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Collected 70 jobs (tech & non-tech)

2020.11.18 12:03 remote-enthusiast Collected 70 jobs (tech & non-tech)

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2020.10.04 22:02 tutetibiimperes Nugu Roundup #59 - Roll the D1CE - 200410 + Album Giveaway!

Hello and welcome to the latest Nugu Roundup!
What is this?: This is a weekly feature designed to highlight the unknown/underappreciated groups and soloists working hard in the Kpop world that often fall under the radar. Please share your own information, favorite performance videos, fanmeet stories, or anything else relevant below!
Last week we got to know the new girl group keeping bright quirky pop alive, Cignature! This week let's get to know fan-favorite Dreamcatcher's brother group, D1CE!
Look at the first comment below for the winner of the thirteenth Nugu Roundup Album Giveaway, plus details on this week's album up for grabs!
What is Nugu?: While in Korean it literally means 'Who' in the broader Kpop context it refers to groups that are generally unknown amongst the greater public. It doesn't have to mean they're extremely new, though it can, and there are of course varying degrees of 'unknown' which some groups having very strong niche fandoms and others being almost invisible. I take a fairly broad view and will include groups that may be known to some, but who don't have widespread name recognition.
Let's get on with the show...
Who are they?: D1CE is a five member boy group under D1CE Company. Their name is pronounced "D-Once" and their fandom is Don1y, which is a combination of D1CE and 'Once'. Pre-debut they were known as HNB for 'HappyFace Next Boys'.
Company: D1CE Company is a group-specific sub-label for D1CE under HappyFace Entertainment much like Dreamcatcher operates under Dreamcatcher Company. HappyFace was founded by producer-duo E-Tribe who were responsible for such mega-hits as Lee Hyori's U-Go-Girl and SNSD's Gee. Current groups include Dreamcatcher, D1CE, and Dal*Shabet (on indefinite hiatus), vocal ballad trio Classmate, and soloist Lee Si Eun. Former artists include R&B group 4Men, soloist Ben, girl group Bebe Mignon, and rappeproducer Nassun.
Full Group Interviews
Debut: August 1st, 2019 with Wake Up (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: June 17th, 2020 with Draw You (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Special Single Comeback: August 17th, 2020 with One Summer (MV)
Special Pre-Debut Unit: June 14th, 2018 with Falling in Love (MV) Live Stage (Link)
YouTube Channel: D1CE Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: In typical HappyFace fashion the group has a large number of high-quality 'special clip' cover videos, I strongly suggest checking them out. All members have previous survival show experience. Though they pronounce their name 'D-Once' they also imagery of 'rolling the dice' in their song descriptions. Their fandom name was the result of a fan vote. Member Jingyoung has appeared on King of the Masked Singer (link). I don't normally comment on official colors, but theirs are a particularly pretty shade of bronze and brass (link). The group has performed in Japan.
Soloist of the Week
Who is she?: The former main rapper of the girl group WA$$UP she made her solo debut while still a member of the group and has continued as a solo hip-hop artist since the group's disbandment.
Company: She is now represented by Woldstar Entertainment, a new company formed this year and based in Singapore. The company's CEO Kim Jinseon, also known as Sunny Kim, is a former member of the girl group CST and has a previous company known as PNB Entertainment which seems to have closed. In addition to Nada the company has also signed Dahye, formerly of BESTie, and a number of athletes and actors. They also have a set of female trainees expected to form as a new girl group.
Real Name: Yoon Yejin
Age: 29 (IA)
Solo Debut: December 22nd, 2016 with Seorae Village (MV) Live Performance (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: June 25th, 2020 with My Body (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Other Realeases
YouTube Channel: Nada Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: Nada takes her stage name from the Spanish word for 'nothing' and says that it means that "I Am Me". She has competed in Show Me the Money 3 and Unpretty Rapstar 3. She says she was the best member in WA$$UP when it came to twerking. She has been a featured artist on tracks from Pharaoh (link), The Gita, Stephanie (link), and Grey Day (link). She was involved in a dodgeball sports reality TV show with other WA$$UP members and members of 9 Muses. She has a brother who is a cartoonist. She left WA$$UP with fellow members Jinju and Dain over a dispute over lack of payment.
Who were they?: MIDNIGHT was a pre-debut girl-group under H&I Entertainment. While the membership numbers shifted continuously throughout the group's pre-debut period they maintained a hip-hop-oriented style. The group disbanded before it could debut.
First Pre-Debut Release: March 9th, 2019 with Girl Groups Flooded (MV)
Second Pre-Debut Release: April 13th, 2019 with Swish (MV)
Final Pre-Debut Release: August 20th, 2019 with Algorithm feat. Sleepy (MV) Performance Video (Link)
Active Between: 2018-2020
Reasons for Disbanding: The group struggled with membership changes throughout its existence, seeing 15 different girls cycle through the group at some point, some never appearing in any official releases. Their debut date was also postponed multiple times. Eventually the company folded and the group was disbanded.
YouTube Channel: MIDNIGHT Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: Member and leader Danvvb was a former dance trainer at JYP and also a backup dancer for groups such as Winner as well as a choreographer. She is now a soloist and as a YouTube channel (link). Member Jiwon left MIDNIGHT to join ANS, which also recently disbanded. Member Yebin now goes by Yoolin and is signed with Purple Entertainment, possibly as a soloist. Member Yudi is now Dabi in the group AREAL. Member Chaewon joined Daydream, which quickly disbanded, and is now signed with Liz Entertainment as a member of project group CHIC&IDLE as Xindy. Member Seyeon is now also with Liz Entertainment as part of CHIC&IDLE under the name Byeolha. Member Yunu, who was previously an actress, appears to be continuing to act after leaving the group and has also recently release a solo song Spit it Out (MV).
That's it for today, let's get the discussion on!
As always, if you have any suggestions for groups, content, or things you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below.
Also as always, a big shout-out to u/not-named-in-credits for founding nugutown and u/sharnaranwan for continuing the work over there.
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2020.10.04 20:21 granhotelfan Selling on parking lots

Hi everyone, there is a strip mall near me (NJ), and I constantly see some people selling loads of political merchandise out of an RV in the middle of the parking lot. I’ve seen this at least 6 times, and I’ve always wondered what the process is to do this.
How legal is this? I know this happens a lot with other organizations such as the Girl Scouts, and I’m just wondering if and what type of license is required.
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2020.09.12 19:04 fappingjack LBI Girl Scout Cookie lattes! break in Ship Bottom, NJ The Local Market & Kitchen ...

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2020.07.22 07:10 WeebslayerNormie My parents sonssider me a failuer

I'm a 16 year old, middle class, NJ living indian dude. This upcoming school year, I'm going to be a junior in highschool. With junior year comes the dreaded SAT, which my usually non-academically involved parents are getting really serious about.
But first, more context: I try decently hard in school, taking all honors and AP classes, getting all A's and B's. I have a weighted GPA of 4.1, I got a 4 on the APUSH exam,I earned a Varsity letter in Cross Country, and close to becoming an Eagle Scout, the highest rank of Boy Scouts. So I understand that you have to work hard for a good college, and the past 2 years of highschool, Ive grindedhard to be in at least in the top 10% of my school. When I was young, my Indian parents drilled into my brain why education was so important, and I really took that to heart, yet the past 2 years of highschool, they would be fine if I failed a test (which rarely happened) which most asian parents don't do.
Now, this summer, my parents and I agreed that it would be in my best interest to finish the SAT this August before Junior year starts. I do about 2-3 hours a day, even though I don't like it, I push through it because I know its good for me. Today, I just wasn't feeling it, after about 60 math questions I broke down, telling my mom I couldn't meet with my tutor today. I tried talking about how I was mentally exhausted, and I was feeling mildly depressed from this quarantine. Both my parents started calling me lazy, and that I should be studying for 5 hours everyday or even more. My mom dramatically yelled that she and my dad should "give up trying" on me, when I could do it tommorow. They don't understand how I feel burnt out, especially since its summer break, and normally I just relax all day.
We start arguing, and they act like I'm such a failure. They bring up my cousin, who I'll call Emily. She is the complete opposite of me. Dumb cheerleader thot. That's really how you could describe her. She barely cares about school and yet my mom loves her, she always brings up how she wishes she had a girl instead of 2 boys. I bring up how much harder I try in school compared to her, and how she for f-ing sure she hasn't even thought about the SAT, instead having sex and prob doing drugs with her BF. My mom's response was:"She can cook, though" At this point I flip shit, and start yelling loudly. I yell how I'm just a dissapointment to my parents and a failure. I just felt ranting out to you guys would help, and I would appreciate on any suggestions on what to do.
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2020.05.14 18:06 vren55 [A Fractured Song] - Chapter 23 - Fantasy, Isekai (Portal Fantasy), Adventure

