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The Best & Largest STD Dating Site & App for People with Herpes (HSV-1, HSV-2), HPV, HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis. Join for FREE and meet singles with STDs ... payment & technical issues should be directed to customer service. where can i get help on some med for herpes. Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Oct 30, 2018 In addition, daily suppressive therapy (i.e. daily use of antiviral medication) for herpes can reduce the likelihood of transmission to partners. Several clinical trials have tested vaccines against genital herpes infection, but there is currently no commercially available vaccine that is protective against genital herpes infection. One vaccine ... The most trusted dating service for people with Herpes, Genital warts, hsv1, hsv2, Hepatitis, Chancroid, Chlamydia, Crabs, HIV/AIDS, Herpes, HPV, hepatitis, gonorrhea ... A search on the Internet for 'herpes dating' will turn up several. WebMD Medical Reference Reviewed by Traci C. Johnson, MD on August 28, 2020. Sources. Dating med - Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a man online who is single and looking for you. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this article is for you. Register and search over 40 million singles: voice recordings. Dealing with someone that offers dating sites give best people herpes hsv-1 and hpv H-Date is the best dating sites for free and find those who have hsv singles with Herpes Online dating offers a std to singles living with an STD and feeling daunted by the dating landscape Bonnie intends to beautiful in My laptop got engaged to access all ... 'Since we don't have a gay dating service (for guys with herpes),outta curiousity I did a quick search of all the gay ads on twodating service for guys who post their status (using either key words hsv or herpes). I searched for guys 18-99 within 20 miles of a zip code within each city. This service is anonymous and confidential. Please only ask questions about STDs, dating advice and emotional / psychological issues here. Questions about website features, payment & technical issues should be directed to customer services. Dr. Peter Leone responds: Great point. We know that nearly 20 percent of adults in the United States have genital herpes due to the type 2 herpes simplex virus, or HSV-2, yet only 10 percent to 15 percent are aware of their infection.

PLEASE HELP me solve this medical MYSTERY (long)

2019.11.21 19:28 Deroita PLEASE HELP me solve this medical MYSTERY (long)

I have been trying to solve my mom's medical mystery for years and have taken her to a dozen doctors who tell me her ailments are coincidental and unrelated, and it seems nobody can help me.
My mom is 67 years old. She has had minor emotional problems her entire life, including anxiety, fears of abandonment, separation anxiety, etc. Dating back to childhood. She lost both her parents as a young adult, and had severe post partum depression 40 years ago. She was a stay at home mom and functioned wonderfully for 30 years, and in the last 10-15 years, her emotional problems have become significantly more severe, (since her children were out of the house and she was alone all day), culminating in textbook Borderline Personality Disorder in the last 5 years or so. Multiple doctors have confirmed that she displays all of the diagnostic criteria for BPD, and in moments of lucidity, she herself admits this.
A few years ago she began drinking heavily and for roughly 1-2 years, she drank hard liquor in massive quantities (like a liter of vodka a day - she is 4'9" and weighs 115 lbs), when we spilled out the liquor, she began drinking Listerine in large quantities until she could buy more liquor. At the same time, she was abusing Valium, and a cocktail of other medications prescribed (Zoloft, Risperidone, Gabapentin, etc) to her by psychiatrists who wrote scripts for drug after drug, without any understanding of what was actually wrong with her. In addition, she has an amazing ability to turn on and off her BPD style "meltdowns" and "episodes" so she convinces the psychiatrists that the meds are helping her, in order to get more. When we got her to stop drinking (roughly Fall 2017) she started abusing OTC meds such as Benadryl, Sominex, melatonin, and other cold meds that she says “take the edge off.” The alcohol and med abuse were all in pursuit of fixing what she claims is overwhelming anxiety 24/7. We finally took her off all meds (since she was abusing them all and they weren't helping) and (with her neurologist) gave her a placebo that she could pop as often as necessary (Thiamine) and told her it would help with anxiety. She then abused that, taking up to 1000mg a day of it. A Neuropsychiatrist then prescribed a very low dose of Prozac, thinking it might help even her out. It didn't. She still occasionally takes benadryl.
In the last 2 years, she has developed a SEVERE short term memory issue. She does not remember anything short term anymore (her long term memory is intact). She will ask the same question 6 times in a single minute, and if given a hint, she usually still does not remember. Her cognitive function is severely impaired. She can no longer execute simple tasks. For example she has trouble cooking meals she has been making for 40 years and cannot follow a recipe, has trouble following the car GPS. Or she will walk into the supermarket with a list of 5 items and walk out with $200 in groceries but not the ones on the list, or call from the store claiming to be "frightened and disoriented." She walks around all day long looking for things she misplaced (her purse, her phone), back and forth room to room, obsessed with finding these things, only to eventually find them, move them to somewhere else, and then start looking for them all over again five minutes later. She often does not know what month it is or even what season it is (she will go out and buy holiday gifts for her grandchildren in October and be confused as to why she can’t find holiday wrapping paper in the stores), or if you ask her what month it is she will say she doesn't know or guess a month in the wrong season. When she is in social settings she is able to feign cognition and act normal, attempts to participate in conversations, etc. When she is home she stares blankly into space or at the TV without having any idea what is going on around her.
For approximately 40 years, she has suffered from chronic severe UTIs (much worse in the last 5 years) despite continued use of antibiotics and OTC Azo. She has also been diagnosed as having an immunodeficiency, and about 6 years ago she had a random bout of Herpes Esophagitis that resulted in her being hospitalized for several days. She has had skin issues (recurrent sores on her arms and legs and torso), circulatory issues (Raynaud’s Syndrome), and hematology issues (if she bumps her hand on something she have a giant bruise or will bleed profusely). About 35 years ago she also had a head trauma (car accident where her head went into the windshield). For roughly 25 years she took asprin every morning, used Afrin type nasal spray 20 times a day, and took melatonin every night to go to sleep. She went through menopause late (60).
She has had a battery of cognitive tests and scans/MRIs and the results have shown no Alzheimer's or dementia, and no alcohol related brain damage, but rather have shown an improvement in memory categories, and a decline in executive function. The diagnosis from the cognitive testing is Mild Cognitive Impairment. She has had tons of CBCs and blood work ups showing no vitamin deficiencies or anything similar. She has a family history of Multiple Myeloma (her mother and 2 uncles). Her current neurologist believes that the memory/cognitive impairment is a result of the depression and mental illness and internal turmoil she suffers from (because she can't focus and doesn't listen). But we think there is something else going on, neurologically or otherwise physiologically. There are just too many things going on that cannot be coincidental.
There are so many different things happening that we have not been able to find a doctor who understands all of it, and she is getting worse day by day. Her BPD "episodes" (crying, screaming, incessant texting, calling, emailing) are now constant - no longer weekly episodes but now a constant state of being with only short spurts of normal behavior in social settings or when she is playing with her grandchildren. Her cognitive function is getting worse every day, and I would say her mental state is in crisis mode 85-90% of the time.
She has never been able to keep a therapist or psychiatrist for more than a short time (or any type of professional) because she has behavioral outbursts, or starts fights with them, threatens to sue them, gets kicked out of their offices, etc. This applies to basic service providers like painters or accountants. She has a tumultuous interpersonal relationship with everyone.
She has done 3 stints in a hospital partial hospitalization program, which is a mental health day program that focuses on BPD and addiction. The program has not helped her at all, except for the fact that she shows minor improvement when she is busy all day doing something. She cannot do a DBT program because she can’t follow the skills lessons, cannot do the homework, and can’t remember what is taught in order to apply it. One of the biggest obstacles we have with her is that we cannot find anything for her to do during the day. She sits home alone all day long every single day with no activity and no interaction. We tried getting her a job and several volunteer jobs but she got fired on the first day from all of them (basically as soon as they realize something is not right). We tried getting her into an adult day program but cannot find one appropriate for her since she is too high functioning for adult day care or an Alzheimer’s program, but not high functioning enough to volunteer at one.
She still drives on her own (passed a neurologist ordered driving test) and cares for her self independently with no problem.
I know in my heart there is a connection between the UTIs, immunodeficiency, skin sores, and cognitive impairment. I will go to the ends of the earth to try to help her. In a short time she went from being mother of the year to being an unstoppable force of destruction in our lives and a shell of a person. I am desperate to treat her.
Summary - Coexisting ailments:
Chronic UTIs, Cognitive Impairment, Short term memory loss, Borderline Personality Disorder (no official diagnosis), previous drug/alcohol abuse, (seasonal?) skin sores, herpes esophagitis, immunodeficiency, easy bruising/bleeding, history of excessive asprin, melatonin, and afrin use (daily), family history of Multiple Myeloma.
Prescription/OTC drugs: Below is a list of all drugs, supplements, and other substances she has used at various times, both with and without prescriptions, in the past. Currently she is only taking Prozac (10mg) and Rosuvastatin (10mg) and Nitrofurantoin (maintenance dose).
Black Cohash
St. Johns Wort
Primrose Oil
B1- Thiamine (massive doses)
Alcohol a liter per day for at least 9-12 months
Cannibis Oils
Tylenol & Codeine
Concentrated Cranberry Capsules
Azo - Pyridium
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2019.04.30 04:01 pnglctc Currently having my first GHSV breakout. Exhausted, painful, uncomfortable, drained and all of the above. Looking for advice/reassurance. Please help.

I’ll try not to make this lengthy but I’ve never been the best at telling a long story short and I’m emotional/scared. I just want to give all the details so I can get the best responses fit for my situation.
TLDR; Thought I had a hemorrhoid, then a skin infection, took/applied medication that made everything worse, saw another Doctor who told me he was almost positive it’s herpes. It’s my first outbreak and I’m in excruciating pain to the point of being unable to move. Looking for any words of reassurance/advice. if desired skip to paragraph 8 for more details without the history
My boyfriend and I have been dating for about two years, about a year ago we started being irresponsible with protected sex. After many discussions, we both came to the conclusion it feels better for both parties, we understood the risks and were willing to deal with the potential consequences. We’d both been tested before and came back clean. Mine was shortly before I met him (no partners in between), his was a few partners before me but told me he had no concerns in that area and I trusted he wouldn’t lie to me about something like that. I was okay with this and still chose to have unprotected sex.
Fast forward to last Wednesday. I work long hours as a nurse and towards the end of my shift, I felt some itching/discomfort when walking and getting up and down. When I returned home, I checked myself out to find a small bump on the outside of my anus. A few months ago, I got my first hemorrhoid and it felt extremely similar to that. I rolled my eyes, grabbed some Prep H and painfully stuck it up my ass.
In the two days following, the discomfort was not subsiding in any way at all. I’ve had a hemorrhoid before along with plenty of close friends that I’ve gone through the journey with, and I knew that my pain was supposed to be almost gone by now. I immigrated to the US from Europe when I was younger and unfortunately lived without health insurance for about 12 years. I have been conditioned to wait it out as long as you can without seeing a medical professional, which caused me to overlook this unusual discomfort and manage to convince myself it was probably just an angrier hemorrhoid than the one I had before. (I now have a very good health insurance)
The next day, pain was to the point where I could barely walk. I kept putting Prep H on looking for some relief (afraid to use anything else) and asked my boyfriend to take a look because I couldn’t get a good angle of it myself. He took a picture for me and I got alarmed. I saw white, open sores near my anus, going towards the opening of my vagina. And a lot of inflammation.
I immediately freaked out and used a service that comes with my health insurance where I can FaceTime with a doctor and they are able to diagnose the best they can/prescribe medication. After a very awkward video chat, a doctor told me it looked like an infection I couldn’t pronounce the name of and he prescribed me some kind of antibiotics, mupirocin ointment cream to apply on the sores and instructed me to keep applying the Prep H. It was too late to pick up my prescription as it was almost midnight so I set an alarm to wake up early and grab them.
I wake up the next morning in agonizing pain. Burning, stinging, headache, severe fatigue as if I had participated in the Tour De France the night before. I asked my mum to pick up my prescriptions and immediately started treatment looking for relief. After a few hours, it felt worse. I found some hydrocodone from an old tooth extraction and took two out of desperation and pain.
The days in between that one ^ and yesterday were spent looking at the pictures my boyfriend was taking for me every few hours, crying in my bed, taking old pain meds and looking up stuff on my phone till my eyes hurt. My first thought after accepting the fact it was more than a hemorrhoid was of course a STD. Irritation and open sores on my genitalia, what else could it possibly be? However, I was confident in what the doctor told me over the phone and nothing I could find on the internet looked like my issue. (I’m a nurse and still go to Dr. Google for reassurance, can’t help it)
Yesterday, the pain was more unbearable than ever and it looked scary in appearance. Open sores everywhere. Burning, itching, the whole nine yards but times ten. Of course I wait until Sunday to try and go to an actual doctor, so the only place open was an urgent care. After describing my symptoms, the doctor wanted to do an exam and some swabs/sample testing. The exam was extremely painful, all of it. The doctor touching anywhere down there, the device he inserted to obtain the sample, I was screaming/bawling/hyperventilating until he was done. He asked my boyfriend to step out of the room and I felt the news coming. He said we still have to wait for the test results to come back of course, but he disclosed to me that I was showing all the clinical signs of herpes. Additionally, what the other doctor prescribed me apparently made my symptoms worse.
At first I was distraught, confused, angry and many other similar emotions. My boyfriend was able to calm me down and I came to terms with the facts. I was ready to get my medications, get rid of this pain and start educating myself on all of this.
If you’ve made it this far, I thank you so much for your time and felt like that history needed to be included. This where I need some real help.
Nothing has improved, in any way. The ONLY thing that has kept me from weeping constantly from pain has been controlled substances. However, I only have one more left to get me through the tonight. I know the pain will wake me up in the morning, I know I won’t be able to move, I know I will hold my urine as long as possible to avoid the agonizing burning, I know I will be crying, I know I’ll have a headache and I’m fucking scared.
This is my first outbreak, so I know it’s the worse which is a relief, but I literally cannot function. I’m going to be on my second day of the antibiotics tomorrow. I have been doing everything instructed except drinking water because I’m trying to avoid using the bathroom. And taking baths because my boyfriend doesn’t have a bath where he lives, only a shower. Any article I look up online tells me the only thing that really relieves symptoms is sitting in warm water, which I cannot do. And even if I could, I can’t do it for 10 hours a day. I’ve also tried a warm/cool compress, both of which are painful when coming into contact with my skin.
I’m not looking for someone magical to come along and clear my outbreak (although would be nice if anyone knows a guy), but I just have a few questions.
  1. How long can I expect to hurt in this way? I have no problem with minor irritation/discomfort but this is severe and constant.
  2. Are there any tips/tricks that helped any of you during your first outbreak to relieve symptoms/speed up the healing process? Especially when needing to use the bathroom? (Tried pouring water on myself during urination but still screamed out in pain)
  3. I physically cannot touch the area or around it but I know I’m supposed to wash with non scented soap and warm water. I’ve just been putting the shower head near the area and letting the water drip down, opening my legs as much as I can bear. Do you think this is okay, should I be using soap or am I spending too much time thinking about something that doesn’t make much of a difference?
I appreciate anyone who took the time to read this and respond. I am open to ANY suggestions/tips/advice for the future.
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2018.12.31 17:42 EdenAvalon X-post r/PetLoss I blame myself for the deaths of 4 cats over 4 years and can’t take it anymore

