Court's decision to the Court of Appeals. Brief not available.
  • August 23: In the Maryland Court of Appeals, Justice J. Karwacki rules for the Archdiocese. The lawsuit cannot go forward. Jean and Teresa had argued they should be allowed to sue even though the statute of limitations expired, because they had only recently recovered memories. The court rejected the women’s argument.
  • 1994- 2000s: DNA profiles of about a half-dozen suspects are developed and compared to the known crime scene sample, with negative results, according to Baltimore County Police.
  • Teresa Lancaster goes back to school and is an attorney today.
  • April 13: Maskell's 58th birthday. The diocese of Ferns kept files on Maskell in Ireland from April 1995 to September 1998. He worked as a psychologist for what was then the regional health board.
  • 1994- 2000s: DNA profiles of about a half-dozen suspects are developed and compared to the known crime scene sample, with negative results, according to Baltimore County Police.
  • July: Detective Gary Childs joins the Baltimore County Police Department.
  • Russ has long since moved to Carroll County, gotten married and had two children. One day in 1997, Patricia hears that Russ has cancer. Patricia visits Russ when she has surgeries and a couple of years pass...
  • April 10: Maskell's brother Tom dies of lung cancer. Obituary and Baltimore Sun
  • April 13: Maskell's 59th birthday. The diocese of Ferns kept files on Maskell in Ireland from April 1995 to September 1998. In 1998 Maskell agreed not to provide psychological services to anyone under the age of 18. Further contacts with the health board, the Catholic Church in Baltimore, the Garda and other individuals with knowledge of Maskell’s activities continued until September 1998. He left Ireland that year.
  • September: Maskell leaves Ireland and presumably returns to Baltimore.
  • 1994- 2000s: DNA profiles of about a half-dozen suspects are developed and compared to the known crime scene sample, with negative results, according to Baltimore County Police.
  • April 13: Maskell's 60th birthday.
  • Approximate: One day in the "late nineties," Lil Hughes hears that Maskell is at Stella Maris Nursing Home, in the dementia ward. Lil goes to visit Maskell but he is catatonic.
  • 1994- 2000s: DNA profiles of about a half-dozen suspects are developed and compared to the known crime scene sample, with negative results, according to Baltimore County Police.
  • February: Detective Gary Childs joins the Homicide Unit of the Baltimore County Police Department.
  • April 13: Maskell's 61st birthday.
  • 1994- 2000s: DNA profiles of about a half-dozen suspects are developed and compared to the known crime scene sample, with negative results, according to Baltimore County Police.
  • April 13: Maskell's 62nd birthday.
  • May 7: Anthony Joseph Maskell died at St. Joseph’s Hospital. He was 62 years old, and had been living at Stella Maris Nursing Home in Timonium.
  • Patricia's friend calls to tell her that Maskell died but "don't tell anyone." Patricia immediately calls Russ who says, "Well, he went to his grave with his secret." Russ passes away two days later.
  • May 16: Helen Russell Phillips Welch passes away.
  • January 8: Stanford Report article on repressed memories
  • Tom Nugent first meets and interviews Gemma for what would be his 2005 piece in City Paper about the Cesnik case. Both of them had been fascinated by the case since 1994, when Wehner and Lancaster filed their lawsuit against Maskell and the church. Nugent suspected that the Cesnik story had more tentacles than anyone realized. He interviewed a few retired detectives, including Deep Throat, who confirmed they had been pressured to back off the Catholic priests during their investigations. “It seemed apparent to me that some of this was covered up,” he said.
  • Richter died in 2006.
  • In 2010, the church apologized and paid Lancaster $40,000 as part of a group of settlements it made with sexual abuse victims. “Please accept my apology on behalf of Archbishop [Edwin] O’Brien and the Archdiocese of Baltimore for the suffering that has resulted from your experiences,” Alison D’Alessandro, director of the church’s Office of Child and Youth Protection, wrote to Lancaster in a letter. The Archdiocese also offered her the chance to have O’Brien apologize to her in person for the abuse. She declined. “I said, ‘I am so through with you people and your skirts and strange men in their outfits,’” she recalled. “‘It will be a cold day in hell when I will sit and look at that man.’”
  • The Archdiocese begins to make payouts to Maskell's victims.
  • The Archdiocese continues to make payouts to Maskell's victims.
  • June 27: Article with details about Gerry Koob and Cathy having a sexual relationship, and Sister Friia's testimony at the pre-trial hearing.
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2020.07.09 08:01 Justwonderinif The Keepers Timeline I