Cover Art
Teaser: After her mentor, Edana, goes missing in action after the battle, Frances has to set out into the ruined fields of Vertingen to find her. However, she's not alone this night.
Story Summary: After years of beatings and neglect from her parents, 13-year old Frances was summoned with her entire class to the fantastical world of Durannon to fight the monsters invading the human kingdoms and defeat the "Demon King." If she succeeds, she might have the home she never had. But if she can't overcome the trauma and self-loathing inflicted on her by her abusive parents, Frances will die, and be summoned back to the home she escaped, on the day that she left.
[The Beginning] [<=Chapter 22] [Chapter Index and Blurb] [Chapter 24=>]
[Current Map of Durannon]
Frances checked her equipment for a final time. The straps of her helmet were fastened tightly, and for good measure, she’d smeared dirt onto the polished metal to try to keep it from gleaming. Ivy’s Sting was in her holster by her side. Alanna, her estoc, was in its sheath next to her wand. She had medical supplies crammed into the side pouch carried on her belt. More supplies were in her horse’s saddlebag, all snugly stowed so they wouldn’t make a sound.
“You’re all set,” Megara said, not a hint of mocking in her voice. She’d already cast her silent-step spell on her horse, a docile mare that Frances wished she’d asked her mentor for the name.
Frances nodded. “Thank you.” She took the reins with her left hand and opened her right. The arrow still gleamed a bright yellow. Closing her hand, Frances pointed the way and the Baroness made a note of it on the parchment map she had of Vertingen.
“See you,” she said. With that, Frances touched her heels to her horse and rode forward into the darkening night.
She was tempted to kick her horse into a gallop, but she wasn’t sure how far it would take for her to get to Edana. Exhausting her mare would be a terrible idea, and she had a return journey to make.
Instead, she kept her horse at a canter but mostly kept her eyes focused on scanning the darkened plain. She was tempted to glance at her hand while riding, but she knew that doing so might distract her from seeing any threats.
A dismal blue-black from a mostly absent sun did allow her to see quite far. Although everything was in this rough, fuzzy outline, she could tell that she was far away from the body-strewn field where the Lapanterian army and the first Alavarian, or monster, army had clashed.
She checked her hand. She was going roughly in the right direction, but she adjusted her horse’s course and put her hand back on the reins. It was odd, to be riding so quietly, with her mare making not a single sound as her hooves thudded against the earth. It amplified all the remaining sound that she normally couldn’t hear, such as the air whistling by her helmet, the panting of her horse, and the slight jingle of her horse’s bit.
Frances blinked to clear her eyes. The black silence was her friend, she had to remind herself. It was unnerving to be riding into the darkness, with not a shadow in sight. There were only the fuzzy outlines of hills in the distance to show she was moving. The stars hadn’t even come out yet, and while there was a dim moon, the sun’s last rays still clung on, which meant the sky still had a slight tinge of blue.
Time didn’t seem to have a meaning in this quiet night, and with the unchanging flat plain around her, it soon felt like she’d spent an eternity in one place.
She forced herself to cling onto the fear in her mind. It quickened her heart and shook her hands, but the thought of being ambushed by orcs, of failing to see her mentor, of being killed and sent back to her parent’s house, sharpened her attention in an instant.
Her eyes kept scanning for movement. Every bit of warning helped and if she saw something moving in this darkness that would mean someone out here with her.
And anybody out here with her that wasn’t her mentor had to be an enemy.
The tense, heart-pounding, and oh so alone quiet ride continued without change.
That was until Frances saw shapes on the ground in front of her. Her eyes narrowed, she continued to canter, but after a moment’s check of the arrow on her palm, she grabbed her wand.
It was a field of bodies, and a stench that she couldn’t believe she somehow missed, hit her. A smell of charcoal and burnt fat, like the few times she’d burnt food on a stove, except it was mixed with this acrid tang. Burnt fields, and smoked flesh, mixing into a gut-wrenching aroma that smelt like spoiled bacon that was charred to a crisp.
One hand pressed against her mouth, she forced herself to resist throwing up. The sound would be too loud. She was now mercifully glad of the dark because it obscured the corpses that she now was passing through. Yet, her eyes were adjusted enough to pick out some features of the orcs, and their mounts, which dotted the field. She tore herself from the fuzzy, or perhaps flakey, grey-outlined remains of faces twisted in various rictuses of agony.
She didn’t know how it was possible, but the ground itself seemed to crunch as her horse stepped on it. It was like stepping onto the flaky crust of a creme Brule. It attested to the heat that had scorched the earth.
Her mentor had inflicted this agony on the orcs and their boars. For a moment, Frances wondered if she was doing the right thing, saving someone who had this destructive power. But the memory of Edana’s smile, her quiet confession of regret of her war-making past came back to the forefront of her mind.
It was a tragedy, but Frances knew Edana was worth saving.
Immediately, Frances pulled her horse to a stop and refocused her attention on scanning her surroundings. She berated herself inside, cursing herself for being so distracted by the corpses.
There, she could see lights to her left. They were coming out from the nearby ruined village, which their torches illuminated. They were far enough away, but close enough that she could hear orcs talking. Somehow, probably due to the summoner system, she could comprehend their language. She couldn’t make out individual words, but it seemed like a patrol.
She chanced a glance at her palm and the arrow. It didn’t lead to the village, but off toward the small copse of trees next to it. Unfortunately, it was closer to the patrol. They weren’t heading in that direction.
Frances pursed her lips. Still, that didn’t mean the patrol couldn’t change direction. Discovery now was a distinct possibility, and she’d rather avoid a fight. The problem was that she had no idea how badly her mentor was wounded. She had to be if she hadn’t returned to camp, but if she was at death’s door, then time was essential. Frances had no idea how long it had passed since she’d received the news. She had to get to Edana as fast as she could, and as stealthily as she could.
Taking a deep breath, Frances spurred her horse on at a canter, keeping a close observation on the patrol, though, she made sure to scan around her as well.
It was a tense approach, but wary caution kept Frances alert and she saw no other patrols.
But the patrol she’d spotted was meandering through the field and was drawing closer to her right. She could now make out the loud orc conversation. While Frances was sure they couldn’t see her in the darkness— orcs didn’t have the best night vision—she wasn’t sure how far she could go. Thankfully, the yellow arrow still shone on her palm, but to approach her mentor, she was sure to draw closer to the orcs.
She had to bite back a sense of urgency and force herself to think, not just do. Acting on her emotions always got her beaten by her parents. It hurt to recall that lesson, but she knew she had to calculate, to distance herself from her panic, and force herself to think about the worst-case scenarios. In the deathly quiet, cut only by orc mutters, she wracked her mind for the best way forward. Her mentor’s life depended on it.
That was when Frances had an idea. It wasn’t the best idea. It meant getting to Edana with the least amount of risk, but it also required a sacrifice. Setting aside that idea for a moment, Frances, eyes still on the orcs, tried to think of a second plan.
No, she had to abandon her horse. It would mean she wouldn’t be able to run away from the orcs, but if she was discovered, a horse wouldn’t help her fight. The horse made her a big target to spot. A small, scrawny human girl, however, could take shelter under or beside any one of the corpses in this field. It would mean she would be abandoning any attempt of getting Edana out of the field and back to camp, but since her mentor had to be wounded, she needed to get to her first and heal her. That was her priority. Once Edana was healed, they could move again and away from the orcs.
If Edana died before she got there on foot… Frances shuddered at the agony that mere thought caused, but forced herself to consider that possibility.
Frances realized that if Edana died before she got to her on foot, then she could still hide. The company would be on its way sooner than two hours. She could be rescued then.
Having thought about how to solve her problem the best that she could. Frances dismounted, landing quietly on the ground. She took the horse’s small pack of extra medical supplies and slung it over her back. As quietly as she could, she turned the horseback to the direction of the camp. She could still see the lights from the palisade, even if it looked so far away. Pointing there, she pushed the animal’s flank towards it.
Thankfully, the mare seemed to get the message and trotted towards the camp. Frances mused that her horse probably didn’t want to get any closer to the orcs.
Opening her palm, she checked her orientation, and keeping her eyes on the orcs, she continued to walk.
Author's Note: So a subscriber mentioned it would be nice to have a world map, and since they asked, I did what I could and now I have a world map of Durannon that I created on the Inkarnate program for the story. The map's still very much a work in progress, but at least it will help get the locations straight in your heads because that is a lot of names. It also foreshadows a few locations in the story that Frances might visit.
Also, because I'm trying to be more organic with my writing (gardener style, aka pants) rather than plotting everything out (aka architect or plot) I sortof accidentally inserted a few new chapters in a place too close to the recent update. I need some time to finish these chapters, so I'm making only one update on Thursday next week, but as you can all hopefully tell, this will be a good one.
Finally, question of the week, I took a lot of this "walking in the darkness" experience that Frances is going through from my own recollections of walking at night in Boy Scouts and on camping. I really really hated doing that because I was very much afraid of the dark... I think I slept with a night light until I was a teen. What's a funky phobia you have?
As always, reviews make me really happy, but upvotes also make me happy. Remember a subscriber was the one who suggested me doing a world map so if you got any questions, feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do!
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2020.04.23 02:40 soiledpantiesforsale How to Make Money Selling Pictures of Yourself

How to Make Money Selling Pictures of Yourself

Learn How to Sell Pictures of Yourself and Earn Easy Money!