Tl;dr at bottom but if any of you could please take the time to read this all, I would appreciate it. I’m teetering on the edge right now and don’t know if I deserve to see this new year.
Animal control demanded to ask if I had any other pets. For reasons I’d rather not disclose, even a small interaction with law enforcement is very dangerous for my family. Afraid of this, I let the officer see our three cats: Merlin (12), Shiro (13) and Puss (12). This event would contribute to the deaths of the other three.
The only vet we could afford to take him to at the time was a local humane society. We’d take him for antibiotics, his upper respiratory would clear up for a few weeks and then it would come back. First we’d take him every time it came back but eventually I
  1. Was too lazy to get up at 7am to wait in line at the humane society
  2. Didn’t want to spend all my money on something that only temporarily seemed to help him
  3. Knew that because he had herpes and feline asthma, the treatment was really only useful when the URI developed a secondary infection.
I was a teenager, lazy and irresponsible. I selfishly aggravated his asthma by not taking him every single month for the antibiotics. About 6 years passed in this manner.
Puss would fluctuate between being well and looking ill. About two years before he passed away, when he was around 11 - I suddenly noticed that he had lost a lot of weight. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me sooner. I guess it was so gradual until one day it hit me.
We took him to the vet and after a lot of thought we agreed to try and fight. We got him on two antibiotics, they gave him fluids and heavy calorie food. For two days he wouldn’t eat until it occurred to a family member to buy some treats he’d been given for years before we stopped buying “unhealthy” food. He ate! Then he ate a pepperoni. Gradually we fattened him up with a combination of kitten food and higher fat cat food. It was wonderful to see him gain nearly 4lbs over the course of a year.
During this time it was clear he needed dental work, but it was a risk. Due to the constant URI an asthma, he had developed scarring in his lungs. Eventually he developed a wheeze which we followed up on with various specialists. Eventually a CT scan revealed his nasal passages had essentially collapsed from the constant blockages. That is to say, I should have gotten every upper respiratory treated because the prolonged damage hurt him. He also needed extensive dental work and had an ear infection. After much deliberation we spent about 8k total on surgery to fix all these issues, knowing the risks. Puss failed to thrive post surgery. I resorted to giving him two month old subcutaneous fluids that had been used once (with a sterile line and needle obviously) when his vet couldn’t squeeze him in and I was desperate to hydrate him. He was already feverish. Despite being on antibiotics at the time, this was clearly a horrible call on my part. I should have hospitalized him then but to be honest we didn’t want to spend any more money for reasons involving the other cats. The vet had already kept puss overnight pro-bono, and the dentist had done the work for free as well and we could not push for any more charity. A week later he woke up clearly dizzy. I called his vet desperate and they suggested a human OTC med in a small dose.I rushed out and got it, gave it to him. Later that day he went into respiratory arrest. He passed away in my sisters arms. We had called a home euthanasia service but they didn’t make it in time. His last moments were spent struggling to breathe. This death, aside from that of Shak, was so much my fault that I won’t blame any of you for calling me a monster. I feel like one. I should have taken him to be hospitalized again but I didn’t do so.
I am constantly contemplating suicide. These were my babies. For years the only reason I didn’t kill my self was because I knew they needed me. Ultimately, their deaths were all my fault and I hate myself. I’ve been in therapy for almost 15 years. I’m medicated. My family is abusive and did not help financially with the pets although they were not cruel when they passed away. I can live with a lot of my life issues but I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s been four years since Merlin and Puss passed away, two since Shiro. I can’t let go. No amount of therapy has helped. I can never make up for what I did or didn’t do. I miss my boys.
The political climate has robbed me of my future. Mental illness has robbed me of the ability to connect normally. Family abuse has stunted my emotional and social development. I have no one but my sister, who is independently wealthy and had detached from my suicidal feelings. I have no friends. I only lived for those cats. 15 years of therapy and meds, two attempts later and I still can’t shake the urge to end it.
Tl;dr: I handed over a docile stray to be euthanized because of a fear of law enforcement. I neglected long term treatment of one cat and the surgery to treat the results resulted in a failure to thrive post surgery which I likely aggravated with old sub-q fluids. I worry that rushed and stressful treatment of two cats brought on illness resulting in death, separate incidents. I can’t stand the guilt. I am a monster. Therapy and meds haven’t helped. I don’t want to see the new year. I’m not going exaggerating when I say I have nothing left.
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2018.12.31 17:31 EdenAvalon I blame myself for 4 cat’s deaths and can’t take the guilt anymore

Tl;dr at bottom but if any of you could please take the time to read this all, I would appreciate it. I’m teetering on the edge right now and don’t know if I deserve to see this new year.
Animal control demanded to ask if I had any other pets. For reasons I’d rather not disclose, even a small interaction with law enforcement is very dangerous for my family. Afraid of this, I let the officer see our three cats: Merlin (12), Shiro (13) and Puss (12). This event would contribute to the deaths of the other three.
The only vet we could afford to take him to at the time was a local humane society. We’d take him for antibiotics, his upper respiratory would clear up for a few weeks and then it would come back. First we’d take him every time it came back but eventually I
  1. Was too lazy to get up at 7am to wait in line at the humane society
  2. Didn’t want to spend all my money on something that only temporarily seemed to help him
  3. Knew that because he had herpes and feline asthma, the treatment was really only useful when the URI developed a secondary infection.
I was a teenager, lazy and irresponsible. I selfishly aggravated his asthma by not taking him every single month for the antibiotics. About 6 years passed in this manner.
Puss would fluctuate between being well and looking ill. About two years before he passed away, when he was around 11 - I suddenly noticed that he had lost a lot of weight. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me sooner. I guess it was so gradual until one day it hit me.
We took him to the vet and after a lot of thought we agreed to try and fight. We got him on two antibiotics, they gave him fluids and heavy calorie food. For two days he wouldn’t eat until it occurred to a family member to buy some treats he’d been given for years before we stopped buying “unhealthy” food. He ate! Then he ate a pepperoni. Gradually we fattened him up with a combination of kitten food and higher fat cat food. It was wonderful to see him gain nearly 4lbs over the course of a year.
During this time it was clear he needed dental work, but it was a risk. Due to the constant URI an asthma, he had developed scarring in his lungs. Eventually he developed a wheeze which we followed up on with various specialists. Eventually a CT scan revealed his nasal passages had essentially collapsed from the constant blockages. That is to say, I should have gotten every upper respiratory treated because the prolonged damage hurt him. He also needed extensive dental work and had an ear infection. After much deliberation we spent about 8k total on surgery to fix all these issues, knowing the risks. Puss failed to thrive post surgery. I resorted to giving him two month old subcutaneous fluids that had been used once (with a sterile line and needle obviously) when his vet couldn’t squeeze him in and I was desperate to hydrate him. He was already feverish. Despite being on antibiotics at the time, this was clearly a horrible call on my part. I should have hospitalized him then but to be honest we didn’t want to spend any more money for reasons involving the other cats. The vet had already kept puss overnight pro-bono, and the dentist had done the work for free as well and we could not push for any more charity. A week later he woke up clearly dizzy. I called his vet desperate and they suggested a human OTC med in a small dose.I rushed out and got it, gave it to him. Later that day he went into respiratory arrest. He passed away in my sisters arms. We had called a home euthanasia service but they didn’t make it in time. His last moments were spent struggling to breathe. This death, aside from that of Shak, was so much my fault that I won’t blame any of you for calling me a monster. I feel like one. I should have taken him to be hospitalized again but I didn’t do so.
I am constantly contemplating suicide. These were my babies. For years the only reason I didn’t kill my self was because I knew they needed me. Ultimately, their deaths were all my fault and I hate myself. I’ve been in therapy for almost 15 years. I’m medicated. My family is abusive and did not help financially with the pets although they were not cruel when they passed away. I can live with a lot of my life issues but I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s been four years since Merlin and Puss passed away, two since Shiro. I can’t let go. No amount of therapy has helped. I can never make up for what I did or didn’t do. I miss my boys.
Tl;dr: I handed over a docile stray to be euthanized because of a fear of law enforcement. I neglected long term treatment of one cat and the surgery to treat the results resulted in a failure to thrive post surgery which I likely aggravated with old sub-q fluids. I worry that rushed and stressful treatment of two cats brought on illness resulting in death, separate incidents. I can’t stand the guilt. I am a monster. Therapy and meds haven’t helped. I don’t want to see the new year. I’m not going exaggerating when I say I have nothing left.
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2017.03.12 17:24 egirlthrowaway I am terribly ableist [remorse] [tough love]

