Dating Chelsy

Who is she dating right now? According to our records, Chelsy Davy is possibly single. Relationships. Chelsy Davy has been in relationships with James Marshall (2018 - 2019), Charles Goode (jeweller) (2014 - 2015), Matthew Mills (Finance) (2013), Blaise Patrick (2012) and Prince Harry (2004 - 2011).. About. Chelsy Davy is a 35 year old Zimbabwean Socialite. Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy opens up about life after dating the royal Margaret Abrams. 02/03/2020. Sadaf Khadem: 'The problem is boxing, not the hijab – in Iran they say men only' Lifestyle Chelsea Hurst April 21, 2020 dating, stages, relationship, boyfriend, patience, love, kind, Bible, advice, guidance 20 Ways to Invest In Yourself in Your Twenties Lifestyle Chels December 31, 2018 life advice , life tips , Lifestyle , self care , self-love , twenties Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy has confirmed she is dating a new man - and is 'very happy' following her new romance. Zimbabwe-born jewellery designer Chelsy, 34, who divides her time ... Chelsy Bautista’s Boyfriend. Chelsy Bautista is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Chelsy had at least 1 relationship in the past. Chelsy Bautista has not been previously engaged. She has a brother named Ian. According to our records, she has no children. Like many celebrities and famous people, Chelsy keeps her personal and love ... Chelsy Davy’s Boyfriend. Chelsy Davy is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Chelsy had at least 3 relationship in the past. Chelsy Davy has not been previously engaged. Her parents are Charles Davy and Beverly Donald Davy. She has a younger brother named Shaun. According to our records, she has no children.

I got my gynecomastia approved by my health insurance company as a medical necessity, how I did it - but still paid a ton out of pocket (And a Dr. Delgado praise)

2020.09.11 07:24 GyneReimbursement I got my gynecomastia approved by my health insurance company as a medical necessity, how I did it - but still paid a ton out of pocket (And a Dr. Delgado praise)

My health insurance company (Blue Cross of [XXX State] - I'd prefer not to say the state it is through) but it should be similar for BCBS of other states and possibly other insurance companies. A few things first - I paid out of pocket initially for the surgery, I was going to go through with it regardless if insurance covered it, and I ended up getting reimbursed for only about 10% of my out of pocket costs.
Nov 2019 - I had an appointment with Delgado via phone, and based on my photos he gave me a quote of $12k. Through through the roof I know, but the case was pretty bad for me and these crazy California prices. I am about 1.5hrs away from his office in Novato and San Francisco. Quotes from Caridi were around $10k, and one other surgeon locally quoted $5500 but he would not do a consultation with me in person unless it was paid. This was an issue for me, as I feel I want to make sure I am comfortable with the doc before I sign up with them - and that 3rd doctor only had very few gyne cases in their portfolio (but I have heard good things about their other procedures). Delgado’s office took a deposit (I think $500) to save my March surgery date.
Early January 2020 - I googled the following "Blue Cross Blue Shield of (state) gynecomastia". This will bring you to many results, at least one of which will be that companies official stance on gynecomastia and what needs to be done in order for them to deem it medically necessary, it specifically states this will not be covered if it is for physiological reasons! Mine required several things including a variety of tests (testosterone, estrogen, etc.), a diagnosis of of gynecomastia from a physician, a lack of use of steroids for at least 2 years (not an issue for me), a presence of pain in the chest that does not get better with the use of medications, etc. All of which I met - I just needed an official diagnosis. Please know, if my primary care did not agree with me having gyne, I would have dropped the insurance thing there (I may have disputed her opinion however but would not have processed any paperwork for the surgery approval).
I signed up for the date of surgery which was in March 2020 originally, but with the option for a sooner date if an opening came up. I called my primary care doctor and discussed with her via video. She said she is familiar with the condition and while she has not dealt with this professionally much she is familiar with the condition and had a family member have this as well. An in person consultation with my primary care was then done along with all blood tests which showed testosterone and estrogen was normal, along with all other tests. She diagnosed me with grade 2. It is important to know that I have lost 100+lbs about 10 years ago and I have kept most of the weight off. Even at my lowest (very unhealthy) weight, I provided photos showing my chest did not lower in proportion with the rest of my body.
End of Jan 2020 - I get a call from Dr. Delgado’s office saying there is an opening in 7 days, and I can be seen then for surgery. Money. I took it, had an in person consultation with Delgado within 3 business days where I met him in San Francisco at his office (beautiful office BTW, incredible view!). Delgado knows his stuff, and realistically answers all questions. No fluff, which I imI also paid the remaining funds via credit card. I’m now out of pocket $12k with a surgery date in a few days. I asked about insurance, and he made it clear they do not deal with insurance companies, at all. Like at all, at all, at all. Everything is out of pocket, however they were willing to fill out a form for me which simply listed WHO would be doing the surgery and their medical license number. I knew I would have to seek all reimbursement directly.
I then had the surgery. It was OK, I went in and the initial nurse they had with my was kinda odd, and I didn’t feel all that comfortable. But I got through that part, the anesthesiologist gave me the port/needle for the IV and a pill which made me sleepy. Delgado came in, marked me up. They brought me in a room, slept, and woke up late in lots of pain. I am a complete wimp when it comes to pain, and they too care of me well. I then went back to their hospital of choice and slept for the night. My wife was with me and took care of my drains and such. I slept, woke up, slept, woke up, worked a bit in the middle of the night, etc. And went home the following day.
So a few months go by, and I recover. 6 weeks in the vest. Work from home. No lifting for 6-8 weeks. COVID hits, gym closes. etc.
Feb 2020 - I send in the paperwork to the health insurance company including photo of me pre surgery, doctors diagnosis of gynecomastia, all my test work for labs, gynecomastia report of the tissue removed, etc. I get something back from around March or so, saying they have deemed it medically necessary! Awesome! Unfortunately Delgado of course is not ‘in network’ and it will be an out of network claim, which I expected. A $1400 deductible, and a 10% co-insurance fee up to like $8k.
The health insurance company of course then demands a CPT code or super-bill for the work. I contact Delgado’s office, and they do not provide CPT codes or super bills at all. CPT codes are only for in network patients BTW. They do offer to send over the surgery notes, which I receive and resubmit to the insurance company. Insurance then sends a letter to Delgado’s office, asking for their tax ID number. Delgado’s office then contacts me, advising of the letter and pretty much saying they won’t provide it to them. I understand and request a copy of the letter, which they gladly provide (BTW - the ladies at the front desk, specifically Chelsie - are absolutely incredible. So helpful, nice, and willing to help. Same actually with all of Delgado’s staff, absolutely incredible). I send an email to BCBS advising this is not to go through Delgado’s office, and I am requesting full reimbursement directly. Insurance then sends me an email that they are covering something like $3300 for the surgery, and like $600 for the anesthesiologist, after the deductible and coinsurance for both procedures I got a check for just under $1400.
If I had gotten approval. Then sought out an in network doctor, I believe the covered amount would have been at or more than the out of network amount covered. I however was set on using Delgado, so whatever they offered I was going to take. Overall, the insurance dance was what it was expected….lots of work, minimal payoff. The procedure with Delgado…. I cannot recommend him enough. 2 small incisions under the nipples, which are not noticeable at all. Like at all at all unless you are going to pretty much put your eye on my nipple (hasn’t happened yet). Lipo spots neat to the armpits are so tiny and fading. Delgado is all business when you are with him, and isn’t the ‘shoot the shit’ kinda physician when you’re in the room with him (some may find this off-putting, but he was in no way disrespectful and never made me feel uncomfortable). He let me know I will likely need a 2nd surgery for some loose skin, which I was thankful for - that he gave me realistic expectations. Expensive - yes. Worth it - 100% (of course, half the price would have been even better, lol.)
I will work on getting some photos uploaded. I am more than happy to answer any questions. Of course your milage may vary depending on a variety of factors.
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2020.08.04 03:21 EmmaofHatfield The Maxwells: Welcome to Maxhell

Hi All, I know I said at one point that I wouldn't do a wiki on the Maxwells since I don't know very much about them, but I've taken the time to read up on them during isolation, so here goes! Since I'm not as familiar with the Maxwells, please feel free to comment anything I may have forgotten about.
The Maxwells are a fundamentalist family with eight children. The family consists first of parents Steve and Teri. They run a blog called Titus2 and sell many Christian home organization items, such as calendars and homeschool curriculums. One of their calendars is actually visible in the earliest Duggar specials; it's the one Michelle had covered in sticky notes.
The Maxwells have also written a number of ultra-fundie books.
As mentioned, Steve and Teri have eight children, five of whom are known as "reversal babies." The Maxwells were not fundamentalists or even Christian when they first married in 1974. The pair became Christians in December 1975, and had three children in relatively short order: Nathan (1976), Christopher (1979), Sarah (1982). Teri then experienced severe depression and felt overwhelmed caring for three children. As a result, Steve chose to have a vasectomy in 1984. However, Steve and Teri descended more into fundamentalism and Steve decided to have his vasectomy reversed in 1988. The Maxwells went on to have five more children: Joseph (1989), John (1991), Anna (1992), Jesse (1994), and Mary (1996). (All of this is on fundiewiki). All of the Maxwell sons are married, and none of the daughters are. Because Sarah is 38 and Anna is 28, they seem unlikely to ever marry. Mary is turning 24 this month. 24 is probably on the older side for a fundamentalist woman to marry, but it would not be unheard of.
Steve Maxwell is, to say the least, something of an odd guy. He is extremely strict and has been accused of running his family like a cult. Steve is, of course, extremely religious; he referred to television as "the Beast" and did not allow his children to watch it. He also does not allow his kids to participate in sports or any non-religious activities. He also insisted that Teri homeschool their children. Furthermore, he insisted on his children eating an extremely healthy diet. Steve is very skeptical of his children having fun in any form, as having fun can be sinful. In connection with this, he expects his children to dress extremely simply and modestly, to wake up early, and to work with the family in their ministry shop. He also expects his children to "court" instead of date, and for them to allow him to monitor their relationships closely. Steve is also stridently against debt, and is against members of his family even taking out mortgages. He expected his sons to buy houses in all cash before they married. Two of his son's families lived on his street, and one lives a mile away. His youngest and most recently married son, Jesse, lives in an apartment about an hour away. This is seen as a major act of rebellion for the family by most commentators, but Steve and Teri have been evasive about acknowledging this departure.
As a note, the Maxwells are often known for wearing extremely cringey and frumpy matching outfits, particularly the women of the family.
There are also three Anna Maxwells in this family, due to Christopher and Jesse both marrying women named Anna.
Some notes on the Maxwell children:
Nathan: Nathan is married to Melanie Maher with six children, along with one child, Susannah, who died three days after she was born. His fundiewiki page also states that he and his wife struggled with infertility for the first four years of their marriage.
Christopher: Christopher courted a woman named Sarah Smith and was briefly engaged to her in 2007. Christopher married Anna Marie Hamilton in 2010, and they now have six children. (See fundiewiki). Anna Marie was diagnosed with breast cancer about eight months ago, while she was pregnant with her sixth child. She nevertheless expressed interest in a homebirth. She has attempted to cure it with "natural chemotherapy." This required her flying with a newborn during the pandemic.
Christopher has also worked/currently works as a wedding photographer. He apparently has very strict religious criteria for the couples he photographs, and his work is reportedly somewhat regrettable.
Sarah: as mentioned, Sarah is 38 and unmarried. In a recent birthday post, her parents made sure to mention the fact that Sarah wanted to be a homeschooling Mom with a lot of kids, but the right guy never came along. Sarah has written a series of children's books about the Moodys, a devoutly Christian family.
Joseph: Joseph was engaged before he met his current wife, and was "stood up" five days before his wedding. (To be fair, though, the courtship and engagement had been extremely short to begin with; they'd started courting in May, were engaged by June, and were supposed to be married in mid-August). Joseph has since married Elissa Frost, with the wedding taking place in September 2014. They have three children thus far, Calia (2015) Kyle (2018) and (edited) Caleb (2020) (See fundiewiki). Thanks to commenters for the updates here!
John: John married Chelsy Bontrager in 2017. They have two children: Axton (edited) (2019) and Elliot (2020). He was allegedly known on FreeJinger as the hottest Maxwell son before he got married, and is probably the least sheltered Maxwell child; he traveled a good deal for his work before he settled down.
Anna: As far as I know, there is very little distinguishing information about Anna. Edited per a helpful comment below: apparently Anna has a particular interest in the unborn.
Jesse: Jesse married the third Anna Maxwell in May 2020. Her wedding outfit was a bit tragic.
Mary: Mary will turn 24 this month. She apparently enjoys art, and is currently studying graphic design (see fundiewiki).
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2020.07.02 15:47 MissBee123 10 years ago Jake and Vienna covered all the tabloids as they announced their breakup