How to Make Money Being a Cam Model
Yes, some might say that this is quite seedy and it is understandable that most of my girl friends and girls out there would not be interested in this. However, I have been doing this now for 3 years and have plenty of friends that have just started out as well.....once they learnt how much I was earning!
Girls selling nude pictures and videos of themselves has become quite popular over that last few years and is continuously becoming more popular. Naked Snapchat pictures have become the basic platform to which girls can make £50 per day. However, there are far more discreet methods out there in which you can earn a huge income.
Girls earning £1,000 - £5,000 per week
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I-Camz is a very safe and secure platform were you can even block cities or states to protect your identity! It is a very discreet platform where girls in the UK can give guys in the USA a bit of fun, in return for their hard earned cash. Some of these guys are filthy rich and pay high amounts of cash tips for you doing very little......literally sat on your home sofa with your webcam on in your bra and knickers.
As I said before, this is not for everyone and far from the most luxury of jobs, but the income I earn is very appealing and I certainly would never put anyone off doing it, yet quite the opposite.
Yet, I must also warn you that there are also men on there with fetishes. For example, men that have feet fetishes and will pay for literally showing your feet on webcam............yes weird I know! So if you where thinking 'where can I sell pictures of feet for money'?.... then your probably also in the right place.
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2020.04.10 23:47 FreedomNewsPolitics Lowy's Moving Service delivers 2,500 cases of Girl Scout cookies to NJ hospitals

Lowy's Moving Service delivers 2,500 cases of Girl Scout cookies to NJ hospitals submitted by FreedomNewsPolitics to FreedomNewsPolitics [link] [comments]

2020.04.10 23:43 FreedomNewsPolitics Lowy's Moving Service delivers 2,500 cases of Girl Scout cookies to NJ hospitals

Lowy's Moving Service delivers 2,500 cases of Girl Scout cookies to NJ hospitals submitted by FreedomNewsPolitics to Fox_Nation [link] [comments]

2020.04.10 23:41 kieranscoffee Lowy's Moving Service delivers 2,500 cases of Girl Scout cookies to NJ hospitals

Lowy's Moving Service delivers 2,500 cases of Girl Scout cookies to NJ hospitals submitted by kieranscoffee to NewsWhatever [link] [comments]

2020.04.05 23:31 Sicipio [H] many left overs take a look [W] Bannerlord, Disco, Iron Danger, or Paypal

Ive got Feburary monthly games: Pathfinder, frostPunk, project warlock, night call, underhero, The Hex, Okami and Shenzhen
March: all except Fell Seal and Turok
January, all except: Two point hospital, bad north and Mages of Mystralia
December: Dead in vinland, Horizon Chase Turbo and Desert Child
For April im a little undecided although I am not keeping The Bards Tale
Im open to trades or paypal.
IGS page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Game Platform Available Price
11-11 Memories Retold Steam Available
25% Off Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire coupon Available
60 Parsecs! Steam Available
AER Memories of Old Steam Available
AI War: Fleet Command Steam Available
Aaero Steam Available
Acceleration of SUGURI 2 Steam Available
Age of Wonders II: The Wizard's Throne Steam Available
All-Star Fruit Racing - Yogscast Car DLC Steam Available
Almost There: The Platformer Steam Available
Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition Steam Available
Armello Steam Available
Auto Age: Standoff Steam Available
Avernum 3: Ruined World Steam Available
Awesomenauts Yogscast Pack - Coco Nebulon Steam Available
Awesomenauts Yogscast Pack - Max Focus Steam Available
Awesomenauts Yogscast Pack - Rocco Steam Available
Awesomenauts Yogscast Pack - Skolldir Steam Available
Awesomenauts Yogscast Pack - Ted McPain Steam Available
Back to Bed Steam Available
Battle Chef Brigade Steam Available
Battle Riders Steam Available
Battlerite DLC: YogYog Bear Mount Steam Available
Bear With Me - Collector's Edition Steam Available
Bezier Steam Available
Black the Fall Steam Available
Blade & Soul Giveaway Pack Blade & Soul Giveaway Pack Available
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend Steam Available
Bleed 2 Steam Available
Blockstorm Steam Available
Bomb Defense Steam Available
Bone - Episode 1 & Episode 2 Steam Available
Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Steam Available
Caveblazers - Arena Mode DLC Steam Available
Chainsaw Warrior Steam Available
Chasm Steam Available
Chime Sharp Steam Available
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Steam Available
Chronology Steam Available
Cities in Motion 2 Steam Available
Citizens of Earth Steam Available
ClusterPuck 99 Steam Available
Company of Heroes 2 - Whale and Dolphin Conservation Charity Pattern Pack Steam Available
Cosmic Trip Steam Available
Cosmonautica Steam Available
Crusader Kings II Steam Available
Crusader Kings II Steam Available
Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods DLC Steam Available
Crusaders of the Lost Idols - Elite Starter Pack Steam Available
Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX) Steam Available
Dandara Steam Available
Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game Steam Available
Darkside Detective Steam Available
Dead Age Steam Available
Deep Dungeons of Doom Steam Available
Dimension Jump Steam Available
Distance Steam Available
DreadOut Soundtrack & Manga DLC Steam Available
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Dungeon of the Endless Steam Available
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1: BM03 Vegalta Gold Steam Available
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EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1: Depth Crawler Gold Coat Steam Available
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1: Gigantus DCC-Gogo. Marking Steam Available
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1: Gigantus DCC-Zero Marking Steam Available
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1: Gigantus Tank, Bullet Girls Marking Steam Available
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1: Gigantus Tank, EDF IFPS Markings Steam Available
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1: Gigantus Tank, Natsuiro HS Markings Steam Available
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1: Gleipnir Steam Available
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Emily is Away Too Steam Available
Endless Legend - Tempest DLC Steam Available
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Eterium Steam Available
Europa Universalis III Complete Steam Available
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F.E.X (Forced Evolution Experiment) Steam Available
F1 2011 Steam Available
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Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation - Asharra’s Diplomat Pack Steam Available
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Team Fortress 2 badges - Mandrew's Munificent Mug and Israphel's Eleemosynary Expression Steam Available
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World to the West Steam Available
Wuppo Steam Available
Wuppo Steam Available
Zeno Clash 2 Steam Available
Zero Reflex: Black Eye Edition Steam Available
Zombie Night Terror Steam Available
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2020.03.24 22:03 moretimetoreddit Girl Scout Cookies hunt

Possible to get Girl Scout cookies online? I’m at Bergen County and my friend’s daughter is selling her cookies online but she’s located in another state. But if there’s a NJ Girl Scout I may support locally, will prefer to do so.
submitted by moretimetoreddit to newjersey [link] [comments]

2020.03.09 21:26 youmakememadder Given the unfortunate reputation of the Boy Scouts, would you still register your child/have you? What’s been your experience?

I live in a very diverse, middle-upper income area in NJ. My neighbors’ children are involved, but I have friends who have stayed away due to feelings of anti-Semitism, sexual abuse, etc.
My friend told me several BSA troops in NJ disbanded due to bankruptcy—stemming from abuse. I checked our “den” and ours wasn’t impacted.
My son is in kindergarten and I didn’t do Girl Scouts so I don’t really have much knowledge of the organization, besides what the news has said/others have told me.
What are your thoughts and experiences?
submitted by youmakememadder to Advice [link] [comments]

2020.02.25 00:06 ph0enixGEM 🔥New Episode! 🔥 ▶️ S2E27 - The Hall of Flame Dipped into #NBA , #NHL, #XFL Week 3, #NFL trade rumors, & recap #WilderFury2 📻Listen ▶️ S2E26 - Wilder Fury vs No One Else #XFL2020 Power Rankings, & R12 of #WildervsFury 1 📻Listen

NSFW (Mild Language)
Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Stitcher PlayerFM
Mount Rushmore of Girl Scout Cookies. Free stuff, is free? Gabby's acting resume. What's My Bank Roll? This pasts weekends recap of, spread & over under, winners & losers. BattleHawks vs Defenders Beer snake. Fan apparel at the Defenders game. Leaked LA Rams logo. NBA leans for the beginning of Week 21.
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2020.02.03 20:35 TheNormalAlternative ~*~ICYMI~*~ (Recently Announced Shows - January 2019)

Welcome to the first installment on LoG_JaM of "ICYMI."
These posts are designed to help you stay up-to-date with rock- and rock-adjacent concert announcements around NYC. We've all been in situations where we learn about an excellent concert at the last minute, but can't attend because we foolishly agreed to babysit our aunt's blind cat in Westchester or something. Don't make that mistake again. Plan in advance with the assistance of these posts which highlight the best-of-the-best rock show announcements.
Now, if you've read the intro stickied to the top of the LoG JaM sub, you might be wondering why there hasn't been an "ICYMI" post this year, and to be honest, there are a few reasons, but a big one has been just trying to figure out the best way to present this information neatly in a Reddit post. Also, I've just been so busy IRL that I haven't had time to devote to putting this together (it's extremely time-intensive).
Did you know that, on average, there are over 50 rock shows announced each week? In fact, the spreadsheet I maintain includes well over 200 concerts announced in the month of January. It makes sense when you consider the City is home to nearly 100 music venues plus dozens upon dozens of different talent buyers, booking agents and promoters, and each one of them -- plus aggregators like Bandsintown and Ohmyockness - sends out their own email blasts until your inbox is overloaded.
I'm going to use this post just to highlight the Top 100 (or so) concerts announced in January. It of course includes (nearly) all the big names coming through NYC, but also a number of shows featuring primarily/exclusively up & coming local indie artists. Over the course of this week, I'll be updating this post to include online ticketing and Facebook event page links for each show announced.
One final caveat: this post (and all "ICYMI" posts moving forward) only include rock- and rock-adjacent concerts within city limits (i.e., shows in NJ, Long Island and Westchester and hip-hop & comedy shows are excluded).
Without further adieu, here's the list...