I am really upset by my emotions on this and I truly dislike how I feel.
My mom had a stroke when I was 14. She was probably in her mid 40s at this point. She became hemiplegic and needed lots and lots of constant care. She didn't really like strangers at home so it was a battle to accept 8 hours a day of home attendant care. On top of this, we didn't get a home attendant at night. So she has to pee maybe 5-6 times a night. Getting her bloated, blobbery 350 lb ass out of bed was a herculean undertaking, and we didn't have a lift. I fantasized of limiting her liquid intake so I could get some peace and sleep. That not being enough, I had to wake an extra hour or so before school to get her diva highness dressed, this was often accompanied by screaming, tantrums and verbal abuse. She was also zealously religious, which was it's own form of hell. Also, every time I'd made some money/got a job, she'd demanded it out of me. I didn't get to enjoy many things as a teenager or go out much. I skipped classes to nap. I married when I was 19 and in college. She acted like a wedding diva and treated my event like a personal cash and gift grab for herself. That bitches favorite word is "gimme" with no thank you ever, so I refer to her as a fat, sarcastic, burdensome two year old. But two year olds are easy to carry and look adorable covered in food.
Ok, so I'm married. I stay married for a good 10 years, but that's a whole ball of wax for a different post. We live with my grandfather in law to care for him, he's in his 80s, blind, mostly independent. 80% of the time a complete delight. He did have a temper on him though, but of all the folks I'd had to care for he was both the oldest and the easiest. He had the most interesting stories of days gone by and I still miss him so much.
Sometime after my divorce, I start dating my best friend. A hemiplegic dude in a wheelchair in his 40s, he's funny, lovely and caring, but unfortunately he has what I call "stroke-hole" tendencies. We go out and have a good time, but he thinks it's amusing to make me race and chase his wheelchair at the shopping mall to the point I need my inhaler. He thinks it's okay to insult people at parties because his wheelchair makes him immune to being punched in the face. He thinks it's okay to yell at and flamboyantly tantrum at customer service people. He eventually turns on me. It's almost as if he think people who are able to walk have very la di da lives and are the enemy to bend and break for his amusement.
Several boyfriends later...
I meet a young, dashing metal head pharmacist who is funny, kind and charming. He has fibro myalgia and back pain, but those don't really seem like very big problems. His back problem gets worse, over the years he acquires more and more mystery illnesses and is constantly in "pain". In addition to working and having my own disabilities i cant burden people with, i have to do all the housework and give in to all his whims cause his bipolar makes him tantrum and wheedle like a small child. I take him to doctor after doctor. He gets a hip replacement this past december. I hope things get better, cause I've got total caregiver ptsd, compassion fatigue and I can clearly no longer care. They dont. We get a spinal cord thing in his back, that makes things crazy, we run out of cash and fmla. He claims he has herpes last week, last night it's now skin cancer. I don't really care, just stop fucking dawdling you tard and get ready for work, I hate this 3 hour morning ordeal.
Where I'm at, and my stereotypes on disabled people.
Right now, I myself have schizophrenia, ocd, bad eyesight, a sprained ankle I'm in an aircast for, bad knees cause I was once sporty, wheezing that needs the puffer every day, migraines and parkinsonism symptoms from meds I'm taking. I burden no one with any of this. My very besties know, but I ask no one for help, cause I see how burdensome people are treated. I treat them that way myself.
*People who have had strokes are stroke holes now. They are unaware of how unpleasant they are and they can't control it.
*Being a wheelchair user should not be a "be a douche bag with no consequences free" card.
*Physically disabled people have a special knack for knowing exactly when you've just sat down or lay down and get in the right comfortable position. ... oh, they know EXACTLY when this happens. They can never get comfy, so they can't bear to see anyone comfy EVER so they immediately scream for you to run and get something immediately.
*I'm never allowed to show how I really feel. "I'm sick! I need this! I need that!" Good morning america! What else is new? What the fuck is wrong now. What fresh hell am I coming home to.
*Tired of apologizing in advance for my loved one being a bit of a diva.
*add on/expectations creep. You start out doing two tasks for the person cause you love them. 3 years later, because you were a nice person, you did a few more things, then a few more. You don't see it happening, but now you are a full slave with no life or self of your own.
*I fully understand why parents of God's special snow angels often murder suicide themselves and their children. They see their lives stretching out to deep oblivion with a loveless, useless creature with no rescue in sight.
*I also fully understand why a family caregiver often dies before the disabled vampire does. You just no longer give a damn enough to care for yourself, you skip doctors appointments, your own scripts and food to shove resources and fucks you no longer have down a bottomless well that will never be sated. Jokes on the vampire though! Once I'm dead, yer going to a state home. Now do ya wish you gave me a break now and then and didn't ride my fucking jock so hard? Thought so.
*Dr. Anna Pou absolutely made the right decisions at Memorial during Hurricane Katrina.
*Doctor assisted suicide should be legal. If I go hemiplegic, kill me. It would be a worse fate to see the hate, spite and resentment in the eyes of someone who once loved me.
Yeah, I'm a terrible person and a completely gnarled, twisted monster at this point and, hey, if you need an outlet for your rage at my writing, if it makes you feel better, rant at me and let me know I'm going to "super hell" it's not like I hadn't heard it before. I know that judging people feels great. I've done it myself.
What I need, if it can be given- advice on how I can reverse these terrible feelings. I used to be a good, kind person, and I want to be one again.
Thanks for listening, friends.
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2016.08.16 07:32 CleverDuck Welcome to The Thunderdome. [[aka, the new student survival thread]]

HEY Y'ALL! Happy Move-in!

It is Wednesday and I have just made a bunch of edits to this post. I have added them as "indented quotes." . . .

Welcome to CU

I know this post is huge, but bear with me-- Sooo, who the fuck am I to give you advice? Well, no one, but I'm your mod and I have this cool ability to "sticky" posts. ;P Okay, but in all seriousness: I've been in University since 2009 (CU since Jan 2015), I've seen a fucking lot, and I'd like to share things that will make your life better. I hope y'all at least scan through this thread and gain something useful. Special thanks to my co-preacher, elysianfields14 , for tossing in some additional tips.

Freshman!!!: Congrats, you have made it to University.

Yes, you are "Fish" now.
  • Most of the "difficult courses" have Help Desks hosted by their department. "What's a Help Desk?" Help Desks are studying areas where Grad students are paid to sit there awaiting your arrival. They help with homework, studying tips, clarifying topics, etc. Please go to the help desks (and share your food with the Grad students; they're always hungry).
  • GO TO OFFICE HOURS Profs won't bite-- so go fucking talk to them. Asking for clarification may save you hours of "trying to figure out wtf your prof was talking about" on your own. Even if you don't have specific questions, just bring them a piece of HW and ask why you missed a few points, or if you "did this problem correctly." Hell, some of my profs have office hours in large conference rooms, and so I just sit in there studying. I don't always have questions, but I love overhearing other people's questions.
  • Utilize the Writing Center. They proofread your papers (any papers, any major, any style of writing) and give you advice on content, grammar, flow, formatting, use of citations, etc. The service is free for all students and staff.
. Hey! How do I make Friends outside of class/my dorm?!
What cool stuff is there around campus?
. Biking around Campus

Serious moment here: STAY HEALTHY.

University can be difficult, stressful, lonely, isolating.... that's normal. It is also normal for many mental "abnormalities" to spring up in late teens to mid-twenties (conveniently during the most stressful time of your life). . PLEASE do not risk your entire college career (plus your future professional career) because you were too damn stubborn//in denial//unaware//whatever-you-want-to-call-it to fix up your brain.
Keep your body healthy, too: I'm "one of those" who doesn't go into a doctor until I'm on the brink of death. Don't be like this-- you're shooting yourself in the foot.
. . . FUCK YEAH! PARTY! Welcome to university, we drink beer and stuff like that. If you don't want to, that's cool. Nobody minds, it is your choice. If you do, try not to be an asshole.
  • Please, keep yourselves safe. Most sexual attacks happen by people the victim knows (you've heard this before, and you're hearing it again because it is true.). Try not to think of this situation as "one day your buddy shows up at your dorm and rapes you," but as "you're at a house party, you're now on the brink of black-out drunk, and that person you know is getting more and more handsy until-- boom. you don't know. you can't remember anything. you've blacked out and he is now raping you and you can't do anything about it." Or similarly, someone has slipped something in your drink and boom, you're done. your mind is totally blank. These things happen to men as well as women. It is not your fault that you were assaulted. It's called an "attack" for a reason. There are fucked up people in this world, and you were attacked-- preyed upon. Please, for the love of god, report these things. Don't let them walk around free to destroy the life of someone else. Even if you weren't "raped" or "assaulted," but you still find yourself upset/uneasy or feeling depressed about a situation/interaction that occurred, please go talk to a counselor. You deserve peace of mind and a happy life.
"But CleverDuck, how do I keep myself safe?" Be careful, be suspicious, and protect your friends like a mama bear. You don't need to get black out drunk. ever. It has happened to the best of us (oh so many times), yes, but try to keep yourself in control.
  • It's okay to turn down drinks//shots//drug offerings. You're not being a bitch. You're not being a buzzkill. You're just at your limit. If anyone is upset about that, they can fuck off.
  • Eat full meals before drinking. I know it makes that amazing dress you just got at H&M fit a little snug (trust me, woe of my life)... but holy fuck do not drink on an empty stomach. It will hit you like a sledgehammer.
  • You don't have to rage until the sun comes up. Walk away from parties while you're on a good note. Besides, you'll be less likely to puke on that cute girl you just met.
  • Don't leave your friends behind, even if "the people who own this place are super chill and will make sure your friend is safe." Nooope. Don't. Drag their drunk ass, kicking and screaming, back to their bed.
  • Goal: get in their phone, not in their pants. Sure, exchange numbers, that's cool. Tomorrow, make them bring your hungover ass some C4C cookies and go for a lovely picnic lunch..... however, don't bang them in the bathroom of the party house the night y'all met. You deserve better (like, you know, a real date).
  • Rule of thumb: Just like kindergarten: Keep your hands to yourself. Use the Buddy-System. Don't trust strangers. Just like Vietnam: no one gets left behind.
Party smart.
. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some "Life Hacks," brought to us by elysianfields14:
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2013.12.28 23:20 tabledresser [Table] IamA Sexual health educator for COLLEGE students in the south and I'm once again here to talk about sex, pleasure, and everything in between! Ask me ANYTHING!