The tabloid reports at the time had several 'inside scoops' as to why. Knowing what we know now I'm amused at the theories including:
  1. He broke up with her and she was utterly shocked by its unexpected occurrence.
  2. She broke up with him over text. They referred to it as "She dumped his ass" in the article.
  3. Jake caught Vienna cheating with Gregory Michael from Greek
  4. No wait, actually Jake is the cheater and he's cheating with Chelsie Hightower, his DWTS partner
  5. Vienna was too clingy and was tastefully referred to as, "Stalkerish."
  6. Jake wouldn't have sex with Vienna because he was fasting.
  7. Vienna was in love with an ex boyfriend, also her ex husband, oh and another different ex boyfriend.
  8. And, finally, because we love homophobia: Jake is secretly gay and dating Juan from Jillian's season.
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2020.05.27 04:06 yaboyanu SYTYCD Where Are They Now: Season 5

I’m back with my- quite possibly in my mind only- long awaited fifth installment! It has taken me a truly obscene amount of time to get around to writing this post and half of the previous ones probably need an update by now. The past year has been insane in terms of my schedule and I have spent what little energy I had shitposting on /popheads and /fundiesnark. Now that people are stepping on my terrority PS if ur reading I’m available, I decided to kick my hiney into gear. In fact, I literally took a day off of work Friday to do research for this post and because I’m so tired of my job, but I once again put it off and ended up playing Sims for three solid days. HOWEVER on the fourth day I rose, put on my little detective hat, and scurried over to my burner Instagram account to stalk some ex-contestants.
Alright, on to Season 5! I consider this to be the tail end of SYTYCD’s Golden Age. I really do think the success of the show was in part tied to that iconic Sydney Opera House-eque stage. After coming short in Season 4, the Ashley quota was once again filled, Debbie Allen made her way back to her rightful place on the judging panel, and who could forget “IV Real’s” less successful younger sibling, “5 Alive”? (Actually probably most of us could forget; I’m still not sure it wasn’t a fever dream.) Despite all of this glitz and glam, the season was not without a truly horrendous edit that Wikipedia will remind us of for years to come.
Top 20
Paris Torres It’s rather unfortunate because this couple, along with most of the other Top 20 eliminees, really never had a chance. I don’t recall them getting any air time whatsoever prior to the Top 20 show. Like were they even in the Green Mile? And that said we have the top Google result. According to LinkedIn she is a director at Turning Pointe Dance Center in Seattle and prior to that she toured with Pulse dance convention. Apparently she was also a pageant girl, which is interesting, but I think happened before SYTYCD. Her Instagram hasn’t been updated since 2018 and most of the posts are about teaching/choreographing.
Tony Bellissimo Okay I really thought he had no air time, but I’m wrong and now I kind of wish we got to see more of his personality. According to IMBD Tony has appeared on film in Rock of Ages, La La Land, the Step Up franchise, and numerous episodes of Glee. He also performed at the Super Bowl and The Oscars with Justin Timberlake and when on tour with Rihanna. He is also on the faculty of Tremain Dance Competition with fellow SYTYCD alum Tiffany Maher. On a personal note, it looks like he is about to have a son with his fiance (or wife now?) and owns TheHubNoho, a recording and rehearsal space, with SYTYCD alum Ivan Koumaev and Matt Aylward.
Top 18
Ashley Valerio Wow I really should have popped in the bootleg set of DVDs from the sketchy knock-off Ebay site I forced my mom to buy me for Christmas one year because I do not remember the majority of this season. Ashley is listed on the staff at Downtown Dance Factory in NYC and according to her bio, she has been working commercially and “has been featured in national and international commercials, music videos and has served as a principal dancer in the hit television shows Glee & Monk. Ashley started her own production company two years ago and is now directing and choreographing music videos for artists seen on The Voice and American Idol.” The company is @affinitydancecompany on Instagram. It seems cool, but I’ll honestly never know because the website crashed my computer twice.
Maksim "Max" Kapitannikov Ah yes, nothing screams "SYTYCD" like an early ballroom elimination! (Ahem, Stanislav & Faina Savich, Jamie Bayard, Susie Garcia, Max, Christina Santana, Iveta Lukosiute, Nick Bloxsom-Carter, Brittany Cherry, Nick Garcia, Malene Ostergaard, Daniela Avanzini, Sydney Tormey.) The stage and the format may change, but it's nice to see some consistency through the seasons. It seems like Max is still competing as of last year. Not much on his social media or on the internet in general. Sorry Max- this update is short and sweet, just like your time on the show.
Top 16
Asuka Kondoh It looks like Asuka continued to dance professionally following SYTYCD up until at least 2017 and also taught for a classical (ballet/contemporary) dance company in California for a while, although she is not currently listed as faculty. I believe she also toured with Ballroom with a Twist based on a 2015 article. Not sure if I’m losing my touch, but there does not seem to be a ton of information on her in recent years.
Jonathan Platero One night, two more ballroom eliminations. I really wished I remember this season better because I remember some mild drama about Nigel thinking he was cocky? Or am I confusing him with that shirtless guy with the white pants that did a bunch of flares in his audition? Anyway he has been seen on television on Happily Divorced, Glee, the Apprentice (???), ¡Mira quién baila!, and on SYTYCD as a choreographer. He was also on To the Pointe, so if you want actual info it’s probably better to watch that as opposed to these crumbs I’m leaving you here. He is also married to Oksana Dmytrenko (DWTS/Strictly Come Dancing) who has choreographed with him on SYTYCD. Apparently their wedding was featured on WE’s David Tutera's CELEBrations.
Top 14
Karla Garcia Karla is currently listed as faculty at Broadway Dance Center in NYC and her bio there is quite extensive. She has done a lot of Broadway including productions such as Hot Feet, West Side Story, Gigi, and most recently Hamilton, and toured with Wicked, The Addam’s Family and Bad Boys of Dance. She was also a principal dancer in the show SMASH and works on a lot of her own choreography including a short film and a musical. According to Instagram she teaches a BDC Zoom class Mondays at 4 and an Instagram Live class Fridays at 4.
Vitolio Jeune Vitolio is listed as a principal dancer at Garth Fagan Dance in Rocheter, NY. He has been there since at least 2011 and his bio there says he was “recently” on SYTYCD so I’m not sure how up to date that website is. The bio also mentions he has toured nationally and internationally, was formerly a principal dancer with the Ayikodans Dance Company, and was a guest artist Trilogie in LA. His Instagram is private, but it looks like he is married and has a son.
Top 12
Caitlin Kinney According to Caitlin’s talent profile, following SYTYCD she moved to LA working as a commercial dancer, teacher, and choreographer, and apparently has even done stunt work. Her resume includes several televised awards shows and commercials. She also performed/toured with Paula Abdul, Kanye West, and David Archuletta and is currently listed as faculty with Hollywood Vibe Dance Convention. Her Instagram shows that she is now married and had a baby girl in late 2019. In irrelevant news, she looks a little bit like Krystal from The Bachelor in some pics.
Phillip Chbeeb Phillip has a very cool Instagram and a ton of choreography videos on YouTube that everyone should check out. There are also several movement focused short films that he has directed and he collabs with Season 3’s Hok often. I saw someone post about him on /dance a few weeks ago and I was really blown away. He also has numerous IMBD credits, notably as a dancer in the ABDC Season 6 championship winning I.aM.mE dance crew and as choreographer for the shows Making Moves, and of course, SYTYCD. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but earlier this year he was a guest on The Hollywood Dance podcast.
Top 10
Randi Evans (now Strong) Was Randi eliminated in part due to the wig they made her wear for her Paso Doble with Kupono? I think it’s possible. According to her Instagram bio, she is now a Public Figure. In addition to being a Public Figure, she is on the faculty at Revel Dance Convention and has a production company called now Strong Productions which lists DWTS, ABC, Fox, Radio City Music Hall, and none other than our very own SYTYCD as clients. At some point she also toured with Ballroom With a Twist. Evidently she got into ballroom a little more after the show and has taught and choreographed in several styles. Randi has gotten divorced since her time on the show and now goes by her maiden name. Her hair is even shorter now, and I say rightly so, because despite having no basis for it, I take it to be an indication that she was equally traumatized by the long wig as I was.
Kūpono Aweau Kupono is based in LA and has toured with Ricky Martin and Madonna for several years. He’s weirdly not coming up as being listed as faculty on any companies or conventions like most of the SYTYCD alums do, so it does seem like his main focus might be touring. He’s pretty active on Instagram, but his recent posts seem to mostly be family-centric rather than about his dance gigs.
Top 8
Janette Manrara Ok, Phillip and Janette are really leading the Instagram follower count so far! She has appeared on seven seasons of Strictly Come Ballroom (2013-2019), Glee, Burn the Floor, and returned to SYTYCD as an All-Star briefly in Season 8. She also has a huge social media presence, so it is easy to keep up to date if you head over to her Instagram. She married SCB’s Aljaž Škorjanec in 2017 and they created and toured a Fred Astaire inspired show together beginning in 2019, though now it seems to be on hiatus until 2021.
Jason Glover IMBD credits include video shorts for P!nk, Florence + the Machine, and Christina Aguilera. Other television credits include Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Little Mermaid Live with fellow Alum Alex Wong, and, most recently, Penny Dreadful. He might have been on tour with Ariana Grande? My only clue to this is deluded Ariana Grande fans in the comments of his pictures. Okay, I scrolled more and yes he has been on tour with her as well as P!nk. On a more somber note, it looks like he danced in Ariana’s Manchester show.
Top 6
Melissa Sandvig According to a dancer bio for Helios Dance Theater, an LA based contemporary dance company, Melissa has worked for numerous companies and television shows (Sacramento Ballet, Los Angeles Contemporary Ballet, Los Angeles Opera, Glee, Bunheads, DWTS, AGT, Mobbed, Grey’s Anatomy, LXD, The Young and the Restless). She has also done motion capture work for animated films such as Shrek, Puss in Boots, and Madagascar 3, which I thought was really cool. It seems like she has done a lot in terms of production as well and has worked with Cirque du Soleil and Disney. Currently she is teaching pilates via Instagram Live and is on the faculty of Velocity Dance Convention. She is still married to her husband and they now have two sons.
Ade Obayami Ade is also contending for a top Instagram follower count, although his is more impressive to me considering he hasn't posted anything in over a year. Like Melissa, he has recently worked with Velocity Dance Convention. In the past, he has appeared at The Grammy’s with Beyonce, in music videos for Rihanna, and on tour with Alicia Keys, as well as worked on various projects with Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, and Kelly Rowland. On the reality TV circuit, he has performed on AGT, X Factor, and of course on later seasons of SYTYCD as an All Star. IMBD credits include Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, and Teddy Forance’s All the Right Moves, and the made-for-television classic, A Diva's Christmas Carol starring Vanessa Williams. Despite the fact the latter was almost a decade prior to his appearance on SYTYCD, it is certainly worth mentioning.
Top 4
Kayla Radomski Based on IMBD, it seems she has done some acting in recent years and was in a few short films. Earlier she was in Chasing 8’s with other SYTYCD alums including Kathryn McCormick, Chelsie Hightower, Chris Jarosz, and Ade. TV-wise she has appeared on Glee, DWTS, the Oscars, as an All Star on SYTYCD, and was also reunited with Jason for The Little Mermaid Live. She has also worked with musical artists including Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Meghan Trainor, and Justin Bieber. There is a To the Pointe, interview from 2017 so check that out for more info.
Evan Kasprzak In the least surprising update ever, since SYTYCD Evan has done a lot of musical theatre! Broadway roles include Newsies (Elmer) and Cats (Pouncival) and was also on screen in Hail, Caesar! and episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Fosse/Verdon. He is listed on the faculty at Steps NYC and Manhattan Dance Project (along with Ade), although the latter suggests that “currently” was in 2012. Outside of dance, he and his wife were married in 2015.
Brandon Bryant It may be confusing to some, particularly the AI behind Google's result algorithm, but this update is not about the American football player or the whistleblower. This is the Brandon who tried to sneak onto the show at the age of 15 in Season One. I think we all need to take a moment to remember this, because it deserves to be preserved in whatever the SYTYCD equivalent of /MuseumOfReddit is. He then went on to have one of the best runs on the show to date. Aside from appearing as a SYTYCD All Star, like many others, he was in Glee. Unlike many others, he also has a line of T-shirts street dancewear. Interesting gigs include DWTS and dancing for Britney Spears in her Las Vegas residency. According to an old convention bio (seriously do any of these sites ever update anything?) he "choreographed and danced with Sweden’s hit artist Agnes in Cologne, Germany for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics." I’m a little confused by this as the last time Germany hosted the Olympics was 1972. I know these sites are out of date, but I don’t think they are that out of date. He’s pretty active on Instagram and is currently offering some virtual dance classes.
Jeanine Mason Jeanine has maybe done the most mainstream acting of any SYTYCD alum to date. Her break-out role was probably Sam Bello in Grey’s Anatomy and she then went on to star as Liz Ortecho in The CW's Roswell, New Mexico, which is currently on its third season. Previously she had roles in The Bling Ring, Bunheads, Criminal Minds, You’re the Worst, Secret Life, and Awkward to name a few. She was also recently on Whose Line is it Anyway. Dance-wise there is not as much listed, but she did perform with Mark Ballas on DWTS shortly after SYTYCD. I think she is also one of the few contestants to earn a college degree after the show. She graduated with a degree in dance and a minor in film from UCLA in 2014 and said in an interview she might want to get into film production one day.
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2020.05.11 02:05 lurkingbeaver My name is Walter, and I'm going to die.