FEBRUARY (30 shows)

Date Venue Lineup
February 5 The Sultan Room (Bushwick) Ghost King (single release) / Ghost Funk Orchestra / Lushwork
February 6 The Broadway (Bed-Stuy) The Living Strange / Hennessey / Grace Ludmila / Jigsaw Youth
February 6 The Dance (NoHo) Nation of Language / Pronoun
February 6 Planet X (Ridgewood) (GRAND OPENING) Future Punx / Honduras / Realworld (FREE)
February 6 The Sultan Room (Bushwick) Stuyedeyed / Material Girls / Gift
February 7 Baby's All Right (Williamsburg) Pure Adult / Grim Streaker (FREE)
February 7 The Dance (NoHo) Loose Buttons (album release) / Stolen Jars / Been Stellar
February 7 The Footlight (Ridgewood) Holy Tunics / Pocket Protector / Winnebago Vacation / Psycho Pat
February 7 Saint Vitus (Greenpoint) Slow Crush / Grivo / Suburban Living / Hypoluxo
February 8 The Dance (NoHo) Native Sun / Public Practice / Pure Adult + DJ set by Fontaines D.C.
February 9 Rough Trade (Williamsburg) Have Mercy (farewell tour) / Selfish Things / Fredo Disco / Young CUlture
February 13 Baby's All Right (Williamsburg) Max Pain & the Groovies / The Silk War / Cathedral Bells
February 13 The Gutter (Williamsburg) Treads / Glass Slipper / Desert Sharks / Kissed By An Animal
February 13 Our Wicked Lady (East Williamsburg) Slut Magic / New Myths / Colatura
February 13 The Sultan Room (Bushwick) The Johns (album release) / Mary Vision (album release) / Hard Nips / True Dreams
February 14 Planet X (Ridgewood) Cindy Cane (single release) / Whiner / Johnny Dynamite & the Bloodsuckers / Dougie Poole
February 15 Rubulad (Bushwick) Hartstop presents QWAM / whirlybird / Grace Ludmila / Priestess / Ritual Boys Club / Wicked Willow
February 15 The Sultan Room (Bushwick) Fascinator / Evolvfo / ISTA / Nightime Gallagher
February 19 Saint Vitus (Greenpoint) Torche / Russian Baths / LAPêCHE
February 19 Union Pool (Williamsburg) Dead Stars (album release) / Desert Sharks / Living Room
February 20 The Gutter (Williamsburg) Darkwing / A Very Special Episode / Gorgeous / The Glitch
February 20 Planet X (Ridgewood) Grim Streaker / TVOD / Ashjesus
February 21 TV Eye (Ridgewood) Mean Jeans / Dirty Fences / Brower
February 21 + 22 Trans-Pecos (Ridgewood) Terry Turtle Memorial Festival feat. Buck Gooter / Leya / PC Worship / Weeping Icon / Conduit / Lily and Horn Horse & many more
February 22 The Gutter(Williamsburg) Mount Sharp (album release) / Righteous Bucks / Shadow Monster / Record High
February 22 Mercury Lounge (LES) The Shivas / The Advertisers / High Waisted
February 23 Baby's All Right (Williamsburg) Pazzi Prom feat. Native Sun / Gnarcissists / YAASSS / Miranda & the Beat
February 27 ALPHAVILLE (Bushwick) Bethlehem Steel / Desert Sharks / The Warhawks / Feral Scouts
February 27 Rough Trade (Williamsburg) Microwave / Elder Brother / Save Face / Dog Leg
February 27 Union Pool (Williamsburg) Parlor Walls (album release) / Lutkie / Activity

MARCH (28 shows)

Date Venue Lineup
March 4 Rough Trade (Williamsburg) Corridor / Deeper
March 5 C'mon Everybody (Bed-Stuy) Caravela / Tree River / Yeah Is What We Have
March 5 Union Pool (Williamsburg) Control Top / Weeping Icon
March 5 + 6 Brooklyn Steel (East Williamsburg) Silversun Pickups / The New Regime
March 6 The Dance (NoHo) Dry Cleaning / Control Top
March 6 Trans-Pecos (Ridgewood) P.E. (debut album release) / Gauche / Macula Dog
March 7 The Kingsland (Greenpoint) Signals Midwest / Taking Meds / Pasha & Kindred / Depressed Mode
March 10 ALPHAVILLE (Bushwick) Deep Wimp / Onesie / Monster Furniture
March 11-15 Lower East Side The New Colossus Festival
March 12 ALPHAVILLE (Bushwick) Gorgeous / Le Big Zero / Lily Mao / Johnny Dolphins
March 12 Mercury Lounge (LES) RDGLDGRN / Oxymorrons
March 13 ALPHAVILLE (Bushwick) pronoun / Future Teens / Proper.
March 13 Saint Vitus (Greenpoint) LPR presents Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
March 14 Music Hall of Williamsburg (Williamsburg) Post Animal
March 14 Our Wicked Lady (East Williamsburg) Rizzo's Prom feat. The Rizzos / The Royal They / more TBA
March 15 Warsaw (Greenpoint) Oso Oso / Prince Daddy & the Hyena / Just Friends / Sincere Engineer
March 18 Market Hotel (Bushwick) Uniform + The Body / Dreamdecay / Fois Gras
March 19 ALPHAVILLE (Bushwick) Lost Boy ? / Hypemom (EP release) / Sharkswimmer / Yancy
March 20 Elsewhere [Hall] (East Williamsburg) Monster Magnet / Nebula / Silvertomb
March 20 + 21 Saint Vitus (Greenpoint) Windhand / Devil Master
March 21 Mercury Lounge (LES) King Buffalo
March 24 Music Hall of Williamsburg (Williamsburg) White Reaper / Young Guv / Buddy Crime
March 26 Elsewhere [Zone One] (East Williamsburg) Citizen / Fury / Snarls (SOLD OUT)
March 26 Music Hall of Williamsburg (Williamsburg) Caroline Rose / Tōth
March 27 Saint Vitus (Greenpoint) Pissed Jeans / Ice Balloons / Not Amused
March 28 Elsewhere [Hall] (East Williamsburg) Shopping / Automatic / Public Practice
March 28 Market Hotel (Bushwick) Crywank / Chastity
March 30 Madison Square Garden Pearl Jam (SOLD OUT)

APRIL (20 shows)

Date Venue Lineup
April 3 Rough Trade (Williamsburg) Vetiver / Kacey Johansing
April 4 Market Hotel (Bushwick) Balkans (reunion show) / Patio / Hypoluxo / Navy Gangs
April 9 Music Hall of Williamsburg (Williamsburg) Tropical Fuck Storm
April 11 Rough Trade (Williamsburg) Bear Hands / Irontom
April 15 Elsewhere [Zone One] (East Williamsburg) The Red Pears
April 16 BRIC House (Ft. Greene) Black Belt Eagle Scout / Denitia
April 16 Town Hall (Times Square) Kurt Vile / Cate Le Bon / Stella Mozgaway / Stephen Black
April 17 Hammerstein Ballroom at Manhattan Center (Midtown West) The Front Bottoms
April 18 Market Hotel (Bushwick) Hockey Dad / Goodbye Honolulu / Gymshorts
April 18 Music Hall of Williamsburg (Williamsburg) The Dandy Warhols
April 18 Elsewhere [Hall] (East Williamsburg) Waxahatchee / Radiator Hospital
April 19 Elsewhere [Hall] (East Williamsburg) Waxahatchee / Shamir / Boony Don
April 22 Music Hall of Williamsburg (Williamsburg) Vagabon / Angelica Garcia
April 22 Saint Vitus (Greenpoint) The Stargazer Lilies / Dead Leaf Echo / Weird Owl / Spirits of Leo / Hexa
April 23 Elsewhere [Hall] (East Williamsburg) Joywave
April 23 Music Hall of Williamsburg (Williamsburg) Amyl & the Sniffers
April 24 The Dance (NoHo) Liturgy
April 28 Elsewhere [Zone One] (East Williamsburg) Ellis / Dan Edmonds
April 29 Rough Trade (Williamsburg) Vundabar / Dehd / Boyscott
April 29 Webster Hall (East Village) Porches / Sassy009