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Date: 2013-12-27
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Questions Answers
What are some silly questions you get asked frequently? Hmmm that's's a few ones where I shake my head a bit.
What are some of the weirdest questions you were asked of? Can I get pregnant from Anal Sex? Can I give myself an STD? Can I get pregnant from urine? Where can I find people to have casual sex with (yes this gets asked...)
Here's an enigma inside of an enigma. If Ron Jeremy had a cold sore and gave himself a beej, would it count as giving himself genital herpes? Riddle me that. Not a hard question at all, actually! If he had an active oral herpes outbreak, he could spread the virus to his genitals. If he, for example, had HSV-1 genitally and HSV-2 orally (or viseversa), he could spread the genital strain to his oral cavity and his oral cavity strain to his genitals.
Wait...RON?! You can just make an appointment if you wanna talk about this, buddy.
Thanks for the answer! Now I need to get back to selling male enhancements. Ron Jeremy out! These don't work. Seriously. To anyone reading this, they are placebo and there is no evidence of them ever having worked (which is why FDA never approves them for male enhancement)
I've heard positive things about Power-zen, particularly in shortening the male refractory period. Any word about this? I've heard about it and unfortunately it's a placebo effect as well. The refractory period is completely physiological, unfortunately.
What can guys do to decrease their refractory period? Or last longer? Unfortunately, we don't have a real solution to the refractory period and it can not be changed by medicine or exercises. Lasting longer is, however, something that can somewhat be controlled! Stopping thrusting before orgasm and continuing after the "peak" feeling has stopped can help extend, as well as stopping intercourse and doing things like oral, and then continuing. Kegals have also been shown to help with control of orgasm.
After seeing a previous post today I have to ask this. How many times did one of your students want private tutor session? And did it lead to sex? We do plenty of one-on-one sessions, but it is in our office. I can happily say I've NEVER slept with one of my students, though I have had propositions.
In a side note, it's common for my friends to think because of my job that I'd be willing to show them some new things...that can be awkward conversation...or fun!
Will wild natural bushes of pubic hair ever make a comeback? I can't answer that...but I know many men and women PREFER hair!
Have you ever had someone in your class completely oblivious to the majority of things discussed in class? We only teach about 2 classes a semester and the majority of our work is done through appointments or outreach, but we absolutely do have people that have never heard this information before. In our state, up until a few years ago, there was an abstinence only education bill in place so it's expected at this point that we have to start from square one.
What is the most awkward situation you have been in while teaching this class? Students taking pictures of me holding a large dildo and posting them on facebook and somehow tagging me. Awkward.
What do the parents/guardians think when they see the pics? I don't want to know, lol.
Bit late to this but .. is there any difference between Durex/Trojan and cheaper condoms? I can only answer that question based on knowledge of the U.S. system.
In other words, is the extra price worth it? All condoms have the same relative safety if bought in the US due to VERY strict FDA guidelines and testing. That means the expensive trojan is really no better than than the cheap condom.
Sometimes I get a headache afterwards [granted, my sessions tend to go on for >90 mins, and are quite vigorous]. Why is this? The headaches can be from the motion. It's not uncommon for individuals to actually have slight motion sickness during sex!
Do some men cry after sex? Why? Men and women both can cry after sex. It can be a number of psychological, emotional, or physical reasons! I can't really go into specifics if I don't know the situation.
In all of human history, has anybody ever used a dental dam? I know you've probably given out thousands, but I have never heard of anybody using one. I have done work in sexual assault prevention education and been the continued ed chair of a fraternity and not one person I have ever asked has ever replied with an affirmative. I think it may be a con between the latex companies and universities. Unis get funding, pay for dental dams, give them out to be thrown out. Could you answer this? Has one ever been used by anybody? Yes! PLENTY of people use them for various reasons. Some men don't like the idea or taste of going down on a woman and use them. The most common, though, is for partners with known infections or STIs. If you look at the rate of HPV and Herpes in college populations, you'll see just how rampant it is and why they would be used to much by those individuals. It's unlikely as a student or chair member of a frat that students would openly tell you about an STI which could be the reason why you don't hear of them using the dental dams, but they are used quite often!
Best way make a female partner reach a vaginal orgasm? Not involving the clitoris I mean. There's your problem, the majority of women can only orgasm with clitoral stimulation. There was a cool study about women that couldn't have orgasms during sex by the distance the clitoris was from the vaginal opening. The closer it was, the more it was stimulated during penetrative sex, and they could achieve orgasm. The further, no orgasm.
Masters and Johnson? One of the many to do this study! Kinsey repeated it I believe.
(I'm a guy asking this and I don't have much experience in this area, but out of two different girls I've been with neither of them has got me even close to orgasm this way. Not sure if this is to do with me or them, but would like to hear your advice). With sex and pleasure, every person is different. Some men love blowjobs more than sex, and some can't stand them. Through our culture, we've been a bit brain washed to think that certain things should always be either good or bad and never in between. As far as some tips, communication is always key! If something doesn't feel good, be vocal in the same way that if something feels really good to say something! This lets your partner know what to do and what not to do. Specifics, which I'm sure you'd like, is to make sure your partner isn't using teeth unless this is something you like. It may seem obvious to some, but applying a sucking force while using the tongue can enhance the pleasure. Some men are very sensitive on the head of their penis so this may not be the best! Another tip is to have her throw in a hand to rub the shaft in addition to using their mouth.
Do you ever use fax machines to educate students? No.
What is the best way to approach a woman that you have never seen before in your life until now (from a guy who usually shits his pants when thinking about doing it)? Confidence is key and trying to be yourself. I know that sounds really cheesy but it's completely true! Woman respond to truth, honesty, and most of all confidence!
Let's role play this for a moment. Let's say that girl you've never seen feels shy and walks up to you and you see that she is a bit shaky, talking little, or only agreeing with what you say about what she enjoys. You may not find it so fun or great. Now lets say she walks up confidently, introduces herself, you have a conversation and she's honest about what she does, what she likes to do, etc. You'll think you know her a lot better than if she was timid.
Horrible example, but this is probably why I work with sex a lot more than meeting the opposite sex :)
Do you think it's a good idea to teach teenagers the dangers and precautions of homosexual sex? I ask because I'm a lesbian and I know way too many people who think it's impossible to get an STD or infection from lesbian sex. I think that we should fully acknowledge penis in vagina sex is not the only form of sexual contact. I don't think it should ever be defined by sexual preference, but I do think it needs to be clear what the risks and precautions are. Right now, heteronormative education is a big issue that many are trying to work on and I fully support them!!
Very valid point. I appreciate this! Thanks! I'm hoping you aren't at a college near where I live and I know you. That would make this slightly awkward. Lol. So far lots of guessing but I am not going to share my location so you're safe.
Teach me, o swami of sex ed. Where have my google fu and personal experience (admittedly anecdotal evidence) failed me? I'm always up for learning stuff. A condom won't cut off circulation, though it will apply pressure to some blood vessels causing the side effect of being able to hold erection for longer than normal (in the same way that cock rings work), which is a reason many elect to use smaller diameter condoms.
Smaller condoms do not have a risk of slipping off easier, but using larger than normal will.
I've given many demonstrations with multiple sized dildos and held contests (giving away sex toys) to the fastest person to put on a condom. On our largest girth penis, which is larger than the 95th percentile, we had many put the condom on in 5-12 seconds and the average was 19 seconds from the time of checking the date, opening the condom, assuring correct placement, completely rolling down to base, etc.
Unfortunately, google isn't a great source of sex information which has been a huge issue in the sexual health and research fields and a large barrier to education. There are great resources available, but not to the general public and places like the Kinsey Institute are reserved to the professionals and students in the field.
Hi! I have this weird question.Please don't judge me. How does one get horny? How do they control it? Being "Horny" is really just a hormone release that our bodies control that make our body ready for intercourse. It's kind of barbaric in it's mechanism in the sense that it really does prepare all parts of our body for sex. In research done by the Kinsey institute, we know that those hormone releases can come from seeing individuals that are "desirable" to us, coming in contact with someone releasing certain hormones, and even their blood type (we have some proof that HLA type, which has to do with our immune system's cells, can attract individuals with similar types!)
What are your thoughts and views on ear sex? It's a great way to solve symptoms of hearing.
Do students in the south learn about sex, pleasure and everything in between differently than their northern counterpart? Many of them didn't learn about it due to restrictions on sex education, sadly! So, yes!
What types of restrictions are there on sex education in the south? Right now, it is highly limited by school boards and funding from the state. We are in a fairly conservative state and this limits how much others are willing to put forward to improve the state of sex education. What many don't realize is that the lack of education is causing public health nightmares and costing tax payers more than the programs would cost.
The abstinence laws were lifted though! Yay!
Hey! I hope Im not too late with my question. I would love to hear professionals opinion about not masturbating ( nofap ), you've probably heard about it? And I don't only mean it by 'curing' like erection problems. Do you think it would be nice boost to bedroom? Maybe you would last less though, but you could go again sooner? I don't have a real opinion on this, as it's not much more than abstaining from sex or self-pleasuring that many cultures and religions abide by. The male response to not masturbating is to release sperm either through "wet dreams", pressure on the prostate (can happen after pushing during bowl movements even!), or other methods. Our bodies do this to constantly regenerate spermatozoa.
This is to keep the sperm healthy, as there has been evidence that after a certain period of time (If I recall it's 5-7 days), sperm can develop mutations and defects that make them less "desirable" to fertilize an egg. There is also proof that similar function to release sperm and seminal fluid acts to prevent cancerous growth in both the prostate and urethra, which is why you hear the common phrase that "masturbating is healthy!".
Because of the last paragraph, I think it's a healthier choice to masturbate than to abstain, but that's just personal belief and the variability of the benefits aren't enough to say you must masturbate to remain healthy.
As far as abstaining to improve sex, it has positive and negatives. The positive is POSSIBLE improved sensitivity, but this is psychosomatic and not a direct result of abstaining, increased ejaculatory load, which can be a HUGE negative for some women, and decreased sustain during sex due to the body sending hormonal signals to essentially "empty" excess sperm.
Abstaining would have no effect on the refractory period, which is the lag time in between erections and/or the sensitivity felt after ejaculation that causes pain and will lead to waiting between stimulation for a period of time.
Thanks for your reply! You said that around 5 to 7 days it is possible for mutations to happen. But if you would start to masturbate again after like a month, would this negative effect disappear? The body self-regulates this process itself, though masturbation does assist it.
We're looking not so much of a negative effect of NOT masturbating but a positive effect of masturbation.
My girlfriend didn't tell me that she had HPV (I don't know which strain) until after we had unprotected sex. She said she got it a couple years ago and she doesn't have the symptoms anymore. Does that mean that I do or don't have the virus (despite the fact that she doesn't suffer from any symptoms)? Also, am I at risk of passing it along to another person? There is no way for me to tell if you have the virus, though it is worth talking to your doctor about it due to the exposure. HPV, like a lot of STIs, has the tricky nature of not showing symptoms all the time or sometimes at all. Despite that, it is still possible to spread the virus through skin to skin contact, that means even if you do wear a condom. The good news is that many strains of HPV are cleared from our bodies naturally, but you'll need to talk to your doctor to determine that.
Unfortunately, yes, because of the nature of the virus if you are infected you can pass it on to others.
What's your thoughts on vaginal rejuvenation surgery? I think it's great if individuals have an insecurity and it makes them have a happier and richer sex and personal life.
On another note, do you teach about contraception, abortion and family planning? Is it hard for women in your State to access these health services? Yes we do, though less so on family planning as it's fairly rare for us. If I'm uncomfortable or don't have the answers, I will usually consult a coworker or resources around our town that may know better. It's not hard as much as stigmatized against, which is a wide spread issue that is not just in our state, sadly.
Does your university have a health service or anything that deals with contraception and the like? Do the students have to pay? Sorry to ask such basic questions, I come from a semi-socialist, very liberal European country so I'm always curious about countries where access is different. The students pay something like $18 for our campus health fees, and a portion of that comes to my department which covers contraceptives that are free to students, so yes!
Oh that's much better than I expected! Do they just have access to the pill? Or do they get the choice of patches, injections, vaginal rings, intradermal implants, IUDs, diaphragms? These devices aren't necessarily free, but we do have access to all of these at the university! We talk about them all in our one-on-one sessions regarding BC and in our class lectures.
I don´t care if your Iama´s not confirmed, just gonna ask you something and if it is fake it would be twice as fun i guess! I have done this in a pest and have been confirmed so it'll be done soon, no worries :)
What do you tell your students about porn? Or does that topic ever come up? How do you handle that? We absolutely talk about porn all the time!! Many students worry about it in theirs dorms, as some schools don't allow porn through their internet (messed up right?!), though ours does! Not much comes up as far as making porn or anything like that, but we do talk about exploration of fetishes and such using porn.
Your school allows porn on the internet? I imagine many students sitting around and watching porn at school very disturbing, have you ever `caught´someone? Well, what students do in their personal time is their choice! I don't believe anyone is doing it in public.
I'm sorry, but you should hear some stories from high school etc. Constant stories. Oh, so constant. My senior year, I heard of Two people doing it behind a few bushes near the principal's office. Restroom 'fun'. Public, during class masturbation. Just a slew of strange, bizarre stories. Well, voyeurism is a fetish of some people!
How do make ATM safer? I'm sorry but I don't understand this question.
ATM describes "ass-to-mouth," wherein a male engages in anal sex with his partner, and then engages in oral sex with his partner (in that order). Well, thanks for the clearing up for me! To make this safer, you should use a condom when having anal sex and either removing or changing condoms when having oral sex. It is recommended that changing from any orifice or partner should be accompanied by a change in condoms.
What if it's only smellz? Washing up in between is also a great way of solving this issue!
Just how common ARE weird fetishes? PS: I like your username :P. No fetish is a weird fetish :)
My girlfriend experiences soreness and pain after vaginal intercourse with me. We generally have extensive foreplay and use lots of lube, any other suggestions? It may be a good idea to have her see her OB/GYN, as this could be medical. Sorry I can't be of more help but being on the internet does constrain my advice a bit.
On dr. Phil, I saw an 11-year-old girl impregnated by a 13-year-old boy. Is this common? How common is this? I don't have a statistic for you, but it's completely possible and in some other cultures it's not abnormal for girls after puberty to become pregnant.
How long does the average male orgasm last? It varies significantly. There was actually a lot of research that went on around this in the early 70s and 80s, some by mr. Alfred Kinsey himself! I don't recall the specific average and I can't find it in my notes but it can range from around 1 second and an astounded recorded 1 minute 23 seconds. I'm sure there could be a bigger range I don't know about, but that is off the top of my head sitting in a coffee shop (yes, I'm answering this all in public)
What would be the reasons for bruisings emerging on penis after vaginal sex using a condom? Great question! It can be quite a few things so it's important to discuss with your doctor if you see bruising.
The most common problem is incorrect use of a condom. If the condom does not have room at the top, called the reservoir tip, when thrusting into the vagina or anus, the condom can constrict on the tip of the penis, rupturing some small blood vessels. Think of it like a mini vacuum, ouch right?
Yeah, ouch... Thanks for the answer. What are the most sensitive erogenous zones on woman's body? Or do they differ from woman to woman? It differs highly from woman to woman, so there is no correct answer...but the clitoris is one of the most sensitive!
Why does stress cause a lack of libido? Is it a physiological response? Both physological and physical...lack or increase in hormones released to make us feel good or feel horny.
Have you ever been confronted by a super-religious/conservative? It happens from time to time, but it really doesn't bother me much anymore.
Have you ever suggested sex to anyone? Yes, but only if they're interested in it!! Sex can be such a great stress reliever, especially around exam times :)
What exactly is between sex and pleasure? For some people, a LOT! This can be fetishes, foreplay, talking about sex and pleasure, etc.
I make custom fitted condoms in 95 different sizes. Because they fit better, they feel better, and they're safer too (a condom that is too big falls off.. a condom that is too small feels tight and uncomfortable, discouraging its use in the first place). I have met with tremendous scepticism from the sexual health education sector about my concept. As in, more than you would normally expect for something new. What are your thoughts about the concept of making more condom sizes available, and can you shed any light on why other sexual health educators are so venomously sceptical? Great IamA btw! Joe. I love the idea of condom fitting and wish the US provided more resources for it like the european market does! I'm not sure why some sexual health educators feel condom sizing isn't necessary but all of us in my office absolutely encourage it. However, at least in the american market, individuals use condom size as a sense of ego and showing off and the majority of the time they are using the wrong size, which we unfortunately have to deal with as well when there is condom slippage and unintended pregnancy.
A friend took a Levonorgestrel tab in April this year. Since then her cycle has extended to 40 to 60 days from the normal of 30 days earlier. Even this month, how long before it gets all back to normal? Birth control has the side effect of sometimes changing the menstrual cycle, or even stopping it completely! It may not return to normal because of this. It's important to talk to your doctor if this is something that is not favorable.
I'm pretty confident I know the answer as almost every adult over the ago of 50 that I know, has Hep C. Please answer my question once and for all...can you get Hep C from sex? It's actually highly controversial and we don't know yet if there's a direct correlation with sexual intercourse. There is evidence that having another STD can increase the risk of Hep C transmission, but it is normally through blood contact and not vaginal or seminal fluids. I believe CDC recommendations are currently to use condoms to reduce the risk regardless of our understanding of Hep C transmission through sexual contact. There is a LOT of research going on in this field though!
Most people I talk to, even doctors seem to think you can't. I think you can. Also, depending on the region, Hep C can be very common in certain demographics and very high in IV drug users.
Sex education in high schools is absolutely awful, especially in the south. Many sex ed programs at that level are strictly abstinence only focused and leave many students drastically uneducated. What can we do to change this? Petitioning the school boards, attempting to show statistics, and designing programs. We've had a lot of problems but it doesn't hurt to keep trying!
Is it safe to say that AIDS is spread to blood to blood contact? During rough sex(that's the example I'm going to use)...there can be blood to blood contact. Therefore, is it safe to say that Hep C can be spread through sex, the same way that AIDS can be? HIV can be spread through both vaginal and seminal flood as well as blood, the virus that can lead to AIDS.
I just want a straight answer once and for all. As this shit scares me. As so many I care about have been affected by it. Unfortunately, there is no straight answer for you regarding this and no one can give you one. We don't fully understand transmission through sex with Hep C and until we can experimentally prove that it can be transmitted via this route, we can't be sure.
Have you ever received any judgment or backlash for what you do from super conservative/abstinence types? Stories of such backlash? I'm sorry, I'm just curious, being from the South... Sorry I skipped over this! We had a large backlash from legislation for teaching using "tax payer money". In reality all money used came from tuition so they couldn't touch us and we get to keep giving out free condoms! Woo!
How does one regain their sexual appetite? BF and I have always had great sex, but I feel like my want to have sex has gone out the window until we're actually doing it. Any tips for getting my desire back? Discussing desires, fetishes, when your drive is there, surprises, etc can be great ways to get some of that desire back, but this could be more of a job for a sex therapist.
Thanks for the advice I'll have to try having that discussion. I've been recommended to a sex therapist a handful of times and it looks like that will be the next step! Sorry I couldn't be more help but sometimes it's just best to talk to someone about these types of issues! Best of luck :)
How many of your students are virgins? I don't have as statistic on this, but I'd say about 10% of the students I talk to are asking about having sex for the first time.
LOL Is this school the University of Georgia? Nope :)
Are guys who are super loud when they cum, just putting on a show to turn me on? Nope, not always! Just like women, men can be quiet or vocal depending on the individual!
How can I make jerking off an overall better experience? Warming up some lube can enhance masturbation.
Are you a RN? Med student :)
OP is verified. Once again, hope you enjoyed the condom.
I know I'm eight different kinds of late to this, but speaking of condoms, and as a larger than average guy, please tell me you preach about getting proper fitting condomas and aren't another one of those sex educators who perpetuate the one-size-fits-all condom myth. One size fits all is not a myth, though I do indeed encourage exploring various sizes for which feels more comfortable, but I do encourage actually following the european sizing to determine which condoms should be used, as using ones that are too large CAN and DO lead to condoms slipping off.
For people in collage? You mean they haven't figured it out already? What? All home schooled in a cave? I don't get it. We learned that shit in elementary school. In our state, and in quite a few states, sex education was banned and education was restricted to abstinence only education.
Hello. Do you have scientifical proof that sex is natural, or it is just a human invention? It looks like sex, or even kissing were just invented by people. As you might know, there are societies even now, where people still don't kiss each other. People have obviously instincts in order to procreate. Are people consciously willing to have sex without procreating needs, or it is just the effect of mass media manipulation? This is an interesting question, and one that is hard to answer because it is generated by opinions and beliefs that have nothing to do with scientific fact. Humans are organisms, and everything we know about organisms is that the drive for reproduction is a scientifically verifiable fact. We don't have to motivate or give stimuli in order for people to have's human nature to be sexual beings in the same way as other organisms. If we were not evolutionary programmed to want to have sex, our species would not survive so it makes sense regardless of belief. The timing in which to have sex is entirely up to the individual, though disease can restrict this highly.
To answer your question in TL;DR manner...Mass media manipulation makes no sense as humans have been having sex since the beginning of our species, or else we wouldn't be here.
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2013.08.04 18:13 tabledresser [Table] IamAn Aussie girl that grew up in the bush living in a shed contending with no electricity, bucket showers, cooking on a fire, homework by candlelight and liked to think of myself as a young herpatologist. AMA!