  • April 13: Maskell's first birthday
  • April 13: Maskell's second birthday
  • April 13: Maskell's third birthday. (Maskell's sister Maureen is born in 1942)
  • Maskell's older half-brother Tom - who would become a cop - graduates from City College.
  • November 17: Cathy Cesnik was born in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA.
  • April 13: Maskell's fifth birthday
  • Fall: Maskell starts kindergarten?
  • November 17: Cathy's second birthday
  • April 13: Maskell's sixth birthday.
  • Spring: Maskell finishes kindergarten?
  • Fall: Maskell starts first grade.
  • November 17: Cathy's third birthday
  • April 13: Maskell's seventh birthday
  • Spring: Maskell finishes 1st grade
  • Maskell's older half-brother Tom joins the police force and works there until he is shot in 1966 and forced to retire.
  • Fall: Maskell starts 2nd grade.
  • November 17: Cathy's fourth birthday
  • April 13: Maskell's eighth birthday
  • Spring: Maskell finishes 2nd grade.
  • Fall: Cathy Cesnik starts kindergarten? Maskell starts 3rd grade.
  • November 17: Cathy's fifth birthday.
  • April 13: Maskell's ninth birthday.
    • Since childhood, Anthony Joseph Maskell seemed destined for the priesthood. His favorite childhood game was "Mass." In child-sized vestments his mother had sewn for him, Joe would gather neighborhood children into the family's basement, where he would dispense the body of Christ in the form of white Necco wafers.
    • His mother, Helen Maskell, was very keen on her son becoming a priest, recalls childhood friend Bill Heim. "I always wondered if he was going to revolt at some point," Heim says. "But he never did."
    • When young Joe was old enough to join in sandlot baseball games, he would dress in black and take his position of choice behind the plate, calling the balls and strikes. According to Heim, Maskell liked having the author­ity to say: "This is right; that's wrong."
  • Spring: Cathy Cesnik finishes kindergarten? Maskell finishes 3rd grade.
  • Fall: Cathy Cesnik starts 1st grade. Catherine Anne Cesnick grew up in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She attended St. Mary Assumption Roman Catholic Church and School in Lawrenceville, PA. The school was operated by the School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND), a teaching order.
  • Fall: Maskell starts 4th grade.
  • November 17: Cathy's sixth birthday
  • April 13: Maskell's tenth birthday. (Maskell once said that, when he was about 10, he'd had a crush on a pretty neighborhood girl.)
  • Spring: Cathy Cesnik finishes 1st grade. Maskell finishes 4th grade.
  • Fall: Cathy Cesnik starts 2nd grade. Maskell starts 5th grade.
  • November 17: Cathy's seventh birthday
  • April 13: Maskell's eleventh birthday
  • Spring: Cathy Cesnik finishes 2nd grade. Maskell finishes 5th grade.
  • Fall: Cathy Cesnik starts 3rd grade. Maskell starts 6th grade.
  • November 17: Cathy's eighth birthday
  • April 13: Maskell's twelfth birthday
  • Spring: Cathy Cesnik finishes 3rd grade. Maskell finishes 6th grade.
  • Fall: Cathy Cesnik starts 4th grade. Maskell starts 7th grade.
  • November 17: Cathy's ninth birthday
  • April 13: Maskell's thirteenth birthday
  • William Keeler graduates (BA) from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Wynnewood, PA, in 1952. He earned another bachelor’s degree from St. Charles Seminary at Overbrook in Philadelphia. He received both a licentiate in sacred theology and a doctorate in canon law from Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.
  • Spring: Cathy Cesnik finishes 4th grade. Maskell finishes 7th grade.
  • Fall: Cathy Cesnik starts 5th grade. Maskell starts 8th grade.
  • November 17: Cathy's tenth birthday
  • April 13: Maskell's 14th birthday. At 14, Maskell went off to St. Charles Seminary in Catonsville, but returned after about a week because he was homesick.
  • Spring: Cathy Cesnik finishes 5th grade. Maskell finishes 8th grade.
  • Fall: Cathy Cesnik starts 6th grade. Maskell starts his Freshman Year at Calvert Hall College High School
  • November 17: Cathy's 11th birthday
  • April 13: Maskell's 15th birthday. A fastidiously clean kid, a teenaged Maskell one year spent so much time immersed in his bathtub ritual, Heim recalls, that his father announced his displeasure over it. Joseph Francis Maskell, an office-furniture salesman with Lucas Brothers, was known for his short fuse.
  • Spring: Cathy Cesnik finishes 6th grade. Maskell finishes his freshman year of high school.
  • Fall: Cathy Cesnik starts 7th grade. Maskell starts his sophomore year of high school.
  • November 17: Cathy's 12th birthday
  • April 13: Maskell's 16th birthday
  • Spring: Cathy Cesnik finishes 7th grade. Maskell finishes his Sophomore year of high school.
  • Fall: Cathy Cesnik starts 8th grade. Maskell starts his Junior year of high school.
  • November 17: Cathy's 13th birthday
  • William Keeler was ordained in 1955.
  • April 13: Maskell's 17th birthday.
  • Spring: Cathy Cesnik finishes 8th grade. Maskell finishes his junior year of high school.
    • According to Maureen Baldwin, her brother was so intent on becoming a priest that he never had a date in his life. When a girl he knew in high school told him he had the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen, he had no idea how to respond.
    • Friends from his teen years can't recall Maskell ever expressing a libido. "I never saw him with a girl the whole time we were in school," says Dennis Rogers, "outside of his mother."
  • Fall: Cathy Cesnik starts her freshman year at St. Augustine High School.
  • Fall: Maskell starts his senior year at Calvert Hall College High School (when it was located downtown)
  • November 17: Cathy's 14th birthday
  • April 13: Maskell's 18th birthday. Maskell's Senior Picture
  • Approximate: Maskell graduates from Calvert Hall College High School. The original school building was in downtown Baltimore where the AOB building is now. Yearbook Photos
  • Spring: Cathy Cesnik finishes her freshman year at St. Augustine High School.
  • Summer: (Paraphrased from Patrick Forestell's 2015 comment): Anthony "Joe" Maskell was a teenager attending St. Mary's Seminary in Roland Park (Roland Ave). He and his friend, fellow pedophile William Simms, were both teenage camp counselors at then Saint Martin's Camp in Love Point, MD (Kent County); a summer camp for children from the St. Martin's Parish on Fulton Ave. in Baltimore. A St. Mary Seminary counselor told me years later that he counseled Maskell (in 1957) and Maskell had problems. Yet Maskell and Simms were allowed to become ordained, and they both inflicted harm on numerous children under the protection of the Arch Diocese of Baltimore. Maskell used his cognitive superior IQ and manipulation to get what he wanted. At Saint Martin's Camp in 1957 William Simms was playing strip poker with the children. I was 11-years old, and a young, innocent child. As I walked by the cabin I heard the laughter from peers while Simms played strip poker with the children. Maskell was outside the cabin and lured me into the open area shower where he assaulted me. Following the abuse I asked someone who that man was and he answered a "student priest." Years later I learned that the student was Maskell. I mention all this to show the hypocrisy of the Archdiocese of Baltimore for teaching theology to the masses while allowing monsters to exhibit evil deeds on numerous children over decades.
  • Fall: Cathy Cesnik starts her sophomore year at St. Augustine High School.
  • November 17: Cathy's 15th birthday
  • Spring: Cathy Cesnik finishes her sophomore year at St. Augustine High School. (Maskell begins first year at St. Mary's Seminary in Roland Park
  • April 13: Maskell's 19th birthday. Maskell trained for the priesthood at St. Mary’s Seminary in Roland Park. When he tried seminary again, after high school, he liked it fine, and reveled in the privileges that came with being a third-year sacristan, which included free social time after mass while the congregation prayed. The perk seemed to appeal to his ego. "He used to say with a smile, 'We're sacristans. It is our place to be back here,"' recalls long-time friend and fellow seminarian William Kern.
  • Fall: Charles Franz starts kindergarten (?) grade at St. Clements School
  • Fall: Cathy Cesnik starts her junior year at St. Augustine High School. In high school, Cathy contemplated entering the religious life.
  • November 17: Cathy's 16th birthday
  • April 13: Maskell's 21st birthday. .
  • Spring: Cathy Cesnik graduates from St. Augustine High School. Photo of Senior Class Officers. After graduation, Cathy moved to Baltimore to enter the Baltimore Province of the SSND in 1960 and took final vows on July 21, 1967.
  • Spring: Charles Franz end of first grade year at St. Clements School // Maskell ends second year at St. Mary’s Seminary.
  • Fall: Charles Franz starts second grade at St. Clements School // Maskell begins third year at St. Mary’s Seminary.
  • Fall: A member of a devout Catholic family in Pittsburgh, Catherine Ann Cesnik joined the School Sisters of Notre Dame at the age of 18.
  • November 17: Cathy's 18th birthday.
  • April 13: Maskell's 22nd birthday.
  • Spring: End of Cathy's first year at School Sisters of Notre Dame // Charles Franz end of second grade year at St. Clements School // End of Maskell's third year at St. Mary's Seminary.
  • Fall: Cathy starts 2nd year at School Sisters of Notre Dame // Charles Franz starts third grade at St. Clements School // Maskell starts fourth year at St. Mary's Seminary.
  • November 17: Cathy's 19th birthday.
  • April 13: Maskell's 23rd birthday.
  • Spring: End of Cathy's 2nd year at SSND // Charles Franz end of third grade year. // End of Maskell's fourth year at St. Mary's Seminary.
  • Fall: Cathy starts third year at SSND // Charles Franz starts 4th grade at St. Clements School // Maskell starts fifth year at St. Mary's Seminary (?)
  • November 17: Cathy's 20th birthday.
  • The Second Vatican Council called between 2,000 and 2,500 bishops and thousands of observers, auditors, sisters, laymen and laywomen to four sessions at St. Peter's Basilica between 1962 and 1965. Sixteen documents came out of it, laying a foundation for the church as we know it today. William Keeler was a special adviser at the Second Vatican Council in the early 1960s.
  • April 13: Maskell's 24th birthday.
  • Spring: End of Cathy's third year at SSND /// Charles Franz end of 4th grade year. // End of Maskell's fifth year at St. Mary's Seminary.
  • Fall: Cathy starts fourth year at SSND // Charles Franz starts 5th grade at St. Clements School // Beginning of Maskell's sixth -- and final? -- year at St. Mary's Seminary?
  • November 17: Cathy's 21st birthday.
  • December 28, 1963: Maskell's father passes away at the age of 67.
  • April 13: Maskell's 25th birthday.
  • Spring: End of Cathy's fourth year at SSND // Charles Franz ends 5th grade year. // End of Maskell's education at St. Mary's Seminary.
  • Fall: Cathy starts 5th year at SSND // Charles Franz starts 6th grade at St. Clements School // Maskell is assigned to St. Clement's?
  • November 17: Cathy's 22nd birthday.
  • Chrismas Eve: Maskell's half-brother sustains gunshot wounds that end his police career
  • April 13, 1965: Maskell's 26th birthday.
    • Maskell was ordained in 1965. Once ordained, Maskell was known for delivering thoughtful homilies with a compelling bass voice, and for excelling in the heroic moment. When Holy Cross parishioner Lynn Gerber Smith gave birth to an ailing baby, Maskell rushed to the hospital and performed an emergency baptism. When Maskell's friend Albert Griffith called to say he was depressed and thinking of "blowing my brains out," Maskell drove to Severna Park within 15 minutes.
    • Maskell serves at Sacred Heart of Mary from 1965 to 1966.
  • Spring: End of Cathy's 5th year at SSND // End of Charles Franz sixth grade year.
  • Spring: Is this a picture of Cathy and her Dad at Cathy's "graduation" from SSND?
  • Fall: Keough opens: As enrollment at all Catholic high schools increased, by the mid-1960s it became evident a new school was needed on the southwest side of the city. The School Sisters of Notre Dame responded to this need, and in 1965, Sr. Mary Virginia Connolly became the founding principal of Archbishop Keough High School. The school was built on 30 acres of land on Caton Avenue, and was structured as an archdiocesan high school. Archbishop Keough High added one grade a year; the first commencement took place in June 1969. The school flourished; in 1987, it was named an exemplary school by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Cathy Cesnik began her teaching career at Archbishop Keough High School on Caton Avenue (renamed Seton-Keough) when the school opened its doors in 1965. She taught English literature and oversaw the school's Drama Club. She was an energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated teacher. She was supportive and alert to her students at the all-girls school. -- Cathy's obituary at findagrave.
  • Cathy moves into the residences for Nuns at Keough.
  • Fall: Charles Franz starts 7th grade at St. Clements School.
  • November 17: Cathy's 23rd birthday
  • The Second Vatican Council called between 2,000 and 2,500 bishops and thousands of observers, auditors, sisters, laymen and laywomen to four sessions at St. Peter's Basilica between 1962 and 1965. Sixteen documents came out of it, laying a foundation for the church as we know it today.
  • In 1966, about 16 months after his ordination, Maskell became associate pastor at St. Clement in Lansdowne.
  • April 13: Maskell's 27th birthday
  • Spring: End of Cathy's first year teaching at Keough // End of Charles Franz 7th grade year.
  • Summer: Between seventh and eighth grade, Charles Franz is an altar boy at St. Clement I. Masses were 6pm, 7pm, 8pm. This is when Charles got to know Maskell.
  • Fall: Second year commences for Keough. New freshman enter. Last year's students move up to sophomore. Cathy Cesnik's Keough yearbook picture.. Cathy is still living in the nun's residence at Keough.
    • Cathy met Gerry Koob when he was an intern at Keough. Koob told The Sun that he and Cathy were deeply in love but that “it was a love between two celibates in a commitment to Christ.” Koob described Cathy as a naive, unworldly young woman who had no sense of her own beauty -- or its effect on others.
  • Fall Charles Franz starts 8th grade.
    • Maskell is giving Charles Franz rides home from mass. Maskell would put the bike in the trunk, and they'd stop for a Snoball. Father Maskell regularly comes in Charles Franz classroom saying he wanted to see Charles up at the Rectory. At first it was once a week. Then it was 2-3 times per week. Often Maskell would keep Charles from lunch until the day ended (2:30). Maskell taught Charles how to drink and take drugs to forget what was happening around him.
    • Maskell would call Charles Franz (13) out of class at the parish school to chat, usually for several hours at a time, two or three times a week. They often started out talking about sports, but invariably wound to the subject of male anatomy.
    • One day, Maskell took Charles and two other boys target shooting. On the drive home, Charles sat up front with Maskell, and as the car rose over a bump in the road, Charles alleges, Maskell reached over, grabbed the accuser's crotch, and said playfully, "Hold on to your balls."
  • November 17: Cathy's 24th birthday.
  • Winter: Maskell serves at St. Clements in 1967. Maskell also served as a chaplain for the Maryland State Police and Baltimore County Police and Maryland National Guard and later the Air National Guard as a Lieutenant colonel. (Dates unknown)
  • April 13: Maskell's 28th birthday.
    • Charles says he began to feel cautious around Maskell. One afternoon when the school baseball team was changing into new uniform pants, Maskell told Charles that he needed a jockstrap to play. Charles didn't have one, but Maskell did, back in the rectory. Maskell sent the Charles to get it, giving him the key to his bedroom. Charles dashed to the rectory, lept into the jockstrap, and was dressed in record time, he says, just before Maskell arrived.
    • Charles began telling his friends to be careful around Maskell. Word of this filtered back to Maskell, who called Charles into the rectory, several days before graduation, Charles says. Allegedly, Maskell confronted him: "Listen, you little m-----f----r. If one more person says something to me that came from you, I'm gonna make sure you don't graduate."
    • [In The Keeper's Charles said that he told a couple of his friends to stay away from Maskell, and that Maskell came to his classroom and lifted him out of his seat by his hair and ordered him to the rectory. In the rectory, Maskell said, "Listen you little motherfucker, if I hear one more thing... I'm going to make sure you don't graduate." Maskell tossed Charles off the basketball team, off the baseball team, and kicked him out of CYO.]
  • May: At home, Charles told his mother that Maskell had threatened him. She phoned the archdiocese to complain, and Charles graduated on time, and within three months Maskell, though continuing to reside and perform some duties at St. Clement, was assigned to Archbishop Keough High School for girls.
    • [In the Keepers, Charles says that in May of 1967, his mother went down to the Archdiocese and went straight to the top and said, "Father Maskell is abusing my 8th grade son." Shortly thereafter, Father Collopy calls Charles to tell him he is back on all the teams and back in the CYO, and that Maskell was no longer at St. Clement's and was being transferred.]
  • Spring: End of second school year Keough is open. // End of Cathy's second year teaching at Keough // End of Charles Franz 8th grade year.
  • Gerry Koob told the Huffington Post that he was in a romantic relationship with Cesnik and that "two years before her disappearance" -- before he was ordained and before she had taken her final vows -- he had asked her to marry him. She turned him down, but they continued to spend time together and write each other love letters.
  • According to a letter, Cathy wrote in June of 1969, June of 1967 is when she began to feel that living the way she had been living as a nun was not the right way for her.
  • July 21: Cathy took final vows on July 21, 1967. Her professed name was Sister Joanita.
  • Fall: Maskell victims Jean, Deb Silcox and Lil Hughes start their freshman year at Keough. Charles starts his Freshman year at Mt. St. Joseph High School.
    • This is the third year Keough has been open. This is the start of Maskell's first year as school chaplain and counselor at Keough. Cathy starts her third year teaching at Keough. She is still living in the residences at Keough.
    • Jean recalls confessing to Magnus that her uncle had urged her to let a dog lick her sexually, and that the dog later died. She claims Magnus then began masturbating, saying that if she told anyone, she would go to hell.
    • Wehner said she went to see Magnus, the school’s religious services director, for confession when she was 14 years old, because she had been feeling guilty about sexual abuse she experienced as a young child. The priest turned to her in the confessional, quizzed her on the details of the abuse, and began masturbating as she talked, she said.
    • After that, Maskell and Magnus would call her into their offices for joint counseling sessions, which they said was for the purpose of helping her find God’s forgiveness for what she did as a child. She says they would masturbate in front of her, take nude photos of her and force her to perform sex acts as part of her “spiritual healing” process. “I thought they were literally praying for me,” she said.
    • Jean claims Maskell and Magnus instructed her to perform oral sex on them because “the Holy Spirit was coming through them....It was like the Eucharist." She saw Maskell for counseling sessions during which "he was praying that I would stop being bad."
    • Soon, Maskell began calling Wehner out of class and into his office without Magnus, she said. He would show her pornography, tell her that he was trying to help God forgive her for the abuse she suffered as a child, and rape her. “He kept saying it didn’t seem like I was open to the Holy Spirit and God’s grace,” Wehner said. “I was just doing what I was being told, thinking I must be such a horrible person that God can’t forgive me.”
    • Per Baltimore Magazine (1995): At Keough, Maskell was known by at least two contradictory personae. One was a gruff militarist who barked out commands in the hallway and might search a girl's locker for drugs or even cut open the hem of her skirt if he believed she was showing too much thigh.
    • The other was a chummy confidant who developed a following among some of the girls by offering his office as a smoking lounge in a school where smoking was grounds for suspension. Girls pretended to need his counsel so they could get out of class. After hear­ing his invitation to light up, they'd smoke until they got dizzy, spinning their tales of parental misunderstanding, or boyfriend problems, as the priest would nod appreciatively and take notes.
    • Many women today recall his being genuinely helpful. "He was my mentor," says one. Says another: "He helped me to put my life back together. He let me cry on his shoulder." But while dispensing such comfort, others claim, Maskell also sometimes crossed a line.
    • Keough was a traditional Catholic school, where students were required to wear knee-length plaid skirts and shirts buttoned all the way up to their necks. But it was hardly immune to the 1960s counterculture. Former Keough students said that in Maskell’s office and in the nearby rectory, where he lived, the priest offered the girls a relaxed, open-minded environment where they could talk freely about sex and drugs, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes on his red velour sofa and ask for help dealing with their traditional Catholic parents. At the peak of the sexual revolution, Maskell was well positioned to exploit the experimental and rebellious atmosphere of the late 1960s and early 1970s. In a confusing time, he offered an intoxicating cocktail of spiritual guidance, hypnosis, booze, pills and himself.
    • Maskell was a charismatic young man in his late 20s when he started at Keough as chaplain in 1967, two years after it opened. Broad-shouldered, with light blue eyes, the Irish-descended priest also served as the school’s psychological counselor.
    • Former Keough students said Maskell used his charm, psychology training and moral authority to first disarm the young girls, then to manipulate them into sexual relationships. He targeted struggling or badly behaved students — Hoskins and Schaub, who got straight As, said he never bothered them — asking the girls if they were having problems at home, or if they had been sexually active with their boyfriends or used drugs. Sometimes the priest used repetitive phrases — “I only want what’s best for you, just what’s best for you,” one woman recalled him saying — to coax them into talking.
  • November 17: Cathy's 25th birthday (Those who knew Cathy remembered her spiritual and physical beauty. Quiet and reserved, but friendly, gentle and supportive, Cathy was respected and loved as a teacher and friend.)
    • “Sister Cathy was always a joy to be around,” said David A. Curtis, who attended Cardinal Gibbons High School but studied drama at Keough. As the drama teacher, “she was very supportive; she was your friend. But she didn’t let the friendship issue cloud the fact that she was our teacher, our leader … the adult.”
  • Christmastime: Margaret and Edgar get engaged.
  • Maskell has limited duties at St. Clement's and serves at Our Lady of Victory in 1968. Maskell also chaplained for the Baltimore County Police, the Maryland State Police and the Maryland National Guard. Maskell was known to host an improvised mass on the hood of a jeep, or and/or cheering up troops in the rain, or walking over to a county police sta­tion with one of his own pistols to tar­get shoot with the boys.
  • April 6-14: Baltimore Riots
  • April 13: Maskell's 29th birthday.
  • Spring: Maskell victims Jean, Deb Silcox and Lil Hughes end their freshman year at Keough. Charles ends his Freshman year at Mt. St. Joseph's High School. End of Cathy's third year teaching at Keough.
  • Cathy is still feeling like the way in which she is living as a nun is not the right way for her (per a letter she would write a year later.)
  • Koob said he asked Cathy to marry him before he was ordained in 1968 and before she had taken her final vows. She refused, but the two continued to see each other regularly and exchanged letters. Koob remained a Jesuit priest for a decade after her death.
    • Koob gave Cathy a ring inscribed in Greek. It reads: "Agape is the unconditional love." Cathy was wearing that ring when her body was found.
  • Fall:
  • Cesnik was like a real-life version of Maria, Julie Andrews’ character from “The Sound of Music,” Hoskins recalled: warm, exuberant and strikingly beautiful. The nun played guitar and wrote musicals for the girls to perform on stage. She invented creative vocabulary games to push the girls to teach each other new, obscure words. [Cathy is still living in the residences at Keough.]
    • Maskell begins second year as school chaplain and counselor at Archbishop Keough // Cathy starts her fourth year teaching at Archbishop Keough.
    • Maskell victims Jean, Deb Silcox and Lil Hughes start their Sophomore years at Keough. Charles starts his Sophomore year at Mt. St. Joseph High School. Maskell victim Teresa Lancaster starts her freshman year at Keough. Lancaster is a straight A student. Lancaster says she was a nerd in the 9th grade. This is the fourth year Keough has been open. The school's first graduating seniors start the school year.
    • Undated photo of a group of girls from the Keough Class of 1970
  • Over a three-year period, Jean says she and Maskell had vaginal intercourse four times, including once during which he called her a whore. She alleges Maskell once forced her to have sex with a uni­formed police officer and at least once to have sex with someone who gave the priest money. Other memories involve a broth­er from Cardinal Gibbons, anal intercourse, and coerced enemas.
    • Jean recalls that Maskell hypnotized her: "He would use a certain phrase and everything would just stop." The phrase, she says, was, "I only want what's best for you, just what's best for you." She says he told her that before divulging a certain incident to anyone, "I was to kill myself."
    • Jean also claims Maskell once put a gun in her mouth. On another occasion, she says Maskell held an unloaded gun to her head and pulled the trigger. Maskell warned Jean that if her policeman father ever learned "what was going on," Maskell would do the same thing to her father, but with a loaded gun.
  • Kathy Hobeck said she asked Cesnik to protect her from Maskell’s abuse when she attended Keough in 1968. “She would make excuses for me when he would ask me to come down [to his office],” Hobeck said. “She’d say, ‘She’s in a study, she can’t get away,’ or she’d make up a story.”
  • October: Cathy took her students to see the 1968 movie version of “Romeo and Juliet” after they read the Shakespeare play.
  • November 17: Cathy's 26th birthday
  • John A. “Pete” McKeon, a Christian brother, met Cathy Cesnik and Gerry Koob at a 1969 retreat for Notre Dame sisters in Boston. McKeon described Cathy as “extremely intelligent, extremely sensitive.” McKeon said Cahty was chosen to help lead the retreat “for her poetic ability, because of her sensitivity to pick up on other people’s feelings.”
    • Like many young religious in the late 1960s, Cathy was troubled by the regimented life of the convent.
    • It was an era when many young priests and nuns were advocating social activism at the same time they were questioning the personal and emotional demands of celibacy that the church imposed. According to Helen Russell Phillips, Cathy had fallen in love with Gerald Koob, a young Jesuit priest.
  • March 31: Ford's new Maverick becomes available for sale for approximately $2,000.00 Photo of similar car. Cathy would have purchased this car sometime between April and October of 1969. It has been reported that Cathy and Russ jointly purchased the vehicle and shared it. And that at some point, police returned the Maverick to Russ, who continued to drive it, after Cathy's death.
  • April 13: Maskell's 30th birthday. Maskell also serves at Our Lady of Victory in 1969.
  • Spring:
    • Maskell victims: Jean, Deb Silcox and Lil Hughes end their Sophomore years at Keough. Charles ends his Sophomore year at Mt. St. Joseph. Maskell victim Teresa Lancaster ends her freshman year at Keough. She is still a straight-A student. This is the first year that Keough graduates a class of Seniors, meaning it's the fourth year they've been open.
    • End of Maskell's second year at Keough
    • May: Jean told police that in May, 1969, she confided in Cathy that a priest had sexually abused her at Keough. Jean never saw Cathy again after that term.
    • The only person who tried to help the girls was Sister Cathy Cesnik. Wehner said that in 1969, at the end of her sophomore year, Cesnik stole a moment alone with her in her classroom. “Are the priests hurting you?” the nun asked gently. Wehner nodded her head, too afraid to open her mouth. Cesnik told Wehner to go home and enjoy the summer. She said she would handle the situation.
    • In the Spring of 1969, it's the end of Cathy's fourth year teaching at Keough. Cathy and Russell ask for permission to live outside the 40-sister convent but to continue teaching as nuns, but outside of Archbishop Keough.
    • Russell (who was married and living in Carroll County when she was interviewed in 1994), said the idea of living outside the convent was often discussed, particularly among the younger nuns. Russell said The Order denied Cathy and Russell's request to live outside the convent and teach at public schools.
    • “But we were the renegades,” Russell said. “We said we were going anyway. We already had the apartment.”
    • This conflicts with Cecilia -- the ex-nun on The Keepers -- who said that Mother Maurice gave Cathy and Russell permission to experiment. Koob confirms The Order refused the request and that Cathy had until December 31 to move back to the convent or quit being a nun. [From Cathy's obituary at findagrave: As many religious did in the turbulent 60's, Sister Joanita (Cathy) requested permission to take a sabbatical from the Order. This was granted and Catherine moved with another nun into an apartment in the Edmondson Village area of Baltimore. She also decided to teach instead at Western High School beginning in the fall of 1969.]
  • June:
    • Russell and Cathy left Keough (and the residence) in June 1969, adopted civilian dress, got teaching jobs in city schools and moved into the Carriage House Apartments on North Bend Road, in Southwest Baltimore.
    • June 1, 1969: Letter from Cathy explaining decision to leave Keough.
    • Margaret and Edgar get into a big fight because he's not paying the bills. Edgar chokes Margaret and says he could kill her. Margaret wants to leave but she's carrying twins.
  • August: Cathy went home to Pittsburgh to explain to her family why she was leaving Keough. Marilyn said Cathy wasn't her happy-go-lucky self and was sad. Cathy's father told her the world is a dangerous place and Cathy said, "How do you know my world is not a dangerous place?"
Timeline II >>
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2020.07.01 15:12 LuciaPeasantstomper [IWantOut] 22F US -> Ireland