MAY & BEYOND (25 shows)

Date Venue Lineup
May 1 Warsaw (Greenpoint) Wavves / Sadgirl
May 6 Music Hall of Williamsburg (Williamsburg) U.S. Girls
May 6 Webster Hall (East Village) Greg Dulli / Joseph Arthur
May 7 Bowery Ballroom (Bowery) Fu Manchu / Speeddealer
May 7 Warsaw (Greenpoint) The Chats / Mean Jeans / THICK
May 8 Bowery Ballroom (Bowery) Monophonics / Ghost Funk Orchestra
May 9 Music Hall of Williamsburg (Williamsburg) Sebadoh / Versus
May 13 Brooklyn Steel (East Williamsburg) Beach Fossils / Wild Nothing
May 16 Music Hall of Williamsburg (Williamsburg) Diet Cig / Sad13 / Thin Lips
May 21 +22 Bowery Ballroom (Bowery) Girl in Red / Del Water Gap
May 26 Madison Square Garden The 1975 / Phoebe Briders / Beabadoobee
May 27 Saint Vitus (Greenpoint) Xiu Xiu (solo) / Mal Devisa / Hubble
June 6 Terminal 5 (Hell's Kitchen) Bayside / Senses Fail / Hawthorne Heights / Can't Swim
June 8 + 9 City Winery at Pier 57 (Chelsea) The Mountain Goats
June 13 Forest Hills Stadium The Lumineers / CAAMP
June 16 Webster Hall (East Village) The Fratellis
June 18 + 19 Webster Hall (East Village) The Growlers
June 20 Forest Hills Stadium Bright Eyes / Japanese Breakfast / Lucy Dacus
June 25 Music Hall of Williamsburg (Williamsburg) Fuzz
June 26 Radio City Music Hall (Rockefeller Center) Bauhaus
July 8 Central Park SummerStage Barenaked Ladies / Gin Blossoms / Toad the Wet Sprocket
July 23 + 24 + 25 Bowery Ballroom (Bowery) Failure
July 29 Central Park SummerStage Sharon Van Etten / Real Estate / Grace Ives
September 17 Barclays Center My Chemical Romance (SOLD OUT)
September 30 + October 1 Brooklyn Steel (East Williamsburg) Ty Segall & The Freedom Band
Welp, I'm exhausted. Moving forward, I think I'll try to share these updates on a weekly basis (instead of semi-weekly as stated in the sticky or monthly as it turned out), just because it's a lot easier to sort through 50 shows and give you the 25-30 best, then to pick 75-100 out of 225+.
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2020.01.23 15:32 sheeshmcgeesh Anywhere to try climbing near NJ?

I’m the leader of a Girl Scout troop and my girls really want to do a badge where they learn about tree climbing and get to try it. We’re in NJ and I can’t seem to find anywhere I can take them. If anyone has a tip, I’d be so grateful. Thanks!
submitted by sheeshmcgeesh to TreeClimbing [link] [comments]

2020.01.19 05:16 MyNameIsJeffHarrison Superman Eras

Pre-Death of Superman:




Blunt Force
General/Unspecified Telepathy
Brain Chemistry Manip


Lightning Timing
Vaguely Fast

Heat Vision

Super Senses

Super Hearing
Microscopic Vision.
Telescopic Vision
X-Ray Vision

Super Breath

Biochemical Aura

Kryptonian Biology




Post-Death of Superman








Heat Vision

Super Breath

Super Senses

Telescopic Vision
Microscopic Vision
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2020.01.02 00:47 Butonewalkingshadow ♚ Uncomplicated Quiet, and the Sky ♚