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Date: 2013-08-04
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Questions Answers
Ok , wow. Thanks for doing this. 1) did you feel any resentment to your parents? 2) what do they/your brother do now? 3) would you put your kids through the same? 4) plans for the future? No worries, feels good to unleash the story! 1) At the time there was some resentment, being poor and not living in a house like all the other kids made it tought o fit in ( especially being the only black kids in school made us really stand out). 2) My mother sadly continued to deteriorate and lives in a women's home where nurses come morning and night and make sure she takes her tablets, sometimes they work sometimes I'm still the spawn of Satan. She does have the odd good day a few times a year and it is awesome to talk to her :). My brother is a concreter that has been in and out of employment since he was 18, he is now 23. He is an amazing person, people flock to him and he lights up any room with his presence. It's a shame he hangs out with people that don't have higher aspirations than making enough money during the week to party hard Thursday to Sunday. My dad is an arborist now, he used to work itinerate jobs here and there, in and out of employment. He has found a partner that keeps him focused and really put him on the right path. I'm 27 and still undertaking an undergrad degree in science on a pathway to medicine. I'm definitely a late bloomer, I feel I only started to mature in the last few years ( even though I've been out of home since I was 15)! 4) I couldn't say I'd want what I had for my children as it wasn't an easy life with everything taken into account as thankful as I am for the way I've turned out. I'd want a stable home life for my children in a small, coastal town where they would grow up in the one house until they were 18/ early 20s. Prior to the bush life period we'd moved 3 times and changed primary school twice. Since I've left at 15 I've moved at least 10 times. 4) All I'm looking to do is to get a stable job out of medicine, I'd like to work in indigenous health in rural Australia and build my own family. I long for that stability. Thanks for your questions!
I'm 35. Starting undergraduate in october. part time over 6 years. Good luck. Awesome, hearing from other mature age students keeps me going! Good luck to you!
27 here, just going back as well. (I'm in the States and my background doesn't even remotely resemble yours, but hey, solidarity!) Represent, whoo!
How did you survive summers? They got a bit rough when the drought had really set in. Our tank water got so low we had to buy water to drink, which I was so thankful for because the eucalyptus leaves would land in the tank and the tannins/ eucalypt would stain the flavour, ugh, I hated that water. The dams got so low that it became a bit stagnant. Shower water got a bit smelly at that point :/
I was a wrangler in Colorado when I was in my 20s and we were ordered to kill all the rattlesnakes we saw on the trail, so they didn't scare the horses. It was scary at first, but after you catch the first one, and realize that they can only strike when coiled, putting a "V" stick on their necks and cutting the heads off became pretty easy. I never got bitten, but had a few close calls (crawling through undergrowth after a snake), What is your best snake story? My dad is a nature enthusiast and never condoned killing them, unless they started trying to make a home in our home... The best would be when I'd take my brother down to the property border to a spot I knew often had baby browns. We'd gear up, gumboots, jackets, balaclavas ( we used to horse/ motorbike ride so nana would make us "whole face beanies") and 2 liter lemonade bottles and meter and a half long sticks. They were under the same log every year so we went on down, lifted the log and herded the little herps into the tiny opening of the lemonade bottles, it was cold so they moved slow and kept them for a few hours while we made observations. Then we would re release them and carry on. We didn't tell dad until about 2 years ago. He would have gone off chops.
I'm going to start using "would have gone off chops". Hahha, I love that, please do. It goes down a treat in aus.
Speaking of chops, your dad has an impressive manly beard! Haha, he looks like a famous aussie bush ranger, Ned Kelly.
Were there any bouts of sickness where you were unable to get medicine or see a doctor? We were extremely lucky. The only time we had a real cause for concern was when I got stung by a scorpion. Might be the most afraid I've ever seen dad, also the fastest car ride into town was had that day. Turned out that the scorpions we had in Victoria weren't life threatening ( if you didn't develop an allergy to them) but are just painful as fuck. Dad was allergic to bees and we had an extensive first aid kit that covered snake bite post care treatment, burns etc...
Awesome! I just spent a year in Australia and loved it. I only got to spend a month roadtripping the outback/bush but it was a nice contrasting experience vs the coast. Wow, alot of people miss out on the awesomeness of Australia that doesn't entail the coastlines! Such contrast throughout the country, climate from north to couth and the landscape from coasts to center!
What kind of foods did you guys eat growing up? As in, I assume you went to the supermarket or grew your own foods, but did you ever go out to look for bush foods? W were pretty poor so we would have a lot of one pot stews, you know the packet mixes? Dad would sometimes shoot kangaroos and we'd have meat and veg stew. Lots of stews... Lots. Of. Stews :/ Dad would also make his own kangaroo jerky, that was questionable in flavour.
Where in Australia did you guys move to? We moved to central Victoria( a state) that was old gold mining country. The towns were set up early 1900s and flourished till the gold became scarce and our closest town was a remnant of an old mining town.
Lived off-grid a bit myself, and plan to again. I definitely agree that it can do good things for a person's character and perspective. How are you living now? Do you find that you are drawn to modern conveniences a lot now, or are you still more attracted to the simpler, wilder life? It was nice for awhile but I do have the urge to leave the city to the coast in a small town so I can go free diving and surfing and feel the warmth of a small community :)
Did you always wish that you had a different life or were you content living in the bush? At the time it was all I knew but seeing the kids at school with fancy clothes and staying at their houses with clear water made me long for a bit more. Now that I am older I appreciate the unique experience and treasure the memories of the good times.
That's quite an upbringing. What did your parents do for work? I know their goal was to live off of the land, but having a car and diesel generator means fuel was needed, and that can't be foraged. Welfare basically. Dad would do odd jobs but having a schizophenic wife that couldn't work, trying to raise my bro and I and living in the middle of bumfuckidaho meant jobs were few and far between.
Bumfuckidaho? Hahaha, that is hilarious! Over here in the states we say bumfuckegypt. It's awesome to see how that changes depending on where you are. EDIT: Holy crap, I honestly had no idea it was so varied! Me either, hilarious! The options for bumfuck are endless it appears!
Do you have any funny stories about when you were growing up? Did you ever have any bad experiences with the snakes? I have many funny stories, always involving my little brother coming out not so well haha. One time we saw a cartoon ( at a friends house). There were two characters that tied a rope to each other around their bellies, stood on a branch and jumped off either side, swinging gracefully past one another with super man poses, back and forth. Cue awesome idea. As soon as we got home I got a rope from our old house, the tool shed. It was about ten meters long, connected ourselves to it climbed a tree to a branch about 5 meters high. We fist pumped before yelling 'cowabunga', jumped with the confidence of an acrobat and promptly smashed heads. Me being the eldest and heaviest then plummeted to the ground to leave my brother hanging halfway up the tree, blood, snot and tears dripping from his hanging body. We were still both attached to the rope at this stage, it took all of my 12 year old strength to stand up and untie the knot that was held fast by the weight of his little body to get him down. We kept that story under wraps for a long time. TL;DR almost hung brother.
Bahahahaha. That is awesome. How central in Victoria are we talking? Not far from Castlemaine myself. Bang, definitely that general area, we probably know each other haha. Small towns are small.
Parenting done right, if you ask me. Cheer, my parents copped a bit from the locals in the town, raging alcoholic towns people that they were stood their ground on a child's right to access to tv :/
So... what are doing in the present? I've been out of home for 12 years now and feel like I am ready to take on a degree. I'm studying an undergraduate science degree as a pathway into studying post grad medicine so I can work in Indigenous health in rural Australia!
What do you mean by your dad was hitting the bongs? Mums schizophrenia took its toll on my dad so he would smoke marijuana every day, heavy. To the point where It was Christmas day one year and my dad my stoned in his chair, saw my little brother and I come into the room and started singing Happy Birthday to my brother.
How did your dad get access to marijuana? Would he grow his own? Living in isolation plenty of opportunity to make your own...
Look on the bright side. He could have been a violent drunk. Oh absolutely. I don't hold resentment towards him for it. He needed an escape from the insanity that stole his life partner. He did a great job raising us, he had a troubled childhood and he's done so well to get through what we all went through.
I don't hold resentment towards him for it. Good for you, but speaking as a father, this is a really shitty thing for him to do, sick life partner or not. Thank you. He regrets having been in a pot stupor for a few years, absolutely. I just know it could have been worse so I'm just thankful he stayed around and we all got through this together, ish.
Indigenous people in Australia get a bum rap for being lazy and unwilling to work. What's your take on it? do you think the Indigenous people aren't given enough opportunity at education and work? I think the government has let them down, 200 years of oppression is gonna get you down. Do you know about the assimilation and stolen generation of the indigenous children? They were still classified under 'fauna' until 1969 when they were given 'homo sapien' staus. Basically an entire generation were taken from their parents, communities, culture and made to learn the white Australia ways. The culture was obliterated and they became a people in limbo. Racism is rife in Australia and is still affecting indigenous opportunities in life. They even have a significantly lower life expectancy than white Australians. It's horrendous.
Same as the USA and their treatment of our indigenous people. Things seem to be turning around here though. Good luck on your awesome quest! I was going to liken them to indigenous Americans but I don't know enough of their history. Thought they were similar, good to hear there is progress!
Truly fascinating, thank you. I love reading about your years in the bush, but I'm also curious to know more about what you've done since you moved away from that experience. Seems like fertile ground for stories between then and the "blooming" of your current path toward medicine. For instance: - what precipitated your move away from the bush in the first place? - what was the transition back into a less rural experience like? - how, specifically, has your bush life informed the way you've lived since then? - what led you to your interest in medicine and finally settled you in to getting your degree? Reat questions! There is so much more to the story! I left home at 15 because my mum's schizophrenia was so out of hand I'd come home ( her house in town at this point as she left dad) from school to the windows all broken and crockery smashed over the floor. She had a house mate who lived with us and would tell me he'd committed suicide, the first time hearing that I thought she was serious. That was a scary time. Time to leave that house. Moved out to a larger town to a share house of ten people and tried to go to school. Was tough, 15 was too young. No friends. I got through the year and moved back closer to my old high school and moved in with a friend and her parents. er mum became the mother I never had. Stayed with them for a year and finished high school, terrible scores but got into arts degree on the south west coast of Victoria and started surfing, free diving for crays spear fishing and other awesome coastal town stuff. Things were going well there but mum was deteriorating further. I remember having to go back to my old town and meet dad and we had to take her to the hospital. I was sitting in the back with her holding and trying to comfort her and she was wailing and crying and screaming 'mum,muuum,muuum'. That is truly one of my most haunting memories. I tell you this because not long after I developed Panic Disorder and had to quit uni as I developed agoraphobia for 3 months and moved in with dad aain, he had moved into a caravan park at this stage. Pathway changed again. I tried a few other courses in that coastal town, tourism, management but nothing really piqued my interest. One day I was sitting around with no plans for the future so I called a friend I had in Melbourne and moved the next day. I got a job waitressing the same day and started working 60 hour weeks immediately. First month I was living between my friends house and my car. Waitressed and traveled until I turned 24 and started my undergrad of which I am currently still completing! Oh, medicine always intrigued me. My dad had medical books and encyclopedias lying around and I loved to look up all the pictures and know what they were. Also when we got into horses my dad bought an equine veterinary book. I loved that book and I ended up diagnosing a few of the horses at the club I went to with certain things. My favourite was diagnosing cushings in a horse, I can hardly remember but I think it was a tumour on the pituitary gland and the symptoms were a distinct wavy fur and increased thirst. It was awesome luck I got it right! I've left out so much but I'm fading I'm sorry, it's almost 4am here! Will try to get back to this!
Have you ever considered enhancing your knowledge of herpetology by studying derpetology alongside it? Was waiting for the derpetology comment :P.
Is your accent as sexy as i picture it too be? I actually don't have that rough accent a lot of aussies have, I think it was something to do with trying so hard not to be like the rough girls that went to my school that all got pregnant at 14 and 16...
Any Yowie stories? Legend of the drop bears was rife. Also rumours of escaped pumas from a travelling circus early 1900s still lurking in the area. Why do adults tell these stories?! I was scared of the dark for a long time.
Did you face racism from your classmates growing up? Ignorance more than racism. Also some funny stuff like kids asking why the palms of my hands were worn out, why my skin was tanned and how was he my dad if he was white haha. I always went under the radar, quiet and nice to everyone so I never drew attention to myself. The odd racist jokes were a bit hurtful if I heard them telling them nearby. Skins a lot thicker these days.
If you had children, would you want to raise them the same way? Do you think your mother might have fared better if she were closer to mental health services? Not so rural, I'd definitely raise them in a smaller town, community feel to it, on the coast. Yes, I think mum could have come out of it all better due to many circumstances she didn't receive the help she needed for a long time. By the time she got what help she has now she is pretty bad. Social skills low, picking cigarette butts up off the street, having episodes where she'll smash her house up, giving her money away and living paycheck to paycheck. There is a lot to this part of my life, I was thinking I would do an ama on the experiences of growing up with a schizophrenic parent to expand on it.
That honestly doesnt sound too bad. What do you miss about the living that way? What have you carried over to your current life style? I am very self sufficient, I taught my last bf how to set up a fishing line, how to cast, bait and kill fish. I taught him how to change a tyre, how to surf etc... Being with a city boy made me realise I can do cool shit.
Apologies if it's been asked in some way, but would you consider yourself more healthy than the average person your age due to this upbringing? Or would you at least say you held more healthy habits in terms of eating/exercise? Thanks! We were the fastest and fittest kids in school. We had no tv so as soon as we were home we were riding horses, playing on our rope swing, riding motor bikes, hunting rabbits, chopping wood, playing footy, trying to make rock houses. We could make fun out of anything and were always active. Also we never ate out as we couldnt afford it so I guess meals were always healthy. Now though, I have a poor diet, still active and good weight but I know I could be so much healthier.
What is your favorite childhood memory? Playing cops and robbers with my little brother. We were the bestest of friends and our dog Noah ( he's in the photo) would play as well. We'd put him in his cage and close the door but not lock it, get about a 15 meter head start then call him and he'd come bolting out after us. If he touched us we were out and had to go to the cage and be the cop hahah.
Is there anything that people do that you find totally alien because you were brought up differently? Eating in front of the tv. We would always sit at the table and make conversation. It was a treat when we would go to friends houses and we got to sit in fron tof the tv AND eat! I'm thankful now that I got to spend that time with my family as I didn't have as much time with them as a whole as I had hoped.
What's the farthest from home you've been? Gran Canaria, Canary Islands.
Have you ever eaten a kangaroo and what does kangaroo meat taste like? What's the weirdest animal meat you have consumed? Yes! My dad would shoot them and we'd eat them in stews :/, stroganoff, jerky, steak etc.. They are very gamey, a deep red colored meat with a strong flavour. Have to have it medium rare otherwise they are tough as, I think this is because they are extremely low in fat. Very healthy!
Have you read any "Drover's Wife" stories? How do they resonate with you? I think I read one as a teenager but I can't remember it :/ I'll put it on my list!
If you go to any fancy spas in the US, they use eucalyptus in the steam rooms and scent soaps with it, etc. Considering your bad experiences with it in water, do you hate the smell of it now? No I actually love it, I find it soothing. Would not drink it again though :/
Are you going to continue this lifestyle? No, I've been out of it for years now, I defiinitely will leave the cities and raise a family in a small coastal town with surfing and diving as a major part of the lifestyle. I'm thankful I had the experience but it was a tough one.
Hey, I am seriously considering starting a homestead. Can you explain about your lifestyle and the general setup and system? Could you survive and make an income off of excess crops? We couldn't really use the land as it had lost so much top soil. Dad put up a few rainwater tanks, we had a drop toilet and solar panels that would charge batteries were used for lighting/ tv at the end of our years there. The charge was never super good so it would always cut out in the middle of xena, warrior princess :/ A slight to mild burn every time.
What are u doing now a days ? ... Studying science to get into post grad med. I waitress when I'm not at school and surf/ kayak/ scuba when I have free time!
Favorite hand tool? (Mine's a mattock). I loved chopping wood, so the axe for me! I don't know what a mattock is?
This is a mattock. You use it for digging, and it's a similar motion to splitting wood. Incidentally, I think you might have someone going through and downvoting all of your comments; a lot of them seem to be at 0. I hadn't noticed, hates gon hate hey! I thought they were called a mallock!!
What does hitting the bong mean? Smoking marijuana? Yes.
I read that and thought, "Hey, Hey! People in other countries know what Idaho is!" But after growing up there...Makes me kinda giggle that someone from the bush, in Australia, out of all places, picks Idaho as the true middle-of-nowhere reference point. Haha, quite ironic. I know nothing of Idaho either!
Yes please! Seriously. You are eloquent and engaging. I love how you're not out to pull heart-strings or play an angle, your just sharing a bloody good story!;-) Thanks so much, this is a lovely comment! Eloquent? Engaging? I've never had any one say that to me before!
You should write a book. I would love to! I have so much to say on everything, I wish I could go into more depth on here but there's just too much. I sometimes write snippets of stories down, maybe I'll start compiling them and mash it together!
Please come visit us at /YAwriters for all your young adult, coming-of-age book writing needs :) Your life story and sense of humor are great! 10/10. Would read in book form. Great to know this sub reddit exists! I'll definitely come visit! No ones ever commented on my humor, thanks :)
I don't wana sound retarded but I thought we were talking about Herpees at one point. I still don't know what a herpatoligist is. Haha that would add an interesting element to my story. Herpetology is the study of snakes.
Good memories...the smell of the kerosene fridge, the fights over who would prime/light the lighting pant, what part of the hanging sheep would we have for dinner, keeping the ants out of the coolgardie safe. Thanks for evoking some of the good time memories I have a lot of scent induced memories too! I love it, candle smoke reminds me of late nights playing gin rumi, the red head fire starters remind me of the elation I'd get walking in the door from school and knowing they'd had the fire going in the coonara. So much, I'm glad you could reminisce!
Bloody top story love, wish more people could appreciate this type of lifestyle, bet you were healthier and did more things than most will do in their lifetime. Keep sharing cheers darl. Thanks, I do feel I have done a fair bit. Only wish I had more time right now to tell all of the story, so much more! try to add bits to this or start a blog and keep sharing, I love all the positive feedback from my story!
I'm looking forward to seeing the movie that's going to be made about your life. Haha, I'd watch that. I'd make sure the funny stories where my brother gets sabotaged in most of our adventures were in it!
You have been through hard times but from what you've said, sounds like you've come out with a great positive attitude and an appreciation for what you've been through, and that's really inspiring! Cheers, I'm so happy I've received such a positive response from this. I'm glad it is a little inspiring :)
Oh hey, from 11-13 I lived 300km north of Broken Hill with no electricity/hot wateshowers/all that stuff - definitely an experience. Are you happy you had the experience? Must have been hot as hell up there in Summmer! How did you come to be in that situation?
You're life should 100% be made into a movie. you are an amazing person with an extraordinary outlook on life. This is the kind of stuff I think about when I begin to complain about the most petty of things. It's humbling. Thank you, your kind words are heart warming :)
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2012.07.19 08:28 tabledresser [Table] IAmA(n) infectious disease epidemiologist. AMAA (SFW, please)