I'm a 22F graduate student from the US. I graduated summa cum laude a month ago with an MA in History from my school here and was accepted into a postgraduate program (Government and Politics) at a major university in Ireland back in 2019. I'm currently jumping through the majority of the hoops to travel from my current location and at this point I'm pretty sure it's worth it in the short term. I simply cannot deal with living here anymore; this country has drained me more than I thought possible, and I simply do not see a future for myself here.
In addition to my degree, I have a background in chemistry (I was a lab assistant for three years), data analysis, writing/communications, and intensive research (I wrote a 40-page honors thesis on during my senior year), as well as some language ability in French and Russian. The program I am enrolled in can arrange for an internship at a location of choice, alongside a focus on vocational skills in relevant fields; most of this seems to focus on data interpretation and analysis. I have been told that my university can also offer assistance in finding a job, through the internship or otherwise. I am somewhat hesitant in any optimism, of course.
Both my wife (common-law for now) and I have expressed interest in moving to Western Europe in the past. She's a Ukrainian national with a 10-year background in IT, web design, and translation. She has two master's degrees, one from Ukraine and one from the United States, and currently has a job at an IT company in Poland. She absolutely hated living in the US, so coming back here is definitely not an option. Her current plan is to work in Poland for a certain amount of time, then move to her company's Cork branch when she is able. The goal would be to do so while I am still in school. I would then use the Third Level Graduate Programme to look for work after my graduation.
We have no preference in terms of a specific location, though we would prefer anywhere in Ireland outside of Dublin. We are willing to move elsewhere-Belgium, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.- but Ireland (Cork and Limerick in particular) is always the first choice. Wherever we go, we want to pursue citizenship and a settled life-we do not want to stay expats for long. I should note that most of this will be transpiring either later this year or well into the summer of 2021.
Are there any factors that we should take into consideration that might help in our efforts? Anything we're doing wrong? What sort of odds would I have in finding a job with my qualifications?
Any advice is very much appreciated!
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2020.06.25 01:28 TailGunnner_Writes Join the Navy and see new places - CH1