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”
― Gautama Buddha, Sayings Of Buddha
“Concentrate every minute like a Roman— like a man— on doing what’s in front of you with precise and genuine seriousness, tenderly, willingly, with justice. And on freeing yourself from all other distractions. Yes, you can— if you do everything as if it were the last thing you were doing in your life, and stop being aimless, stop letting your emotions override what your mind tells you, stop being hypocritical, self-centered , irritable. You see how few things you have to do to live a satisfying and reverent life? If you can manage this, that’s all even the gods can ask of you.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
It’s a strange feeling going to sleep in a room knowing you won’t be sleeping there tomorrow; doubly so when you’ve spent so long in that room that it lives and breathes the aura you had exuded into it. A room that smelled of coffee and old books, of old philosophy breathed new life, of inky dark seas in which monsters slumbered, quelled by the tides of porcelain ships and golden-eyed sailors. A room which you had come to call your own, in a place you called home. How could you possibly leave it so easily? Especially when in the bed of that room, blind owl still wraps his warm wings around raggedy crow’s chest, holds her close even as he slumbers?
Thoughts swim behind Blake’s eyes like koi fish in a pond, and she sighs in quiet melancholy as she closes them, having long since accepted that even with Andrew’s embrace, and his smell of book and ink, she wasn’t going to get a wink of sleep. Her alarm clock read 4:00 AM; in two hours, she was supposed to wake up. You couldn’t wake up if you hadn’t gone to sleep in the first place, though; and as Blake’s listless gaze went over her packed bags, her outfit with the letter tucked neatly into its breast pocket, the key that rested on her table, she realised that this was it. This was her goodbye.
It had been a difficult few months, to say the least; made worse by the fact that they never happened. Blake still remembers everything; how her scouting mission with Roran and Charles ended in disaster, and how she was detained in New Mycenae- which, apparently, was now New Argos. She shifts when her memories touch upon this, because she doesn’t want to feed the idea that had formed then; that this was what she wanted. A life far away from the gods and their machinations, a life far from the misery that her father wrought, a life far from the stress of being a demigod. A life where Blake could be..Blake.
She wasn’t Blake for so very long, either, and as she closes her eyes, dim memories swirl in the basin of thought and reform into clarity.
It was a night that grew hazy with the fog of memory, but what needs to be remembered is remembered well. In the privacy of the Counselor’s room, under the comfort of a blanket, a girl with blonde hair watches an old web-series with her black-haired friend.
“You know what’s crazy?” The girl with the blonde hair says, turning her attention from the screen to grin at her much smaller friend, who looks back up at her. “What?” The latter queries, and the former elaborates, gesturing as she did.
“My name’s Ruby,” She says, looking at the pale red-haired girl on the screen. “That’s, like- that’s the same as hers. I mean, it’s not Ruby Rose, but Ruby Doyle is… It’s pretty close, right?” She laughs, and her friend smiles quietly.
“I guess so, yeah,” She nods.
“And also like- her older sister, the one with the blonde hair--”
“The one you look more like?”
“Shush, you. Anyways- her name’s Yang, just like yours.”
“Huh.” Yang blinks as Ruby points it out, and mulls over this revelation quietly. “That’s… quite a coincidence, honestly.”
“Right?” Ruby exclaims, and laughs again. Yang rarely, if ever, joined her with her bright laughter- she was more likely to just smile quietly, and that’s exactly what she does. “To be fair, though...” The daughter of Phobos counter-points, “Yang is my last name.”
“Wait, really?” The taller of the duo looks down at the shorter one again, blinking. “Yang, I’ve known you for like… So long now! You haven’t told me your first name? I just presumed you were one of those people who gets weird about their last name...” “Well...” She shifts just a bit under the blanket, looking away for a second. “I don’t really know what it should be,” She admits. “Most Asian families will have a given name which they use instead of their real one, and I-” She pauses here and sighs.
“I suppose I never gave it much thought, really. It’s easier to have people just call me Yang. I’m not- I don’t like having people know my full name if I don’t know them well.”
“Hm.” The older girl blows a short burst of air from her nose. She looks thoughtful for a moment, then smiles kindly down at her. “We’re friends, right?”
“I’d say so.”
“And what would you say is an important part of friendship?”
“I’d saying knowing my friend’s name is pretty important.”
“Could you tell me your name, pleaseeeeee?” Ruby’s face slowly shifted from a kind smile into a pout, big puppy dog eyes bearing down on Yang.
It’s a weighty request, despite the silliness with which it was delivered, and there’s silence before the black-haired girl acquiesces.
“Go-Eun.” A quiet reveal. “It’s Go-Eun Yang.”
“Go-Eun.” Ruby echoes. She says it a few more times, like she’s running a test drive of the way her mouth moves to make the sounds. She stops and her smile grows wider. “I think that’s really, really pretty.”
“Thank you.” Yang looks away again, suddenly finding it rather difficult to look her friend in the eye. Perhaps it’s because of the way her heart fluttered, though she won’t admit it. “I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t tell anyone,” She quickly adds, looking back up at Ruby. The daughter of Apollo smiles and zips, then locks her lips, tossing the imaginary key away. A mixed gesture, but a welcome one.
“Don’t worry, Y-- Sorry, Go-Eun. Gosh, that’s a nice name to say.” The girl as bright as the sun giggles, and the girl as pale as the moon feels her cheeks redden ever so slightly. “Your secret’s safe with me. But, y’know- So. You don’t have a given name yet, right?”
“I think I have an idea.” Ruby turns once more to the screen, where a black-haired girl who looked startlingly like the daughter of Phobos had just appeared. “So, you know who this is?” She asks her friend, and Yang shakes her head.
“That’s Blake Belladonna,” She says. “She’s one of my favorite characters on the show, and honestly, she’s a lot like you.”
“Yeah!” The blonde-haired girl affirms. “She’s like- really bookish, really cold, kinda distant from everyone-”
“--but once the others get to know her, she pretty much defrosts, and everyone gets to see how great she really is. She’s just an honest nerd who cares a lot about her friend, she’s got a good wit, she’s hugely loyal, and she’s just generally everything you’d want in a girl!”
The daughter of Apollo giggles, but speaks a bit more carefully now- Obviously, it’s a topic that requires a modicum of seriousness. “Well… Call me crazy, but I think… That it would suit you real well. Blake, as a name, that is.”
The daughter of Phobos’s eyebrow arches high. “You want my given name to be from a TV show?” She says, and her friend quickly continues.
“Well, think about it!” She says. “You’ve already got Yang as your last name, and I’ve got Ruby as my first. And Blake’s like... Either someone with dark hair or dark skin, or someone with pale hair or pale skin. All that contrast stuff. You’ve got dark hair and pale skin, plus you’ve already got Yang as your last name. I think it’d work super well!”
It’s a bit more compelling an argument when she puts it like that- enough to give Yang pause. Perhaps Ruby thought of her silence to be offense, and she blinks. “Um, well- Ya know, you don’t have to do it or anything, I just thought it’d be-” “I like it.” A quiet confession that makes the older one pause.
“Uh-- You do?” She queries, and Yang nods.
“Blake Yang,” She echoes. “It’s got a nice feel to it. I like it. I don’t think you’d tell me it if you didn’t think it was a good name, either, and like you said- it suits me.”
“Oh-! Well... Yeah, it does!” Ruby grins wide, the smile spreading from ear to ear, and Blake quietly smiles as well, her cheeks reddening again. Gosh, why did her mouth feel so dry all of a sudden?
“And--” She pauses before she can continue, and takes a breath. “If you like it… I’ll do it.” The flush on her cheeks at that moment could probably combat any heat Apollo could muster, and she looks away again. Ruby’s smile turns gentle, and her laugh, warmer.
“Yang, that means a lot. And I really do think it does suit you. Blake Yang is a kickass name,” She decides, “And if there’s anyone who it suits, it’s probably you.”
“... Yeah?”
“Yeah.” She smiles again, that same smile that always made Yang’s heart skip a beat, and the daughter of Phobos quietly nods. “... Okay.”
“Okay,” The older one echoes. “Blake Yang. Blakey, for short,” She adds to tease her, and if the dark-haired girl’s loud protest of “Stop!” and push is anything to go by, the awkwardness is broken. The two laugh; with smiles on their faces, return to the show. There’s silence as they watch it, and as they do, Blake swallows a lump in her throat and inches closer to her friend’s side. Working up all the courage she possibly could, she rests her head against the daughter of Apollo’s shoulder. Gingerly, at first- And then relaxes into it. Even more so when the daughter of Apollo looks down at what she was doing, smirks, and wraps an arm around her waist, holding her close.
Under the cover of the blankets and the privacy of the Counselor’s room, they hold hands.
At some point, Ruby Doyle asks Blake Yang if she’d like to spend the night and keep watching shows with her. And at some point, Blake Yang agrees. The rest of the night was hazy as far as what they watched went; but Blake reckons she could never really forget how safe she felt under the blankets, back pressed against the daughter of Apollo’s front as they laid down and watched the screen. Could never really forget the comfort she felt when Ruby’s arms wrapped around her waist to hold her close, and could never really forget how she never stopped smiling. And perhaps a bit sadder, she could never forget how only a few days later, the daughter of Apollo was called upon by the Children of Thanatos, and left Blake with little more than a name, memories, and a letter that promised they would meet again.
And with the sweetness of that memory comes a new change. It was so silly, the daughter of Phobos thought as she looked back on it; the fact that she took her given name from a webshow. Yet, it had worked, didn’t it? She had always liked the name Blake, and thought it suited her well regardless of its admittedly childish source. Blake Yang was the name that had grown synonymous with who she was, and it was Blake Yang who had lived in camp.
Ideas that take root are watered daily by the subconscious, and as Blake looked back up at the ceiling again, she realises that perhaps it was New Mycenae where her departure truly started. Where, for the first time, she considered opening the letter her old friend, the one with the blonde hair and a smile like the sun had given her. She had given camp years of her life; when they fought in New York, she put herself well and truly on the verge of sacrifice, and was ready to give it her life itself. No one needs to know how behind her mask, she was growing half-delirious with fever; how her body was shutting down, the nectar only capable of doing so much to sustain her. How she nearly died.
She looks up at her ceiling again, a mask of quiet meditation doing well to keep the storm of her conscience hidden. From the storm comes a quiet revelation, one she has regarded so many times, but now seemed to be more true than ever.
She had given enough.
6:00 AM, and the early morning fog casts its calmness over camp. She slowly changes into her clothes, makes sure that she’s got everything she needs, and casts one final look at the owl sleeping in her bed; gently runs a hand through his hair and gives him a soft, loving kiss. It lasts for far longer than it should, and Blake is well aware of it; but a kiss goodbye had no reason to be rushed.
The quiet is haunting; Blake considers it beautiful. It would be the last time she would be able to appreciate it for a long, long time. She’s gotten dressed; slings her bags over her shoulder, slips a letter under Arthur’s room and leaves. She’s in no rush; takes her time on her slow walk through camp, going to the Hephaestus cabin, then the Ares and Aeolus cabins, and finally, back to her cabin, and to her door. She lingers outside longer than she should before producing her final letter; gives it a long, lingering kiss before slipping it under for the boy within and heading to the porch of the Phobos Cabin. She sits back in her rocking chair, and once more lets her gaze rest over camp as she lights a cigarette, and once more, the warm darkness of the crow’s thought overtakes her.
It was this cabin where she had resided for so long. It was this cabin where she, every so often, would bring her cabinmates together to talk and discuss the problems of the time. Of all her siblings, only the name of Arthur Morse remained in her mind: the others have grown dim, their faces blotted and erased by the feathers of time. He was the only one that showed his potential to her, and she approved of it. The next Blake Yang? No; she would much prefer if he was the next Arthur Morse. There was no need for a Blake Yang at camp anymore.
It was on this very porch in this very chair that she had sat and sought answers to thoughts both borne of primal emotion and of methods to give into them. It was on this very porch, in this very chair, that she would on occasion pull out an extra seat and a pitcher of ice-cold tea for people to join her, to converse in the rare times where Blake wasn’t nearly as intimidating as she often could be. It was here that she first seriously considered the invitation of Ruby Doyle, and pondered on her acceptance.
How long could an old crow stay at her perch, really? For far too long, Blake’s long shadow had cast a pall over the Phobos cabin. She wasn’t someone people considered a friend; she was someone people feared. She couldn’t blame them; after all, she had cultivated that image herself. It was easy to hate; it was difficult to love, and she had found that the former suited her far more than someone trying to be her friend. But how long could a presence like her stay at camp, really? A camp where people were meant to find a new home, a new family. A place where people were meant to be happy and to be ready for the life they were sure to face; the life of a demigod, one of violence and combat, yes, but of glory and success as well. A cracked porcelain doll could not fit in a collection of rag dolls; eventually, you had to get rid of it.
Her time was over. She was part of an old guard, one who had seen more action in a week than those at camp saw in their entire lives. Old soldiers did not die; they faded away. And for a long time now, she had been fading; becoming something more myth than reality. The frightening Counselor of Phobos; her hair as black as ink, her eyes never giving anything away, her acerbic attitude and biting snark matched only by the intimidation people felt from just being around her. Camp had done a good job at keeping the ball rolling, yes, but it was clear; that Counselor could no longer live at camp.
She sighs as she finishes the cigarette.
It was a long time ago that Blake had been something else entirely, a being trapped within her own subconscious as her father’s cruel playtoy. The Vessel of Phobos was an epithet she would prefer dead and buried, and even now, she has no want to even recollect the memories associated with it. She has no reason to remember how long ago, she had destroyed her old..gods, what word could even be used to describe the force of nature known as Thomas Steele? She settles on his name; how long ago, she had shattered the son of war’s very psyche and turned him into a nervous wreck; how long ago, she had nearly brought the demise of her own dearest friend, Jay Jones. How, for long, terrifying months, she had reigned with a black hand and merciless tongue over camp, and how even today, the weight of her father propagated when she entered a room.