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Date: 2012-07-18
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Questions Answers
So is it possible to infect madagascar ? About frickin' time someone said something about Madagascar!
(yes, Madagascar does have its fair share of endemic problems.)
How conceivable is a zombie apocalypse? Assuming it's a mutated strain of a disease like rabies or mad cow or syphyllis or something? Rabies kills too fast to start the apocalypse. Mad cow/prion diseases require fairly large doses and incubate way too long. Syphilis is easy to cure with a penicillin injection.
What about an airborne pathogen? Hmm, I don't know of any airbornes that cause behavioral changes. And then you'd lose the quintessential characteristic of a zombie apocalypse: transmission by bites and ingestion of BRRAAAAAAAAINNNNNNNS
What do you think of fictional depictions of your work (Andromeda Strain, Doc Martin, House, Contagion)? I have heard that Contagion and And the Band Played On are the most accurate films about infectious diseases. 'And the Band Played On' came out when I was in middle school. It was HUGELY influential for me. That, and 'The Hot Zone' put me on track into this career.
And 'Contagion', yes, now when I try to explain my job to people, I tell them I'm like Kate Winslet in Contagion. This is a remarkably accurate protrayal of how we do our work. Except we wouldn't try to tell Minnesota how to do their jobs. Anyone in public health knows that Minnesota's State Health Department is one of the best in the country.
Speaking of both of them, I think they do a decent job of showing the politicking behind the scenes that hinders our ability to do our jobs. Yes, labs will race to be first with their novel findings. Yes, special interest gorups will try to shut you down if you have an effective, but politically incorrect solution to the problem. And yes, we have our own biases and agendas.
I liked House before he jumped the shark (season 3 or so). But it's a lousy portrayal of ID in the field. No single hospital would get that many zebras in a year. NJ just doesn't have the right population for it to happen.
Do you know of/do you think it is possible that there is an infectious disease that could wipe out huge numbers if released? The real way to control the population is to empower women. Educate them. Give them equal rights and protections under the law as men. End rape. Allow birth control. Do these things, and you won't need to wipe out the population with pandemic flu.
Do you think it would ever be used by the world's powers at be for war or as an "accident" to control population growth (the latter probably waaay into the future) Too hard to control the flu for your own nefarious purposes. The problem with the Spanish flu of 1918 is that it disproportionately killed young adults. Hard to have a thriving nation when your workforce gets wiped out.
Could that lack of a workforce have seriously increased the fragility of the economic system before the Great Depression? Dude, I sucked at American history. That's why I went into science.
How did feminism get in there? I'm not being a jerk, I really don't understand the correlation. If you look at the countries with the highest birth rates and highest rates of infant and maternal mortality, you will notice those countries tend to treat their women worse than livestock.
WORSE. Because farmers don't routinely rape their cattle.
(sorry, you just channeled my inner angry feminist)
But when women are able to control when they have sex, and when they give birth, the birth rates fall to manageable levels naturally, and overpopulation becomes much less of a problem. Women will be able to choose to have as many children as they can support, so starvation becomes less of an issue.
My micro professor said that the next big pandemic will be a variation of the flu and that it is coming...a lot faster than we realize. At first I thought he was just trying to scare us, but he is also the director of public health at our county health department, so I think he's legit :) Dude is legit. The flu is serious business. Just because something doesn't have a 100% case fatality rate doesn't mean it can't wipe out millions upon millions of people under the right circumstances.
And because people are especially lackadaisical about getting flu shots, the flu's potential as a pandemic disease is especially strong. We've cried wolf so many times about it that people stopped giving a fuck, and that's quite dangerous.
Two questions, though - What does the job outlook look like for the next 5 or 10 years (if you know that kind of stuff off the top of your head) and two, what's the pay like? The pay is in the middle. I'd be making bigger bucks in pharma, but the job security there sucks. I'd be saving the world and racking up good karma if I were in non profits, but then I'd be poor with no insurance. Or I could be here in gov't with a steady wage, steady job, benefits and maternity leave if I ever need it. I live in an expensive region, so my pay doesn't go as far as I'd like, but I have a solidly bourgeois lifestyle. the field will remain steady for years to come unless fiscal conservatives enact austerity measures to dismantle public health infrastructure.
The issue there is that women in india go from having 8 children to 3. And those people are the minority. Thus you're still stuck with an increasing population. I would counter with Japan.
I was always told that flu shots create the problem. Something along the lines of creating more immune strains of flu because people pussy out of getting a little sick. You were told wrong. Flu mutates rapidly. And we have to spend months every year analyzing flu trends before we can create our current vaccine. It's a bit like predicting fashion :P The worst part is, we can get it wrong. That sucks, and we do our best to correct it and get the right vaccine to market. Having the wrong flu vaccine is not like antibiotic overuse. It's more like hitting the wrong target. If we think H3N2 is going to be big this year, we develop an H3N2 vaccine. If the trend turns out to be H5N1, that doesn't affect how well the vaccine stops H3N2, but it sure won't work against H5N1.
Similar to how overuse and misuse of antibiotics creates problems with resistant strains.
It's those kind of addendums at the end that scare me the most, "dismantling the public health system" and what have you. Is there a very real chance of those guys being able to do something like that in places, or, if not by direct legislation by indirect defunding? The pendulum swings both ways. We have Obamacare on its way. If people like it, this could bode well for public health funding. At the very least, getting people accustomed to the notion of government-operated health systems can lead to more positive opinions toward public health practice.
I asked the question about the pay because after I started reading through this AMA I realized "Holy shit, this stuff is some of the most interesting stuff I've seen!", but I don't think I'd choose the field if the pay was sub-par. But now... Damn! Any books about your field you recommend? But if the people revolt against Obamacare, they could very easily take public health down with it. The radicalization of American politics perturbs (politically moderately libertarian) me.
Would you say the funding for your field is adequate as of now? Yes. No layoffs, no budget crises here. But it depends on your local economy.
I'm a bit of a germophobe - Anything really bad that can transfer around public door handles and whatnot? Still, door handles are great fomites. Easy to spread flu virus, norovirus (bathroom doors, particularly) and common colds.
Also what's the worst thing you found during one of the restaurant inspections? Worst thing I've seen in a restaurant inspection? A walk-in reserved for fermenting kim chee. The restaurant was using giant Rubbermaid trash bins to hold all the kim chee. Granted, I don't think they had ever used the bins for trash, they still aren't food grade plastic, and when you're dealing with something acidic like kim chee, it can degrade the plastic. Oh, but one of the best things my inspectors sent me photos of was a bust they did at a ranchita in the suburbs.
I notice a lot of diners and such put their coleslaw in trashcans (obviously not previously used). is that healthy? No. All food containers need to be made of food-grade materials.
But that's not grounds for automatic closure of the restaurant.
PhD student here (virology). Every once in a while, I hear that laboratory diagnostics is a viable career path for someone with graduate-level bench skills interested in public health. Crossing over from research to clinical/epi work is something I would like to explore. Here's some questions: Can you confirm or deny that these jobs exist, or talk about how this plays into the services provided by your group? You had mentioned an occasional requirement for "deep" interpretation of labs, etc. I work in an academic medical center, so the MD culture tends to dominate the professional hierarchy. For folks that do what you do, how do the glass ceilings work, if they exist at all? The jobs exist, I promise you. There are high level public health lab positions for folks who have the qualifications to supervise a lab. Lab people who care about public health are valued greatly. I love my laboratorians. But you may have to live in a major city to find the jobs. Look at state level public health jobs. Yes, with a grad degree and qualifying experience, you, too, could be benevolent overlord of very own public health laboratory. Relevant to your interests? Link to
Ever see traveler cases of tropical viruses in your area? Just asking, you know, for science. The odder, the better. I have to interpret lab results (titers, CFUs, etc.) mostly for the purposes of determining whether a patient meets case definition. If you are in the lab running the tests, this is less important to you.
We had a case of domestic (read: inner city) bubonic plague not too long ago. The medical resident treating her had no idea what he was dealing with, so he took aspirate from the lymph node (bubo), and instead of hurrying it down to the lab, he just stuck it in his pocket and held onto it until he found a convenient break to drop it off. Turns out the patient's husband had gone hunting in an area going through a plague-endemic area. He took home his kill, the patient skinned and cleaned it, and BAM! Black Death!
Do you feel that the standards set by the FDA for our food are sufficient to prevent disease? How many people die every year from eating poorly packaged/processed meat (or any other food for that matter)? You're not going to like hearing this, but corporate food is pretty safe from an infectious disease standpoint. Despite that asshat who posted the pictures of himself stomping on Burger King lettuce, you're not as likely to get food poisoning from a major fast food chain as you are dining at home.
Commercial food processing entities are not perfect, but they hate getting sued, so they really do their best to maintain high standards of safety. Errors happen, yes, and when they do it's bad because the food reaches so many people. But poor foodhandling at home and by unlicensed food sellers actually makes up a large chunk of foodborne illness cases.
You wouldn't believe how many people don't know they shouldn't cut raw chicken and vegetables on the same board.
Anyway, are FDA standards sufficient? I think so, provided purveyors meet those standards.
Oh, and there are people who believe that pasteurized milk is the bane of modern existence. They lobby for widespread sales of raw milk. They feed it to their kids, too. These people are total dipshits.
My sister is like this, and, yes, she gives unpasteurized dairy products to her child. She is a little crazy when it comes to food. She has UC and has cut out gluten for her and her child ( she thinks it effects his behavior). Now I'm worried about my nephew. The unpasteurized dairy movement is largely backed by the Weston A. Price Foundation. Weston A. Price was a dentist in the 1930s who preached that raw milk was a superfood, and that you could cure tooth decay with unpasteurized butter. He was pretty much wrong on all county. But his followers still tout his early studies to support their stance. Nevermind these study results haven't been replicated in modern times. More info here: Link to
I was wondering do you know any good reads about the dangers about unpasteurized dairy products. Also, are they really any nutritional benefits of raw milk vs pasteurized? Thanks! Raw milk is linked to a disproportionate number of outbreaks of pathogenic E. coli and Campylobacter. These both cause bloody diarrhea, but the E. coli can also cause kidney failure in kids. Going gluten free if you haven't been diagnosed with celiac or real wheat allergy is just silly and needlessly expensive, but not inherently harmful. Still dumb though 'cause you miss out on really good cake and spaghetti.
Do you think the "abuse" of antibiotics is making people susceptible to infections that aren't normally seen? No, because antibiotic resistance isn't going to select for rare diseases. You're just going to get really tough-to-cure cases of "common" things like TB.
Which antibiotics according to you have become absolete? I don't think obsolete is best applied to antibiotics. Even something as "elementary" as ampicillin is still useful for treating deadly things like Listeria septicemia.
I once saw a documentary which showed that India has widespread yellow fever virus but no vectors (mosquitoes I think), my question is with the rate of aisea travel between the countries what are the chances a few vectors would make their way to India? I'm not sure how you'd get yellow fever without mosquitoes. And where in India are mosquitoes absent??? Not sure of how to approach this question.
Considering there are two faithful gay partners, would there be a possibility to develop an HIV infection denovo? HIV doesn't develop de novo or abiogenetically. It has to come from somewhere.
Thanks for answering. Regarding the mosquitoes I think the particular species of mosquito that is the vector for yellow fever is absent in India. Considering we just found Asian tiger mosquitos here, the spread of invasive species should surprise no one. Air travel definitely facilitates the spread of diseases.
So, how effective is the anthrax vaccination? And could I have any negative side effects from all the crazy military junk I get stabbed with. The benefits versus risk for anthrax vaccination are far better for you than it is for civilians. That is, you are supposed to be more likely to run into anthrax than the rest of us. for those of us who aren't gonna get anthrax anytime soon, it's not worth the side effects. It's not that the vaccine isn't effective, it's that it has side effects that present on a large scale.
Another question: every time I get a shot in the military, they rub us with alchy, stick us, and then leave the injection site uncovered... is that bad? As for leaving the injection site open, that's fine. The blood dries faster that way and wastes fewer bandages. I leave my injection site open, too, when I get shots.