My name is Walter, and I'm going to die, but not in the typical, we're all going to die garbage. I don't know how long I have, but it's definitely not long enough for anyone to do anything about it. My only hope is that I die on my own terms.
It all started a month ago, just after I got back from my honeymoon, my second honeymoon for my second wedding. She was the love of my life, but I tend to make the mistake of assuming that. I come from a wealthy family, a very wealthy family. My net worth makes millions of dollars look like peanuts, but not all of it was legally made. In fact, most of it came from illegal origins. To give you some context, I was winning a bidding war to get the Koh-i-Noor diamond for my first wife's engagement ring until the royal family canceled the offer.
My first marriage ended about a year ago, after eighteen years of bliss. Turns out that my ex-wife, Lauren, had been funneling funds out of my bank account, which I had been suspecting for about three years, but I was never willing to confront her about it. I only ended the marriage after my financial manager showed me evidence that millions were being transferred to a Swiss Bank account under her name. I broke off the marriage, and Lauren played innocent throughout the entire divorce and afterwards. I made sure she got nothing after that betrayal of trust. The only thing I was worried about was whether she would manage to get custody of my daughter, Emily. Emily was always closer to Lauren than me, especially since she almost resembles Lauren perfectly. I was willing to give up everything I had to make sure that didn't happen. Fortunately for me, Emily made the right choice. Emily and I hadn't seen my Lauren in months when I started dating again, and I decided that my new girlfriend, Chelsie, was the one almost immediately.
Emily had been very understanding of the arrangement. She even got me a gift, a painting of Cupid standing over the corpse of Ares, suggesting love trumps war, which she recommended I put over the desk in my bedroom. Emily and I were always fond of Greek mythology. As a child, Emily loved the tales of cunning and heroism. Her favorite was the story of Zeus's triumph over Cronus and how he claimed Mount Olympus, though I was never fond of it.
After a short stop at my house where I set up the painting and made sure Emily would be taken care of, Chelsie and I embarked on our honeymoon. We had a wonderful time, but as soon as we got home, Chelsie wanted to make some changes to the family dynamic. Her first order of business was that we cut down the house staff and that Emily take up some more responsibility. I was hesitant about this, believing that any manual labor was beneath my daughter, but she was more than willing to help. Then, Chelsie insisted that we send Emily to a boarding school. I was immediately taken aback, since I had told Chelsie prior to the wedding that my first allegiance would alway be to my daughter, and she seemed perfectly okay with it at the time. I cautiously asked my daughter if she was willing to fulfill the request, but she looked back at me with such disappointment that I didn't need an answer. I went back to Chelsie and told her that a boarding school was out of the question.
It was soon after this event that I started to experience bouts of painful sickness. At night, I would roll around on my bumpy bed and see a tiny red light blinking from the corner of my eyes, but whenever I searched for it, I could never find it. I approached Chelsie about this and she told me that the visions must have been induced by the sickness. When I discussed this with Emily, she agreed with Chelsie that the red light must be a hallucination, but insisted that I visit a toxicologist, suggesting that my sickness was unnatural. Turns out, Emily was right. Any toxicologist, doctor, biologist, immunologist, anyone, they all said that my illness must be man-made, but more concerning, many of them suggested that I could be dead within a month if I continue to be exposed to whatever was causing this.
I hired a private investigator to take a look at what was happening, paying heaps of money to find anything suspicious, but by the end of his investigation, he had crossed out all suspects, except one, Chelsie! He died before he could conclude the investigation, but his notes had all the information I needed. Immediately after getting this news, I knew what I had to do. I am a dangerous man and willing outside of the law to exact revenge. Taking my money is one thing, but putting my life or my daughter's life at risk was deserving of capital punishment.
There were no tears shed at Chelsie's funeral, but I couldn't eat for the next couple of days, maybe my conscience felt guilty, or maybe I was somehow still in love. Five days after the funeral, I vowed never to marry again. After I walked out of my bedroom, for the first time in days, I was wrapped in a hug by Emily. She insisted that we have dinner together and I was more than happy to oblige.
Emily and I sat across from each other as we observed the huge feast that was before.
"Wow!" I exclaimed in genuine amazement. "I hadn't realized you had gotten so good at cooking."
Emily just shrugged and said, "Well, no point talking about it. Dig in!"
It was a feast for kings and I enjoyed it thoroughly, well until I had a splitting headache. I screamed in agony. I looked at Emily in confusion.
"Clever girl, Chelsie," she muttered. "Well, the memories should start flowing in right about now."
I collapsed onto the ground in pain, and I remembered. I remembered returning from the honeymoon to an empty house. I remembered Lauren knocking me and Chelsie out and her explaining that she was about to inject me with an untraceable drug that would make me think she was Emily. I remember Chelsie trying to counteract it with another drug, a painful drug. I remember finding a camera in the painting Emily, the real Emily, bought for me. I remember finding Emily's corpse under my mattress. I remember Chelsie's last ditch attempt to try to cure me by drugging all the ingredients in our house. I remember Lauren suggesting that Chelsie get rid of all the assistants in our house. I remember the investigator and I finding Lauren immediately, and I remember her shooting him and writing out fake notes in his journal. I remember every time Chelsie and I discovered the truth, and I remember Lauren drugging us all over again.
I saw Lauren walk towards me, syringe in hand. I tried to crawl away, but Lauren jammed the syringe into my thigh and injected the fluid. I hobbled away as fast as I could and locked myself in the bathroom. I can hear Lauren taunting me outside right now. I don't know what to do. Please warn me. No matter what I say, try to convince me of the truth. I can already feel the drug taking affect. I have to remember that I'm living with Lauren. I have to remember that I've lost Emily!
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2020.04.16 07:32 yogaandcarbs Lead & F5 Connections

In the alternate universe [2020] that we’re now living in, the most recent Bachelor seems to have ended up dating his F5. We’ve heard about leads hooking up with their past contestants, and the classic F1/F2 switcheroo that’s led to more BacheloF2 marriages than BacheloF1 marriages. But Peter & Kelley appear to be the first lead/F5 relationship to come from the franchise 🤯🤯
Thanks to quarantine I had time to spend weeding through past eliminations and put together the BacheloBachelorette with their approximate F5s (all contestants are listed in cases where F5/6/7 were eliminated at the same rose ceremony).
What other pairings had potential à la Peter & Kelley? Did any other lead/F5 have a strong enough connection to make it as a couple in the real world?
*a few Bachelor seasons have less online info available, so Travis Stork, Charlie O’Connell, Byron V, Bob Guiney, Andrew Firestone aren’t included. Let us know about their F5s if you have an awesome memory!
Bachelors & F5 Peter -Kelley; Colton -Kirpa; Arie -Bekah M; Nick V -Kristina S; Ben H -Becca T; Chris S -Carly W; Juan Pablo -Chelsie W; Sean Lowe -Lesley M; Ben F -Emily O/Rachel T; Brad 2 -Michelle Money; Jake P -Corrie; Jason M -Stephanie H; Matt G -Marshana/Robin; Brad 1 -Hillary/Kristy; Andy Baldwin- Stephanie/Tina; Lorenzo - Desiree V/Jeanette; Jesse Palmer - Karen/Suzie; Aaron Buerge - Hayley/Heather; Alex Michel - Cathy/Christina/LaNease/Rhonda
Bachelorettes & F5 Hannah -Garrett P; Becca -Wills; Rachel -Adam G; JoJo -James Taylor; Kaitlyn -Joe Bailey; Andi -Brian Osborne/Dylan Pettit; Desiree -Michael G; Emily -John Wolfner; Ashley -Lucas Daniels; Ali -Ty Brown; Jillian -Jesse Kovacs/Michael Stagliano; DeAnna -Sean Ramey/Blaine Twilley; Jen -Ben Sands; Meredith -Brad, Ryan M, Sean; Trista -Bob/Jamie/Mike/Rob
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2020.03.02 12:40 newsfeedmedia Prince Harry’s ex Chelsy Davy reveals she is dating a new man

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2019.10.19 01:31 newsfeedmedia Matt Agnew & Chelsie McLeod enjoy a date night amid rumours they’d split

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2019.10.10 00:48 bvnd3nt How my friend betrayed me

 Okay so I’ve been wanting to get peoples opinion on this topic but never really got good feed back but 3rd times a charm.So about 2-3 weeks ago is when this all started,Let’s call this dude Ron well Ron was my bestfriend and so happens to live across the street from me and before everything went to shit I was dating a girl named chelsie well me and Chelsie ended up calling it quits because her family was super bigoted/racist towards me and that didn’t really sit right with at that point me and Chelsie slowly but surely stop talking in general ever since the break up then one day Ron and me where talking and he came up with the idea of going to homecoming with Chelsie and we where are super cool and close so I didn’t think anything of it but I was stupid asf.Ron decides to ask me if it’s okay to try and date Chelsie and I tell him I don’t like that idea because it’s gonna fuck me and his friendship up but he assured it wouldn’t,But I was certain that shit would but he convinced it wouldn’t so I said fuck it what’s the worst that can that point I already knew he was gonna fw her regardless so I was already gonna cut him off. but also Ron always had a mean and rude ass personality and was always a dickhead and a asshole towards me even though we were super close especially being bestfriends living across the street from each other for 9years. And so his rudeness caused us to argue two days after I said do whatever with Chelsie even tho it would ruin are friendship he decided to be an ass hole to me so I ended up cutting him off and blocking him on everything and to make things worse people at school started showing me pictures of them kissing and ever and it actually scarred me but yeah anyways lmk how you feel about this 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ 
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2019.10.09 05:23 bvnd3nt How my friend betrayed me

Okay so I’ve been wanting to get peoples opinion on this topic but never really got good feed back but 3rd times a charm.So about 2-3 weeks ago is when this all started,Let’s call this dude Ron well Ron was my bestfriend and so happens to live across the street from me and before everything went to shit I was dating a girl named chelsie well me and Chelsie ended up calling it quits because her family was super bigoted/racist towards me and that didn’t really sit right with at that point me and Chelsie slowly but surely stop talking in general ever since the break up then one day Ron and me where talking and he came up with the idea of going to homecoming with Chelsie and we where are super cool and close so I didn’t think anything of it but I was stupid asf.Ron decides to ask me if it’s okay to try and date Chelsie and I tell him I don’t like that idea because it’s gonna fuck me and his friendship up but he assured it wouldn’t,But I was certain that shit would but he convinced it wouldn’t so I said fuck it what’s the worst that can that point I already knew he was gonna fw her regardless so I was already gonna cut him off. but also Ron always had a mean and rude ass personality and was always a dickhead and a asshole towards me even though we were super close especially being bestfriends living across the street from each other for 9years. And so his rudeness caused us to argue two days after I said do whatever with Chelsie even tho it would ruin are friendship he decided to be an ass hole to me so I ended up cutting him off and blocking him on everything and to make things worse people at school started showing me pictures of them kissing and ever and it actually scarred me but yeah anyways lmk how you feel about this 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
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2019.10.09 05:13 bvnd3nt How my friend fucked are bond up

Okay so I’ve been wanting to get peoples opinion on this topic but never really got good feed back but 3rd times a charm.So about 2-3 weeks ago is when this all started,Let’s call this dude Ron well Ron was my bestfriend and so happens to live across the street from me and before everything went to shit I was dating a girl named chelsie well me and Chelsie ended up calling it quits because her family was super bigoted/racist towards me and that didn’t really sit right with at that point me and Chelsie slowly but surely stop talking in general ever since the break up then one day Ron and me where talking and he came up with the idea of going to homecoming with Chelsie and we where are super cool and close so I didn’t think anything of it but I was stupid asf.Ron decides to ask me if it’s okay to try and date Chelsie and I tell him I don’t like that idea because it’s gonna fuck me and his friendship up but he assured it wouldn’t,But I was certain that shit would but he convinced it wouldn’t so I said fuck it what’s the worst that can that point I already knew he was gonna fw her regardless so I was already gonna cut him off. but also Ron always had a mean and rude ass personality and was always a dickhead and a asshole towards me even though we were super close especially being bestfriends living across the street from each other for 9years. And so his rudeness caused us to argue two days after I said do whatever with Chelsie even tho it would ruin are friendship he decided to be an ass hole to me so I ended up cutting him off and blocking him on everything and to make things worse people at school started showing me pictures of them kissing and ever and it actually scarred me but yeah anyways lmk how you feel about this 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
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2019.09.29 12:38 newsfeedmedia Bachelor’s Chelsie McLeod ‘will date Matt Agnew’s cardboard cut-out’

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2019.09.18 05:13 newsfeedmedia The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod kiss during their final date

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2019.05.04 07:31 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: It's A Vlad World by Brian Beutler, Priyanka Aribindi & Crooked Media (05/03/19)

"Cocaine. Good thing? Bad thing? What?"—Bernie Sanders talking to kids back in the day

A Sternly Worded Letter To A Gun Fight

House Democrats seem unable to accept that they can’t afford to be conciliatory in their current power struggle with the Trump administration -- one where the integrity of U.S. democracy is at stake.
This week alone, Attorney General William Barr:
In response, Democrats have:
Barr, of course, doesn't care about being called a chicken. He probably doesn't care about being held in contempt, and he will draw out a legal fight over a subpoena for months.
But even if Barr blinks—if he gives over more of the Mueller report, or agrees to testify on Democrats' terms—he can't erase the well documented public record.
Donald Trump obstructed an investigation of a foreign attack on our election that he encouraged. He now claims vindication, and has suggested that he may use the Justice Department to investigate his political opponents. (He even had a friendly chit chat with Vladimir Putin today about what he called the “Russia hoax.”) William Barr continues to provide Trump legal and political cover for these dirty deeds, and lied to Congress.
Those bells can't be unrung. Congress can either take official steps toward seeking the proper punishment for those crimes, or not. It can’t negotiate its way out of that choice.