Hi all,
New writer here with my very first attempt at writing anything longer than bad haiku's and the occasional dirty limerick. This is the first chapter or so of a story that has been rattling around the back of my mind for a while. Any constructive criticism is welcome, and please do let me know if you'd like to read more.
edit: this is a new account to separate my writing from my general shitposting :D
much love
Life, John considered to himself, was unfair.
He’d gotten his degree, managed to find a job that was actually related to his field, finally upgraded his battered old corolla to something that was less than five years old, and had even managed to clear his student overdraft.
Not bad for a twenty six year old nuclear engineer. He’d never really intended to join the Royal Navy, but jobs were hard to find and the pay was ok. Besides, submarines are pretty cool.
And now, here he was; trapped in what felt distinctly like a shipping container after being attacked while on shore leave in Gibraltar. It was dark, cold and he had a truly heroic hangover.
“OI! AT LEAST GIVE ME SOME WATER YOU HEARTLESS BASTARDS!!” he shouted, hoping his captors might be listening. There was some muffled thumping from outside but no reply.
“Kidnapped. Great. Join the Navy they said. See new places they said. Now I'm in a box with a headache and a mouth like a badgers arse.” he grumbled.
From outside he heard the rising whine of...jet engines?...must be. The whine rose to a throaty roar and the floor lurched, causing John to fall over.
“Oh fuck me. They’ve got me on a bloody plane.”
There was some more thumping from outside, followed by a quiet grating sound from overhead. Then a hissing.
“What the..? What’s that smell? OI! WHAT ARE YOU ARSEHOLES DOING!?”
'Yep. Life was Distinctly unfair,' he thought as he passed out.
Shaking and muffled explosions woke john to a bleary approximation of consciousness. The container lurching and tipping got a few deeply resentful neurons firing. Metal screeching on metal cut through the muddle of his thoughts, causing him to wince. CLANG as the container collided with something and John was thrown sideways. Dim, pulsing red light trickled into the container. A few seconds of his subconscious pointing, waving and eventually kicking him in the adrenal gland provided the realisation that the door was open!
John groaned as he slowly forced himself to his feet. He staggered towards the opening, confusion giving way to alarm as he heard another, closer, explosion. Glancing around, he couldn’t see much. A strobing red light above a hatchway of some kind and the somewhat bent wreckage of the container behind him. A metal floor. Clearly a loading bay or hangar of some sort. Wherever he was, he reasoned, it was obviously under attack as another explosion rocked the room.
“HAHA! GETTEM LADS!” he cheered, coming to the conclusion that this had to be a rescue.
He would have been noted as missing pretty quickly when he failed to return from leave, and Gibraltar wasn’t exactly a large place. The Navy would have realised he’d been abducted fairly quickly. They must have found where he was being held and sent in some kind of spec-ops team.
His train of thought was interrupted as the hatchway opened and the indistinct outline of what had to be one of his captors, wearing tactical armour with a full helmet, backed through it pointing a weapon back the way he’d come. A feral, predatory grin spread across John's face.
Time for some good old fashioned payback, British style.
“OI! FUCKER!” he roared, rushing the figure from behind.
The figure, startled, started to turn but John had the drop on him. John swung at the figure, his fist connecting like the hammer of an angry god. The figure’s head snapped backwards as it was thrown clean of its feet.
“COME ON THEN, COCKEND!! ‘AVE SOME!” as he did, as any bloke acquainted with the age old British pastime of post-pub fisticuffs would do in the same situation, and engaged in the time-honored tradition of putting the boot in.
A few swift kicks and the figure stopped moving.
“Thats what you get for fucking with the navy, arsehole” as he gave the prone, unmoving from a last, satisfying kick to the daddy bags.
Another close-by explosion rocked the room, sending John sailing into the wrecked container with a sickening crunch as his right arm smashed into a corner. It was this point, John’s tired, hungover, battered and adrenaline-raddled body decided that it’d had quite enough of all this excitement thank you very much, and he passed out. Again. This was becoming a bad habit, he thought as the world faded away.
Bright lights.
Whoever was doing this was clearly a sadist with no consideration for innocent people with hangovers.
John felt a dull pain in his arm and tried to stretch, only to find that, much to his dismay, he was restrained. As the fog slowly cleared from his mind, he did a quick mental stocktake. ‘No pain beyond the arm and the pounding headache. Toes working….check. Fingers working….check.’
He opened his eyes.
“Fuck me that’s bright...where the fuck…?!”
The room was bare, white and featureless.
‘No door...probably behind me. Feels like I'm sitting. Tied to a chair?’
He looked down.
“What. The. Fuck!?”
He was fastened to something that looked kind of like a dentists’ chair. His restraints appeared to be made of metal that seemed to be a seamless part of the chair’s arm. What elicited his outburst, however, was the...thing...attached to his arm.
There was a metal and plastic device encasing his right forearm. It had a display panel showing what looked like a graph, some symbols that presumably meant something to someone, and what he assumed was text based on it being all bunched together. He didn’t recognise the alphabet. At all. The device beeped softly, and started to itch like a bastard.
“HELLO? ANYONE? Fuck me this is itchy. HELLO?!”
Commander Bel’trai sighed to herself and smoothed back her ruffled head feathers as she entered the medbay. It had been a long day.
Patrol duty along the rim was usually fairly routine with the odd smattering of pirates, mining colony accidents and so on.
Running into a covert frigate from the Chendik Empire was anything but routine, however. The Empire was famously insular, mostly content to keep within its own borders and utterly ruthless and openly hostile when it came to interlopers. Xenophobic didn’t even begin to describe their attitude to other races. The fact that it had fired upon them after being asked, quite politely, why they were in confederate space, was predictable, if unfortunate. For the Chendik vessel.
The fact that they’d found a non-Chendik aboard, therefore, came as something of a surprise.
The fact that it was of a species that even her Ship’s AI couldn’t even recognise was an outright shock.
The fact that her marine captain had brought it back with him was the cause of her current displeasure.
“Ah commander, please come in” said Dr. Tenzil, the ship’s Hendral medic.
The Hendral were a tall, slender race of insectoids with four walking limbs and two manipulating limbs. They tended towards pacifism, so it was odd to find one aboard a Confed Navy ship. They did, however, make excellent scientists and medics.
“The being recovered from the Chendik vessel is quite remarkable!” he said, excitedly. “I've never seen anything quite like him! His recovery speed from serious trauma is quite unprecedented”.
“Him?” queried the commander. “How do you know?”
“Well...I don’t know for certain, but my scans don’t show anything that could produce eggs, carry young or nurture them. While extraordinary, he appears to be a mammal of some kind, and the AI agrees that his species must reproduce similarly to other known mammals”
“A mammal?!” the commander gasped, incredulous. “That thing can’t be a mammal, its huge!”
“Yes commander, definitely a mammal. Quite extraordinary. Normally mammalian species are variations on the theme of small quadrupeds, as you know. This one, however, falls into the upper bounds of other sentient species known to the Confederation in terms of height”
“Well, it’s a big galax….wait...did you say OTHER sentients? That thing is sentient?”
“Indeed! Not only sentient, but quite intelligent if the scans of his brain are anything to go by. He has a large, complex brain, containing several structures that the AI and I have not been able to identify”
“So it… a giant sentient mammal. That beat a Chendik janissary to death with his bare hands. Is he hostile?”
The Doctor’s antennae twitched in concern. “He’s obviously capable of hostility, but judging by his current behaviour, it seems unlikely that he is habitually so”. The doctor motioned to a medical monitoring station to his left and activated it.
The commander watched the screen as the mammal appeared to realise it was restrained and tried to recoil from the trauma module attached to its right manipulator. Then it started making a noise. Clearly some form of speech, but unintelligible.
<“POSSIBLE ATTEMPTED GREETING? UNKNOWN? Unknown, but possibly related to medical device attached to right upper limb as subject is pawing at it. POSSIBLE ATTEMPTED GREETING note: repeated but stressed differently?!”> the AI provided by way of an attempted translation.
“AI, what are you basing this translation on?” asked the commander.
“The translation is based upon statistical modelling and context commander, and extrapolated from similar situations found in my database” the AI responded. “Further data is required in order to improve translation accuracy.”
“Essentially He’s doing what you or I would do in a similar situation, commander; attempting to communicate.” added the doctor.
Commander Bel’Trai straightened up and tapped the communicator on her left wrist.
“Commander to Marine Captain Nev-Sur. Please send a security detachment to the medical holding cell to act as my escort. I’m going to have a closer look at the..uh...creature you brought back from the Chendik vessel”.
She looked to the Doctor “If he’s trying to communicate, then I think I should meet our guest. Would you care to accompany me? Having a Medic on hand may help to assuage his concerns, if he’s as intelligent as you say”
“Absolutely Commander, I wouldn’t want to miss this fascinating and possibly historic encounter. It has been a very long time since any of us made first contact with an unknown sentient species” enthused the Hendral, his antennae standing straight up and quivering excitedly.
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2020.04.23 17:47 lampishthing Student FAQ: University and Course Recommendations

It's that time of year again, the weather is great and the Leaving Cert students aren't allowed outside. Unfortunately, the rest of us aren't allowed outside either this year but at least we don't have to fill out the CAO forms!
Requests for recommendations and reviews of Irish universities and courses appear pretty regularly on the sub. In the absence of a proper wiki page I've collated a recent history of these questions here for easier access. Some of the threads have more info than others, and I'll try to keep it updated until we have something more formal in place.
I've also asked a few users to do testimonials on their alma maters in this thread. Please have a look through the comments.
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2020.04.12 21:32 CreepingBlueblossom Limerick doesn't work without main() either

From Don:
My Limerick code will work if I submit it with a main() function, but I can't get enough points to get the password to the next quest because it's not taking data from Anand's main().
Below is the error message I got when trying to send Limerick without a main().
/uslib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/7/../../../x86_64-linux-gnu/Scrt1.o: In function `_start': (.text+0x20): undefined reference to `main' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status Alas! Compilation didn't succeed for Limerick. You can't proceed.
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2020.03.28 12:27 rjajr MS PENNY WISE