There was no need to remember Blake Yang, the Vessel of Phobos.
The old motorcycle she had used so long ago to ride into camp; she still had it in the back of the Phobos cabin, and she goes behind it to pull the tarp off of her old ride. It was a good thing; it would take her where she needed to go, at least. She had a one-way flight to England; there, her friend with the shining smile waited for her. It was there where the Children of Thanatos waited; Blake still didn’t know the details fully, but it was a monster hunting group. It’s super kickass, her friend said. We hunt monsters all over the UK AND get paid doing it. You’d fit right in, Blakey!
Blakey. Pfft. The memory of her old friend calling her that causes her to smile quietly as she slowly walks her motorcycle up to the hill.
This was it- it was a realisation that caused a shiver to go through the stoic daughter of Fear’s body, a wave of sadness that made everything seem poetic in its beauty. The breakfast pavilion; empty, save for a few early risers who were getting their breakfast. The cabins; in just a few more hours, the denizens would wake up and go about their lives, many no less affected by the departure of the Daughter of Phobos. The arena, where people trained and sparred, where many decided to settle their conflicts.
This was the home she was leaving; and had she stayed any longer, she would have never left. And so, it was time to write the final sentences in the chapter of her life that were labelled Camp-Half Blood, and put it aside forever.
She closes her golden eyes, and it is then that Blake Yang dies. With a smile so soft you would think it belonged to Aphrodite herself, and a warmth behind those closed eyelids that dared to challenge Hestia’s heart, she lets herself fade into the infinite ides of memory, buries herself with a soft kiss goodbye and a promise that never again, never again would she allow herself to hurt so much. To suffer so much. To break, and remain in pieces on uncaring ground.
Go-Eun Yang opens her eyes, gets on her motorbike, and leaves.
Her travels before her now-last return to camp were dark and hazy, the lack of focus brought on by the rage that fueled it, the anger that made everything blur as she forged a warpath for her own father. In some way, in some form, Blake Yang had clawed and torn her way back to some semblance of control over her body: and on a stormy, rainy night, she fought her father, the god of fear himself.
And won.
There is no way for a mortal- or demigod, for that matter- to defeat a god, and Blake knew that. But in that hours-long brawl, as she screamed and raged, her throat turning raw, her body burning up as she offered her entire being to the fatal consequences of overcharging her powers, she had managed to do something. Perhaps it was the knife that she had managed to dug into Phobos’s chest; perhaps it was the way, even after he shattered her very mind with an effortless snap, that the fractures that remained still clung to the primal consciousness of battle and resistance. Perhaps it was neither of those things, and Phobos had planned the outcome the very moment Blake had ridden her motorcycle onto that field: but he had surrendered. Even then, ‘surrender’ is far too hefty a word to apply to a god, yet..the fact was that after Blake had spent all her reserves, lay dying in that field, her sanity as shattered as her body, her eyes as empty as her consciousness, the blood staining the field around her, that he snapped his fingers once more. Blake returned with all her capabilities, and he shrugged off everything he had done to her with nary a modicum of effort; and told her two words that she could never forget.
“You win.”
When he left, he took the Vessel of Phobos with him, and left Blake Yang on that field, still unbelieving in her own survival. There was no overwhelming victory, no righteous retribution of daughter finally triumphing over father: a doomed cause would end only one way.
Yet..she had survived. And whatever her father saw in her survival, he deemed it worthy of finally letting her go.
A few weeks later, she buried her old crow Hitchcock, her old friend passing peacefully one night as she recovered from the mental burdens of facing down a god and surviving. And only a short time after that, she came to camp.
A motorcycle can cover a surprising amount of ground in a few minutes, and even as camp shrank into nothingness behind Go-Eun Yang, the thoughts of those within ran through her mind. Faces that she had come to remember; voices that had flooded her ears. The hands she had touched; the voices that she had heard. The chests that she had pressed herself to in the rare hugs she gave, and the memories that had formed when one meets two and they give themselves to each other, even if it only was for a few hours.
In the hour it takes for her motorcycle to go from Long Island to John F. Kennedy International Airport, and in the extra two hours it takes for her to board her one-way flight to London, England, Go-Eun Yang thinks.
She thinks of Jay Jones. Jay Jones, the son of Ares: the one that had grown from boy to man as she grew from girl to woman. Her closest friend was no longer a title that she felt suited him, no. His friendly smiles, that crop of blonde hair that was almost a forewarning of his sunny, boisterous personality, his golden heart that had so often been there for her blackened own were qualities ill-suiting something as small as a best friend.
Perhaps brother was better.
A brother he was, but not by blood, no: that honor would belong to Arthur Morse, who was more like her than one would think. Physically? No, of course not: there, he was the polar opposite of his older sister, a slab of a man with muscle and height that would have easily snapped her china-doll frame in two. Yet, they carried the same look in their eyes; one of stubborn determination, one that screamed of how life had thrown challenge after challenge their way and despite it all, with no reason to respond other than the sheer will to say fuck off and keep going, they did that just. His broad shoulders might have been more suited to carry the weight of the world than hers, but she had not given him such unkindness, no. She had instead given him her knowledge and advice; her outlook on matters both big and small, and been there for him; not as Blake Yang his Counselor, but as Blake Yang his older sister. Her only regret was that their time together was so short; but she’s certain that his calloused hands would carry well the mantle of Counselor, and he would soon prove her right.
Go-Eun Yang thinks of Brandon, an unexpected but welcome entry to her small charter of friends. Their first memory brings a smirk to her lips, as she recalls how he sulked and whined after she told him off for his inappropriately unsafe behaviour in a lesson she ran. Had the fates decided their tale end there, she would have been content; but they had other plans, and over time, Brandon grew as a person, and grew as a friend. Insecurity and weakness gave way under the son of Hephaestus’s iron-clad fist and seasoned him into becoming a more than capable Counselor of his cabin, a boy worthy of carrying on the heritage of the Forge. It was Brandon who served as the second head of logic, and it was he who Blake could rely on for whatever it was she needed. That was enough for her: Blake would never rely on someone that she did not like and trust with all that was left of her heart, and Brandon had done well. Brandon had become her friend, and his presence would be one Blake would miss.
Go-Eun Yang thinks of Mackenzie, sweet little Mackenzie that had almost become a little sister to Blake. Who else could claim that they had the force of nature labelled Blake Yang as someone who served to nurture? A soft spot in her chest had always remained for the daughter of the Winds, for whom she had always had the time of day and night; for whom, she would set aside her own acerbic existence to provide comfort and warmth, for whom she would not spit acid but sweet honey. She had to leave, yes; but she was proud of her little sister. Mackenzie would grow into a wonderful woman, someone capable in her own way, and Blake had done all she could to facilitate it.
Go-Eun Yang thinks of Thomas Steele. Oh, Thomas...brave Thomas. Gentle and destructive Thomas. Friend and enemy Thomas. The Lord of War and man of love, Thomas. Thomas Steele was a man whose existence was a very contradiction, and it was that which, perhaps, made Blake draw to him like a magnet. They were alike, yet not; they were the same, yet wildly different. Whether it was with words or with steel that they greeted one another, they remained constants in each other’s lives, and with his death, Blake felt she had lost a bit of herself. A knife in her gut would be less painful than the last letter he ever gave her; a declaration of her love, one that was surrounded by words that well-suited his devil may care attitude. He had left her behind in the world of living so long ago, but it was now that she, perhaps, left him.
Her last thought before she boards her flight is the one most sweet, for he who would always be last in all her matters and decisions; the seal, the final period at the end of the chapter, the one best suited to close her story. Her last thought belongs to someone who well deserves the weight it carries.
Go-Eun Yang thinks of Andrew Vethos.
Her owl.
Her love.
When she had first came to camp, when she was just Yang, Andrew had been insufferable. She wished for quiet and solace, yet he would arrive every single breakfast to disrupt that with a passing comment that would rub her the wrong way, or with a presence that would serve to irritate her. Yet, time healed all, and when she returned to camp and saw his face, she was thankful; thankful that even if the memories associated with him weren’t good ones, that they belonged to an old face in a sea of new. The affection of seeing someone she recognised would perhaps have just been that..
But the Fates work in strange ways.
Blake wasn’t sure when or how, but she had begun to enjoy having the son of Athena around. He had grown as well; grown into a man of quiet calculations and logical thought, one who would not only see the beginning and end, but of any and all that would happen in-between too. Whereas her demeanor was one of a crow, his was well suited to that of an owl; a little odd, but wise. All-seeing. Ever watchful and ever caring of what was in its sights.
It was he who she gave her heart to.
It was he who could say that he had felt the kiss of Blake Yang on his lips; it was he who could say that he had the head of Blake Yang slumber in his lap. It was he who she spent hours with over old books and libraries; it was he who shared endless mugs of coffee and tea with her. It was he who had pierced layer after layer of heart-bark with his beak and found the core within, and it was he who made that core realise it was still capable of love. It was still capable of care. It was capable of unconditional, unrequired love that had no reason to be other than for its own sake, and it was he who had received the soul-warming results.
It was a blind owl that had perched on the branch that a raggedy crow roosted on, and it was that blind owl to which that raggedy crow gave herself to; and while that raggedy crow may have flown, she had only flown to a different tree, to find them another roost, and while she waited for her owl to return, she would make it a roost worth perching on.
Andrew Vethos was the person that Go-Eun Yang loved. Loved with all her heart and soul; loved with her mind and thoughts, loved with her hands over his, loved with her slumbering form in his arms. It was Andrew Vethos that would forever be the person that she loved, no matter how far the distance to send that gentle emotion would be.
Go-Eun Yang loved Andrew Vethos, and there is no sadness in her heart for leaving him. She would never leave him, not really; she would only move away, content in the unshakable knowledge that he, one day, would follow.
As the flight takes to the skies, Go-Eun Yang watches Long Island disappear behind the clouds and blinks not, wanting her last glance on the place she had called home for so very long to last as long as possible. It’s not until the attendant pleasantly informs her that it was time to put the covering down that she does so, and looks away.
She has thought of all she needs to; there was no need to make peace with a past she has already given that kindness.
And as the tiredness that comes with no sleep finally reaches her, her mind settles on a final, lasting thought that would forever seal her time at camp, would forever seal her experiences, forever seal both the good times and bad, forever seal the people she had met and the things she had done.
As the daughter of Phobos drifts away into the gentle mercies of sleep, Go-Eun Yang decides that if she could do it all over again, she wouldn’t change a single thing.
After several years, more interesting roleplays than I can think of, and the privilege of getting to interact with so many wonderful and talented roleplayers, Yang's story has come to an end! It's been a wild ride, and one with it's ups and downs, but all good things must come to an end, and I'm very happy ending Blake's story here. She's finally achieved what she wanted from camp: her uncomplicated quiet under the sky, and it's time for an old crow to explore new vistas. This post is something I've been dying to do for a long time: running through the people she held dear, solidifying the Blake Yang = Blake Belladonna connection in a silly way but making it work (because when I was younger and not so creative, RWBY is exactly where I got her name from!), and making sure I touched on all the major aspects of her character development while she was here at camp was both fun and a wonderful trip down memory lane.
With Blake's departure, my second long-term character's era of roleplay ends: after having a chance to retire Cy in such a wonderful way, I knew I had to do the same, but even better for my second long-term character, and I'm so very happy with everything I've been able to do with her here! I can only hope that her finale post was something that could possibly bring together the joy it's been to roleplay her, and be something that I was proud to write. I'm sure that when I look back on this post, I'll nitpick and find things I could do better, heh, but for now, Blake and I are on the same page: we're content with what we've done.
If you went through and read the whole thing, thank you! This entire post is fucking 33350 characters. It's crazy: I don't think I've written this much for one post ever.
Blake's story ends, and who knows who's story will be the next one I tell? Let's all just hope it'll be just as good as hers has been!
Have an amazing new year, everybody. It's always been an honor and privilege to be your mod, and it'll always be a pleasure to be a part of this community. <3
With all the warmth my heart can muster,
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Act: 30 / Sat: 1340 GPA: 3.7uw, 4.3w 7 APs: AP Microeconomics, AP US History (5), AP Lang (5), AP Lit, AP Calc AB, AP Spanish, and AP Environmental Science
ECs: Music: Marching band (4 years - Drum Major 12th grade) Jazz Band (2 years) Percussion Ensemble (2 years)
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Other: Varsity Debate (4 years) National Honors Society (2 years) World Language Honors Society (2 years) Math League (2 years) Newspaper (2 years - News Editor 12th grade)
Outside of School: Girl Scouts Sail Camp Instructor (attended camp since 3rd grade)
I also have a youtube channel with over 200k subscribers. The channel revolves around editing on an iPhone and how to grow your personal brand... I wondering if this is interesting enough to admissions officers especially since I am applying for marketing
Awards: Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish 1st Place League Debate Team Schoolastic R (3 years)
I would have applied ED but I can’t afford to gamble. I’m banking on financial aid to go to college.
Any help would be appreciated!!
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2019.10.25 01:12 8fenristhewolf8 Respect Archangel (Marvel, 616)