Under the Radar

A Trump administration rule allowing health professionals to refuse to perform procedures like abortions, sex reassignment surgeries, and assisted suicides on religious or “conscience” grounds will take effect in 60 days. The rule extends beyond simply performing these procedures—it allows any “provider, individual, or health care entity” to refuse providing, assisting, covering, or even referring patients for these procedures, regardless of the patient’s wishes or their best interests, and applies to all health-care facilities that receive federal funding.
This reverses an anti-discrimination policy put in place by the Obama administration, and will have a terrible effect on the health care outcomes among women and people in the LGBT community, especially those in already underserved areas.

What Else

Florida’s House and Senate have each passed bills to require people with felony records to fulfill “all financial obligations ordered by a judge” before getting their right to vote restored. If implemented, the law [would disenfranchise 500,000 of the 1.4 million former prisoners Florida just voted to re-enfranchise. The silver lining here is that this is an unconstitutional poll tax and courts should—read, should—strike it down.
The Trump administration reduced safety regulations on offshore drilling that the Obama administration imposed after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, which killed 11 people and caused the worst oil spill in American history in 2010. Former oil lobbyist turned Interior Department Secretary David Bernhardt announced the plan on Thursday. Drain the swamp! [Then fill it back up with light, sweet crude.]
A federal court in Ohio has ruled that the state’s congressional map is unconstitutionally gerrymandered to favor Republicans, and ordered new maps to be drawn by June 20, before another election takes place.
Cyclone Fani, the strongest storm to hit India in 20 years, threatens more than 28 million people who live in its path. Over one million people have already evacuated, with millions more expected to follow.
The House has passed a bill meant to force President Trump to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. and rejoin the Paris climate agreement, which sets global targets to reduce emissions. This is the first time in a decade that Congress has advanced legislation addressing climate change, though it is expected to die in the Republican-controlled Senate because the GOP is the only major political party in the world made up of climate deniers.
Over 200 of the world’s best women’s hockey players will boycott professional hockey leagues this year to protest for the salaries and resources they deserve. Despite stipends and sponsorships for top players who join national teams, some are paid as little as $2,000 per season, and are forced to pay for their own health insurance. Many players have called on the NHL to support a women’s league the way the NBA supports the WNBA.
Former White House Chief of Staff/all-around trash human being John Kelly has joined the board of the company that operates the largest facility the government uses to jail—sorry, “detain”—migrant children in the country.
Ramadan, a holy month of fasting from sun-up to sun-down for Muslims worldwide, begins on Sunday in the U.S. and U.K., and on Monday in most Muslim countries.
The new Miss USA Cheslie Kryst is a lawyer from North Carolina who does free legal work for people in prisons.

What A Sponsor!

Framebridge makes Mother’s Day ridiculously easy. The perfect one-of-a-kind gift for Mom is only 3 minutes away—and already on your phone. Just upload your favorite photo—they’ll print, frame, and ship it right to your door (or hers). Custom framing starts at $39 and shipping is always free. Order by 5/5 for delivery in time for Mom’s big day! Yes, she’ll love it.

What In The World?

Suicide rates have increased by 35 precent since 2000, but researchers believe that reducing them may be as simple as increasing the minimum wage. They found that when states increased the minimum wage or tax credits for working families, their non-drug related suicide rates decreased.

Is That Hope I Feel?

Last month an unidentified member of the New IRA—a violent nationalist group in Ireland—murdered journalist Lyra McKee while she was covering riots in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Today, BBC journalist Emma Vardy confronted the leader of the New IRA’s political arm “Saoradh,” demanding a response to McKee’s death and answers about the group’s tactics—a courageous act, given what happened to McKee, and fitting for World Press Freedom Day. Support journalism and journalists around the world who work hard and put themselves in danger to inform the public.


ABC News on Twitter: "ON THE CATWALK: Furry guest makes surprise appearance at Christian Dior fashion show as feline casually struts down the runway alongside models."
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2019.01.11 18:39 Chezecaek I am so scared of the shower.

I am so scared of the shower. So scared of the nozzle, protruding from the wall like a snake’s head, spitting endless streams of venom whenever you turn it on. So scared of the curtain, standing like a wall between you and safety, trapping you in with the beast. So scared of the drain that gurgles and groans as it sucks down water, into the bowels of the pipes.
Other people don’t understand. The last date I went on was five months ago; it didn’t last more than five minutes. His first words upon seeing me were, “Are you fucking kidding me?”
It was obvious I hadn’t bathed. My clothes were clean, but I was not. Dirt covered my skin like a thin layer of crust, making me appear a shade or two darker than I really was. You could probably cook a whole meal using just the grease from my hair.
“I have ablutophobia,” I said. That was the official diagnosis.
“The fuck’s that?” he asked.
“It’s a fear of bathing,” I replied.
He laughed as I felt myself getting hot. On the outside I’d be turning red, but I doubt anyone could see it with all the dirt in the way. “Good luck with that," he said, and left without another word.
That kind of insensitivity isn’t at all unusual. I get it from all kinds of people. And as I’m sure you can also imagine, job interviews never go particularly well.
But maybe this community will understand, at least, if I explain where the fear originated.
I was fifteen years old. The shower in the hallway beside my bedroom was pretty standard: a bathtub with a nozzle overhead, and a curtain to keep eyes out and water in. I recall that the temperature controls were way too sensitive; you could make it scalding hot or freezing cold, and it was damn near impossible to find something that was comfortably in the middle.
I hated those blasted temperature controls. But that’s not why I’m scared of the shower.
The last shower I ever took began normally. The water came out at a boil, then plummeted to Arctic temperatures as I fiddled with the knobs. I eventually had to settle for lukewarmness.
Halfway through, something brushed against my back. I started, then reasoned that the water pressure had simply increased suddenly, giving the impression of solid touch. Then I heard the breathing.
It was more like wheezing, really. Like someone really sick or something was standing right behind me. The warmth of the water didn’t stop my blood from turning cold as ice.
I nearly didn’t hear the next bit, over the sound of the water hitting the shower floor. “Chelsie.” A whisper, harsh and grating.
Slowly, as if fast movement might upset the thing in the shower with me, I placed my quivering hand against the edge of the curtain. I pulled, but it wouldn’t budge. It had become like a solid wall, immovable; even if I pushed against it with all my might, it stayed exactly as it was.
The thing brushed against my back a second time. It was slender and wet, like...a tongue. My whole body became locked up in a state of atavistic terror; I stood like a statue, unable to move and having nothing I could do even if I did.
“Sso delicious,” the thing sibilated, no longer whispering. “Dirt, grime, sssweat...sssuch sssucculent marination...”
Sssluuurp. In one long, horrific motion, the thing licked me along the length of my spine. At that moment, something inside me shattered; the monster’s trespass upon my safety and innocence violated me in a way so intense and profound that I knew, even then, that it would never truly leave my thoughts. I began to scream as loudly as I could, pounding on the wall with all my strength.
“Chelsie! Chelsie, are you alright in there? What’s going on?”
It was my dad’s voice. I heard the door handle shake, but I’d locked it; he wouldn’t be able to get in. “Help!” I screamed.
Bam! Bam! Bam! On the third kick, the door burst open. Footsteps pounded across the door and the shower curtain flew open, revealing one terrified-looking father. When he saw me standing there, unharmed, the terror on his face turned to confusion.
“What’s going—”
I didn’t let him finish. I embraced him as tears streamed down my face. He patted me on the back and whispered, “It’s okay. I’m here now.”
As I climbed, frightened but alive, out of the shower, I chanced a single look back. Something long and pink vanished into the nozzle, so quick I nearly didn’t catch it. I asked my dad if he’d seen it, but he said he didn’t know what I was talking about. To this day he still doesn’t understand, although he and my mom both do their best to be supportive.
I don’t know what the thing in the shower was, but I don’t long to find out. I haven’t stepped into a shower since that day, and even cleaning myself in other ways brings me flashbacks of that terrifying experience. The resulting isolation and depression are awful, and thus far I haven’t found treatment that’s effective.
Yet the worst part of all is that sometimes, as I lie in bed at night, trying to fall asleep, I hear a voice creep out from behind the bathroom door: “Chelsiiie...oh, Chelsiiie...won’t you pleassse come and let me lick you clean?”
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2019.01.07 00:36 areohdeee Hit OR Miss oybjefsvd - Memes Gear / Merch.

Gotcha Meme - Meme Gear CHEAP AND FREE SHIPPING!!!! -------->> 23344335
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2018.11.30 23:21 BooktubeCatalogue Booktube Channel List November

List for November :)