 PENNY WISE A Harry Bartlett Short Story 
Northborough, Massachusetts Tuesday morning
Hello, Reader. My name is John Watson, and I am a retired British military doctor who served in Afghanistan. I met Sherlock… Dammit, that’s been done before. And it’s not the truth anyway. I’m Steve Malarkey, editor of the Nantucket Observer and Harry Bartlett’s founding partner in the Fraud Detective Group. I’m writing this because Harry and a few others thought I needed a hobby due to 3 new places I find myself in: a wheelchair, a detective job, and a city, Boston. My getting hammered every day may have also contributed to their suggestion. Their idea was to write about our fraud cases and publish them (if it was good enough for Arthur Conan Doyle, it’s good enough for me). It would get the word out about avoiding scams, get us some publicity, and maybe generate a client or two. And maybe I’d be too busy to get sloshed; all commendable results. One thing before getting to this case, and it’s for you literary-type folks. I don’t like writing in the first person. Never did in my newspaper gigs, won’t do it now. Writing “I, I, I” sounds like a sailor obeying an order. Hope you enjoy the story. ***
Business had been slow for the Fraud Detective Group since exposing the Nantucket scams. The hope for a steady stream of clients from the publicity and law enforcement referrals had vanished quicker than a casual fan down after the 6th inning with the Red Sox down a few runs. Harry, Steve, and Uncle Louie decided a road trip to civic organizations would be a good idea. They’d educate folks about avoiding fraud, maybe generate a new client or two, and find new walls to look at; the ones at 221 B Brookline Avenue were giving them headaches. Today found them heading to Northborough, a suburban town of 14,000 forty miles west of Boston. Steve was cruising in the left passing lane on the Mass Pike; the handicap-enabled van hadn’t slowed his driving following the hit-and-run attack while biking. “Guess who came from Northborough?” Uncle Louie asked from the back seat. He didn’t wait for an answer. “Mark Fidyrch, that pitcher nicknamed The Bird because he looked like Big Bird from Sesame Street.” “Not sure how I can work that into the speech,” Harry said. “How about John Kellette, the guy who wrote, “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”? “Strike two.” “I like this one. Daniel B. Wesson, founder of the Smith & Wesson gun company.” “You trading in your .357 Magnum?” Steve asked. “No way,” Uncle Louie said, patting his black suit jacket. “But maybe we can visit his summer home, the White Cliffs house?” “Swing and a miss, strike 3,” Harry said. “Steve, can you stop for throat lozenges? I’ve got a tickle in my throat.” Steve turned into a convenience store on Route 20, the main road through town. Harry looked sheepish when he returned. “Do either of you have 2 bucks?” Harry asked. “You’re broke?” Uncle Louie asked. “Sort of, it’s an all-cash business, and I have $0 in my wallet,” Harry said. Uncle Louie rummaged in the pockets of his black suit for his wallet. Steve had fewer pockets in his well-worn jeans and won the race. Harry thanked him and returned to complete his transaction. Ten minutes later, Harry stood at the wooden half-podium placed on a table, a lozenge swirling around in his mouth. Given the Senior Center audience, he decided to focus on avoiding elderly fraud scams using the telephone: the grandson needing money to get out of jail, the call asking to confirm your Social Security number, or the IRS demanding payment. People were settling down from their continental breakfast, so he passed the time by calculating the average age of the 23 attendees; the answer was 73. His calculation would’ve been higher except for one fifty-ish man standing in the back. The man was short, maybe 5’ 5”, a Joe Pesci doppelganger with a jutting jaw and a bulldog scowl. He approached the three of them after the talk. Harry expected to hear “yutes.” “Rick Pound,” he said. “Hey, yuse gize are pretty good.” Harry stifled a laugh. “We try,” Harry said. “You have an elderly parent here?” “Nah, didn’t want the guys seeing me talk with you. I got us a room,” Rick said and started down a hallway. He turned around after a few steps. “You coming or what?” “What,” Harry said. “Fine. You know profits and all that fraud stuff, right?” Rick asked. “I know you do, I looked you up, just being careful.” He violently wrung his hands while he talked. “Profits suck at my new store and I can’t figure out why. Think you can crack it?” “Can’t someone on your staff check it out?” Harry asked. “The wife, Penny, keeps the books. I pay her zilch,” he said and made a zero with his thumb and forefinger. “She thinks she’s so smart, change this thing, spend money on that. Bullshit, money don’t grow on trees.” “How about hiring a CPA?” Steve asked. “He rips me off doing my company taxes. Two hundred bucks an hour for Christ’s sake,” Rick said. “But I get him back. Volunteers here do my taxes for free. They kinda don’t want to, but they cave and do them anyway.” “What kind of business do you own?” Uncle Louie asked. “Convenience stores, six of ‘em. Local places, sell Pepsi and pretzels and Playboy,” Rick said. “The new one makes 10% less than the others. Opened it a year ago.” “Rick’s Rest Stop?” Harry asked. “I bought throat lozenges at the Route 20 store this morning. Nice place.” “That’s the new one,” Rick said. “Don’t forget you owe me two bucks,” Steve said. “I won’t,” Harry said. “But that reminds me. Why don’t you accept credit cards?” “And pay them crooked credit card crooks a billion percent? No way. That’s my money, I earned it, I’m keeping it,” Rick said. “So, can you find my missing profits?” “Yes,” Harry said. He sat still. So did Steve and Uncle Louie. Rick got a confused look on his face: eyebrows down, head tilted, lips scrunched together. He looked at each of them in succession. Suddenly, his face changed. Light had dawned on Marblehead. “I get it, you want to get paid. I respect that,” Rick said. “How much?” “First, answer a few questions,” Harry said. “Shoot,” Rick said. Harry asked him a series of questions about the six stores: the items sold, pricing, the store size, the hours. He got machine-gun answers in return; the stores were precisely the same. “Each place has a manager and an assistant manager; they cover the first two shifts with clerks. Other clerks handle the overnight shift,” Rick said. “When are the shift changes?” Rick said 6, 2, and 10. “Excuse me for a second,” Harry said and went to the front desk. He returned with a sheet of paper and an envelope. He wrote something, sealed the sheet in the envelope, wrote “Rick” on the front, and placed it on a table. “The answer is in there. The price is $1,000 today or $5,000 tomorrow, plus a $500 donation to the Senior Center,” Harry said. “You’ve got thirty seconds to decide. Steve, will you time this?” “Thirty, twenty-nine, twenty-eight,” Steve said. “Oh, and the $5,000 is a fixed price until we find the answer.” “Twenty-five, twenty-four.” “You bustin’ my balls?” Rick asked. “No, dead serious,” Harry said. Rick rubbed his chin, weighing his options, trying to calculate what he should do. “It’d be stupid to pay you a grand for nothing.” “Eighteen, seventeen.” “If he’s right, you save the lost profits starting today, and it’s $4,000 cheaper,” Uncle Louie said. “But if he’s wrong. I lose the grand and keep losing the profits.” Rick rested his chin on the back of his right knuckles. His right elbow was on his left knee, his head slightly bowed. “The Thinker,” Uncle Louie whispered to Steve. “Eleven, ten.” “Nope, I ain’t paying $1,000 to some guy who looked at nothing. And I like the fixed price thing.” “Your call,” Harry said. “We need a rental car.” Rick called the green logo’d company. “It’ll be here in an hour.” “Give me read-only rights into your accounting system, internet access, and a printer hookup,” Harry said. Rick gave Harry the password and arranged the other items with the Senior Center manager. Harry was active in two minutes. “I need your cell number so your store managers can call to confirm who we are.” Rick produced a business card. “24/7.” Harry typed into his laptop and printed out 2 sheets. “Sign these,” Harry said. The first sheet was a client contract. Rick made his scrawl on it. The second was Rick’s requirement that employees allow Harry to pull their credit report. “I don’t care what their score is,” he said. “Humor me,” Harry said. “Whatever,” Rick said and signed. “See you tomorrow, here, 4 PM,” Harry said and stood up. “And bring the $5,000 and $500 checks.” They shook to seal the deal. “Make them bank checks,” Harry said. Rick waved his okay as he walked down the hall. Harry let him get out of earshot, then asked Uncle Louie to get 4 reliable watchers to Northborough asap. “No, make it 3. And they need to blend in,” Harry said. “Hey, something wrong with my black suit ensemble ?” Uncle Louie asked. “In Boston, no, out here in suburban utopia, yes. I want jeans and t-shirts and sneakers, maybe sandals.” “That stuff ain’t part of their regular haberdashery,” Uncle Louie said. Harry tossed a credit card at Steve. “Go to the Solomon Pond Mall across Route 290. Find some regular store, not some teenage place like the Gap, and buy 3 sizes of everything and 1 set for Uncle Beau Brummell here.” He turned to Uncle Louie. “You’ve got an hour to get those guys out here and dressed.” Uncle Louie was making calls before Harry said, “guys.” Harry made a call. “Megan, how fast can you get to Northborough in jeans and a t-shirt?” “Soon enough, why?” Megan Webster asked. She and Harry had a good thing going after the Nantucket case; she was also the source of Harry’s tv publicity as the fraud and consumer rip-off reporter. Harry explained his plan. “It’ll last 24 hours, and, yes, you get the perp walk if there is one.” “Am I a soccer mom or an office worker on break?” Harry picked the second choice. “I’ll be there in 45 minutes,” she said and hung up. Harry guessed she’d red-line the Mini-Cooper and get there in thirty. “How sure are you that…?” Steve asked. Harry shot him an “are you shitting me?” look. “Okay, okay, just asking. Let’s go shopping, Uncle Louie,” Steve said. Harry started typing on his laptop. He grabbed the completed sheets from the office printer, flashing the bemused, elderly staffers his best altar-boy smile each time he invaded their office sanctuary. Steve, Uncle Louie, and the posse arrived back at the Center on time. Megan was already sitting comfortably. Harry asked Steve to stuff $10 into the donation styrofoam cup; the office ladies had cheerfully delivered the group a tray of hot joe with cookies. “That’s $12,” Steve said. Harry looked over his assembled watch team. They looked slightly uncomfortable in their new outfits of jeans with Nike logoed shirts and New Balance sneakers. He figured that was because their usual jackets covered their firearms. Megan would blend in perfectly. “Thank you all for getting here so quickly. This is a one day job, twenty-four hours. We’re working in teams, finding everything out we can about 6 convenience stores and the employees. Rule number 1: no guns. Stow them in your trunks. This is strictly talk, watch, and record,” Harry said. “Rule number 2: Shifts change at 6, 2, and 10. Sleep between shifts if you have to, but not in the store parking lot. Find some 24-hour place. Rule number 3: do the same thing, ask the same questions at each place. Write the answer or observation down as soon after it happens as you can. This is going to be like spending a day looking at open houses; pretty soon, they blend together. Rule number 4- take pictures and label them by the store number. Any questions?” Harry asked. “The idea is to hit a store, observe things, talk with the workers in regular chatter, then move on. Two at each shift change; one stays, the other follows the employee home, observes, then returns.” Harry handed out sheets with the store location and specific questions and observations. They went through each one in detail. He handed out felt-tip pens from the Senior Centers supply closet; this time, Uncle Louie forked over a $10 bill, and Harry supplied an even bigger smile. “Why me?’ Uncle Louie asked. “I like to distribute my debts,” Harry said. The stores were on main roads in neighboring towns. Harry’s posse descended on the first location like a swarm of locusts. Uncle Louie’s job was determining square footage; he asked for the restroom key and paced off the distance from the front registers area to the back of the store. He noticed that the flooring was one-foot square tiles and counted those on the way back as a double-check. He wrote the numbers on his hand. Steve’s job was inventory evaluation since his chair hid him behind the rows of products. He rolled up and down, snapping pictures with his cell-phone, coughing to hide each click even though it wasn’t deafening. When he finished, he moved his van to the back of the building and observed the food deliveries. Megan was in charge of interrogation; Uncle Louie’s guys spoke in single syllables and she talked for living. She chatted up the employees about their kids, upcoming summer vacations, and cars. She also was the final step: get permission to run credit reports. One of Uncle Louie’s friends had a construction background; he did not need a tape measure to estimate the food shelves’ and refrigerator dimensions. He followed the workers' home and estimated the market value. He checked his estimate with a real estate pricing app. Friend number 2 counted customers, noting age and gender. Friend number 3 was an ex-cop with on-the-job contacts to run the workers' criminal and driving records based on their license plates. He also did a fixed asset inventory of shopping carts, hand-baskets, the registers, the safe and cleaning supplies. Timing was crucial; Harry wanted someone inside to watch the register closeout and reopening. The group exchanged cell phone numbers to coordinate their movements. Harry got a room at a local hotel and downloaded daily revenue and bank deposit information and analyzed it on a shift and store basis. He looked at electricity, trash collection, and delivery fee costs. The data called in by the posse allowed him to calculate revenue per customer, customers per hour, and other ratios. He also pulled a credit report on each employee. One manager didn’t head home; Harry authorized the tracker to get into a minor fender-bender to get the address. He paid $200 on the spot to not report it because it would kill his insurance rates. They were done by noon the next day; they’d witnessed 24 hours of activity and every shift change. Harry paid the 3 watchers $500. Harry had 4 hours to finish the data evaluation. He finished in 3, and they went to nearby Uhlman’s Ice Cream to kill the hour before meeting Rick. Rick walked into the Senior Center. Harry, Steve, Megan, and Uncle Louie were playing pool. “Who’s she?” “A friend,” Harry said. He wasn’t lying. “So, you been to the stores?” Rick asked. “You have the checks?” Harry asked. Rick waived the rectangular paper. “You got my answer?” Harry waved the envelope. “Let’s take a trip. We’ll be back soon.” They returned to the room in forty-five minutes. “What the hell just happened?” Rick asked. “We walked in, bought a beef jerky, then left.” Harry stood at the semi-podium with a laser pointer while Steve operated the laptop’s projection onto the wall. “Your new store manager and assistant manager are ripping you off,” Harry said. “But you could’ve known this before you hired me, and definitely before you hired them.” “No way this is my fault,” Rick said. “It’s absolutely your fault,” Harry said. “Steve, start with the credit scores.” Numbers appeared on the wall, two for each staffer. The first was their credit score a year ago, and the second was yesterday. Most pairs were consistent and over 600. Two were over 800 now, but under 500 a year ago. “Steve, home values next, please.” Only 4 numbers appeared. “Most of your employees rent. 2 own 500k homes. Guess which ones.” “Let’s look behind door #3 for store stats, Steve,” Harry said, and rows and columns of numbers appeared. Store #6, the new store, had lower revenue per customer. The numerator, revenue, was lower for that store. The denominator, number of customers, was the same. Rick was getting anxious, tapping, and fidgeting. “Get to the point.” “One last slide: physical assets inventory,” Harry said. Each store had the same items except one- Store #6. Rick bounded up to the wall and smashed his fist into Store #6’s numbers. “What’s with the 3?” “Your manager and assistant manager installed their own register when they opened the store,” Harry said. “They don’t take every dollar through their register because it would be too suspicious, but they take enough to explain the lower profits.” “I hired them before the store opened; they wanted to learn how to start one from scratch,” Rick said. “They already knew,” Harry said and brought up their resumes. “By the way, I talked with Penny. Wise woman. She had the same ideas I did,” Harry said. “And why is this my fault?” Rick asked. “Because you’re too cheap to hire enough accounting staff,” Steve said. “Or to hire a CPA,” Uncle Louie said. “Or to have registers that track inventory and accept credit cards,” Harry said. “My guess is you’d increase revenue by 15%, way more than the 2% fee. And you’d reduce the security company pick-up fees,” Harry said. “And you’d know if different stores need different items.” “Or to trust an expert who knows what he’s talking about,” Megan said. Harry handed the sealed envelope to Rick. He ripped it open. “Read it out loud,” Uncle Louie said. “Manager and assistant manager.” Jesus H. Christ,” Rick said. He looked at Harry, then at Uncle Louie. They could almost see the gears grinding before he eventually handed over the checks. “Those bastards screwed with the wrong guy.” Rick whipped out his cell phone. “Get me the Police Chief,” he yelled as he ran down the hallway. Megan sprinted after Rick. “I’ve got an arrest to film. Dinner tonight, Harry?” Harry, Steve, and Uncle Louie packed up. Harry asked the receptionist for an envelope, then placed Rick’s check in it. On the way to the Mass Pike, they stopped at a Post Office. He addressed the envelope to the Senior Center Director and added a note from Anonymous.
An empty pizza box joined the empty Sam Adams bottles on the FDG conference table. They’d finished rewatching her tv segment on the arrests. “Do I get to hear how you knew it was the store manager and the assistant?” Megan asked. “Rick’s answers eliminated most of the possibilities. After that, it was a science experiment: all of the variables were constant except the personnel,” Harry said. “What about the locations, different areas might buy different things?” Megan asked. “Maybe that might change things, but not by much,” Harry said. “The only possibilities were Rick was stealing from himself, which has happened- check out Crazy Eddie, or it was the staff. He didn’t seem sharp enough to pull that off, so that left the staff. Clerks likely didn’t have the access, so that left management. I wasn’t sure how they did it until the inventory came back with the extra register. Very clever on their part. They saw an opportunity, made a fast decision, and implemented it. The All-American success story.” “Except for the stealing part,” Megan said. “You have a limerick for this one?” “I worked on it while you all were at the stores,” Harry said. He cleared his throat. A store owner was acting quite devilish His love of profits was nearing a fetish He held every sou So tight it turned blue And Rick was the Pound that was foolish.
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2020.03.19 21:42 PaperSpock Chabon Instagram Q&A Transcript for Picard S1E09 "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1" [spoilers]