What side effects? Every drug has side effects. If they haven't hit you yet, then don't worry about it.
Why are black women so much more likely to have genital herpes (50% of African-American women) and HIV than white women? Is there a genetic predisposition to the disease, is it cultural from sharing the same, limited supply of non-incarcerated men? Currently there is nothing to suggest a genetic predispotion to those infections.
Socioeconomic factors are key. If you were to control for income and education, you'd see many STDs and HIV correlate strongly with poverty and dropping out of school. Unfortunately in the US, blacks are more likely to be poor and lacking higher education than whites.
Empower the black community to finish school and avoid incarceration, and you will see lower incidence of these infections.
How would you apply sticks and carrots to try and encourage full vaccination rates? Have you had much interaction with antivaxers? I used to troll antivaxxers in certain forums. Gawd, I hate them. If it were entirely up to me as Benevolent Overlord, I'd ship the antivaxxers off to a deserted island.
Sticks: No school without vaccinations. No public benefits without vaccinations.
Carrots: Subsidize the cost of vaccinating the community as part of public health budget so people don't have to pay out of pocket for them.
What was your major in college? What caused you to be interested in infectious disease? I was pre-med in college, majored in molecular biology. I wanted to be Dr. House when I grew up (even though his show didn't start till I was in grad school). But I went to Berkeley and didn't earn the A's I needed to get into med school. Loved Berkeley, loved bio, but it kicked my ass.
While I was in college, I developed an interest in women's health and sexual health. Found I had a knack for STD education.
Studied public health in grad school (a common choice for people who get diverted from med school). Did my thesis on STD education.
As for infectious diseases? I like them 'cause they're gory.
Abstinence works, abstinence only programs do not. What should anti-HIV programs look like in africa? How about texas? You're right. Abstinence works great ... when people actually use it. The most obvious problem is (especially obvious if you've ever tried teaching sex ed to adolescents) that people come up with interesting loopholes about what constitutes sexual activity and what doesn't. This leads to the "I'm still a vrigin 'cause I only do anal" fallacy.
I'm from a really conservative place. My parents didn't sign the permission slip to let me take sex ed in high school (luckily, I had plenty of medical texts at home to read and figure stuff out on my own -- I was also too nerdy to have ever gotten any sexual activity in high school, but I digress -_-). One of the most common oppositional arguments to comprehensive sex ed in schools is that people think parents should be in charge of teaching that stuff to their kids. Trouble is, they don't know the material either.
My solution? Have a parent seminar at the school and teach them STD and family planning basics. Send the parents home to teach it to their kids. Then TEST the kids on the material at school the following week.
As for Africa, until we can secure equal rights and protections for women in the developing world, we will need to focus our efforts on antimicrobials and HIV-prophylactic medications. Women in those situations don't have the means to refuse sex. Rape is rampant. Being able to give them medicine to prevent HIV infection will spare a lot of lives from AIDS.
Genital warts is apretty big deal though... right? HSV-1 has a prevalence of 65% in the adult population. Usually contracted while toddlers. HSV-2 has a prevalence of about 20% in the adult population. Unpleasant? Yes. Worthy of its stigma? No. While condoms are not 100% effective at preventing HSV spread during sex, it is still your best line of defense. If you do have genital HSV, ask your doctor whether suppressive therapy with cycolvir type medications is right for you. As for genital warts, go get Gardasil!!! I followed the clinical trials for that vaccine for years before its release (yeah, I was into Gardasil before it was cool). The results of its trials were the most effective I had ever seen. Got the shots as soon as they came on the market ('cause I was getting close to its upper age limit). I had no side effects, and I am negative for HPV, which is remarkabe because HPV has an adult prevalence of about 70%.
Did you major in public health, or a biology. Masters? I assume you work in a BSL5 lab? What's that like? What's the scariest thing at work? I've worked with some viruses, and just learning about how good they are at fucking with the human body amazes me. We only go up to BSL 4, but I don't work in the lab. It's been a long times since I was at a bench. I kinda miss it. I work in an ordinary office, except because we deal with a lot of confidential patient records, we have coded door locks. HIPAA and all that.
My degrees are BA in molecular cell biology, and MPH in epidemiology and biostatistics.
You are not required to know much about biology to study public health, but it hepls. My classmates in my masters programs majored in: anthropology, English, sociology, psychology, biology, communications, stats, engineering, and others.
I am often amazed at the power of microbes. All the time. So small, but the havoc they unleash...
You work at a local public health agency with a BSL4 lab?!?! I work for a local agency that serves ten million people. That's why we get a fancy lab.
Sorry I meant 4. There is no 5 (technically anything alien or non-earth is considered a BSL 5 lab I think). Cool stuff. Have you been inside the BSL 4 lab? There are suppose to be airlocks and all that stuff right? I figure a molecular biology background would allow you to understand a lot more of the mechanisms behind certain diseases. If you don't mind me asking, what do you do at a desk? I got to tour the lab when it was being built. They hadn't installed all the air filters and negative compression yet, but it looked pretty cool. Access to the laboratory that handles bioterrorism agents (anthrax, Brucella, Francisella, etc.) is very restricted, though, so it's not like I can just go there and hang out.
And most of my work is done in an office sitting at this desk. In one window, I'm probably working out of an Access database. In another, I might writing SAS code and interpreting outputs. And in another I have our online disease reporting system open, with a tab opened to Reddit.
Much of this job is surveillance. There are reportable diseases that legally require labs, hospitals and doctors to notify the health department when identified. Here is a copy of a reporting form. Those disease reports come to me. Using the information on the form, I can request medical records from the health care provider, and I can call the patient for an interview. In some cases, I send a public health nurse to check on the patient and give them education. For some STDs, we can send out public health investigators to notify sexual partners of cases and such.
I collect data from the forms, interviews and whatever else I gather and submit a final report on the case to my State health department who pools info from other parts of the state and sends it on to the CDC.
But yes, sometimes I go out in the field. Restaurant inspections. Patient interviews in the hospital. Inspection of food processing facilities. I do a lot of seafood packing plants -- imagine how that smells in the summer.
I don't get to wear a moon suit, nor a white coat :( Usually I'm wearing a skirt and cardigan.
Actually, I think this sums up a lot of my typical day to day, glad you asked this!
How easily is it to catch a flesh eating bacteria? Well, depends on the flesh eater. Usually, it's Streptococcus pyogenes. It's a pretty common species of bacteria, causes a lot of different ailments: ear infections, pneumonia, peritonitis, septicemia.
What kind of necrosis is most common, Arachnoid Necrosis or Necrosis brought on by a disease? Well, I'm not a doctor, so I don't treat patients directly. A lot of things could cause necrosis, not always a microbial pathogen.
if the natural necrosis, which sub-type happens most often? In my line of work, if I talk to a patient who has necrosis, s/he probably has one or more of the following problems: uncontrolled diabetes, poor hygiene, drug dependency, or mental illness.
Last question: Have you ever had a poor, poor soul in there for Necrosis caused by testicular torsion? Is there a doctor in the house? One who has seen a great case of necrosis? Fournier's gangrene?
What are the most common ailments you deal with? What are the most severe/dangerous that you've encountered? Am I ever scared on the job? No. I study things, I write reports, and I Reddit. My job is remarkably mundane and seldon stressful. Do we deal in really scary, scary things? Yes, but they're largely preventable or curable. We do, however, spend time practicing disaster preparedness drills. So in the even of the apocalypse, I'm supposed to be able to handle it with poise. But yeah, I do like my job. Keeps me intellectually stimulated.
Most common things I deal with: norovirus outbreaks Causes stomach flu. Three of the worst days of your life: diarrhea and vomiting at the same time. Most serious diseases I deal with now: cholera and cysticercosis. Luckly, cholera is exceedingly rare (we haven't seen a case since 2003). And while cysticercosis is a brain parasite that is particularly common amongst Mexican immigrants, we usually catch it before it kills its victim (though they usually come in with headaches, seizures and sometimes recent onset blindness).
Are there any infectious diseases that can create a Zombie type of situation? Like can a disease take over certain functions of the brain? Yes. Cysticercosis. I dare you to GIS for it.
Btw, I do a lot of cysticercosis research.
The worm in the eye picture is the coolest one. what are the odds of getting this? Slim, as that's visceral larval migrans, and not cysticercosis.
If you are not in Asia, Latin America or Africa, you are not likely to get either of these parasites.
If you travel to those regions, don't eat undercooked pork, and make sure you and everyone around you washes their hands with soap and water. These parasites are often passed fecal-orally.
Would you still recommend getting Gardasil even once sexually active? I think that there is a large belief that once you start having sex, there is no point in getting Gardasil, but I'm pretty sure that type of thinking is flawed because of all the different types of HPV that the vaccine will protect against. Also, what is your opinion on boys/men getting the vaccine? I wholeheartedly endorse males getting vaccinated against HPV.
I was already sexually active when I got Gardasil. Granted, I wasn't a mega slut or anything, but I did get tested for HPV and came up negative. So I give it a thumbs up :)
Gardasil protects against 4 strains of HPV (6, 11, 16 and 18), but these strains constitute 80-something percent of HPV infections. It's not perfect, but it's a helluva lot better than no immunity. Their rationale is thinly-veiled hatred for the notion that people have sex.
Whatever happened to interferon therapy? Are enough new antibiotics coming out to counter resistance? How many viral diseases respond to this mythical acyclovir? Interferon therapy has a ton of side effects, certainly more than Zovirax (acyclovir). Interferon therapy still exists, but usually as a mean for treating hepatitis C infection.
Do we have enough antibiotics in development? I sure hope so. We just need to get people to understand that antibiotic abuse is going to kill us through multidrug-resistant infections. You can buy potent antibiotics over the counter in many countries. This is not a good thing.
I can buy a stockpile of fluoroquinolones in Thailand. Is it any wonder than quinolone-resistant gonorrhea is on the rise in Asia???
If a wood chuck could chuck wood, would he still be able to order infectious diseases and have it delivered via the mail? As for ordering infectious diseases by mail, it may surprise you to know that USPS is how we send stuff to and from our laboratory all the time. We just package it really, really carefully.
Also, I think the general public is unaware of the number of people who do high level biological experimentation in there garages.. Biohackers. What's your take on this? There are people who mix napalm in their kitchens. You could do it, but if you fuck up, it'll be a bad scene.
They didn't release a cause (probably to prevent stupid people from panicking) but all their justification for the purchase said, "THIS IS TO PREVENT OUTBREAK IN KAY COUNTY" and it was all about not swimming with diarrhea. I don't do anything with the lab except purchase their supplies. Preventing stupid people from panicking is a huge part of working in public health :)
Utah DOES have that problem every year... I remember the PSAs about it... I asked an EIS officer about the Utah outbreaks. She chalked it up to the following: when you have a dozen kids, and it's summer, you're bound to go to a water park. And you're not canceling that trip because the baby has the runs :\
How difficult is a Biostatistics class? I have to take it for my Microbiology/Immunology degree. I aced biostats. It was the first statistics class I ever took. On the first day, I had no idea what a p-value was, or how to calculate a standard deviation.
If I can do it, so can you.
What do you think about the NY proposal to limit the size of sodas? Kinda bollocks. I'm remarkably libertarian, despite the fact that I'm an agent of the Nanny State.
I do, however, think an effective deterrent to excessive soda consumption is to tell people how many calories are in it, and how long you'd have to run on a treadmill to burn it off.
140 Calories in a 12oz can of Coke. That takes about 15 minutes on the treadmill.
I love soda pop, but I only drink diet soda these days.
As a libertarian, how much do you think the government should do to promote public health? The thing that Libertarians often forget about libertarianism is that you're not allowed to harm other people. So when a libertarian says they oppose vaccines, the best counter argument is to remind them that their stance is anti-libertarian because it causes measurable harm to others.
Ideally, I wish charities and NGOs could take care of all of our public health needs. The less gov't we need to do this, the better, IMHO. Hell, I wish I could do this same research and not have to work for The Man. But my data comes from sources that are mandated by laws. Without the laws in place, I'd have no data.
Public health benefits government in that having a healthy populace means you'll have a better working population, and you'll spend less on tending to your sick (prevention is cheaper than treatment). But it's hard to have gov't operated public health without over-regulation. The line is very, very fine.
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2011.10.13 14:00 ttrraasshhmmee Stupid College Health Services....