1 polandbananasBOOKS 398332
2 abookutopia 372654
3 jessethereader 302055
4 PeruseProject 253013
5 Katytastic 252731
6 Hailey in Bookland 190722
7 readbyzoe 182898
8 Little Book Owl 182235
9 booksandquills 177177
10 A Clockwork Reader 176999
11 Kristina Horner 151789
12 emmmabooks 150701
13 Ariel Bissett 145725
14 LilyCReads 136112
15 Tashapolis 124784
16 gowithflick 110500
17 padfootandprongs07 77080
18 Bookables 70656
19 Jean Bookishthoughts 60562
20 Helly 59681
21 InsaneReader 58243
22 BookswithEmilyFox 57624
23 Amerie 54540
24 BooksandLala 53876
25 Ben Alderson 52742
26 WhittyNovels 52249
27 Kayley Hyde 46269
28 Jen Campbell 46072
29 NayaReadsandSmiles 45823
30 Kassidy Voinche 45744
31 Thoughts on Tomes 45280
32 candysomething 45217
33 Book Roast 44413
34 TheBookTuber 42223
35 thebookbasement 41516
36 ChapterStackss 40243
37 a dash of ash 38289
38 Better Than Food: Book Reviews 36363
39 MercysBookishMusings 36318
40 gracewithabookinherface 35727
41 climbthestacks 35136
42 LovelyLikeLaura 34843
43 LovingDemBooks 34400
44 Piera Forde 32201
45 ProblemsofaBookNerd 31543
46 Riley Marie 31151
47 Elizziebooks 30484
48 vincentvanstop 29865
49 The Authentic Observer 29146
50 squibblesreads 27279
51 brandonthebookaddict 26762
52 sarawithoutanH 26390
53 Alita Joy 26313
54 priceiswong 26052
55 Casey Aonso 25886
56 lucythereader 24873
57 maureenkeavy 24648
58 Lesley Rickman 24455
59 Merphy Napier 24074
60 SophiesSeries 23809
61 missemmareadsalot 23089
62 rincey reads 22281
63 Aprilius Maximus 22085
64 abigailscupoftea 21957
65 WellDoneBooks 21703
66 Conniebell 21551
67 The Little Blush Bookshop 21406
68 Lauren Wade 21220
69 Super Space Chick 21048
70 Jbooklover 20913
71 Jordan Harvey 20615
72 Indian Booktuber 20584
73 TheBookHoarder 20384
74 Katherine's Reads 20028
75 Sarah Churchill 19556
76 Sydney Toland 19430
77 Between Chapters 19196
78 Francina Simone 18945
79 shemightbemonica 18059
80 The_Bookchemist 17677
81 Peter Likes Books 17518
82 InkBonesBooks 17070
83 Katesbookdate 17019
84 Cinzia DuBois 16891
85 Iasmina Edina 16855
86 ivymuse 16811
87 chelseadolling reads 16783
88 Sam's Nonsense 16678
89 Michael BookLion 16584
90 Helene Jeppesen 16439
91 BookishPrincess 16394
92 Brittany the Bibliophile 16266
93 Bazpierce 16157
94 emma likes to read 15988
95 SavidgeReads 15112
96 Connor O'Brien 14735
97 HardbackHoarder 14721
98 gingerreadslainey 14607
99 getbookish 14436
100 Peyton Reads 14376
101 The Booktube Girl 14186
102 YA BookwormBlogger 14097
103 Rachael Stephen 13904
104 Sarah Sunbeemz 13841
105 Claire Fenby 13751
106 The Book Leo 13727
107 Mollie Reads 13691
108 Books with Chloe 13541
109 Jellafy 13038
110 Megan Olivier 12919
111 Kitty G 12824
112 Daniel Greene 12785
113 Cameron Chaney 12651
114 bigscreenbooks 12556
115 Ermahgerd Berks 12449
116 Elliot Brooks 12435
117 the World of a Bookworm 12341
118 Midnight Reads 12135
119 abookolive 11920
120 Casey Ann books 11916
121 clarareadsbooks 11846
122 booksandpieces 11714
123 PeaceLoveBooksxo 11637
124 cozyteareads 11555
125 shoutame 11542
126 ashleyoutpaged 11417
127 Rose Reads 11374
128 mynameismarines 11342
129 Captured in Words 11083
130 Lauren And The Books 10926
131 readwithcindy 10820
132 Portal in the Pages 10691
133 saidthestory 10634
134 Maddie and Bee 10123
135 gabbyreads 9989
136 Charley Cook 9769
137 Mackenzie Lane 9702
138 Basically Britt 9693
139 read susie read 9524
140 richard denney 9450
141 Brown Girl Reading 9263
142 Beyond the Pages 9214
143 iLivieforbooks 9116
144 Insert Literary Pun Here 9046
145 LeeNichole 8908
146 twirling pages 8883
147 Jason Purcell 8785
148 Chapter Barbara 8727
149 Rae Sterling 8727
150 Saumya's Bookstation 8693
151 Pages and Pens 8678
152 ThePerksOfBooks 8562
153 Christina Marie 8334
154 enchantology 8313
155 The Book Castle 8298
156 bookswithbeatrice 8208
157 the farah project. 8113
158 A Case for Books 8112
159 Possibly Literate 8063
160 Life Between Words 8014
161 Read All The Books 7909
162 Bekah AwesomeBookNut 7823
163 readbetweenthewine 7749
164 Books and Things 7718
165 chboskyy 7684
166 Sophie Carlon 7643
167 unmanaged mischief 7559
168 GirlReading 7556
169 WhatKamilReads 7543
170 Chelsea Palmer 7509
171 MissSassyKassie 7437
172 Kellys BookSpill 7410
173 littlespider9 7370
174 Hannah Tay 7138
175 thechaosofbooks 7084
176 Irish Reader 7058
177 BookRatMisty 7054
178 TheReading Rhodes 6965
179 Wolfshot Publishing 6933
180 Reading with Pugs 6925
181 myreadingisodd 6831
182 ThePoptimist 6783
183 AbigailHaleigh 6755
184 mementomori 6746
185 RGsDevilship 6694
186 PippityBop 6586
187 faeriedrugs 6539
188 Tall Tales 6489
189 ForTheLoveOfRyan 6468
190 Elena Reads Books 6385
191 Getting Hygge With It 6358
192 Ink and Paper Blog 6283
193 books by leynes 6202
194 Eric Karl Anderson 6175
195 sandyreadsalot 6132
196 perpetualpages 6104
197 BooksAndBigHair 6045
198 OhSheReads 5890
199 Kate Pfeil 5811
200 victoriashaz 5774
201 Chareads 5771
202 SFF180 5724
203 Dean Goranites 5704
204 Rogan Shannon 5604
205 WhyMermaids 5603
206 Books on My Nightstand 5581
207 The Novel Lush 5574
208 Steve Donoghue 5496
209 readinginfinitely 5338
210 Katie Ruby 5265
211 Kalanadi 5181
212 Starry Night Reader 5156
213 LitJournal 5106
214 suddenlylorna 5096
215 Lindsay Kramer 4969
216 G-Swizzel Books 4968
217 Effusions of Wit 4949
218 The Gwendolyn Reading Method 4797
219 Jes Reads Books 4729
220 Tomes And Travel 4716
221 Lukas Anthony 4701
222 Books Michelle 4694
223 yerabooknerdzoe 4681
224 Paper Faerie 4651
225 ViennaWaitsBooks 4596
226 JudeHnd 4513
227 BingeReader 4490
228 Alyxandria Ang 4482
229 Common Spence 4476
230 robotnic 4450
231 royaevereads 4365
232 It’sJaneLindsey 4351
233 Sues BookNook 4351
234 Adam Cesare 4346
235 Books & Smiles 4344
236 The Storyscape 4337
237 Lil's Vintage World 4326
238 Jadeyraereads 4305
239 Jay G 4301
240 Nancy's Reads 4280
241 TheBookArcher 4268
242 Holly Hearts Books 4258
243 Books are my Social Life 4221
244 Claire Rousseau 4188
245 TheShadesofOrange Booktube Channel 4173
246 WoolfsWhistle 4124
247 Becky M 4115
248 ohhthatskellie 4114
249 TheTruthAboutBooks 4105
250 Stripped Cover Lit 4095
251 literarydiversions 4059
252 UnderTheRadarBooks 4023
253 Britta Böhler 3921
254 mothereffingbooks 3894
255 Drinking By My Shelf 3869
256 thejordanjournals 3846
257 Norwegian BookNerd 3823
258 Neil Griffiths 3740
259 Claire Reads Books 3723
260 The Book Pusher 3690
261 That's What She Read 3680
262 Codie's Book Corner 3585
263 Kendra Winchester 3585
264 Jo the Great 3526
265 Kate Howe 3495
266 Little Red Reader 3490
267 Booktube Couple 3479
268 ARRRGH! Schooling 3454
269 Girl About Library 3386
270 YupIReadIt 3370
271 Bookerly 3368
272 Bree Hill 3334
273 A Frolic Through Fiction 3292
274 Unbound Book Reviews 3235
275 ZarriahRose 3159
276 BigHaired Bookworm 3131
277 Ms. Lynn Reads 3127
278 Harriet Rosie 3103
279 Sarah's Nightstand 3091
280 Books and Thoughts 3081
281 Crescent Moon Reads 3057
282 Jenni King 3049
283 Sophiesticated Books 3028
284 dylanisreviewing 3009
285 dreamsBOOKScourage 3007
286 Sabine's Book Nook 2983
287 Matthew Sciarappa 2979
288 James Chatham 2973
289 That Bookie 2963
290 Nicole's Adventures in SFF 2960
291 readershark 2911
292 Novel Thoughts 2901
293 Jess McGlynn 2870
294 Don't Have a Degree in Reading 2837
295 Bookish Realm 2812
296 kaysia younes 2790
297 Brittany Reads 2780
298 Mrs Hembry Reads 2772
299 Danni Darling 2769
300 BooksAndJams 2750
301 headinherbooks 2735
302 Wilde Reads 2694
303 Ana - bb03aav 2666
304 Just Juan Reader 2658
305 David Popovich 2602
306 PinkReadingHaze 2589
307 Derby_Lane Reading 2563
308 Becca and The Books 2552
309 Beauty and the Book 2483
310 Spine Breakers 2482
311 Kiara Soleil 2477
312 The Novel Sanctuary 2477
313 Arij MEDDEB 2432
314 Hannah Hodgson 2394
315 Sarai Talks Books 2371
316 readersrambles 2363
317 Beautifully Bookish Bethany 2360
318 all D books 2339
319 Myonna’s Reads 2307
320 Wandering Reader 2255
321 Wish Fulfillment 2247
322 Don't Stop Readin' 2224
323 bookslikewhoa 2206
324 A Girl and a Book 2190
325 TheReadingOutlaw 2189
326 DuvetDayDevours 2158
327 Completely Melanie 2156
328 Lisa Golding 2152
329 The Reader's Athenaeum 2142
330 Che Adventure 2128
331 bigalbooks 2115
332 Pucksandpaperbacks 2106
333 Eve's Alexandria 2099
334 What Cass Read 2085
335 Boho Bookworm 2062
336 BOOKparty! 2058
337 Gabi Arno 2053
338 Rae Of Books 2053
339 Fred Weasley Died Laughing 2024
340 Dane Reads 2019
341 Mel's Bookland Adventures 2018
342 Jen Talks Audiobooks 2012
343 ONYX Pages 2008
344 Non Fic Books 2007
345 Acacia Ives 1997
346 twobookteens 1980
347 Jessi Tarbet 1952
348 The Bookish Babbler 1932
349 Christy Lou 1886
350 Katie R. 1878
351 All the Shelves 1876
352 Blonde With A Book 1862
353 Happy Indulgence 1820
354 Kath Elizabeth Reads 1816
355 baldbookgeek 1815
356 The First Chapter 1809
357 Boundless Books 1777
358 Paige's Pages 1774
359 alliesugar 1773
360 Robby Reads 1768
361 JenTheLibrarian 1749
362 time to read! 1740
363 Courtagonist 1739
364 okidokiboki 1707
365 valerie - valereads 1705
366 nosaferplace 1695
367 CravingBooks 1694
368 Carys 1690
369 Books and Looks 1660
370 Okay So Booksically 1653
371 Leanne Rose 1641
372 Literary Prints 1637
373 FromtheShelf 1626
374 Danika Leigh Ellis 1626
375 AmandaVenture1 1621
376 Shawn The Book Maniac 1618
377 Olivia Pope 1607
378 Sprinkled Pages 1600
379 The Writers' Crown 1586
380 Jasmine's Reads 1575
381 Stephs Romance Book Talk 1571
382 LucieReads 1570
383 splitreads 1560
384 Leather-Bound 1547
385 raeofsunshinebooks 1537
386 AlffBooks 1530
387 Garden Scriptorium 1497
388 T.J. Reads the Stars 1497
389 Sarah's Bookshelves 1494
390 PT Hylton 1491
391 Bedtime Bookworm 1479
392 BookTubes 1474
393 Common Touch of Fantasy 1474
394 FromTheDustyBookshelf 1463
395 The Novel Nomad 1459
396 The Krystol Method 1449
397 Liene's Library 1444
398 Damian Terriquez 1428
399 diana in colour 1422
400 Brooke Lee 1419
401 another great etcetera 1418
402 Read with Merina Rey 1418
403 Jonny Keen 1404
404 Rachael Marie Book Junkie 1374
405 PaperBird 1368
406 View from the Bar 1365
407 Courtney Pickles 1352
408 Wina Wonders 1349
409 Pip Reads 1347
410 Majelle 1343
411 tss6295 1341
412 Taylor Joy 1336
413 Cook Read Create 1322
414 DustyPage 1319
415 Georgina Reads 1319
416 Runwright Reads 1314
417 Kristen BOOKS 1305
418 Tamara Woods 1305
419 Molly De Montaigne 1303
420 MsRandomCreation 1295
421 Jakob Tanner 1293
422 Thelittlereadinglamb 1291
423 Amy Pool 1282
424 A Blackbird's Books 1281
425 The Bookish Land 1281
426 Katie O'Shea 1260
427 Chrissy BooksandBerries 1254
428 Silvia Kay 1253
429 Am I Write? 1248
430 Liv J Hooper 1243
431 Blatantly Bookish 1239
432 Sabrina The Teenage Reader 1239
433 Ally Rose 1232
434 Kirsty On Books 1215
435 tomtalksbooks 1210
436 OwlEyesReviews 1202
437 Bowties & Books 1194
438 Hey Little Thrifter 1191
439 tulipswift 1179
440 ahugebooknerd 1174
441 BritishBiblioholic 1171
442 Lisa London 1163
443 Michael Reads 1154
444 FinalBlowJoe 1147
445 Bibliosaurusrex 1145
446 JessicaReadsThings 1142
447 Knowledge Lost 1140
448 itsAshwini 1139
449 inkyspyglass 1134
450 BreeReadsBooks 1130
451 The Sheep and the Wolf 1126
452 BooksWithWings 1116
453 paul reads 1114
454 Happily Ever Esch 1105
455 Chapter32 1101
456 Rayna Liddell 1100
457 colesbookcorner 1100
458 Angelica Cofer 1094
459 Read By Jess 1092
460 SofiaReads 1084
461 Books&Bobs 1078
462 Paperback Junky 1077
463 misskaelyn 1075
464 awanderingmind 1069
465 capricioushelen 1048
466 My Reading Life 1043
467 Book Your Imagination 1042
468 Meera Nair 1039
469 Literary Gladiators 1036
470 Libby Stephenson 1029
471 ReadbyLiv 1029
472 Mickey's Booktube Experiment 1026
473 SamanthaReading 1024
474 BooksandQuestions 1013
475 Vix Jensen 1010
476 emmanovella 1010
477 Things Lucy Reads 1009
479 thisstoryaintover 1003
480 Remembered Reads 999
481 Downright Bookish 988
482 Maija Reads 986
483 A Chapter From Aisha 981
484 Ghost Reader 967
485 Ali Corvere Books 967
486 Samantha's Books 953
487 Keeping Tabs 951
488 JustaLittleBitRandom 941
489 HardbackHaven 924
490 Troi Towel 922
491 The Bookish Penbabe 920
492 Snow White Reader 919
493 Jashana C 903
494 Richardson Reads 903
495 The Blind Rabbit 903
496 sweetlovebooks 900
497 Read Create Repeat Homeschool 896
498 Books with Brandie Shanae 889
499 Libri Labra 886
500 Lia - Hyde and Seek 884
501 Spinster's Library 882
502 NotSoAverageJo 880
503 RyanReadsBooks 879
504 Game of Tomes 873
505 BetweenStories 865
506 Select Pages 859
507 ChallengeThyShelf 852
508 mermaidkeeley 848
509 Her Nose Stuck in a Book 845
510 Lillytales 843
511 For the love of classics 839
512 Musical Tati 837
513 EarnestlyEston 833