It seemed like people appreciated this last week, so I'm doing it again. I will skip certain questions, such as ones essentially answered with a "wait and see next week" and others at my discretion but if there's a notable one that I missed I'm happy to add any that you like that I have omitted.
I will try to transcribe accurate to what is written, even if there are errors. There is also a chance that I will accidentally add errors myself. Questions have a character limit and as such may use abbreviations. I will attempt to put the questions roughly in order but my method may cause them to be out of order.
As before, questions will be bolded and Chabon's answers will be in regular text.
As last time, I will point out that Chabon's answers occasionally had what I'd personally consider light spoilers, such as occasionally seemingly deconfirming theories, so be aware of this if you are particularly spoiler-averse.
Now, for the questions (as of now, anyway):
Beyond physical combat, how is ElnoQM any match for Tal Shiar deception & subterfuge? Do you feel deception and subterfuge trump a stout and faithful heart?
Is soong human? If he weren't, why would he need to make himself a golem?
What do Laris and Zhaban do with their time off? Running a working vineyard, even a partly-automated one, takes up a lot of their time, but Zhaban is a long-distance runner and has become interested in the traditional cuisine of Bourgogne, and Laris's earliest intellectual passion, for natural history, had made her something of an expert on the local flora and fauna.
Is there a reason behind Picard not being able to contact Starfleet? Jammed transmision Everything at Coppelius Station has been structured with a goal precisely opposite to that of "contacting Starfleet."
Free will/future unwritten (Picard). Fate/fulfilling prophecy (Sisko). Chabon? I think both arguments sound kind of far-fetched. Holding out for a third option.
How did the idea of having Brent Spiner play a new Soong come to be? It just seemed... logical?
How did you come up with the names of the characters in Picard? The Data relatives especially. It became clear that at a certain point in the history of Coppelius Station, coincident with the moment when synths first began to create synths, they began also to regard Data as a kind of quasi-legendary ancestor. Synth-made synths took their own names--named themselves, unlike Dahj, Jana, Soji and other Soong/Maddox models--and many elected to honor that "ancestor" and his heritage by choosing names that alluded to the principle established by the names "Data" and "Lore", ie, bodies of text or information, such as Arcana, Saga, Codex, Mythos, Epic, etc. Sutra and the late Beautiful Flower were among the first-gen synths who chose to rename themselves, Sutra in honor of Data/Lore. Beautiful Flower, self-designated First Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Coppelius, followed his own muse, as always.
Did Elnor have to go through a earn-your-sword type ritual with Qowat Milat? Oh, yes. Earn and *deserve*.
As showrunner, how often were you on set? Every day? Pretty much!
How did you become a trek writer & producer? In spring 2018, I was working with writer, producer, director and old dear friend @ajgoldsman1629 on a film project. At that time he and @alexkurtzmanofficial were just beginning work on the first round of #startrekshorttreks, and Akiva, knowing I was a deep-dyed #Trek fan, asked if I would be interested in writing one. That became #calypso, and the experience went well enough for everyone that they asked me to come on as a writer and executive producer for a new series they were working on. After that, through a series of chance circumstances, I got lucky, and kind of fell into the showrunner job. Of course, when I say "lucky," what I'm mostly talking about is privilege. I get that.
Any hints with Soong's initials, AI (Cheeky) That was actually a(n instantly welcomed) suggestion of Mr. Spiner's.
I hope Rios had a Sex Phasers album in his tickle trunk? Lol. Those were Alonzo Vandermeer's records (and "Walkman"), actually.
Do we need to have finished Next Generation to see Picard? If so, then we really failed.
Did you name "Copellius" after the ballet "Copellia" about a doll that comes to life? #etahoffman FTW!
Why is Elnor so precious baby boy? He's so pure Don't you just want to squoosh him?
Why introduce another Soong instead of the cloning being just Maddox's achievement Why sing? Why dance? Why bother to get up in the morning at all?
Who exactly are the Fenris Rangers? They seem like the Maquis of which Chakotay was Not really. They aren't fighting to protect and defend what belongs to them, their homes, their families, their way of life. They are volunteers from everywhere, pledged to each other in the case of protecting the vulnerable from the strong, irrespective of boundaries, alliances, cosmo-politics.
Does La Sirena have a dedication plaque? (thinking emoji) It did--noting its manufacture at the famed Kaplan Shifbau on Hatzeplatz colony world--bit it disappeared long before it was acquired by Rios (and thereby hangs a tale).
What's the difference between the synthetic Spot and a clone of Spot? One is made from organic, biological, cat-derived cellular material (clone); the other is wholly synthesized
What are Laris and Zhaban's favourite Earth dishes and places to visit? They have tended to confine their travels to the region around Labarre. Zhaban is particularly proud of his gougeres and his matelote d'anguille a la bourguignonne.
re: the line "it must've taken appalling brutality to turn such a gentle soul to violence"...Hugh was a victim but we never see him fight. How did he "turn" to violence? He never got the chance that would likely have been not too different from what Seven did, in the end.
I know you won't tell me, but I feel like I'm a flake if I don't ask, is this Lore? Is *what* Lore? Am *I* Lore?
All previous episodes started with a flashback or dream of the past. Why not this one? This is the end, beautiful friend.
Were the space orchids sentient like Tin Man? That is such a good, interesting question. I think I could argue either side. Makes me think of my all-time favorite BSG episode, "Scar" (s02e15).
Are the (beautiful) Orchids just purely weapons or can they be used as ships? They were designed to serve a purely defensive function.
Every desk at the Daystrom Inst. has 2 chairs, red+black ones. Why? Deleted scene? Red for androids? Are you sure you have clearance to know the answer to that question?
What are the Fenris Rangers exactly? A decentralized, non-hierarchical, quasi-anarchist affiliation of independent operators working in and around the former Neutral Zone, pledged to defend the weak and vulnerable from the predations of the strong and unscrupulous.
"Altan" means "golden", "Inigo" means "my little love" ("Lal" means beloved). Just saying...;-) Altan also means "red dawn," and is an anagram of "atlan" and "natal". Inigo is a clear reference to the great #inigojones, but then who can forget Senor Montoya? #foodforthought
What's located in the room under La Sirena's bridge? Deflector contorl? Two Forward? The loo? ;-) Nothing is located under *La Sirena*'s flight deck!
I was unclear about Brent Spiner's character. Was he another synth created by BM? Dr. Altan Inigo Soong is a natural son of Dr. #NoonienSoong.
Where/Who is "beautiful flower" that showed up with Jana in the Ibn Majid? He was killed by Alonzo Vandermeer, remember? He was the first and perhaps the most singular of the male-presenting androids created by AI Soong and Bruce Maddox after their arrival on Coppelius.
Was Soji's outfit in this episode an homage to Boomer from BSG? You would have to ask our Costume Designer, #ChristineCLark, but my memory is that the intention was to keep our beloved @isacamillebriones looking good while being cool and comfortable on an *extremely* hot location.
Beautiful Flower sounds wonderfully larger than life. Will we learn more of him? Alas, poor Flower... Write the story yourself!
Is Starfleet still headed to the planet? Duh-duh-DUM!
Because Sutra and Dahj both lost a sister, will they become closer now because of that? Soji (!) and Sutra are sisters of a kind, and their relationship has sisterly complications.
Are are looking at a half-Romulan bun in the over for Soji a la Hera on BSG? Mmm, Romulan buns. (picture of Homer Simpson with hand on chin, positioned beneath answer)
did laris and zhaban,as romulans, ever face discrimination on earth? I would say prejudice, more than outright discrimination in any legal sense.
What percentage of backstory asked about here is created on the spot vs during preproductio You mean, backstory provided in this forum? Less that you might think, more than I will ever let on.
What happened to Data's "mom" Dr. Tainer? Fascinating to speculate. I have heard reports of a young, male Romulan agent of the Tal Shiar, one with rumored links to the Zhat Vash, trained as a Romulan "cyberneticist" (i.e., android hunter) and setn out with a "hit list" of Soong androids, but have so far been unable to confirm.
The synths remind me a bit of the space hippies in "The Way to Eden." Was that intentional? We reach.
How did you manage to write anything when you kids were toddlers? 50-50 parenting + hired childcare + preschool. *Kinda* worked.
Those giant Orchids reminded me of my slim, tall Kelpien (tears running down face emoji) Hmm. I don't see it, but I'll take another look!
What about Beautiful Flower's twin? Will we meet him? He named himself Mythos, but alas he did not make it onto the screen (or beyond the first several drafts of the scripts for 109-110).
For people who know of you through Trek, which of your novels should we start with? It depends on what kind of stuff you typically enjoy. A lot of people say *Kavalier & Clay* or *The Yiddish Policemen's Union* is their favorite. I think *Moonglow* is my best. But what do I know?
How can an android mind-meld? Wasn't this something tied to Vulcan physiology? So Vulcans have always led us to believe. As a physiological effect, it can be synthesized, or rather the physio-anatomical basis can be synthetically reproduced.
Was the title of the episode meant to evoke a memento mori for the synths The sense of memento mori is intended, applied wherever it feels appropriate, as well the notion that ultimately any Arcadia (or utopia) falls under the universal shadow of mortality and our consciousness of it.
Vegetation-based spacefaring, Arcana's sister, "landfall" I right to sense a BKV not? :) I would nod, wink, wave, and/or blow a kiss at @briankvaughan (and his aces writing), but, no, I don't think so, in the case.
I loved the last two episodes! I know the Jewish Prague story, What is a Golem for Soong? A "golem" for Soong, Maddox and Jurati is a synthetic human body considered to be a potential vessel for a consciousness, especially a "downloaded" one.
Can these androids use contractions? Apparently so!
Robot Soji aka Sutra is hot! I never thought androids could be so sensual? Just BARELY a question, my friend. Question mark is doing all the work. Anyway, @isacamillebriones crafted and designed that performance--none of that sensuality was on the page. She just showed up and out slinked Sutra. She blew our *minds*. I think part of it was that she absolutely loved her costume.
If Soji is remnants of data's neurons, is Sutra lore's essence? He's conspicuously absent. Nope. Sutra just evolved that way.
Was similarities between Arik Soong and Alten soong intentional? Surely you know by now that EVERYTHING we don on PIC is intentional, my friend! ;)
Who is your favorite of the Dahj/Soji/Sutra triumvirate? Soji has nobility and strength of character and conscience and a questing heart.
Picard's son Batai plays a Ressikan flute in Inner Light, is it the STP theme? It's in there!
Are the synths with more Data-like coloring and eyes earlier models? No, they are the ones who have modified themselves to emphasize a sense of ancestral connection to Data.
What led Altan Inigo Soong to continue his father's work? That would be a novel or series in itself. But his somewhat bitter joke about not being the "made" son, coupled with his choice to follow in his father's footsteps, suggests a certain amount of conflictedness.
Why did Maddox leave the colony? To execute his plan!
So are we just pretending Lore doesn't exist? Considering the whole theme of creating twins No, we're just not telling a story about Lore. That tale has been so much more than adequately told.
Why did it take so long for federation starships to get seatbelts? Some mysteries may never be elucidated.
The Picard/Raffi scene - when they say "I love you" - what kind of love are they sharing? Love between old colleagues and comrades who never quite found the chance or time to become friends, but whose sense of a bond is real and has, after all, endured.
What's your process to writing? Do you like outlines or are you anti-outlines? In screenwriting, outlines are a necessary evil. necessary to the process of development-required-and indispensable when it's time to write. When I write novels, I just feel my way along, groping in the dark. Wonderful, true for me as a novelist, #ELDoctorow quote: "Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way."
Last week: "When I'm hungry". A superman reference? Do I get the trophy sticker? Last week... last week...? Nope, sorry, it's gone!
How emotionally aware are the Synths? Some appear more aware of their emotions than others. Rather like human beings in that regard, no?
I didn't quite understand the relationship between Oh and Clancy. Ds she knw abt Zhat...? Clancy was fooled right along with everyone else by the Zhat Vash #KimPhilby.
A lot of people online think Soong is Lore. Please debunk then. I debunk them thus.
Where was Bruce's lab that was destroyed by Romulans? (OMG I loved this ep. everyone is (heart emoji)) On Freecloud, which was his base in launching the intelligence-gathering operation that led to the embedding of Dahj on Earth and Soji on the Arrifact.
What's required for non-Vulcans to do mind melds? Brain function that mimics, or can be modified to mimic, that of Vulcans. For one.
Soong mentioned Maddox being "deceptive" - is that a reference to Bjayzl's loan? Yes and his general preference for secrecy and clandestine operation, his tendency, as Juratiy said way back in 101, to get a little "secret planny."
Has there been discussions about ds9 still existing? Replaced with a fed station? No such discussions have included me, at any rate. Of the current batch of Trek creators, I am, I believe, the most avid admirer of DS9.
Aside from the obvious, do the credits have any hidden meaning? We're you involved in their creation? Yes, I was, and no, no "hidden" meaning, per se. They were meant to refelct the mood and to a degree the thematics of the show.
Loved the orchids. What's your favorite crazy thing we've seen off the bow of a ship in Trek? There is only one correct answer to your question. (in the background is "Abraham Lincoln" on the viewscreen of the TOS Enterprise)
How has this season been impacted by your background as a novel writer vs tv only? That's a question for other people to answer, not me.
Is Picard's willingness to express love to Raffi a sign of his growth or impending decline? Both? You know what? I think it's both. For many men, especially, I think, that is one of the poignant if not tragic things about getting old.
You've said before that Voy isn't a favorite of yours, but do you have favorite episodes or moments? I dont' think that's actually something I said. It's not my favorite series, but I still dig it! They can't all be my favorite. I will always be most loyal in my innermost being to TOS. I love TNG, without that same soul-deep connection. I think DS9 is, simply, great television. As television, the best. Voyager has more ups and downs for me--and as I've said here before, "Timeless," is my favorite episode.
I read that Santiago speaks a few languages- any chance we could have more holos? (please (>_< emoji)) *La Sirena* has just the basic install package--navigation, medical, tactical, engineering and hospitality.
Did the Admonition simply affect Sutra in a different way, or was this always her plan? She had not the faintest notion of the Admonition until the moment she heard about it, on Soji's return. No one did!
Why didn't you have Lore be the dr creating all the evil androids? What evil androids?
When I explained the title to my 15yr, he wanted me to tell you, quote, "That's a brilliant title!" What an intelligent and noble-natured lad.
You've said before you didn't like the Janeway and 7 relationship, could you you elaborate? No, I said that it didn't interest me as much as it clearly does other people. That's not the same thing at all.
Did Noonien Soong create the synths? Noonien Soong has been dead since 2367! 33 years before the present action, and around 18 years before his son and Maddox arrived on Coppelius.
I'm curious why you didn't have Dahj do the head tilt in S1E1 Remembrance. Too obvious? The head tilt only works once we aren't trying to hide the Twins' synthness from the audience (and Picard) anymore. Then it becomes something they're in on with us.
Vandermeer=from the sea (German, lake if Dutch). Loving ALL the names. Is this one intentional? I liked the way it sounded with "Alonzo," and I dig the work of sf writer @jeff_vandermeer123.
are you/the PIC team surprised at how LGBTQ+ folks/trekkies identified/related with the xBs? Actually I was not aware of that, as a common response, though I've seen a few comments here and there, I guess. I'd like to know more!
Was it difficult to inlist Brent Spiner to come back as a son of Soong? No, not at all! What a lovely man. (red heart emoji)
What is it like to work with the one and only Brent Spiner? (smiling emoji) I feel like he is hilarious on set! He is a delight, on set. He is witty and cheerful and fun. It was joyful to see him and SPS together, because they were joyful together. And Brent is such a thoughtful and nuanced actor, with such control.
Is Romulan Star Empire gone completely? What type of gov. is the Romulan Free State? Yes, it is (for now, at least). The RFS is the largest and most powerful of a number of fragmented successor states vying for control of the former Empire, strongest probably because it retains the support of the entity we still refer to as the Tal Shiar, though it may now be calling itself something else.
Is anyone ever going to mention that Spock disappeared trying to save Romulus? I am not sure why anyone would, other than to tick a box on a fan checklist.
Will we ever get Josh Tillman (aka Father John Misty) as a guest cameo? What a curious notion!
Picard melded with Sarek. Is he aware of Discovery's survival? Ooh. That is a GOOD one!
Was the poorly named Cortez in "Far Beyond the Stars" the inspiration for the Ibn Majid? No, I just thought it would be cool if Starfleet honored some great non-European navigators/explorers/sailors.
You had said Hugh wasn't in the original script. What as the impetus to add him? (yellow LLAP emoji) I don't htink that's quite what I said. He was definitely *always* in the script of the first episode in which he appears.
And sorry if you felt this was Too Critical, I've heard you don't like any Criticism My friend, I live for intelligent, insightful and charitable criticism: it improves my work. What I don't "like" is rudeness and unkindness. I'm also not wild about opining that mistakes itself for criticism. In my entire fifty-six years on earth I've probably met about fifteen people whose opinions were one of their best features.
I will finish out this Season. Hopefully the writers change the Politicial Agenda next Seaso Cheers. Because of the Story format, nobody but me can see the string of brief fragments leading to this final bit. I'll tryt o paraphrase briefly but honestly: as a fan of TNG, you were looking forward to PIC, but have been mostly disappointed, particularly by what you percieve as a political agenda being imposed on Star Trek and on the character of Picard, whom you view as having been "neutered." Is that fair? I can't find an actual question, but there's a ghost question, sullen and aggrieved, peering out, and that question is, why did you have to go and fuck up my Trek? To this question, as when it is asked by any fan, of any modern fandom, regardless of political affiliation--and we've all been there, with some franchise, at some point--there can be only one honest answer, and it sucks: It *isn't* yours. It belongs to a big corporation, and they can do whatever they want with it, including hiring creators who you see as fools. Every time we come up against that, it feels shitty (And with Trek it's worse, because for a while we fans actually did "own" it, back when nobody else wanted it anymore. We kept it alive.) All I can tell you is that I hear you, and I can sympathize, but obviously I don't agree with you. if you see regret, remorse, self-doubt, self-examination, recognition of ones limitations and shortcomings as "neutering", unmanly, then you aren't very far along on your journey toward being what I at least would recognize as "the Measure of a Man."
With s1 wrapping up, how far along is the writing staff on s2? Will you be as involved? We are in the writing stage on the first half + of season 2. I continue as writer and executive producer, helped shape the new season, and will be writing two episodes.
Dahj's Mission: protect Agnes? Soji's mission: Find the Admonition? Dahj's mission: find out the truth behind the synth ban by infiltrating Starfleet (Daystrom). Soji's mission: find out the truth behind the synth ban by infiltrating a Romulan outpost. A pincer movement on the secret.
Of all the characters, synth or otherwise, the one most "like" Data is Elnor. Agree? In the purity, the innocense, the curiosity, the sweetness... Yep.
So... There is still a Borg Cube on that planet. Seems like something that can regenerate? It happened once, but...
"Old school medical tricorder" - TOS era, perhaps? It was directly modeled, I believe, on TNG-era designs
Where did Bruce get that neuron from anyway? It had come into the possession of the Daystrom Institute.
Why were Soji and Dahj created in Jana and Sutra's image? Pure expediency.
What can you tease about the finale? I'm so excited but I also don't want it to end!!!! Tuvan throat singing, a freestyle Klingon limerick cipher, and an unexpected cameo appearance by the #MrsBeasleydoll from #FamilyAffair. But you didn't hear it from me!
Will we see more Seven? These little moments are SO GOOD but so SHORT! I want to tell you, but I can't!
Late to the party but! What was your favorite troi-riker family detail to write? Creating Ardani. Also, Kestra.
Do you have a favorite starfleet uniform? I'm a sucker for the TNG uniforms form s3-7(no text respons from Chabon, but in the background is this uniform.
What's the runtime of next week's episode? Can't recall offhand... I think around 52-55?
Brent always said Spot was his worst ever co-star. Was Spot 2 better behaved on set? He was a good boy.
So if Alton was the son of Juliana and Noonien Soong, why did she say she never had children? Oh, Altan's too old to ahve been the son of Juliana! No, no, no. Before Juliana.
Does the Federation still uphold the "no cloak development" legislation of the Treaty of Algeron? As far as I know.
So this is a kind of explosion from Eden? This would make Sutra's actions interesting. "Explosion from Eden"?
The actress who played Saga was as pretty as a peach! Can I ask her out for dinner? ;) ;) The #Ramseytwins, Jade (Arcana) and Nikita (Saga), are as talented and sweet as they are lovely. And they definitely have that "twin thing" (finishing each other's sentences, etc.) We all enjoyed having them around.
Was Sutra created by Soong using Lore's positrons? Why would anyone ever do that?
Orchids fall into atmosphere on purpose to damage the ships? Wasn't sure why that happened. Drag down. Force to land.
Love the show! What are your scifi inspirations outside Star Trek? #UrsalaKLeGuin #SamuelRDelany #JamesTiptreeJr #IanMBanks #CordwainerSmith #FrankHerbert #LarryNiven #JackVance #AlfredBester "Dying of the Light" by #georgerrmartin
Is this episode a refleciton of your passion for French ballets from the 1870s? "The Sandman," ETA Hoffman, 1816.
Maybe I missed something, why are Sutra and other synths gold in complexion? Maybe you did!
If we won't see Beautiful Flower's twin, can we pretend he was in BG onscreen in Ep9? Please do! He was gorgeous.
Why did Jana and Flower reach out to the Ibn Majid if they were hiding from the Federation post-ban? It was, in hindsight, very foolish. In prospect it waz innocent and hopeful.
what would you say to your 20 y/o self given the opportunity? Be kinder.
Please tell us you wraped post on the finale :) Um, yes.
Is the timeline of The Yiddish Policemen's Union, the Mirror Universe back in the 20th century? That's a meshugge idea.
Was Narek ever abused by his sister in any manner? He seems to resent and fear her. She is the person who loves and cares for him most in the world, his sole champion when they were young orphans, and she protected him from all harm, except the harm she herself inflicted.
What happened to Data's "mom" Dr. Tainer? Unclear.
So if Noonien is the father, is Juliana(the actual human Juliana)the mother of AI Soong? Nope. Juliana was hardly the first of Soong's loves.
Was use of the word "golem" a callback to Kavalier & Clay? Oh, probably, sort of.
What kind of playlist were you listening to when working on Picard? So much Eluvium, "Copia" and Susumo Yokota, "Artifact."
Why did Picard switch back to pistol like phasers rather than the tool like on es from TNG? Question for Props Master #JeffLombardi
Why were there four Isa Briones synths when it seems like there are only 2 of the rest? Last two were rather hastily thrown together.
Is the Golem just a android Body for Soong to place his Conscience in? Yep!
Can you tell us if Seven/Annika will be in the second season...? It is forbidden.
Update: This post is currently up to date as of 3/20/2020 at 6:45 PM EST. It's been quite a while since Chabon has added an answer so I don't anticipate any further questions, but will add more answers if they appear.
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2020.02.11 19:19 BearGuru How to Bake a Key Lime Pie