"Savior... killer... harbinger of hope or destruction... I am unsure who -- or what -- I am. But I'd like to find out."

-- Archangel

Table of Contents

I.   Introduction
II.  Strength
III. Durability
IV. Speed
V. Techno-Organic Wings
VI. Combat

I. Introduction

A. Bio
Archangel is Warren Worthington III, a mutant and one of the founding members of the X-Men. Warren was born to astounding wealth as the heir to the Worthington business empire, but he didn't let his privileged upbringing dampen his compassion for his fellow man and mutant. Warren plunged headfirst into heroics--saving his boarding school classmates from a fire and subsequently creating a superhero identity as the Avenging Angel. His solo career was short lived, however. Xavier quickly located him and recruited Warren to the X-Men as Angel.
As Angel, Warren is a courageous and loyal (if somewhat hotheaded) member of the X-teams who has contributed in countless battles to protect innocent humans and mutants alike. However, during one such struggle, Warren received severe injuries and lost his wings. In a fit of despair, he sought to end his life, but the mutant villain Apocalypse intervened. He restored Warren with celestial technology, giving him lethal techo-organic wings and turning him into a killing machine known as Archangel, the Horseman of Death.
Warren has regained tenuous control over his murderous Archangel personality, but Apocalypse's changes have proven long lasting. The techno-organics are bonded to him at a cellular level, and he can shift into Archangel, replete with bladed wings and a colder personality. At times, the Archangel persona has reasserted himself, and at one point he even sought to end life on Earth as the new Apocalypse. Still, Warren/Archangel generally continues to fight to protect a world that hates and fears the X-Men.
B. Powers
Warren has mutant physiology that grants him superhuman abilities, most frequently:
Note: for some very brief periods, Warren's powers have undergone changes:

II. Strength

A. Wings
B. Personal

III. Durability

A. Wings
B. Personal

IV. Speed

A. Flying and Wings
B. Personal

V. Techno-Organic Wings

A. Pinions
B. Neurotoxin
C. Wing Sentience

VI. Combat

A. General Ability, Efficacy, Examples
B. Typical Tactics, Strategies, etc
C. Notable Fights
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2019.09.11 03:01 Timothyisstupid Female only Boy Scout troop collapses

I apologize for any errors in writing I am on mobile. I am the son of a female scoutmaster for a female troop. I participate in boyscouts currently and my sister joined my mothers troop. For months I discussed with my mother why I’m not comfortable not only with them renting on our campgrounds but going on every single trip with us. I am not a bad kid Boy Scouts is like my release where I can let loose and talk with good people who I see as my role models and mentors. My mother took my sister on a trip that normally in a boys troop you have to be of a rank (tenderfoot) to participate in. Their entire troop participated while under rank, Naturally it was just going to be alight with the boys at a rock climbing place, under normal circumstances we can stay up the entire night but this time we couldn’t because we were to loud and the girls were complaining. Every following trip we went on they came with us now this might not seem that bad and I seem annoying but the girls don’t leave me alone they flirt with me all the time and I try to explain I am in a relationship right now but they ignore me and say: „It doesn’t matter“. I cannot talk to my mother about it or else I wouldn’t be a „man“. Anyways fast forwarding months later we moved from ca to nj so a new troop leader was found. Almost every girl left because it turned into not Boy Scouts but cub scouts where they did arts and crafts and have not been camping in the last 2 months. Naturally in the beginning they needed guidance as a new troop so one of my troop leaders volunteered and after my mom left they kicked him out. I’m sorry if this is against the rules here I hope this makes some sort of sense if you have questions I will reply
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2019.08.31 03:23 alexa3918 Super frustrated and can use some help!

Hey I’m trying to narrow down colleges. I need some ideas for schools because I’m kinda lost. I also need some help with my list of schools below. I’m not sure if they’re categorized correctly. Girl, NJ
Here are my stats:
GPA 3.7/4 unweighted 4.3/5 weighted Rank: 20th
APS 5s on AP Lang and AP US History
1340 SAT / 30 ACT
CLASSES: AP classes I am taking/have taken: Ap Micro, ap lang, ap us history, ap environmental science,ap lit, ap calc, ap spanish
All my other classes have been honors
Accomplishments/Positions: -National Honors Society -World Language Honor Society -Scholastic R -Drum Major -Class President (2 years) -Treasurer (1 year)
Clubs/Sports: -Jazz Band -Marching Band -Varsity Debate -Sailing Camp Counselor / Sailing -Girl Scouts -Deca (1 year)
I also have a youtube channel with over 200k subs based around marketing, video editing, and similar stuff. I want to go to college for it.
WHAT I WANT: Intended major: marketing suburban/urban area east cost hopefully -sailing club team and marching or jazz band
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