514 Jay Dee Archer 833
515 Bookish Babbles 827
516 Annie the BookTuber 825
517 Books In Five 824
518 DyceBookClub 823
519 Kirsty's Reviews 812
520 MagicOfBooks 806
521 Tome Riddle 798
522 chaptercviii 796
523 Tea Hags 796
524 Triumphal Reads 793
525 HollyTheBookLover 791
526 Carla's Book Bits 783
527 Aussie Bookworm 780
528 Shannon Ridler 778
529 Shaegeeksout 777
530 heyoliviareads 775
531 A Bookish Balance 771
532 MikaylaReading 769
533 Morgan Gayle 754
534 Amber Eats Books 752
535 Jayne Catherine On Books 741
536 Caught Between Pages 739
537 randomreader 735
538 ThePsychoNyx 733
539 mayreads 724
540 KristensLibrary 723
541 Read and Find Out 722
542 Barter Hordes 716
543 cristinasjourney 714
544 Kimberly Anne 711
545 Nathan James 704
546 yesmissjane 704
547 BreeInBookland 699
548 Booky Lorra 698
549 CtinaLoves2Read 695
550 worthathousandwords 693
551 Laura Frey 692
552 MCS-books 690
553 Anita Reads 688
554 Oly Bliss 681
555 Steve Partridge 680
556 ThatKatePerson 679
557 Cam Pirrip 676
558 Wonderland Books 676
559 mom2triplets04 669
560 PeterClarkTheWriter 669
561 Sofie Emde Trebbien 669
562 Becky Ford 667
563 MorgyyReads 666
564 ACindyevaTale 659
565 Anthony Andrews 659
566 DreamingofBooks 654
567 Todd the Librarian! 648
568 Crystal Laing 647
569 The Nerd Stop 641
570 Mel Interrupted 639
571 Beards & Books 633
572 whatpageareyouon 625
573 Plots And Points 620
574 Becca Iris Ruiz 617
575 BetweenLinesAndLife 617
576 Lauren Maze 615
577 The Medieval Reader 615
578 Lacey D-Bell 614
579 NPStation 610
580 Pretty Brown Eye Reader 609
581 thereadingcorner 602
582 Sabina Large 600
583 Old Blue's Chapter and Verse 598
584 Vynexa 598
585 Curtis Books and Books 597
586 Paperback Laura 596
587 BrewsandReviews 594
588 PineappleStrawberry 593
589 punkrockgirlpa 593
590 Eclectic Reads 590
591 MickeyBetweenThePages 590
592 spellsandwords 587
593 Beacon Hill Books 584
594 ViktoriaReads 582
595 itsabookishthing13 579
596 Rebecca Books 579
597 Moriarty and Her Books 576
598 Jer Sings And Reads 574
599 Kate Hickey 571
600 oodles of books 566
601 Jaedyn 566
602 Kim Here 565
603 Beth Chats Books 564
604 Beyond the Epilogue 563
605 Melissa&Barnsie Reid 558
606 BookishCheryl 557
607 Lisa and Things 557
608 Silje 557
609 Daphne M 554
610 Katherine Lyle 554
611 Kay T 553
612 The Orbit of Britt 549
613 Snazzy Reads 549
614 yogi with a book 539
615 Bookie Charm 538
616 Nashwa S 538
617 Mystery Date With a Book 537
618 Stacey loves to read 536
619 B a Reader 535
620 TheBookNeuk 534
621 Katy's Cuddly Book World! 531
622 Brandi Janee's Bookshelf 527
623 Totally Pretentious 524
624 Jamie IsReading 521
625 Liko Loves Books 518
626 FullofLit 516
627 Hooked On Books 500
628 WomanVsBooks 500
629 Read Remark 496
630 YouFoundMarina 495
631 pagebypage 489
632 ritabook 488
633 Liz Schubert 483
634 TheCamillion 482
635 Jaded Reader 478
636 turningpages52 476
637 The Literary Life 474
638 TheSeptemberIssue 470
639 caffeinatedreads 466
640 Read To Me At Midnight 465
641 Boston Book Bitty 464
642 MegaManChiefFan 464
643 The Melodramatic Bookworm 464
644 Pages & Prose 463
645 Indie Insomniac 457
646 The Bibliotherapist 454
647 Lori and Thomas 452
648 Carol Marie Reads 451
649 SniderBeeBooks 451
650 Dog Eared Page 451
651 Beautiful pages 446
652 Ifer's Inklings 444
653 Bibliofilth 441
654 Marc Nash 441
655 Lizzy and her books 438
656 Mo's Reads 438
657 Sassy Ginger Book Obsession 436
658 Geek Pron Vlogs 434
659 Charles Xplosion 428
660 Rene Pierre 427
661 May Cho 423
662 Princess of Paperback 423
663 CarolineReads 422
664 sirbooksage 421
665 Biblio Atlas 418
666 Denise Harwood 418
667 nenalogy 417
668 realhumanbeing 410
669 S McPherson Books 409
670 Leisure Reads 408
671 Hailey's Book Nook 407
672 A Journey Through Books 406
673 The Book Finch 402
674 Where in the world is Leah Jane 402
675 Julia's Book Time 402
676 MaggieChatsBooks 401
677 with cinnamon, please 395
678 Gore Vidal 392
679 WithinTheGoodBooks 384
680 Monica Hay 383
681 Notions on Novels 381
682 Karyn Reads 380
683 All The World's A Page 380
684 crflamesfan 379
685 FredeReads 379
686 Leslie Cardix 377
687 Juliet Ann 376
688 polyreader 376
689 Scribble Maven 373
690 Matilda Gothika/מתילדה גותיקה 372
691 destructionsnakepit 370
692 Kieran Higgins 370
693 jaceyjayceereads 369
694 ForesstFox 367
695 Enthralling Dimple 367
696 ForesstFox 367
697 Pia Raylee 366
698 Book Lady 365
699 bookramble 359
700 OhSoAbby 359
701 BookishMegan 352
702 The dyslexic reader 352
703 Sarcasm and Sci-Fi 346
704 chelsies chapters 345
705 Lisaswestcoastreads 345
706 Escape The Reality 344
707 One Minute Reads 344
708 StoryGlyph 341
709 Words Words Everywhere 340
710 Readingxpress 338
711 Jackie And Stuff 334
712 Hierarchy of Reads 334
713 Another Book Vlog 333
714 Secondhand Shan 332
715 diaryofareader 332
716 Catsandcamera 329
717 Morgan Vega 328
718 Noria Reads 327
719 Mike Honour 326
720 Berthe Reads Books 325
721 untitled for now 325
722 LegendofLorie Books 324
723 Graham Quigley 323
724 Twisting the Plot 322
725 zoeereads 320
726 Charles Heathcote 317
727 Siani Reads 317
728 Kie Reads 315
729 The Shadow Realm 315
730 onthefritz 313
731 Lia Cooper 310
732 Alchemical Emma 307
733 Let Me Take A Shelfie 303
734 Bookworm Heath 302
735 Ida And Her Books 300
736 Unveiled by Poetry 296
737 Literally Graphic 295
738 The Happy BookTuber 294
739 Blonde and Bookish 292
740 burtsbooks 290
741 The Three Bookshelves 290
742 Holly's Library 289
743 wadingmoose 289
744 Betwixt the Books 286
745 Bookishly Nerdy 282
746 Rissi JC 282
747 Shakespeare and Such 281
748 Summer Dawn 280
749 Nikki Culver 279
750 The.Book.Gypsy 279
751 Emma Claire 275
752 Jo's Books 267
753 Basking in Books 266
754 Vellichor's Books 265
755 bookswithelves 264
756 Ivy Valentiny 261
757 gerard thebookworm 259
758 Mindy's Book Journey 258
759 The Literary Casanova 256
760 Bae Radley 254
761 Julia Francis 254
762 Leslie Ring 254
763 nemo reads 254
764 Amanda Joy 250
765 A Tale of Tomes 244
766 Lindsay Bilgram 243
767 BooksAreAWayOfLife 240
768 The Story 240
769 Time For Books 240
770 Books With Nahid 239
771 Cooleen Books 239
772 JakeDoesBooks 239
773 Brian's Book Bastion 236
774 Eva's BookNook 236
775 Cristal’s Majority Marginalized 233
776 Nerd It This Way! 230
777 Books and Me 226
778 Emily's Reading Adventures 226
779 Ex Libris Lilly 226
780 Jessica Nicole Dickerson 226
781 mybookishbabbles 225
782 ZaynesBookNook 224
783 LovelyReaderGirl 223
784 Wickedjr Reads 222
785 A Lovely Jaunt 220
786 MichelleReadsYA 219
787 Tilly's Shelf 216
788 Maryam Ishaq 214
789 Helena Reads 213
790 Dan & his Books 211
791 Overlined Books 210
792 The Book Ponderer 209
793 The Awkward Book Nerd 209
794 mili pavlovic 208
795 Page Turns 208
796 SkepticalBookWyrm 208
797 booksteaandhistory 207
798 Novel Sarah-ndipity 206
799 Hummingbird Books 205
800 MacInnis Mama 204
801 Rashmika Likes Books 203
802 ReadorRot 200
803 Kat Marielle 198
804 Through the Pages 196
805 KaiderTheBookRaider 196
806 Reading With Ryan 196
807 Charlie Brook 196
808 Keionna Reed 196
809 Cheyenne Prescott 195
810 Lucy Danielle Reads 195
811 CoffeeBeans & BookMarks 194
812 BOOKflix 193
813 Look At My Books 193
814 Rachel Alice Reads 192
815 bookish charlotte 191
816 sheisuchalauren 191
817 The Bookish Badger 189
818 Elizabeth's Books 186
819 Helena Liu 183
820 mel theravengirl 183
821 BookishBanter 182
822 colourmeread 182
823 Bookish Drama 182
824 BookBubblez 181
825 ataleoftwosydneys 181
826 It's Nina 180
827 She's All Booked 179
828 Dann Ball 178
829 Abi Mack Reads 177
830 Amy's VlogAboutBooks 174
831 erinreadsthings 174
832 Bianca Jane 174
833 MH Books 172
834 Miso 171
835 Jess's LIT Life 170
836 KikiiTech 170
837 Miss Joie Reads 170
838 novellyKJ 170
839 AmeliaDionne 169
840 beabookworm 166
841 LauraPora 166
842 Saz Books 166
843 EricaE Reads 165
844 Nettle Books 164
845 Tootight Lautrec 164
846 lifeofbooks 163
847 Ashley Owens 163
848 Yara Abbo 163
849 Rikki Allessandra 162
850 Professor Cue's College of Books 161
851 LittleBookFool 161
852 Manal and Her Books 160
853 One Book To Another 160
854 Dani Reads 159
855 ManicPixieDreamBoots 159
856 Laurenannreads 158
857 Shara Me With Books 158
858 slreads 157
859 Ania's Bell Jar 156
860 Bookworm On Wheels 155
861 British Book Guy 155
862 Bohanan Babbles 155
863 Bethany Thompson 154
864 Kat's Book End 153
865 Reading Wayfarer 153
866 Books, Blogs and Busy Days 151
867 Demigodcampbooks 151
868 RemindMeToRead 151
869 HufflepuffReader 151
870 A Whimsical Library 149
871 BookAddictsAnonymous 149
872 Charly Troff 149
873 reader person 148
874 Norah A 147
875 Vanessa Phan 147
876 Viktoria's Writing Secret 147
877 Novel Insights 147
878 Bree Burch 146
879 R. Saint Claire 144
880 Travis Reads Books 143
881 City of books 141
882 Petite Aitza 141
883 The Paper Booklight 140
884 crescentpages 137
885 gregoreads 135
886 missmollyO 132
887 Books By Best 131
888 Readingholic277 130
889 typicallydia - typicalbooks 127
890 Where Stephanie Reads 127
891 Willow Reads 127
892 BLURB 126
893 Hello Kimmy 126
894 2 BookObssesed 124
895 Joe Reads Books 124
896 brooklynnnnereads 123
897 Caffeinated Entertainment 123
898 SheSimplyReads 123
899 Jenna’s Fun Things 122
900 CharisseAudrei 121
901 oncerreads 120
902 TheRaggysworld 120
903 Bookish_Elle 118
904 One Star Reads 117
905 rants of a fangirl 116
906 My Reading Days 116
907 ambooklife 114
908 MixedMedia Queen 114
909 Aaron Reads Books 112
910 Rainie Veronica Tan 112
911 Bryan Hoards Books 112
912 PawsOnPages Ana 111
913 Reading In Winter 110
914 Celestria 110
915 gryffindorkwinchester 110
916 ElizaReads 109
917 The Literature Bug 108
918 Pull Down The Moon 107
919 Ellis & Books 106
920 Author Confession 104
921 Rajivs Reviews 100
922 Skellettonbooks 98
923 Siren Elements Books 97
924 Book Invasion 94
925 Sarah Aussie SFF 93
926 RaniReads 93
927 an enthusiastic reader 92
928 Marco Morano 91
929 ACupOfCyanide 90
930 Books: My Quiet Friends 89
931 ReadsWithARavenclaw 89
932 thatdisneychik 88
933 Kindred Books 87
934 Bull City Reader 86
935 readbymarta 86
936 The Joycean Booknerd 85
937 Susi Reads Books 84
938 Dusk Angel Reads 83
939 monnicareads 83
940 rapunzellovesbooks 81
941 LexiLovesBooks 80
942 Shee Books 80
943 Addicted2Daydreaming 79
944 Valesbookshelf 79
945 Amber Wallace Reads 78
946 Crazy Little Book Page 78
947 Reading Closely 77
948 reading_with_remy 77
949 Uptown Oracle 77
950 Morgan Billings Writes 75
951 hype_word 75
952 Bunny Cakes' Tomes of Endless Wonder 74
953 Richmond Reader 74
954 aarnaspages 73
955 RikkasaurusReads 71
956 The Zurich Review 69
957 Hayley Marie 69
958 thebookishmind 68
959 LilyK Books 68
960 The Laurbrary 67
961 Brendan Gressel 67
962 Ulla Gudnason 66
963 strawberri 64
964 Jamie Reads 64
965 librilynn 63
966 Rowace Reads 63
967 Chhaya N 62
968 Slytherin Reader 62
969 anna reads 61
970 Kayla Kiteley 61
971 BookingForewordToIt 60
972 FionnTheHuman 60
973 HollyGoRead 60
974 Konvineo 59
975 Nerdy Renee 59
976 Pat And Books (Patricia Valle) 59
977 CarolynMarieReads 59
978 Ihopetherespudding 58
979 Unapologetic Book Nerd 57
980 carpediembooks 57
981 TravelsThroughBooks 55
982 Through Clouded Glass 54
983 Chaya Reads 53
984 CoffeeSlashBooks 53
985 I Never Promised You A Prose Garden 53
986 Book Babble 53
987 msbookishcorner 53
988 pistachiopaperbacks 52
989 J'ana 50
990 natassja'sbooks 50
991 Michael McGrath 50
992 Breanne Winkle 50
993 Bookful Romantic 49
994 BooksInBloom 48
995 Miranda CK 47
996 Readiculous 47
997 Daydream Book Reader 47
998 maureenandbooks 46
999 MissNessa 45
1000 HomoLibrariensis 44
1001 Novel Maagic 44
1002 Seagulls Gather 44
1003 Gens Bookshelf 44
1004 Reading With Jess 43
1005 Bashful Bibliophile 42
1006 ordinellie 41
1007 Weston Richey 41
1008 Ready McSpeedy 41
1009 Rissa Rose Reads 40
1010 Jack Literary Corner 39
1011 peachgurrl reads 39
1012 Jemz207 38
1013 cindyreads 38
1014 readallover 38
1015 Veni Legi Amavi 37
1016 AmateurYAreader Star 36
1017 booksandbabble 35
1018 Bookalicious 35
1019 Romeo and the Chicken Feather 35
1020 Books with Linds 33
1021 Brooks&Books 33
1022 thatbookwormgirl 33
1023 firebreathingreader 32
1024 Bookish Bree 31
1025 misscocochen 31
1026 Brewing Up Books 31
1027 Welsh Reader 31
1028 Reading With Kit 30
1029 Gloria F 30
1030 TehBuggy 30
1031 Tea and Fantasy 28
1032 Mystic Pages 25
1033 obsessionsofabookaholic 24
1034 Mangoes & Books 24
1035 Booksandwoollysocks 24
1036 Always Abbi 24
1037 Books 'N Steph 24
1038 Osthaller 23
1039 BookAfterThoughts 22
1040 Hannasbookworld 22
1041 Reviewing Who 21
1042 The Mighty Quill 19
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2018.10.24 22:32 BooktubeCatalogue Booktube Channel List October