This is a sequel of my original post on how to bake a cake:
So we're experts on baking cakes. But let's be honest with ourselves. It's no fun to just be the best at one thing-- let's broaden our horizons. Let's bake a key lime pie.
Special thanks to Trish for this recipe.
Quick aside: the "prep time" of 10 minutes is complete bullshit because I've spent way more than 10 minutes on this.
Let's dive into the pie. First we need to gather our ingredients. Trish was helpful enough to split this into a few sections to make it easier for us, so let's use those.
This calls for 1 1/2 cups of graham cracker crumbs. According to, 1.5 cups is equivalent to 10 graham crackers. Knowing this, we now need to find 10 white grahams.
We're starting off strong with a guy who has 0 career ABs, and 1 career game. Actually we aren't starting off that strong.
Charlie played in 1906 and amassed 0.9 WAR for the Boston Americans. He is our first player to have a positive career WAR. You might notice throughout this pie that generally our players were quite bad. The grahams are no exception, and are actually some pretty upsettingly bad players.
Another positive player. He also shares the same first name with me. Nice!
By far the best Graham. Without him, the other 9 grahams combine for 2.0 career WAR. With him, though, they are a peachy 5.7 WAR. Perfect.
Jack breaks our streak of catchers. He can also play RF in a pinch.
James played for one season in 1889, slashing a nice .167/.167/.167. Maybe he's single.
A positive value starting pitcher. Never thought I'd see the day.
Another -0.1 career WAR graham. I'm getting sick of these crackers.
Sick last name. That's about it.
Taking our 10 Grahams, we now need to crush them. We could use Chris Davis for this, but I decided not to for 2 reasons. For one, we need them crushed and not Krushed. For two, nicknames are a complete copout for this. We will use synonyms and we will be happy. Instead of crushing them, we will MASH them together. By employing the help of Clyde Mashore (OF, -1.2 WAR), we will mash them together until they are Alex Crumbley (no data). Nig Cuppy (P/OF, 39.4 WAR) will supply the cups, and we are off to the races.
Sugar Cain (P, 5.7 WAR). Hilarious name. Useful name.
At first I questioned why we would only use 6 tablespoons. I looked online and I couldn't find anything definitive, so I can only assume that we just don't want it to be too Frank Buttery (P, -0.6 WAR).
For players, we can't use Buttercup Dickerson (OF, 7.1 WAR) because 1 cup of butter is 16 tablespoons, and that would be the definition of too Frank Buttery. Instead, we will need to use Tom Butters (P, 1.5 WAR). To melt Tom, we will bring in Ken Hottman (LF, -0.2 WAR). This hott man will be able to melt Tom into the 6 tablespoons we need.
All in all, pretty grim section. We killed 10 guys named Graham, and also melted a guy. Yikes.
Unfortunately there was no player who was ever named Milk, so we need to jump through some hoops. I looked into how I could make sweetened condensed milk for myself, and found that we can do that by simmering milk and sugar on a low, controlled heat. Let's do that.
For our milk, we will have to stoop to a lower level and use Melky Cabrera (OF, 20.4 WAR). Combining Melky with Sugar Cain, we can create a very sweet concoction that, once heated on the Harry Stovey (OF, 45 WAR), can become Sweetened Condensed Milk.
We're not out of the woods yet, however, because now we need to make 1/2 CUP LIGHT SOUR CREAM. Sour cream is made from lactic acid-producing bacteria being added to dairy cream, so we will need to grab George Creamer (2B, -0.4 WAR), and combine him with Germany Smith (SS, 21.5 WAR). That guy has many germs, so hopefully he can lend us some lactic acid-producing bacteria. Assuming he can, let's throw it all into another Nig Cuppy and move to the next ingredient.
First, let's go to the Manuel Limery (no data) and find ourselves some limes. Unfortunately, our lime options are slim. We can choose from Ronald Limeaux (no data), or two guys each named "Limerick" (no data for either). Let's choose Limerick because I have a buddy named Rick. We can combine him with Jimmy Key (P, 48.9 WAR) to make a key lime, and we can get some juice by using Ben Jewson (no data).
For the last part of this step, we need ZEST FROM 2 REGULAR LIMES
Perfect. We can use the other Limerick and Ronald Limeaux and rub them against Mark Grater (P, 0.1 WAR). Zesty.
Onto the final step in the preparation process.
For this one, there are no creamers with a high WHIP, but George Creamer will have to do.
We already used Sugar Cain for the granulated sugar, so for the powdered sugar we will use Sugar Ray Marimon (P, -0.6 WAR).
Vanilla comes from a bean, so Beany Jacobson (P, -1.2 WAR) will have to do. He has a lot of beans, so hopefully he can supply us with a couple vanilla ones. We could've chosen Belve Bean for this, but he was already used up in the cake and we had other options. Sorry Belve.
Now we can move onto the preparation. We need to get an oven, but we can use a kiln in the meantime. Let's ask James Kilner (no data) and begin David Mixon (no data) the Grahams, Sugar Cain, and Tom Butters into one of Charlie Bowles' (P, -0.2 WAR) bowls. We can Press Cuthers (2B, -0.1 WAR) the Greg Mix (no data) into a pan.
Fuck. We need a pan. First we can ask Thomas Pannone (P, 0.5 WAR) for a pan, but he tells us he has none (pan none). Unfortunately for us, we need to ask Joe Panik (2B, 6.7 WAR) for his gross pan (pan ik). Clean that, dude. C'mon.
We can't afford a Home Run Baker (3B, 62.8 WAR), so we need to settle for a Norm Baker (P, 0.5 WAR). Might need to buy some better Barry Bonds (LF, 162.8 WAR) to get some more Norm Cash (1B, 52.0 WAR) for the next time.
Bake it for 7 minutes, Norm, and then let's let it Duff Cooley (OF, 15.0 WAR) for 30 minutes.
For the KEY LIME FILLING, we need to preheat our oven to 350F. Then we need to ask Whiskers Gilbert (no data) for a whisk, use Paul Whiskup (no data) to whiskup the Ron Batter (no data), and pour it into the Jose Layer (no data) of graham cracker crust. Now we need to relax for 3 hours. What better way to relax than by a nice baseball game. We can watch for exactly 3 hours. Nice.
First we need to Pedro Beato (P, -1.0 WAR) the George Cream and Sugar Ray Marimon with a Robert Mixer (no data) until some stiff Elias Peaks (2B, -1.6 WAR) form. While Ed Beatin (P, 6.9 WAR (nice)) is Beatin up Beany Jacobsen, we can step back and remark on the fact that beat up is synonymous with batter, and batter is both in this project as well as a common term used in baseball. Not to jump to any conclusions, but this is just about proof that we are living in a simulation.
Lastly, we need to ask Joey Pipes (no data) to pipe the WHIP George Creamer on top of the Duff Cooley'd Felix Pie (OF, -1.6 WAR). Finally, we can add some more Nicholas Zestanakis (no data) if we need some more zest.
There. One weird, old, ridiculous key lime pie.
If you don't have the 27 minutes to ask all these baseball players, you can take the easy way out and pay a Pie Traynor (3B, 36.2 WAR) and a Home Run Baker to make one for you.
Enjoy! Special thanks to Trish for making this whole thing possible, and special thanks to Focalin for fueling me to do this during my econ lecture. Have a good rest of the week, cheers.
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2020.01.29 20:52 louiseber [Updated Jan 2020] How many Irish Subs are there really?