So I'm having a little issue.. I recently broke up with my boyfriend. Since then, I've slept with two people. I didn't use protection either time (stupid, i know). It only happened with one of the partners once, with the other it has been a sort of ongoing friends with benefits type situation.
After a particularly sexy-times filled night with my friend with benefits, I passed out without peeing/cleaning up.
The next morning I lazed around my apartment and didn't shower till late afternoon. By then, I had started to realize I was feeling a yeast infection coming on. I've had one once before, and went to the gyno to have this confirmed.. so I knew the symptoms and they were exactly what was going on.
I am a college student, currently without a car. So I volunteered to use a co-workers car to buy coffees, on me, with the secret motivation of being able to run into CVS and buy some monistat.
I buy the one day pill and cream combo, which I think was around 15 bucks (close to 2 hours of work's pay), and treat myself as directed a few hours later.
I felt immediate relief.. and also relieved that this was indeed a yeast infection. A day later, I get my period. I've been using pads only, because I think a tampon would not only kill if i still have the infection, but also make it more severe.
So it's been like three days, I've been using only pads, and the yeast infection seems to have stuck around. It's relatively mild, but definitely still there.
Sooooo, I call university health services, which, if I can get an appointment, I will have to walk to in the rain already. The nurse tells me they have no gynecologists on duty, and give me the number for a gyno's office in a nearby city.
Well thanks, UHS, I totally want to WALK in the RAIN to the nearest city to get my yeasty, perioding vagina checked. That seems like a great alternative to studying for the midterm I have tonight.
I have a yeast infection and my period. I am a little miserable. University Health Services was unable to give me any advice, or even an appointment. I don't have a car to go anywhere else, and its raining and I have a midterm tonight. Poop.
I figured I should update you guys on what's going on. I went to the doctor yesterday. Throughout the day it got worse. The only way I can think to describe it was that everytime I moved or sat a certain way, it felt like a crab was pinching my left labia, hard. Also, it had become to really burn in the same area on my labia when I peed, like when the pee touched the spot and for about 30 second area the pain was almost unbearable. I took three advil to help dull that pain.
I made it to the doctor after a day filled with anxiety, and went through the usual routine of explaining my situation to the nurse before the doctor came in. She was sympathetic and reassured me that having a yeast infection alone sucks, but with your period at the same time is just miserable. She took my vitals and told me that the Doctor should be in relatively soon.
After about a 15 minute wait (which is not long comparatively to other times I've had to see a doctor at my University Health Services), the doctor comes in. She again asks me to relay the situation and then asks what meds I'm on, my drug use habits, and if I have any allergies to medications. I only lie a little bit, and receive a small lecture about how I am increasing my risk for blot clots and strokes by smoking while on the pill.
She then asks if I'm sexually active. I answer yes. She asks with males, females, or both? I answer male. She asks who my partners are. I lie. I say I have been with my boyfriend for about a year. In reality I broke up with my boyfriend a little over a month ago. Since then I have had sex with two people. One of them it was a drunken, one night thing. I'm pretty sure we did not use a condom. In the morning I admitted to him I didnt remember his name. He laughed it off and was very nice to me, giving me a ride home and even getting my number. He even texted me a few days later asking how my day was and whatnot. Best case scenario I guess.
The other person I have been hanging out with a lot. We have had sex multiple times, but we also hang out regularly without having sex. We also have no used condoms. I'm pretty sure we mutually really enjoy each others company. I have told him more than once that I'm not ready for a relationship. I have this problem where everytime I've gotten out of a long term relationship I jump right back into a new one real quick. I'm trying not to do that this time, as it seems to always end poorly. I told him I would like it if he asked me on a date, and I know I like him, but I'm not ready to be his girlfriend. He has been really understanding and respectful about this. However, our feelings for each other are definitely growing.
OKay, back to the doctor's office. So I lie to avoid telling her the above two paragraphs, because it's really not something I wanted to explain to a stranger while being seen for an issue with my genitals.
She asks me to remove my bottom half of clothing and lie on the table. I do, and the first thing she says is "ohhhh, that looks really irritated! You have what looks to me like a herpes sore here". My heart drops. She scrapes the sore (very painful) and performs the rest of the exam (less painful). Whilst doing so she's telling me about how a lot of young people these days get HSV1 on their genitals. She says its actually much more common than HSV2, which is generally considered the Genital type. She asks if I've ever had a sore like this on my genitals before and I answer truthfully, no. I tell her I've probably had five on my mouth over the course of my life. The first one was when I was 13, before I had even kissed a boy. She said that more often than not, a person contracts HSV1 from a kiss from mom or a grandparent, and then what with masturbation, oral sex, and simply using the bathroom, it can sometimes pop up down south.
She didn't act as if I should be concerned, but really my mind was numb. She had me pee in a cup to test for a UTI as well and then bring all the stuff down to the lab to wait for the results. She says she'll prepare a acyclovir script for me because she's almost positive that's what it is.
I go to the lab, wait for the results, and come back up. No Yeast, no UTI. It's a herpes sore. She hands my the script and I head over to the pharmacy. On the way out she tells me that it'll be about 2-3 weeks before the results come back about whether its HSV1 or 2.
I'm waiting in the Pharmacy for the perscription to be filled, and the doctor I saw walks up to me, hand me a folder paper wad and says, "I thought you might be interested in this article", smiles and walks away. I wait till I am home in my room to read the article. Its about a study performed on University Students who've experienced herpes sores on their genitals and the percentage of which it was HSV1 and HSV2. HSV1 was overwhelming more common.
I gathered my lady balls and told my friend who I've been sleeping with/hanging out with about the visit. I didn't really go into details about how I won't really know if it's HSV1 or HSV2 for a few weeks, but I did say the doctor said it's probably HSV1, which is the same as a mouth cold sore. He was really understanding about it. Hugged me, told me it was okay, told me it didn't change anything and that it took a lot of courage for me to tell him. I sat on his lap while we googled herpes info together. He even asked if he could sleep over in my bed last night (just to cuddle). Hes going to go to his doctor today to see what he can tell him about it, if he should be concerned/doing anything differently now that we know.
I really couldn't have hoped for a better response from him. I am not sure if I should tell anyone else. My ex(es)? The other guy I slept with recently? I am definitely not feeling confident enough to do it yet anyways. I feel like maybe I should wait for the results of the blood work and take it from there.
So, if you are concerned that somethings up down there GO TO THE DOCTOR! I have been tested for other STDs but I guess I should probably be tested again, now, just to be safe. It's better to know and be able to make informed, responsible choices than to possible be spreading something unpleasant unknowingly to others.
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