Did a bit of housekeeping and removed a few channels. All channels listed have at least five videos.

Please comment down below with any missing channels :)
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1 polandbananasBOOKS 396452
2 abookutopia 371505
3 jessethereader 296870
4 Katytastic 252099
5 PeruseProject 250463
6 Hailey in Bookland 186756
7 Little Book Owl 181331
8 readbyzoe 180900
9 booksandquills 176810
10 A Clockwork Reader 170895
11 Kristina Horner 151875
12 emmmabooks 147759
13 Ariel Bissett 144658
14 LilyCReads 135931
15 Tashapolis 124260
16 gowithflick 110892
17 padfootandprongs07 77502
18 Bookables 69656
19 Jean Bookishthoughts 59360
20 BookswithEmilyFox 56966
21 Helly 55597
22 Amerie 53077
23 Ben Alderson 52914
24 WhittyNovels 51846
25 BooksandLala 51168
26 InsaneReader 48071
27 Kayley Hyde 46373
28 Kassidy Voinche 45927
29 candysomething 45458
30 Jen Campbell 45262
31 Thoughts on Tomes 44523
32 NayaReadsandSmiles 44027
33 TheBookTuber 42175
34 thebookbasement 41448
35 Book Roast 41084
36 ChapterStackss 39907
37 MercysBookishMusings 36011
38 gracewithabookinherface 35839
39 a dash of ash 35635
40 Better Than Food: Book Reviews 35213
41 climbthestacks 34704
42 LovingDemBooks 34507
43 LovelyLikeLaura 32881
44 Piera Forde 31966
45 ProblemsofaBookNerd 31333
46 Elizziebooks 30547
47 vincentvanstop 29978
48 Riley Marie 29872
49 The Authentic Observer 28829
50 squibblesreads 26813
51 sarawithoutanH 26493
52 Alita Joy 26436
53 priceiswong 26133
54 brandonthebookaddict 26110
55 Casey Aonso 25666
56 Lesley Rickman 24429
57 maureenkeavy 24398
58 lucythereader 24320
59 SophiesSeries 23885
60 missemmareadsalot 22546
61 rincey reads 21968
62 Aprilius Maximus 21882
63 WellDoneBooks 21683
64 The Little Blush Bookshop 21480
65 Jbooklover 21008
66 Lauren Wade 20983
67 Conniebell 20935
68 abigailscupoftea 20460
69 TheBookHoarder 20407
70 Super Space Chick 20291
71 Sarah Churchill 19591
72 Sydney Toland 19339
73 Jordan Harvey 19123
74 Between Chapters 19015
75 Indian Booktuber 18979
76 Katherine's Reads 18951
77 Francina Simone 18886
78 Peter Likes Books 17555
79 shemightbemonica 17385
80 The_Bookchemist 17300
81 InkBonesBooks 17140
82 Katesbookdate 16920
83 Cinzia DuBois 16779
84 ivymuse 16676
85 Michael BookLion 16591
86 Sam's Nonsense 16462
87 Bazpierce 16155
88 BookishPrincess 16146
89 Helene Jeppesen 16075
90 Iasmina Edina 16008
91 chelseadolling reads 15990
92 emma likes to read 15947
93 SavidgeReads 14715
94 HardbackHoarder 14585
95 Connor O'Brien 14520
96 getbookish 14381
97 gingerreadslainey 14377
98 Sarah Sunbeemz 14264
99 Brittany the Bibliophile 14224
100 The Booktube Girl 14171
101 YA BookwormBlogger 14126
102 Merphy Napier 14077
103 Claire Fenby 13745
104 The Book Leo 13691
105 Mollie Reads 13591
106 Peyton Reads 13380
107 Jellafy 13135
108 Megan Olivier 12952
109 Rachael Stephen 12687
110 bigscreenbooks 12547
111 Kitty G 12540
112 Ermahgerd Berks 12498
113 Cameron Chaney 12411
114 the World of a Bookworm 12151
115 Midnight Reads 12148
116 Casey Ann books 11982
117 Books with Chloe 11801
118 clarareadsbooks 11659
119 booksandpieces 11627
120 cozyteareads 11603
121 shoutame 11596
122 Elliot Brooks 11477
123 abookolive 11340
124 Daniel Greene 11302
125 Rose Reads 11280
126 mynameismarines 11060
127 PeaceLoveBooksxo 11055
128 saidthestory 10671
129 Lauren And The Books 10606
130 Portal in the Pages 10389
131 Maddie and Bee 10076
132 Charley Cook 9804
133 read susie read 9569
134 gabbyreads 9545
135 Richard Denney 9488
136 Basically Britt 9255
137 Brown Girl Reading 9135
138 Beyond the Pages 9084
139 Captured in Words 9013
140 ashleyoutpaged 8963
141 Mackenzie Lane 8855
142 Jason Purcell 8738
143 twirling pages 8725
144 Insert Literary Pun Here 8715
145 Rae Sterling 8712
146 Chapter Barbara 8671
147 Pages and Pens 8533
148 ThePerksOfBooks 8484
149 iLivieforbooks 8391
150 enchantology 8355
151 Christina Marie 8276
152 LeeNichole 8270
153 bookswithbeatrice 8238
154 Life Between Words 8046
155 The Book Castle 8002
156 A Case for Books 7964
157 Read All The Books 7927
158 Saumya's Bookstation 7895
159 Bekah AwesomeBookNut 7880
160 the farah project. 7839
161 readbetweenthewine 7765
162 Possibly Literate 7754
163 chboskyy 7692
164 Sophie Carlon 7604
165 GirlReading 7555
166 Kellys BookSpill 7440
167 WhatKamilReads 7414
168 unmanaged mischief 7382
169 Books and Things 7373
170 MissSassyKassie 7335
171 littlespider9 7282
172 thechaosofbooks 7120
173 BookRatMisty 7064
174 Hannah Tay 7005
175 TheReading Rhodes 6950
176 readwithcindy 6800
177 Irish Reader 6786
178 AbigailHaleigh 6755
179 Reading with Pugs 6748
180 RGsDevilship 6674
181 PippityBop 6616
182 Chelsea Palmer 6605
183 ThePoptimist 6564
184 mementomori 6558
185 faeriedrugs 6550
186 Wolfshot Publishing 6503
187 Tall Tales 6497
188 myreadingisodd 6409
189 ForTheLoveOfRyan 6317
190 Elena Reads Books 6257
191 sandyreadsalot 6060
192 Ink and Paper Blog 6026
193 Eric Karl Anderson 6000
194 BooksAndBigHair 5938
195 Getting Hygge With It 5905
196 books by leynes 5904
197 perpetualpages 5889
198 victoriashaz 5803
199 Chareads 5702
200 Dean Goranites 5685
201 SFF180 5620
202 WhyMermaids 5613
203 Books on My Nightstand 5527
204 Kate Pfeil 5453
205 Rogan Shannon 5378
206 Steve Donoghue 5366
207 Katie Ruby 5252
208 OhSheReads 5200
209 readinginfinitely 5118
210 suddenlylorna 5092
211 LitJournal 5086
212 Kalanadi 5011
213 Lindsay Kramer 4980
214 Effusions of Wit 4937
215 The Gwendolyn Reading Method 4812
216 Starry Night Reader 4800
217 Tomes And Travel 4725
218 Lukas Anthony 4724
219 ViennaWaitsBooks 4612
220 yerabooknerdzoe 4612
221 Paper Faerie 4596
222 JudeHnd 4514
223 G-Swizzel Books 4489
224 BingeReader 4466
225 robotnic 4462
226 Books Michelle 4442
227 Alyxandria Ang 4435
228 Sues BookNook 4351
229 royaevereads 4348
230 Jes Reads Books 4340
231 Nancy's Reads 4298
232 Lil's Vintage World 4256
233 Jay G 4235
234 TheBookArcher 4220
235 Jadeyraereads 4211
236 It’sJaneLindsey 4200
237 Books & Smiles 4170
238 Adam Cesare 4147
239 Claire Rousseau 4143
240 WoolfsWhistle 4114
241 Becky M 4086
242 The Storyscape 4086
243 TheShadesofOrange Booktube Channel 4082
244 UnderTheRadarBooks 4040
245 Common Spence 4017
246 ohhthatskellie 4003
247 Stripped Cover Lit 3917
248 Holly Hearts Books 3914
249 literarydiversions 3901
250 mothereffingbooks 3898
251 Norwegian BookNerd 3807
252 Books are my Social Life 3804
253 Drinking By My Shelf 3800
254 thejordanjournals 3793
255 TheTruthAboutBooks 3786
256 Britta Böhler 3724
257 Neil Griffiths 3709
258 That's What She Read 3619
259 The Book Pusher 3523
260 Kendra Winchester 3488
261 Claire Reads Books 3475
262 Booktube Couple 3449
263 Little Red Reader 3435
264 Jo the Great 3407
265 ARRRGH! Schooling 3393
266 YupIReadIt 3383
267 Kate Howe 3356
268 Bookerly 3351
269 Unbound Book Reviews 3194
270 Bree Hill 3166
271 A Frolic Through Fiction 3120
272 BigHaired Bookworm 3112
273 The Novel Lush 3079
274 Jenni King 3038
275 dreamsBOOKScourage 3017
276 Dylanthereader5 3005
277 Sarah's Nightstand 2998
278 Harriet Rosie 2991
279 Nicole's Adventures in SFF 2982
280 Books and Thoughts 2980
281 ZarriahRose 2966
282 James Chatham 2946
283 readershark 2924
284 Matthew Sciarappa 2919
285 That Bookie 2874
286 Novel Thoughts 2861
287 Crescent Moon Reads 2812
288 Girl About Library 2797
289 Jess McGlynn 2780
290 kaysia younes 2779
291 Danni Darling 2777
292 Mrs Hembry Reads 2763
293 Sabine's Book Nook 2763
294 Bookish Realm 2761
295 Don't Have a Degree in Reading 2736
296 headinherbooks 2710
297 Brittany Reads 2678
298 BooksAndJams 2656
299 Wilde Reads 2650
300 Ana - bb03aav 2643
301 Just Juan Reader 2643
302 PinkReadingHaze 2604
303 Derby_Lane Reading 2562
304 Ms. Lynn Reads 2551
305 Codie's Book Corner 2542
306 Sophiesticated Books 2531
307 David Popovich 2522
308 Beauty and the Book 2491
309 Kiara Soleil 2481
310 Spine Breakers 2471
311 The daydreamer 2427
312 The Novel Sanctuary 2380
313 Hannah Hodgson 2375
314 Sarai Talks Books 2368
315 readersrambles 2333
316 all D books 2235
317 Wish Fulfillment 2234
318 Becca and The Books 2213
319 Wandering Reader 2194
320 Don't Stop Readin' 2183
321 DuvetDayDevours 2154
322 Lisa Golding 2147
323 A Girl and a Book 2144
324 Beautifully Bookish Bethany 2136
325 Che Adventure 2118
326 Eve's Alexandria 2107
327 Boho Bookworm 2084
328 Pucksandpaperbacks 2080
329 BOOKparty! 2066
330 bigalbooks 2054
331 TheReadingOutlaw 2053
332 Gabi Arno 2045
333 The Reader's Athenaeum 2037
334 Rae Of Books 2017
335 Jen Talks Audiobooks 2012
336 Fred Weasley Died Laughing 2011
337 twobookteens 1983
338 Dane Reads 1982
339 Acacia Ives 1969
340 Mel's Bookland Adventures 1936
341 Jessi Tarbet 1923
342 Completely Melanie 1906
343 Non Fic Books 1901
344 All the Shelves 1880
345 The Bookish Babbler 1878
346 Katie's Booktube 1864
347 What Cass Read 1816
348 The First Chapter 1813
349 Kath Elizabeth Reads 1809
350 Paige's Pages 1787
351 Happy Indulgence 1772
352 Boundless Books 1755
353 alliesugar 1751
354 bookslikewhoa 1747
355 Blonde With A Book 1738
356 JenTheLibrarian 1738
357 time to read! 1735
358 baldbookgeek 1733
359 valerie - valereads 1710
360 ONYX Pages 1695
361 Carys 1693
362 nosaferplace 1691
363 CravingBooks 1687
364 Books and Looks 1674
365 Courtagonist 1661
366 Robby Reads 1650
367 Okay So Booksically 1648
368 Leanne Rose 1640
369 FromtheShelf 1633
370 okidokiboki 1619
371 Danika Leigh Ellis 1615
372 Olivia Pope 1614
373 Literary Prints 1609
374 Sprinkled Pages 1575
375 Leather-Bound 1551
376 splitreads 1545
377 raeofsunshinebooks 1541
378 The Writers' Crown 1540
379 AlffBooks 1528
380 Shawn The Book Maniac 1519
381 Garden Scriptorium 1487
382 PT Hylton 1471
383 BookTubes 1467
384 Common Touch of Fantasy 1451
385 AmandaVenture1 1449
386 Jasmine's Reads 1441
387 The Krystol Method 1433
388 Read with Merina Rey 1431
389 FromTheDustyBookshelf 1429
390 Brooke Lee 1418
391 another great etcetera 1414
392 Sarah's Bookshelves 1407
393 Stephs Rom Book Talk 1373
394 diana in colour 1367
395 View from the Bar 1363
396 Bedtime Bookworm 1356
397 Courtney Pickles 1347
398 Taylor Joy 1345
399 The Novel Nomad 1342
400 Wina Wonders 1332
401 Jonny Keen 1325
402 Liene's Library 1314
403 MsRandomCreation 1297
404 Tamara Woods 1296
405 Molly De Montaigne 1293
406 PaperBird 1292
407 Jakob Tanner 1290
408 Cook Read Create 1289
409 Kristen BOOKS 1287
410 T.J. Reads the Stars 1287
411 Pip Reads 1276
412 Thelittlereadinglamb 1276
413 Georgina Reads 1275
414 yasminsbookshelf 1272
415 A Blackbird's Books 1269
416 Silvia Kay 1269
417 Katie O'Shea 1263
418 The Bookish Land 1260
419 Runwright Reads 1255
420 Amy Pool 1248
421 Chrissy BooksandBerries 1247
422 Liv J Hooper 1247
423 Myonna’s Reads 1242
424 Am I Write? 1240
425 Sabrina The Teenage Reader 1238
426 Kirsty On Books 1236
427 tss6295 1213
428 Majelle 1206
429 DustyPage 1205
430 Ally Rose 1195
431 OwlEyesReviews 1195
432 Blatantly Bookish 1189
433 BritishBiblioholic 1177
434 tulipswift 1173
435 ahugebooknerd 1161
436 tomtalksbooks 1159
437 Hey Little Thrifter 1156
438 Michael Reads 1152
439 inkyspyglass 1146
440 Bibliosaurusrex 1142
441 Knowledge Lost 1137
442 BreeReadsBooks 1134
443 FinalBlowJoe 1133
444 The Sheep and the Wolf 1131
445 itsAshwini 1129
446 Happily Ever Esch 1123
447 BooksWithWings 1122
448 LucieReads 1119
449 LucieReads 1119
450 Rachael Marie Book Junkie 1118
451 Angelica Cofer 1104
452 Damian Terriquez 1090
453 Lisa London 1075
454 JessicaReadsThings 1074
455 paul reads 1074
456 misskaelyn 1073
457 Books&Bobs 1070
458 Rayna Liddell 1068
459 Book Your Imagination 1045
460 Read By Jess 1045
461 capricioushelen 1029
462 Literary Gladiators 1027
463 Paperback Junky 1027
464 Chapter32 1023
465 Vix Jensen 1017
466 ReadbyLiv 1017
467 Mickey's Booktube Experiment 1013
468 Things Lucy Reads 1011
469 awanderingmind 1010
470 SofiaReads 993
471 My Reading Life 988
472 BooksandQuestions 985
474 Remembered Reads 982
475 Maija Reads 979
476 Libby Stephenson 976
477 Samantha's Books 953
478 HardbackHaven 939
479 JustaLittleBitRandom 926
480 Troi Towel 920
481 Meera Nair 918
482 colesbookcorner 916
483 emmanovella 909
484 Ghost Reader 907
485 SamanthaReading 905
486 Read Create Repeat Homeschool 895
487 sweetlovebooks 892
488 RyanReadsBooks 882
489 Lia - Hyde and Seek 874
490 The Blind Rabbit 871
491 BetweenStories 866
492 Game of Tomes 861
493 Jashana C 858
494 mermaidkeeley 844
495 The Bookish Penbabe 843
496 Her Nose Stuck in a Book 838
497 NotSoAverageJo 828
498 DyceBookClub 822
499 Richardson Reads 821
500 Lillytales 817
501 Musical Tati 817
502 Jay Dee Archer 815
503 Kirsty's Reviews 806
504 EarnestlyEston 802
505 MagicOfBooks 798
506 Books In Five 793
507 ChallengeThyShelf 787
508 A Bookish Balance 786
509 HollyTheBookLover 783
510 SnowWhite AndTheSevenShelves 783
511 Tea Hags 782
512 Aussie Bookworm 776
513 Spinster's Library 773
514 For the love of classics 770
515 Shannon Ridler 770
516 Tome Riddle 766
517 Amber Eats Books 763
518 Morgan Gayle 754
519 Annie the BookTuber 751
520 SomdahSaysSo 751
521 Triumphal Reads 747
522 Shaegeeksout 744
523 Jayne Catherine On Books 739
524 Ali Corvere Books 735
525 chaptercviii 733
526 MyBookSelf 730
527 mayreads 729
528 KristensLibrary 728
529 randomreader 728
530 heyoliviareads 712
531 cristinasjourney 709
532 Nathan James 706
533 yesmissjane 705
534 BreeInBookland 699
535 Read and Find Out 696
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YouTube Meghan is shocked at the gift his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy gave Harry in on his 35th birthday Ex girlfriend Chelsy Davy attends Harry and Meghan's wedding DATING WITH CF  Chelsea Spruance Dating My Best Friend For 24 Hours - YouTube Prince Harry's former girlfriend: Chelsy Davy Transgender Love: Chelsea And Carla Were Both Born Male ... Toff 'dating former flame of Prince Harry ex Chelsy Davy' Chelsea Clears Up Joe Jonas Dating Rumors! - YouTube