The first time I made this post I had uncovered 500+ Irish related subs on reddit, from the abandoned to the large. This was some time in 2016ish and I have continued to try and track as many new subs as I can.
Below is the updated list, again including some of the Discord Servers & useful other external links (although not counted) and the count stands at 710 plus some redirects/banned subs/karma farms. I have also continued to included some of the North American Subs that could be mistaken for Irish just for information.
As you can see from the notations many, many of them are inactive but it's more about finding as many of them as possible than anything else.
If anyone knows of, or can find, new ones not listed below, throw them in the comments and I'll add them to the list. A rich vein of new ones continue to be towns etc, people from Ireland (bands etc) and products.
To any owners of Discords that appear on this list or not, let me know of perma invitation links as I know some of the below have expired but I'd rather have them as reminders/ place holders than not.
To anyone who owns a sub...put a description in the bleedin' sidebar! (Growing is easier if people don't have to guess what the sub is for)
If you find a sub you might like to resurrect you can head over the /redditrequest and request to take it over. See their sidebar for full rules and process.
(P) = Currently Private Sub
(O) = Out of Use
(m) = Authors Notation
(NI) = Northern Ireland
(R) = Redirects

Visiting & Moving to Ireland

Also see ‘Hobbies & Interests’ and ‘Locations’ below.
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2020.01.25 18:42 uk_21 Quest 2 Limerick

Hi All,

Just thought I should share a simple way to test your output of your code via command line (terminal)
If you launch terminal and type the directory in where your project is at then followed the below path.
Note: That you have to at least build (or run) the project to see the DerivedData pathway. You can then add any numbers after it and you should get a numerical output.
Below is an example of my path. (it is kind of long since my project was in a different partition.)
/Volumes/18F29/Users/ukeme/samplerun/FH1/Limerick/DerivedData/Limerick/Build/Products/Debug/Limerick 10 10 10
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2019.09.30 21:00 DangerDylan [Monday, 30. September]

World News

Trump-Putin phone calls in Democrats' sights: Schiff - Reuters
Comments Link
Whistleblower's Lawyers Say Trump Has Endangered Their Client as President Publicly Threatens 'Big Consequences': “Threats against a whistleblower are not only illegal, but also indicative of a cover-up."
Comments Link
China quietly doubles troop levels in Hong Kong, envoys say
Comments Link

All news, US and international.

‘We’re organizing to improve lives’: New York fast food workers push to unionize
Comments Link
Facebook will not fact-check politicians
Comments Link
Mohammed bin Salman denies personal involvement in Khashoggi killing in '60 Minutes' interview but says it was carried out by Saudi officials
Comments Link


Rebellious music genres such as rap, punk and heavy metal do not appear to be linked to maladaptive personality traits, suggests new US study (n=379), but conservative music such as country and gospel were weakly linked to traits that capture neurotic, hostile, and eccentric tendencies.
Comments Link
Scientists have directly shown that bacteria can “change shape” in the human body to avoid being targeted by antibiotics – a process that requires no genetic changes for the bacteria to continue growing.
Comments Link
Caltech scientists have discovered a new species of worm thriving in the extreme environment of Mono Lake. It has three different sexes, can survive 500 times the lethal human dose of arsenic, and carries its young inside its body like a kangaroo.
Comments Link31040-1?


Thousands of ships fitted with ‘cheat devices’ to divert poisonous pollution into sea
Comments Link
Switch Lite added to class action lawsuit over controller drift
Comments Link
Facebook will not fact-check politicians
Comments Link

Sadly, this is not the Onion.

Limerick student tricks scammer to give him money
Comments Link
Pornographic video plays on I-75 billboard in Auburn Hills
Comments Link
Hundreds of Nigels party at 'Nigel Night'
Comments Link

Ask Reddit...

What is your absolutely favorite quote you've heard?
Did you ever snoop through your parents things as a child and absolutely regret what you found to this day? What was it and it they ever find out? NSFW
Psychologists, Therapists, Councilors etc: What are some things people tend to think are normal but should really be checked out?


Increase Windows 10 Time To Enter Username/Password For Login
PSA for anyone deploying Web Application Proxy on Windows Server 2019
Desired State Configuration - How are you doing it?

Microsoft SQL Server

Converting To Date


I just put together a powershell that utilizes the Internet Explorer COM object, to sign in to reddit and make a self post
Step-by-Step: Encrypting Azure Linux VMs via PowerShell
Comments Link
CSS for HTML email in a PS script?

Functional 3D Printing

First functional print. New feet for ladder.
Comments Link
I was sick of breathing in solder fumes so I designed this solder fume extractor
Comments Link
SSD to HDD Carriage Adapter for identical form factor.
Comments Link

Data Is Beautiful

[OC] Visualizing a Neural Network Controlling an Interplanetary Spacecraft Trajectory
Comments Link
Writing my PhD thesis [OC]
Comments Link
The Elevation of California [OC]
Comments Link

Today I Learned (TIL)

TIL that drinking OJ after brushing your teeth tastes bad because of a foaming ingredient in toothpaste which blocks your ability to taste sweetness, and you're left with the pure acidity and bitterness of the fruit.
Comments Link
TIL Bill Gates predicts that the growth of instructional software will replace textbooks. However, in a 2018 survey of college students, the trade publication Library Journal found that 75 percent say that reading print books is easier than e-books
Comments Link
TIL about Mary Bowser, a former slave with a photographic memory who lived in the Confederate President's house during the Civil War. She was part of the Richmond spy ring and credited for getting the most valuable information of all the spies during the war.
Comments Link

So many books, so little time

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell author to return after 16-year gap
Comments Link
Brothers Grimm fairy tales were never meant for kids
Comments Link
Reading Lord of the Rings for the first time at 35

OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic

My photographer Father set the timer perfectly for his proposal to my Mother, 1979
Comments Link
Bernie Sanders, in 1986, fighting against the stigma of homosexuality at the time and literally risked his career doing so (Burlington city council wanted to oust him for this)
Comments Link
US Army holds Passover at Goebbels' house in 1945
Comments Link


Another shot of RAAF C-17 at Brisbane River Fire Air Show
Comments Link
Landing a Glider like a fighter jet during a rain storm
Comments Link
Cool time lapse effect on props.
Comments Link

Reddit Pics

Gabriel Nobre, 19, with his mom and sister right after he found out he’d passed Brazil’s famously difficult university entrance exam. The young man had cut a deal with a prep course to clean the building in exchange for free classes to help him prepare for the exam.
Comments Link
Picture was made by popping a balloon filled with smoke.
Comments Link
Dark side of the loom
Comments Link

.gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

Mickey beats his meat.
Comments Link
When the magic kicks in
Comments Link
A rubber cobra is being used to teach orangutan orphans to fear snakes in the wild
Comments Link

A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

Two hours after bringing her home and they’re already best buds
Comments Link
Her sister forgot to pick her up from school (school is not that far) , and this little boy walked her home and waited until someone opened the door.
Comments Link
Young orangutans at rehab center are taught with toy cobra to be cautious around snakes
Comments Link
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2019.09.24 00:08 SaturnSphere 3 mobile speed Limerick city centre?

Hey all,
I"m thinking of switching from 3 all you can eat data to Eir as you get free unlimited calls with Eir for 20 euro. As my mobile is also my home internet my question is has anybody any experience with Eir mobile data in Limerick city centre?. I currently get 3-4 megs with 3 so anywhere near that speed would do fine.
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2019.08.09 03:31 The_Grim_Flower [Grad Role] Developing on the cloud (GCP, Python, Go, Ruby, Kafka) VS web app (Spring, Java, Angular, Python) with TensorFlow

What should I consider when choosing one of these roles ?

  • These aren't the original posts for these positions but are very similar.
  • Due to not much experience I wouldn't be able to judge how far these two positions are in future potential.
The GCP role is a SWE role in data analytics which is something I want to do and maybe work with AI in the future as I want to do a masters later on, or a SWE for a year in web app which will most likely extend to a full offer but who knows.
I've done some research on both companies and I'm not sure which would be better they both offer a similar salary the web app one being lower by 1k however there is way more time off which I could use to study and work on skills in case I end up leaving after a year or not getting an extended offer.
Some Background Info
SWE in Web
The web app position has been praised for a first job/new SWE other than that it has some online training like Udemy and Coursera (not sure if they are in-house or literally Udemy + Coursera vouchers) for free which I like but realistically with work how many of those can I fit into a year and not burn out or die ?
I have done 2 Udemy courses on Angular and Spring both 40+ hours each and these are pretty time-consuming so the free courses are great, but they don't cost much (10 euro each) and like I said I wouldn't be able to fit many of them into a year considering that I also read a lot.
I have an offer on the table for this position waiting till I finish my last interview.
The GCP SWE from what I saw has been praised for its amazing engineers etc and after speaking with one of the directors and a SWE that interviewed me and looking them up on LinkedIn they seem to be pretty skilled individuals.
I wouldn't have enough experience and knowledge to judge how valuable this position could be for me.
I have my final interview for this position later on next week, so I don't know more details ill find those out.

I'll add anything new that comes to mine below here.
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2019.08.09 03:31 The_Grim_Flower [Grad Role] Developing on the cloud (GCP) VS web app (Spring, Java, Angular, Python) with TensorFlow

What should I consider when choosing one of these roles ?

  • These aren't the original posts for these positions but are very similar.
  • Due to not much experience I wouldn't be able to judge how far these two positions are in future potential.
The GCP role is a SWE role in data analytics which is something I want to do and maybe work with AI in the future as I want to do a masters later on, or a SWE for a year in web app which will most likely extend to a full offer but who knows.
I've done some research on both companies and I'm not sure which would be better they both offer a similar salary the web app one being lower by 1k however there is way more time off which I could use to study and work on skills in case I end up leaving after a year or not getting an extended offer.
Some Background Info
SWE in Web
The web app position has been praised for a first job/new SWE other than that it has some online training like Udemy and Coursera (not sure if they are in-house or literally Udemy + Coursera vouchers) for free which I like but realistically with work how many of those can I fit into a year and not burn out or die ?
I have done 2 Udemy courses on Angular and Spring both 40+ hours each and these are pretty time-consuming so the free courses are great, but they don't cost much (10 euro each) and like I said I wouldn't be able to fit many of them into a year considering that I also read a lot.
I have an offer on the table for this position waiting till I finish my last interview.
The GCP SWE from what I saw has been praised for its amazing engineers etc and after speaking with one of the directors and a SWE that interviewed me and looking them up on LinkedIn they seem to be pretty skilled individuals.
I wouldn't have enough experience and knowledge to judge how valuable this position could be for me.
I have my final interview for this position later on next week, so I don't know more details ill find those out.

I'll add anything new that comes to mine below here.
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