Chelsy Bautista Boyfriend 2020: Dating History & Exes ...

  1. YouTube
  2. Meghan is shocked at the gift his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy gave Harry in on his 35th birthday
  3. Ex girlfriend Chelsy Davy attends Harry and Meghan's wedding
  4. DATING WITH CF Chelsea Spruance
  5. Dating My Best Friend For 24 Hours - YouTube
  6. Prince Harry's former girlfriend: Chelsy Davy
  7. Transgender Love: Chelsea And Carla Were Both Born Male ...
  8. Toff 'dating former flame of Prince Harry ex Chelsy Davy'
  9. Chelsea Clears Up Joe Jonas Dating Rumors! - YouTube

Minutemen and J.O.N.A.S. star Chelsea Staub clears up those pesky Joe Jonas dating rumors for Popstar! readers! Visit and Transgender Love: Chelsea And Carla Were Both Born Male Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out: WHEN transgender woman C... And it seems Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo has already moved on from her heartbreak, as she is reportedly dating the former flame of Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy.The Made In Chelsea beauty ... Ex girlfriend Chelsy Davy attends Harry and Meghan's wedding While most ex girlfriends wouldn't expect an invite to their former partner's big day, Prince Harry has form for staying on good terms ... Dating is never easy, and dating with CF certainly isn't any easier. See Chelsea share her transition of dating throughout the years, the aspects she thinks are crucial in a parter with CF, and ... Meghan is shocked at the gift his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy gave Harry in on his 35th birthday. She is the former girlfriend of Prince Harry of Wales (on/off between 2004 and 2010). Thank you for Subscribing! Direct Donation LINK: Send me mail! :D Chelsea Luna PO BOX #6843 8501 Philatelic Dr. Spring Hil... Meghan went crazy break everything when she detect Harry's ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy pregnant